OLTL Update Wednesday 9/2/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 9/2/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

In the living room at the Buchanan mansion, David tries to convince Rachel to sign the release form to use the footage of her in his show.  Destiny arrives at the front door.  She tells him that Greg was running late so she took the bus.  David assures Rachel that the camera will not make her look fat.  He plays the tape and tells her that the camera loves her.  Greg walks in and agrees.

At the courthouse, Nora wonders why Mayor Lowell didn’t take the generous offer of probation for his son Justin.  John tells her Lowell will throw his own son under the bus to bring John down.  Dorian enters the courtroom and tells the mayor that the story has not leaked to the press, so they still have time to put a positive spin on things.  She tells him that he can show that he is a normal parent facing normal challenges that the people can relate to.  Justin says it can go away if he identifies the dealer.  He reveals that the dealer was Cole Thornhart.

Starr meets Marty at the Buenos Dias and thanks her for watching Hope last night.  Starr reveals that John told her that he thinks Cole’s assignment is almost over.

Téa wakes up and is startled that it is so late.  She asks Todd why he let her sleep so late.  H tells her she has hours before she has to be in court.  He presents her with a tray and says she has to have a hearty breakfast.  He uncovers the tray to reveal a grapefruit with a strawberry on top.  She tells him she does not eat breakfast and she does not like grapefruit.  He tells her she will like this one.  He lifts the strawberry to reveal an engagement ring.  He reminds her that she told him if he gets her a ring, she would marry him.

In Tahiti, Blair arrives at Ross’s place and tells him he can’t believe Todd proposed to Téa.  Ross tells Blair that he overnighted the divorce papers to his lawyer who will give them to Téa today.  Blair asks if the papers looked real.  He tells her that Téa will be convinced that they are getting divorced. He asks if she really wants Téa to be free to marry Todd.  She tells him that once Todd finds out that he is marrying a bigamist, he will be done with Téa Delgado forever.

Cole comes into the Buenos Dias and sees Marty, Starr, and Hope.  He tells them he should go.  Starr tells him he is allowed to run into them.  Marty reminds him that she hasn’t seen him since he started.

Dorian asks Justin to confirm that Cole Thornhart sold him drugs.  She says Starr will be devastated.  Mayor Lowell says they are not pursuing that legally.  His lawyer tells him that it would help their case.  The mayor protests that it would require admitting that he bought the drugs in the first place.

Rachel asks why Greg is at the Buchanan home.  He said he is giving Matthew and Destiny a ride to the courthouse because he is testifying today.  Rachel asks if his testimony will be that Matthew might die on the operating table, but you won some and you lose some.  He tells her he does not want to fight.  She tells him that David filmed them exercising and wants to use it in his reality show.  He tells her that he has already signed a release form.  When she demands to know why, he tells her that he doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of but apparently, she does.

In Tahiti, Ross tells Blair to relax.  Téa will sign the papers and think they are being filed.  Ross tells Blair that he doesn’t understand why Todd Manning deserves the love of such beautiful women.  She tells him she is not doing this for herself, the fact that Téa is covering up her marriage shows that her relationship with Todd is a lie.  She tells him that her children have Todd as a father and now might have a con artist as s stepmom.  Blair asks Ross if he has held out on the divorce because he is waiting for Téa to come back to him.  He tells her he has his reasons, but he knows Téa is not coming back to him. Blair tells him he is coming back to Llanview with her.

Still in bed, Téa marvels at the ring that Todd has given her.  He tells her to say yes to his proposal so they can go downtown and get it over with.  She takes off the ring and tells Todd she cannot marry him today.  She tells him she does not want a quickie wedding.  There is no need to rush things.  She wants her wedding to feel special.  He tells her he never thought of that.  He didn’t think it would matter to her since she is just remarrying the only husband she ever had.

Blair tells Ross to pack a bag.  He tells her he can’t go back to Llanview because of his legal problems.  She tells him she will take care of the kidnapping charges.  He asks her if she will do it before they go.  She tells him no. He tells her his idea of a vacation is not getting stopped and cuffed in an airport.  She tells him that she brought the kidnapping charges so long ago that no one is still looking for him.  She tells him he is no longer a threat to her kids.  She urges him to get one of his many fake IDs and come with her.  She tells him that she thinks he has served his sentence by being married to Téa for six years.  He agrees to go with her. He tells her he wants to see Téa in person.  Maybe he can squeeze more out of her.  He cannot wait to see her face when her not-so-ex-husband walks through the door.

Todd tells Téa that she should pick a date and they will throw the biggest wedding she has ever seen.  She tells him that he has to tell his children before she will wear the ring.  They should hear it from him.  He tells her she is stalling

Destiny asks Matthew if he is nervous.  He tells her that he just wants the trial to be over because he doesn’t like things to be weird between him and his parents.  The doorbell rings.  It is Shaun.  He tells Destiny he didn’t know she would be there and asks what is going on.

Rachel tells Greg that she has nothing to be ashamed of.  They banter about who was the better dancer as they watch the film of their exercise routine with David.  David tells them that you can’t buy that kind of chemistry.  Shaun enters the room unseen and sees the footage from behind them.  He asks if someone wants to explain it to him.   David says he will. 

In the courtroom, Nora presents the judge with the police report prepared by John McBain. She tells the judge that the minor, Justin Lowell was founding possession of a bag of marijuana that was entered into evidence.  The judge asks Justin how he pleads.  Mayor Lowell says his son is not guilty.  The judge reminds the mayor that the accused must enter his own plea.  Justin pleads not guilty.  The judge says that they need to determine if Justin will be released into his father’s custody or if he will be remanded to a juvenile facility pending trial.  Mayor Lowell stands up and says someone with a grudge against the mayor set up Justin.  He says John McBain framed Justin.

Shaun asks what the video is.  David says it contains outtakes for his reality show.  Rachel tells Shaun that she was exercising yesterday and Greg barged in on her.  Shaun asks if she just happened to fall on top of him.  Greg says it as his fault; he was just having a few laughs.  It’s nothing to worry about.  Greg says he is due in court and will see them later.  Rachel asks Shaun if he is upset about the stupid video.  He asks her if he should be.  David, camera in hand, asks Shaun to tell him how he really feels.  Rachel pushes the camera away and asks David if he doesn’t have anything better to do.  He says no.  She tells him to find something.  He says he will be outside.  When he exits the room, he sees Greg in the foyer talking to Matthew and Destiny about Matthew’s court case.  David exits.  In the living room, Rachel tells Shaun that there is enough drama, and now the bastard son is walking around with a damned video camera in everybody’s face.  She asks Shaun if he wants her to rewind the video to the beginning so that he can see how big a jerk his brother is. She tells him it is actually funny when you think about it.  He says it is not funny to him.

In the courtroom, Nora advises Mayor Lowell to save his slanderous comments for his weekly press conference.  The judge tells the mayor that this is a hearing and his attorney can present his defense at trial.  She releases Justin into Lowell’s custody and adjourns. Alone, Nora and John discuss whether the mayor knows the tip came from Cole.  Mayor Lowell sends Justin into the hallway to talk alone with Dorian.  She tells him she is glad that he has decided not to go after Cole publicly, but John McBain is another matter.  The mayor tells Dorian that setting up his son is a new low.  Dorian says it using a child to get back at his enemy is not like John.

Cole and Starr say goodbye as Starr and Hope leave the Buenos Dias.  Marty and Cole stay and talk.  He tells her that he heard that she got her old job back.  She tells him it is great to be back at work helping patients, and she thinks she may have done some good already.

At Todd’s house, Todd asks Téa if he is doing the suspicious thing he always does.  She tells him that the self-awareness thing is starting to freak her out.  He asks her to confirm that she wants to marry him and she says yes.  He agrees that he should tell the kids.  He tells her that he has to go by Dorian’s place anyway to tell Starr about Cole.  Téa tells Todd that she is proud of him because he saw his daughter’s boyfriend selling drugs and didn’t go ballistic.  He tells her that she is right that the news about it should come from him.  She adds that the news about their engagement should, too.  He tells her that the boys will be excited because they love her.  She tells him that she hopes they are happy, but she is worried what Blair will do.

At Ross’s place in Tahiti, he tells Blair that he hates to pack for a different climate.  She tells him to relax; they have some planning to do.  He tells her they can plan on the plane.  She says they have time to kill.  Hearing that, Ross begins to take off his shirt.  She asks him what he is doing.  He says they are in a tropical paradise and asks if it doesn’t put her in the mood.  She wonders what mood he means.

Todd asks Téa what Blair can do besides throw a tantrum or bring up the secret again.  Téa says Blair will think of something.  Maybe she will push her out a window again.  Todd assures her that Blair will not do anything.  She cannot do anything to keep them from getting married.  Todd says he is going to go talk to Starr and tell her and the boys about the engagement.  When he comes back, Téa should be ready to put the ring back on. She tells him it had better not be a Blair castoff.  He asks if he would do something that tacky.  She says yes, but she loves him anyway.  She tells him she is not wearing anything that Blair wore.

Ross throws a bathing suit at Blair and tells her to put it on; surf’s up.

Dorian and Mayor Lowell walk into the hallway where Justin is waiting.  Lowell asks Dorian what she is going to tell the media.  She says as little as possible.  He suggests that they brainstorm in the car, but she tells him she has to go home and see to Starr.  The elevator arrives and Greg, Destiny, and Matthew get out as Dorian gets in.  Matthew wonders why Justin is there.  Destiny assures Matthew it is not to support him.  David interjects that he is.  He apologizes for being late, but it is now that counts.  Matthew agrees.  Camera in hand, David asks Greg about his testimony.  Greg tells him he is just there to give expert testimony on the nature of the surgery and why he believes he can help him walk again.  David says Rachel is opposed to that and asks if they will see fireworks between the two of them.  

At the Buchanan home, Shaun tells Rachel that she does not have to explain herself; he saw the tape.  She and Greg tripped.  It was an accident. She says it was; nothing is going on between them.  Shaun tells her that does not ring true.  He tells her that she doesn’t want to go there because of him, but there are sparks between her and Greg.  She tells him that Greg drives her crazy, he pushes her buttons, gets her going.  Shaun concludes that he doesn’t.

David tells Greg to give him the lowdown on Rachel.  He asks if he is hot for her.  Téa arrives and ushers everyone into the courtroom, closing the door on David.

Blair emerges wearing the bikini that Ross gave her.  Ross asks her if she is ready.  She tells him she has been busy working and raising children.  She never had the chance to jump into Llantano River and learn to surf.  He tells her she is going to learn now and it will be the thrill of a lifetime.  He tells her they will have killer waves in the next hour so they must hurry.  He opens the door and discovers it is storming. She tells her she is not going surfing in the middle of a tropical storm.  He tells her he will teach her to surf in the living room.  He tells her that Téa never looked as good in that bikini.  Blair is disgusted to learn that she is wearing Téa’s bathing suit.

John McBain enters the Buenos Dias and joins Marty and Cole.  Marty tells John that she heard they are close to shutting down the drug operation.  Cole tells her mother she cannot talk about that.  Mayor Lowell and Justin arrive.  The mayor tells his son to order something for take-out and they will take it to the office.  While Justin goes to order, Mayor Lowell goes over to Marty’s table.  He tells John he didn’t expect to run into him again so soon.  He asks Marty how things are going at the hospital.  She tells him she is surprised he asked since he didn’t want her on his staff.  He tells her it is his job to raise questions when they are warranted.  He says you can’t be too thorough when you’re digging up the truth.  He then asks Cole how his work is going. Cole wonders what work.  The mayor says his community service – unless Cole is involved in some other work that he is unaware of.

Starr enters the living room at Dorian’s house and is startled to find Todd sitting there.  He tells her he has good news and bad news.  She asks for the bad news first.  He tells her that her boyfriend is a drug dealer. 

Shaun tells Rachel that he likes her a lot and wants to move forward but they are not. She tells him she likes him a lot too.  He says maybe not enough and if so, he’d rather know now.  He tells her she didn’t do anything wrong, but he knows Greg, and he knows that he is moving in on her.  He tells her that Greg always likes a challenge.  He tells her it is the same thing with Matthew’s surgery.  It’s something that he has to win, but after that, he is on to the next thing.  Shaun tells Rachel that Greg is a good-looking man, a sharp dresser with a career and Shaun is none of those things.  He tells her that he is not a player.  He doesn’t push peoples’ buttons just to throw them off.  He tells her that when she is with him, she is the only woman in the room.  He tells her that if she doesn’t feel that heat with him to give it some time and he will show her what real fireworks look like.

David comes up behind Greg in the courtroom and tells him that he didn’t answer his question.  Greg says he doesn’t intend to. David reminds Greg that he signed the release form.  Greg tells him that does not mean he will talk about Rachel.  Greg walks away and Davis spies Destiny.  He asks Destiny why she hates his father and Nora so much.  She tells him she does not hate them, she just likes Matthew.  David asks if she likes him or if she like-likes him.  Nora comes up and asks David what he thinks he is doing

At Buenos Dias, John asks Mayor Lowell if he has a point.  Lowell says he is just taking an interest in the young man. Cole tells him he is almost finished with his community service, and then he can move on with his life.  Lowell says that some people say that taking drugs is a victimless crime, but he knows that Cole knows better.  The people who sell do the most damage and need to be punished.  Cole agrees.  Lowell says maybe it will keep him out of trouble, especially with McBain looking out for him.  Marty has to go to the hospital.  She tells John and Cole to be safe.  After she leaves, Cole asks John what was up with the mayor.  He asks if John thinks Lowell knows that Cole was the dealer.  John tells Cole that Lowell didn’t say anything at the hearing.  If Justin said anything to Lowell, he is not using. Cole asks if that means he is on to them. 

Starr tells Todd that Cole is not a drug dealer. Todd tells her saw Cole selling drugs to a kid in the park.  Starr tells her father that that is not what he saw. Todd tells her he knows what he saw.  Cole is involved in something dangerous and Todd wants him to stay away from Starr and the baby.  Dorian comes home and leaves a message for Blair to call her immediately. 

Ross teaches Blair the basics of surfing in the living room.  When he holds her waist from behind, she spins around and they have a tense moment.  She tells him they should get back to business and asks if he thinks Téa has received the papers yet.

Elijah enters the courtroom and gives Téa a package, telling her that it was delivered to him but is actually for her.  She opens the package and finds the divorce papers.

Cole tells John that the undercover work is getting scary.  He asks if John thinks Lowell has figured out what they are doing.  John tells him that he knows Cole sold pot to his kid, nothing more.  John tells Cole that they just have to be careful.  Cole tells John that Sergei said some things about Starr, Hope, and Marty.  John asks of Sergei threatened him.  Cole says he didn’t spell it out, but he knows what he meant.  John says they need to make sure Sergei doesn’t know that Cole is working for John.

Starr tells Todd not to give her orders.  He shows her the pictures he took of Cole selling drugs to Justin.  He tells her this is proof, but he wanted her to know first, before he went to the cops.  Starr tells her father he cannot do that.  Dorian overhears at the door.  Todd tells Starr that she had better stay away from Cole or the pictures will be on the front page of the newspaper.  Starr tells her father that he doesn’t know the whole story.  Todd asks her to tell him

John tells Cole they will have to work faster.  Cole asks what the plan is now.  John surprises Cole by publicly arresting him and reading his rights while marching him out of Buenos Dias.

Todd observes that Starr does not seem shocked to hear that her boyfriend is dealing drugs.  She doesn’t answer.  He tells her that’s it; he is publishing the photos.  She tells him Cole is not selling. She tells him he is not really a drug dealer; he is working undercover for John McBain. Dorian has overheard from the doorway.

Rachel says that what Shaun said was nice.  He tells her he wants to show her how much he gets her and respects her.  He asks her to give him the chance to sweep her off her feet and show her which Evans man really knows how to treat a woman.  She says ok.

David tells Nora that he is doing a respectable reality show.  She tells him it is a closed courtroom and no cameras are allowed.  David leaves.  Nora tells Matthew that no matter what the judge decides, she and Bo love him very much.  Matthew says he loves them too.

Téa tells Elijah that she is amazed Ross would actually do it.  Ross says he cannot either, especially considering what it cost him.  Téa says Ross will do anything for money – even this.  She thanks Elijah, puts the papers back in the envelope, and puts her ring on a chain around her neck.

Blair rushes Ross, saying they have a plane to catch.  She says she is tired of hanging ten.  Now it’s time to hang Téa.

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