OLTL Update Friday 9/4/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 9/4/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

In the courtroom, Greg testifies that he believes Matthew’s parents are acting out of fear and preventing him from living life to the fullest. They are opting for the safe choice - one that involves less chance of getting hurt and having risks but with no chance of gain. They know that their son wants a better life. Because of their fear, they are not letting their son know the joy that comes with letting go and taking a risk. While he speaks, he faces Rachel as if to tell her it’s his message to her as much as it’s his testimony about Matthew. He concludes that is a shame and a waste. At that point, Rachel stands up and exclaims, that is the biggest load of crap she’s ever heard in her life. Nora then turns to her daughter and urges her to calm down. Rachel protests that Dr. Evans is not there because he cares about Matthew. He’s there for his own agenda. Hearing that, Téa asks how it is that she assumes that. She then asks Elijah to put her on the stand so that she can “shed some light” on Dr. Evans’ motives. Nora warns her daughter not to do that since Téa could cross examine her. But she protests to her mother that she knows what she is doing and wants to testify. Téa then tells the judge that she would like very much to put Ms. Gannon on the stand and is very interested in what she has to say. The judge then calls Rachel to the stand. Bo tells Nora he’s kind of worried in that Téa is encouraging Rachel to testify.

Shaun rushes to the house to find Starr. She tells him she needs his help. Cole isn’t answering her calls and she’s worried that something might have happened to him. Shaun informs her that Todd just called and demanded that he gets over there to protect her and Hope and the boys ASAP; although he wouldn’t tell Shaun why. Hearing that, Starr is very worried that Todd is leaking the secret that Cole is going undercover to the wrong person.

Todd goes to see the mayor and tells him he needs his help. He is not asking for anything “big.” But he needs him to yank Cole Thornhart off of the undercover drug bust case. He’s worried that it could endanger his daughter and granddaughter. He realizes that everybody believes that John McBain is a genius and knows what is best, but he is not going to take any chances. Hearing that, the mayor reveals to Todd that he is one person who agrees that John does not know what he is doing. He smugly tells Todd not to worry and he’s dealing with it as they speak.

John and Fish hear the bugged recording of Lowell telling Keeton that he’s just found out that Cole is going undercover. So Keeton needs to find out what he knows and if Cole is ready to rat the mayor out. Keeton must kill Cole. John tells Fish they better get down to Cole’s jail cell before it’s too late, and they rush off.

Cole gets a “visitor.” It’s Keeton. He comes in and acts friendly, introducing himself to Cole. Yet, Cole knows that he cannot trust this strange cop and cannot speak to him without a lawyer present because he knows his rights. At that moment, Cole expresses to Keeton that he cannot believe that Mayor Lowell is supplying drugs in Llanview. At that point, Keeton concludes that’s all he needs to hear, and he pulls out his gun behind Cole’s back.

When Téa calls Rachel to the witness stand, she confirms that she and Rachel knew each other many years ago and were roommates. Téa asks her if she backs her mother and Commissioner Buchanan in wanting to prevent Dr. Evans from helping her brother to walk again. Rachel protests that they all want Matthew to walk again, but what Dr. Evans just said about their fear has nothing to do with Matthew. He said it regarding her. Téa confirms from Rachel that she came back to Llanview to be with her family shortly after Matthew’s accident because she believed they needed her help and that she agrees with their decision not to let Dr. Evans do the surgery. Téa then asks Rachel if her outburst was an attempt to back them up in their decision. Rachel replies that she had to speak out against Dr. Evans because he has this idea that she’s afraid of losing control and believes he knows her. She admits that Dr. Evans knows she is a recovering drug addict. Téa then asks Rachel if Dr. Evans knows what happened to Rachel as a result of her drug addiction. Hearing that, Rachel does not want to answer that question. Téa asks Rachel if it is not true that she was a prostitute while addicted to drugs. Rachel answers yes.

At Buenos Dias, Carlotta notices the book that Cristian has about a man admitting to his family that he is gay and assumes that her son is gay. She is very gracious and loving to her son and tells him he doesn’t have to lie “anymore.” She tells him that all the while when he was a little boy painting those pretty pictures, she saw the signs. She knows of his history with women throughout his life not working out for him. He protests that he is not gay. Layla stands there and does not say anything, fascinated to listen to their conversation.

Shaun asks Starr what her dad has to do with Cole. She asks if Todd told him anything about Cole. Shaun replies no. He just asked him to get over there to “protect” Starr and the kids. He asked her why she is afraid that her dad is going to get Cole killed.

After the mayor promises to “take care” of the situation regarding Cole going undercover and doesn’t seem to object to Todd’s asking him to do so, Todd asks him how it is that he’s being so “cooperative.” He must know and approve of what John is doing. The mayor then graciously assures Todd that he (Todd) has always been a supportive member of the press. Todd tells the mayor that he’s just concerned about his daughter and granddaughter. Because Cole is the father of her child, it makes them vulnerable. The mayor needs to know what could happen to them if the mobster knows that Cole is ratting them out. They could use Starr and Hope to get to him. The mayor tells Todd he doubts it will get to that. Todd tells him he needs to protect his daughter and granddaughter and does not trust the cops. Why doesn’t the mayor do something about John McBain? Dorian then enters and asks the mayor what that was all about. He informs her that Mr. Manning was worried about his daughter’s safety and he assured Todd that it would be okay.

Keeton is ready to shoot Cole and tells him the whole scenario about how he will plead self-defense when he kills him.

After Dorian notices that Todd was talking to the mayor about Cole, she asks Lowell what that was about. She wants him to know that she is just as concerned about Cole as Todd is. He then tells her that John McBain has assured everybody that everything will be okay for her niece and the baby.

As soon as Keeton is ready to shoot Cole, John comes and fires a shot and Keeton falls to the floor. Guards come. At that point, John informs Cole that the mayor is behind the drug deal, and Keeton is helping him. They both set Cole up.

While Shaun is in the house with Starr, she can tell that he has something on his mind. He admits that he is concerned about his future with Rachel.

In the courtroom, Téa confirms with Rachel that she was a drug addict and a prostitute. Because of her own fear of losing control, she is failing to understand Matthew’s needs to take a risk. Téa then reminds Rachel of Georgie Phillips. Rachel then confirms that Georgie Phillips was the 3rd roommate that the two of them had. Georgie Phillips is dead and Rachel is responsible for her death.

At Buenos Dias, Layla speaks up and informs Mrs. Vega that the book that Cristian just bought was not for himself. He is not gay. It’s for a friend of theirs’ who is having difficulty coming out to his parents. In response to that, Carlotta tells them that she hopes that their friend will be okay and his parents will be respectful and accepting of his lifestyle. Hearing that, both Cristian and Layla are astounded to know how accepting she would have been if it had been her son. Layla asks her if it is not against her Latino Catholic Religion not to be gay. She replies that she knows the teachings of her church but has always encouraged her kids to think for themselves.

The mayor asks Dorian why he’d tell anybody about Cole’s undercover work. She replies that nobody can know except for John McBain. If word gets out, the father of her niece’s baby could get killed. He assures her that Cole will be safe. She asks him if he’s been in contact with John. He obviously wants to evade that question and asks her if she has contacted his “worthy opponent.” She then informs him that she spoke with Viki and she announced in Buenos Dias that she wants to debate the mayor. She warns him that they will have a fight on their hands. Viki is very confident. But she assures him she will hand him each and every skeleton from Viki’s closet. She won’t let him lose to Viki.

John and Fish surround Cole and brainstorm about what they are going to do now that the mayor is on to them. John announces that he has an idea.

In the courtroom, Téa reveals that Rachel was stone cold sober, afraid that her “friend” would come between Bo and Nora. Rachel assaulted her with a baseball bat. At that point, Rachel runs out the door. Greg goes after her. Everybody is furious at Téa.

Starr tells Shaun she can see that he has something on his mind regarding himself and Rachel. She tells him he doesn’t have to tell her if he doesn’t want to. He then replies that he saw this video of Rachel and his brother. They were on the floor and they said it was an accident. Starr asks if he believes that there is something between them. He tells her that every time he sees the two of them together, it looks like there are sparks. Starr asks if he believes that Rachel likes Greg. He asks why not. Greg is classy and good looking and a world renowned doctor. He fears it’s hard to compete with that. Starr tells him he need not compete with that. He is perfect. Shaun tells Starr she sounds like Destiny. Starr tells him that, maybe, he should listen to his sister. If Rachel cannot appreciate him for who he is, then he can find somebody who can. But Shaun admits to Starr that he doesn’t want anybody except for Rachel.

In the courtroom, Nora asks Téa how she could do something so malicious to Rachel. She thought she and Rachel were friends. Téa protests that she is acting in the interest of her client. Hearing that, Matthew shouts to her that she is fired. Téa then tells Matthew she knows he’s upset, but he must remember the reason he hired her in the first place. He tells her if he knew she would have gone after his sister in that way, he would not have. She protests that Rachel was going to discredit Dr. Evans. Nora protests that it could have been stricken from the record. The judge then bangs her gavel and says no more outbursts from anyone. Téa again attempts to talk to Matthew telling him that she knows he did not mean that he no longer wants her to represent him. Nora asks her if she is now assuming that Matthew cannot make up his own mind. Doesn’t Téa believe that Matthew is mature enough to make his own decisions? So what part of “you’re fired” doesn’t she get?

Shaun admits to Starr that he’s not much of a player. He likes to be real. She tells him that most girls appreciate that. He tells her he can see that he and Rachel are “stuck in neutral” and he wanted to sweep her off her feet. He’s going to take her out tonight and needs a way to dazzle her because he thinks he’s falling in love with her and wishes she felt the same for him. Starr tells him that Rachel has no idea how lucky she is to be loved by someone like him.

Greg goes outside and follows Rachel. She asks him if he is there to gloat about finding her out regarding the fact that she was a drug addict, prostitute, and murderer. She’s afraid of what will happen when she lets the “passion” come out. He knew that she was a scared little girl for dating Greg and opposing Matthew’s surgery. He protests to her that he was wrong. She cries and admits that he was right. She is terrified about losing control. She’s worried that when that happens, people die. She congratulates him for being a brilliant doctor to make that diagnosis about her the moment they met. She says that angrily.

John, Fish, and Brody accompany Cole to John’s office . John and Fish go off while Brody and Cole wait. They urge them to lock the door behind them.

The mayor asks Dorian to give Viki Banks a call. She goes off. Sergei enters. Lowell demands to know what he’s doing there. Sergei informs him that Keeton failed to take Cole out. McBain shot Keeton first. The mayor is then terrified to know that Cole is now alive and able to leak his secret. Sergei then suggests that, maybe, they could do something about Cole’s girlfriend and baby. Hearing that, the mayor knows that he cannot go after Starr or Hope. His campaign manager is their Aunt. Todd Manning is the girlfriend’s father. There’s no way that they will get past security that are protecting them. Mayor Lowell tells Sergei it’s his entire fault to let this situation happen. Sergei angrily tells the mayor that it’s his fault. Overhearing the hostile conversation, Dorian asks the two of them if there is a problem there.

Todd returns to the house and Starr can see that he is a little jumpy after doing something. She demands to know what he just did.

After talking to Carlotta and finding out her “reaction” when she suspected her son was gay, Layla admits that was “fun.” She tells him that it took a lot of courage for him to go and find that book for Oliver Fish to give to his parents. He’s a great guy and Oliver needs to know that Cristian thinks that Oliver is a great guy, too.

Shaun leaves Starr to talk to her father alone. Todd then gets a call from John who asks if Starr is okay. Todd tells him yes. No thanks to him. He hangs up on John before John can tell him something he needs to know. Starr then demands that Todd tells her what he just did. She tells him she hopes he didn’t tell anyone about Cole. Todd asks her if she means about how John McBain set him up. He tells her that he’s “taken care” of everything. That is what he does.

When Dorian observes the private, hostile conversation between the mayor and Sergei, she asks who this man is and what she just missed. Lowell tells her that he was just talking to a business associate and she must know that politics can sometimes be a very heated profession. He asks her if Mrs. Banks’ people will get back to him before the debate. She replies they will be getting back to her shortly. He tells her he wants her to take care of that personally. She goes off and smiles. Alone with Sergei, he demands to know what they are going to do now that Keeton is unable to help them and Cole can rat them out. Serge tells him that if he goes down, so does the mayor. The only way to “motivate” Cole is to threaten his girlfriend and baby. But the mayor reminds Sergei that that is not an option. Todd Manning is guarding them with security officers.

When Nora confronts Téa for going after Rachel on the witness stand, Téa asks her if she’s never gone after a witness on the stand. Nora tells Téa this is not a murder trial. Téa reminds Nora that her (Nora’s) son’s life is at stake. Nora asks her if it’s all right to throw away her daughter’s life. Téa replies that Rachel is upset and will get over it. Nora reminds Téa that she does not have a child and couldn’t understand what it’s like when somebody goes after her child the way she went after Rachel. Téa then tells Nora that she thinks she always knows what is best for her children. Now she knows how Rachel must have felt in law school and why she dropped out and turned to drugs because she could never measure up to what Nora wanted her to be. Matthew came to court knowing what he wants. Yet, his mother would rather let him be crippled for the rest of his life than admit she could be wrong. Nora believes she knows what is best for her kids. Yet, she is their worst enemy. At that point, Nora hauls off and smacks Téa really hard. Téa asks the judge if she is going to stand for that. The judge tells her absolutely not. And she instructs the bailiff to take both Mrs. Buchanan and Ms. Delgado into custody. She tells Téa she did not appreciate the “little stunt” she pulled with the girl in the wheelchair. This is a court hearing. Not a revival meeting.

Greg tells Rachel he is so sorry and had no idea. She tells him that she took another person’s life. Georgie was a sick person. But she was a human being and she killed Georgie. Greg then tells her that he really apologizes for wanting to press her buttons, but he wanted to see the real her. She tells him she does not. She spends her time hidden in the treatment facility making sure that people stay clean. He protests that she helps people. She tells him she only smothers people. She counsels her mother about her business and is afraid to let her brother have surgery that could make him walk again. She admits that in all honesty, she would rather have Matthew stay in the wheelchair than run the risk of having him die like that poor girl who’s head she bashed in. He tells her that he’s sorry. She tells him he shouldn’t be. He wanted to see the real her. Here she is, and if he’s smart, he will stay way from her.

John and Fish are on their mission to announce to the mayor that Keeton has had an “unfortunate accident.” They know they have to use their guns just in case somebody threatens their lives.

Matthew rushes out of the empty courtroom in his wheelchair. He tells Destiny that he is furious with Téa for what she did to Rachel. Destiny tells him that Rachel will be all right. Her brother has gone to talk to her. Matthew tells Destiny no offense, but Rachel hates Greg, and it will only make her feel ten times worse if he gets in the way.

Outside, Rachel tells Greg he needs to forget about Rachel Gannon. He tells her he cannot. She asks him why not. At that point, he kisses her and she does not stop him.

Bo comes out to hear Destiny and Matthew talking about Rachel and Greg and offers to take them home. Matthew asks what about his mother. Bo tells his son that Nora will be okay. They go out the door together.

The bailiff takes Nora and Téa to jail and puts them in the same cell.

Cole and Brody are alone in John’s office waiting for John and Fish to return. Cole is very uneasy about what could happen. But Brody assures him this will all be over soon.

John and Fish bust open the door to a room and are ready to fire their guns. But nobody is in the room.

When Todd and Starr are in the house, Sergei comes and tells them that Cole is not who he thought he was. He pulls a gun on Todd. 

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