OLTL Update Thursday 9/3/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 9/3/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Destiny and Matthew are awaiting the court hearing.  She remarks that this would be so much easier if he hated his parents’ guts.  He agrees that he does love them and wishes there was another way.  He asks her if she thinks he’s doing the wrong thing to sue them.  She replies that she believes that when he wins his hearing and gets the surgery, his parents will thank him for knowing what is best for him, but he tells her he is worried that things could get ugly.  Outside the courtroom, Bo and Nora are a bit distracted.  Rachel is not far away and overhears it all

Elijah tells Téa that he is confident that he can win.  She is just as confident believing that Ross has signed the divorce papers so that she can marry Todd without his ever knowing her secret, and that Ross can no longer hold that against her.  Yet, little does she know what has really happened.

At Buenos Dias, Cristian talks to his mother.  Carlotta remarks that she misses his old place where he had his studio.  She asks him how his new place with his friend Layla and that police officer is working out.  She remarks that she remembered Fish as a friend and colleague of Antonio and Talia.  He replies things are good and realizes he cannot tell his mother what has happened.  Carlotta remarks that she likes Fish and hopes he can someday settle down with a nice girl

Layla and Fish both get to work.  He is not certain what to do and tells her that they have to play a role.  He has more important things to do.  He has to help John catch the drug dealers in the act.

John takes Cole to jail to makes it look as though he arrested him for selling drugs.  Cole tells John he doesn’t want to be stuck there, but John reminds him that after the Mayor finds out he went undercover to sell drugs to his son, being in jail will seem like a day at the park.

The mayor calls someone, demands that they drop the charges against his son, and tells them that they'd better go after Cole instead.  Viki and Charlie enter to announce that she is running for Mayor against him and Charlie will be her campaign manager.

John tells Cole that if Lowell thinks Cole is merely a small-time dealer he won’t be concerned so much and won’t investigate it further.  Cole informs John that Sergei wants to nail him.  John tells Cole that he knows that Sergei might very well find out what he is doing.  For that reason, he does not want to take any chances.  That is why Cole is in jail, where Sergei cannot get to him.

Todd goes to see Starr to inform her that he happens to know that her boyfriend is selling and probably using drugs but Starr protests that he does not know what he saw.  Dorian overhears their conversation.

The judge enters the courtroom to announce that court is in session.  She asks Téa to call her first witness.  Téa calls a witness whose name is Loretta Hogan.  Elijah was not aware of this witness.  She enters in a wheelchair to testify.  Téa and Matthew appear confident but Bo and Nora do not.

Dorian overhears Starr telling Todd that Cole is not selling drugs.  He is working undercover for John McBain to catch the drug dealers.  Todd asks his daughter what happened to Cole’s community service.  She replies that if getting the drug dealers off the street is not community service, she does not know what is.  Hearing that, Todd admits he is intrigued.  Dorian sneaks out the door making certain she is unseen and runs to the campaign hall to find the mayor and inform him what she just overheard.

Cole tells John that he wants to finish what he started, but John tells him that he is done and the rest is up to the cops.

From John’s office, over the recording device, Fish listens to the conversation between the mayor, Viki, and Charlie.  She tells him that she thinks that he needs to find out that he has nothing to be intimidated by and know that there is nothing dirty or corrupt by her campaign.

Todd tells Starr that he’s worried that before Cole can uncover the drug dealers, he could get her killed.  She tells him he must know that will not happen.  She urges him not to make her sorry for trusting him with that information.

In the courtroom, Téa calls Loretta to the witness stand.  She admits that she was a high school gymnast with a future ahead of her with a gymnastics scholarship.  She suffered an injury that paralyzed her for life.  All of her hopes and dreams were ruined.  She lost her scholarship because she could no longer walk.  Then, she informs Téa, Dr. Evans helped her.  Observing her in a wheelchair and not knowing her situation, everybody appears not to see that this is any testimony in favor of Dr. Evans.  Then Loretta stands up, smiles, and announces that Dr. Evans has saved her life and restored her hope.  She can now pursue her dreams as a world-class athlete.  Rachel, Nora, and Elijah stand up and raise objections, but Téa argues that this is absolutely relevant to her client’s case.  Whether Mr. Clark or his clients were aware of this witness or not, she is proof that their fears of Dr. Evans are unfounded.  The judge asks Téa to proceed.  Loretta testifies that without the help of Dr. Evans and taking the leap of faith, she does not know what she would have done and she is eternally grateful to him.  She has restored use of her legs and physical stamina when doctors previously told her that she would be paralyzed for life.

Starr tells Todd he must know that John is making certain that she and Hope will be protected, but Todd tells his daughter that both she and her mother have the mistaken idea that McBain can do no wrong.  He concludes that John has gone too far with this and he must put a stop to it.

John tells Cole that once this is all done, he can get back to Starr and the baby, but Cole knows that this is not over yet.  John does remarks that there is a dirty cop out there and a mayor who is backing him.

At the police station, Keeton asks Layla where Fish is.  She tells him that Fish is busy.  Keeton demands to know what Fish is doing that is so secretive in McBain’s office.  Why can’t she tell him and what type of secret project Fish is doing alone that he can’t know about?

After Carlotta asks Cristian about Fish and his personal life and remarks that she heard that Fish was dating Layla, Cristian admits to his mother hat he does not know how to answer that.  Carlotta asks her son what he is not telling her.

Keeton enters John’s office and demands to know what Fish is doing behind his back.

Charlie tells the mayor that he knows all about how he loves to run smear campaigns and then advertises that he runs a clean campaign, but he can see right through Mayor Lowell’s corrupt tactics.  Dorian enters and asks Viki if Charlie is her campaign manager.  She asks him how a building contractor can manage a campaign.  Viki replies she’s sure he’s just as competent as an unemployed doctor is.  Dorian then asks to talk to Lowell alone and tells him that she knows how to help his son escape the drug charges.  She happens to know that Justin bought the drugs from an undercover agent.  He asks her if she is telling him that Cole Thornhart is working undercover.  She replies that is exactly what she is telling him.

In the courtroom, Elijah asks Loretta how old she was when she had the surgery.  She admits that she was 18.  He confirms that she was an adult who did not need her parents’ permission.  Matthew Buchanan on the other hand, is a minor who does, but she protests to Matthew that he must get it done.  At that point, Téa calls Dr. Gregory Evans to the stand.

John tells Cole that even if he did something he didn’t want to t do, at least his cover was not blown.  He, Bo, and Fish are on the Mayor

At the campaign hall, Dorian tells Lowell that she knows that her niece’s boyfriend is not a drug dealer, but the good news for Justin is that he was entrapped.  Cole was selling drugs for the police to the mayor’s son.

Keeton goes into John’s office to see what Fish is doing and knows that he has some devices that look suspicious.

Todd tells Starr that he has to go talk to John.  She urges him not to blow Cole’s cover.  He tells her he won’t, but this ends now.

Dorian tells Lowell that what they will do is go to John McBain and inform him that Cole went undercover to sell drugs to Justin.  They won’t blow Cole’s cover since he is working for the police to clean up the drug problem, but it will get Justin off the hook.  He then asks her if maybe she can pull strings to prevent Viki from ruining his campaign.  She tells him she will get right on that, but first she has to find out about Cole and make certain that he does not get into trouble.

Keeton knows that Fish is up to something with John.  He then gets a call from Lowell who informs him that one of the dealers is an informant.

John tells Cole that even if his cover is blown, no one can get to him while he’s in the jail cell.

Starr tells her father she cannot believe this.  She told him that Cole is going undercover so that he would know that he is not selling drugs.  Todd still has to see the worst.  She urges him to think rationally and know that he can’t always be vilifying Cole.

Téa calls Dr. Greg to the stand and asks him how many surgeries he’s performed and how many were successful.  He tells her of his excellent success rate with extensive experience.  She then tells the judge that she can present many medical journals with testimonies and facts about Dr. Evans' record helping patients to walk after tragic injuries when other doctors said there was no hope.  She then asks him if he’s ever lost a patient.  Greg replies he never has.  , Elijah cross-examines him by asking who brought him there and paid him before the surgery even starts.  Greg answers that Clint Buchanan did so.  Téa asks how that is relevant to whether Dr. Evans can help Matthew walk.  Elijah answers that it indicates that his clients were not even aware of what a well-meaning relative was doing behind their back or given a chance to find anything about Dr. Evans, much less make a decision until Dr. Evans came into town and surprised them.  The judge lets Elijah proceed.

John tells Cole that he will go and talk to Fish and make certain that they don’t let the mayor ruin him.  He asks him to hang in there.  He goes off and leaves Cole alone in the jail cell.

Meanwhile, in John’s office, when Keeton gets his call from Lowell about an informant and Fish is there waiting for John and hoping that Keeton will leave, Lowell tells Keeton that they must beware of John McBain and Cole Thornhart.

Layla and Cristian talk at Buenos Dias about what she will do when Fish’s parents come to see them.  He gives her a book to give them about being gay.

Lowell tells Keeton that he just heard that Cole is an informant for the cops regarding the drug trafficking.  If Cole suspects anything, he can rat Lowell out.  If that happens, then Lowell has had it.  Lowell instructs Keeton to find out if that is the case.  If it is, Keeton must kill Cole.

In court, Elijah asks Greg if there are risks involved in the surgery he performs.  Greg replies that he is bound by law to inform all patients of any potential risks, however unlikely.  Elijah then repeats his question to Greg about the risks in the surgery that he does.  Greg then asks Elijah if he is not at risk every time he walks out of his home and gets in his car.  Elijah demands that Greg answer if it is possible that Matthew Buchanan could be a quadriplegic, a vegetable, or dead after a surgery that his parents won’t authorize and that he does not need.  Greg admits that it’s not impossible that any of those things could happen.  Elijah asks if Dr. Evens believes that a 15-year-old boy who jumped into car without putting on his seat belt to be transported by a drug user after being embarrassed at a school dance can understand these risks.  He asks Greg if he is so eager to play God with Matthew’s life that he cannot wait until Matthew turns 18.  Téa then gets up and asks Greg what is likely to happen if they wait until Matthew turns 18 before having the surgery.  Greg answer that there is far more risk of consequences and less likelihood of success if they wait that long after his legs have had no use.  Yet if Matthew were to have the surgery done now, only months after the accident, more than likely he will be good as new.

At Buenos Dias, Carlotta tells Viki and Charlie that Viki gets her vote and her support.  She remembers that Antonio backed John and believed the mayor did a terrible thing to John.  She’s glad that Lowell has a real contender to be up against to talk to Viki and Charlie.  Dorian enters.  Viki asks her if she is there on behalf of the mayor to accept Viki’s invitation to meet before the media and announce that they will both run a clean campaign.  Dorian tells her no way.  Charlie says that is unfortunate.  It will make the mayor look pretty bad to voters.  Dorian knows she'd better persuade the mayor to reconsider if he any chance of winning the election.

At the other table, Layla admits to Cristian that she believed she found the perfect man only to find out that he is gay, but she’s trying to get past this.  She really appreciates Cristian taking the time to find the book for Fish.

Keeton leaves John’s office and doesn’t seem to catch onto the fact that Fish and John are monitoring and bugging the Mayor's conversations.  John returns and Fish warns him that Keeton is very suspicious of them and that Lowell just called Keeton

Todd goes to talk to Lowell and tells him he is very worried about Cole Thornhart going undercover.  John and Fish overhear Dorian coming to talk to Lowell and informing him that Cole Thornhart was working undercover to sell drugs to Justin.

On the witness stand, Dr. Greg testifies that he gets that Matthew Buchanan’s family love him and want him to live.  They are afraid of the risks but they are unaware of what his needs are.  They are making their decision out of fear and preventing their son from living life to the fullest.  Rachel stands up and angrily tells him that is the biggest load of crap she’s ever heard in her life.

Todd tells the Mayor that he would just like a small favor from him.  He doesn’t want Cole to get in any trouble over this.  He realizes that Cole is only helping the cops to get the drug dealers off the street but he’d like to ask the mayor to pull Cole off this deal until it’s over so that Todd’s daughter and granddaughter are not in danger.

John and Fish hear the recording of Dorian informing Lowell that Cole is working undercover.  They hear Lowell informing Keeton that one of their own is an informant.

At Buenos Dias, Dorian tells Viki that Lowell is not afraid of anything.  They ask her why he can’t work with them to have a clean campaign on both sides.  Dorian tells her that in order for Lowell to prove that he is confident that he can win, he can have a debate with Viki on television.  Viki tells her that she welcomes that challenge.  Dorian goes out the door.  Viki tells Charlie he is brilliant.

John and Fish overhear Lowell’s conversation with Keeton, and Lowell discovers that Cole and John could suspect and rat him out.  If that happens, Keeton must kill them.

After Todd has left in haste, Starr gets on her phone to call Cole and leave a message informing him that she is very worried what her dad can do.  Little does she know that he will not get her message because he’s in jail.

Keeton enters Cole's jail cell.

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