OLTL Update Tuesday 9/1/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 9/1/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Fish admits to Cristian and to Layla that he is gay and tired of living a lie but needs their help in accepting it. He gets an unexpected call from his father and tells them that he has a real issue on his hands. His father wants to come and see him. He is dying to meet his new girlfriend whom he remembers he previously told was Layla.

Dorian and Mayor Lowell are working on his campaign. She wants to have everybody believe that he wants to clean up the drug trafficking in Llanview.

Bo and Nora are watching the show where the Mayor is blaming the police department for the drug problem when they know that it’s his doing.

Dorian tells Mayor Lowell, in front of John, that she is concerned about how “somebody” is failing to do something about drugs. She knows from experience when it happened under her nose in her own home. A young lady, who stayed with her and whose father she knew, was using LSD without anybody knowing or intervening.

Sergei tells Cole to sell to Asher’s customer since Asher has no supply. Cole can see that the boy is none other than Justin Lowell. Todd hides in the bushes not far away and takes a cell phone photo of them.

Téa calls Ross all the way in Tahiti. Blair overhears as he asks her how his “adorable wife” makes so many enemies everywhere she goes.

When Sergei notices Cole hesitate to sell drugs to the Justin, he asks what is up. He reminds him that in this economy you need to make money and not question what you are doing. Cole tells them that they may sell the drugs to this kid and make the money. He does not want Justin to know that he is selling drugs.

Meanwhile, Dorian talks to the mayor about spearheading the drug enforcement taskforce and overhauling all of the old methods that never worked in the past.

Cole then gets on his phone and calls John. He tells them that he just had to sell drugs for real to a boy Cole knows. His name is Justin Lowell. Hearing that, John tells Cole he will be right there. Starr appears and asks Cole what is going on.

On the phone, Ross asks Téa why she would suddenly call him after all of this time. She tells him she wants the divorce papers now. He asks her why, all of a sudden she would ask for the papers. She replies because she wants to get on with her life. He asks her just what is going on. She tells him that she intends to marry Todd. He questions why she wants to marry Todd. She then demands that he signs and sends the papers. She screams at him that he’d better do it or he will be sorry. Todd returns to overhear her yelling on the phone and obviously wonders what is going on.

John finds Justin in the park with a bag of drugs he just purchased. He informs Justin that he is under arrest.

Téa is obviously very worried and horrified after her phone call. Todd shows her the picture he just took of Cole and Justin in the park and asks if it looks like a drug deal to her.

John takes Justin Lowell to the station where Bo and Nora observe him. Justin demands that he gets to make one phone call.

When Starr catches Cole, she tells him this looks very suspicious. He tells her that he has to do something in order to not go to prison and be able to catch the drug dealer. He has to appear to be a drug dealer in order to catch them. It’s called going undercover.

Nora tells Bo and John that maybe they want to be careful about busting Justin. He is the mayor’s son and there may be flimsy evidence against him if he’s merely purchasing and not selling. They need to bust the drug dealer. They tell her that maybe Justin can help them by leading them to his father and they can uncover the evidence against Lowell through his son. Justin gets to make a private call. He calls his father and informs him that he is in trouble.

Fish informs Cristian and Layla that his parents are on their way. They are driving across country and taking a long time to come out there just to see him and meet his girlfriend. He asks them what he’s going to do. She protests that when she talked to his parents on the phone, they seemed very nice. He agrees that they are nice and capable of doing good, but there is no way he can face them with what has just happened and with what they are expecting when they visit their son. She tells him she cannot pretend to know what he is going through. Spending his entire life pretending to be something he is not is exhausting. He tells her that that is the reason he told the two of them. Layla protests that if he can be honest with them, then he should be able to do that with anybody including his parents. Fish tells him that they are his friends and it’s different with them. When they see for themselves the way his parents are, they will understand why there is no way he can “come out” to them.

Bo tells Nora that they know they have to be very careful in not letting the mayor know that Cole of all people was going to sell drugs to his son. Mayor Lowell enters and demands to know what is going on. Bo tells him that Justin was caught with marijuana. Dorian is beside the mayor and protests that they are harassing his son. Nora tells the mayor that this doesn’t have to be a big deal. Justin can simply plead to a misdemeanor for marijuana possession and pay a fine. The mayor tells his son he will deal with him later but he confronts John and tells him that he will deal with him later.

Todd shows Téa the cell phone photo of Cole and the drugs. She tells him that it appears that Marty’s son is using again. He tells her that Cole wasn’t buying; he is selling drugs. Todd admits that he is not certain what to do. He does not want to alienate Starr any more than he already has to and is not certain what he has to do. She asks Todd why he stopped at only taking a picture and did not grab Cole and assault him. She asks Todd who he is. He tells her he didn’t do that because he didn’t want to alienate Starr more than he already has. He asks Téa what she thinks he should do. She then tells Todd, he must know that if he confronts Cole, he will deny it. Marty might not believe a word he says about her son. Starr, however, might like to know that the father of her child is doing that. Todd then tells Téa that he does like to ask for her help and opinion with many things. He asks her if she is going to be his partner or not.

Ross tells Blair that maybe Téa has wanted to have Todd in her life ever since she left the island. He tells Blair that she must know that Téa is not stupid and will not “compete” with a woman for whom Todd crossed an ocean. He does inform Blair that Téa informed him that Todd proposed to her. He tells her that he will stay legally married to Téa until she gives him what he wants. Blair then asks him exactly what that is. He tells her that Téa has to give him ‘what is his”. Blair tells him that maybe she can arrange for that to happen. What she wants in return is his “signature” on the divorce papers.

Layla tells Fish so what if his parents are going to march in the gay parade with him anytime soon. He doesn’t need to make that prevent him from admitting to them who he is. He tells her that if he admits that to them, he is sinning against God. Cristian protests that only an hour ago, he got the mistaken idea that he and Layla would want him to move out of the apartment and never forgive him. He was wrong. So maybe he is wrongfully assuming that his parents will never accept it. She protests that maybe instead of doing what his parents want, he needs to do what is right for him and not live in fear of the worst. He tells them there is no way he can “come out” to his parents.

In the park, after Starr asks Cole why he is actually carrying drugs on her, he tells her that John is having him go under cover to catch a drug dealer and there’s no way to look authentic is to have them in his possession. He knows that he could be screwing up another kid’s life to do what he just did. She tells him that as long as he called John and reported what happened, there shouldn’t be a problem. He’s worried that he might not be entirely in the clear. Even though he didn’t actually sell the drugs to Justin, Justin saw him and can inform his father, the Mayor.

At the station, Mayor Lowell tells John he knows that he planted those drugs on Justin Bo tells him there’s no evidence of that, John reminds the mayor that he may call Internal Affairs, who investigate John every week anyway. Bo then reminds the mayor that if they do that, they will also have to investigate Justin. The mayor responds that that is no problem. His son does not do drugs and has never been in trouble before in his life. John tells the mayor there is a first time for everything. Nora then tells the mayor that she doesn’t want to make any more trouble for him than is necessary. She is willing to let Justin walk with a fine and completion of a drug treatment program. Bo tells him nobody has to know. It’s up to the mayor. Nora tells the mayor she can arrest Justin and have him go before a judge with a drug charge, or his father can take him home. They mayor then notices this son and angrily tells him he'd better shut up. He instructs the cops to uncuff his son and tells them Justin is coming home with him. He indicates that Justin might be more in danger under his father’s custody than if he went to jail.

Ross asks Blair why she’d want him to sign Téa’s divorce papers and give her what she wants so that he has no more bargaining chips. He asks her why she would want it that way. She tells him she knows what she is doing. He asks her why she would want Téa to marry Todd so that both he and Blair are screwed. He then asks Blair just what she has up her sleeve.

Todd continues to ask Téa just why she is stalling about marrying him. What more does she need to think about. He is afraid that he does not have her completely. He tells her he knows that she does not completely trust him with something. He asks her if she is waiting for “the other shoe to drop.” She then reminds him that less than a month ago, she walked in the cabana and discovered him having sex with Blair. He tells her that she should know that that was a mistake and he will not give up on her. She then tells him he just needs to give her one day. He then concludes to her that maybe if he has to push this hard, then he will give up. She then asks him if he is withdrawing his marriage proposal just like that.

Alone, Cristian and Layla wonder what they should do regarding Fish’s decision. She tells Cristian that maybe she’s been too pushy with persuading him to come out. He tells her that maybe she is not being true to her feelings. Only a day ago, she saw Fish as her boyfriend. Now she’s accepting the situation. Maybe she needs to take the advice she is giving to Fish and think about herself instead of doing what somebody else wants and needs her to do.

Téa gets a call from Ross and he informs her that he has officially solved all of her problems. She is officially divorced. Little does she know, however what Blair is scheming with Ross.

Alone at the station, Nora tells Bo that maybe setting Justin up to catch the drug dealer is not the right thing to do. It appears very likely that Lowell abuses his son, probably physically, and it may not be right to set up “that poor kid” as a pawn to nail his father. Bo reminds her that “that poor kid” may have put their son in a wheelchair. He’d rather not use him either but they must realize that Justin chose to make himself a target when he bought the drugs.

The Mayor returns to his campaign office with Justin and Dorian. She tells him that he must know that Bo and Nora will use it against him, inform Viki and she will use it against him. He must now appeal to the public as a loving father and a role model who is guiding his son through troubled times. He asks everybody to leave so that he can talk to his son alone. Everybody leaves. Justin then says thank you to his father for “springing” him and tell him that that cop totally set him up. Mayor Lowell hauls off and hits Justin. He asks him how he could be so stupid.

When Cole is alone talking to Starr, he gets a call from John. Cole is not comfortable with what he just did. John tells Cole that things are working in his favor. He has really given the cops a good lead and he can be proud of what he just did.

Lowell demands that Justin sits up straight and tells him he’s a weak loser if he cries. He then grabs a hold of his face, screams and demands that he tells him if he did or did not attempt to buy the drugs. Justin cries and appears terrified while he answers yes. The mayor then demands that Justin tells him just who sold them him the drugs. Justin replies a kid from school named Cole Thornhart. Bo and Nora listen to the bugged conversation and do not appear to feel good about what has just happened.

Cristian and Layla talk privately about what just happened regarding Fish. He indicates that he is concerned about what it has meant to her.

On the phone to Cole, John tells him that he just needs to keep his head down. Things may get a little crazy at first but tells him not to worry. John hangs up and Cole breathes a sigh of relief with Starr. They believe that possibly very soon, it will all be over and things can be back to normal with just them and baby Hope.

Bo and Nora listen to Lowell’s taped conversation with his son when Justin tells him it was Cole who sold him the drugs. Justin asks his father what he’s going to do about it. Lowell replies he will handle it. He gives Justin money to get something to eat out of the vending machine and instructs him not to go far because they have things to talk about when he gets back.

John then returns. They all hear Lowell telling his campaign committee that his son was just sold drugs by Cole Thornhart. He tells them it cannot happen again or heads will roll.

On the phone, Ross tells Téa he will draw up the papers so that she is legally no longer married to him. He just wants to get on with his life. She asks him what has made him change his mind so soon. She knows that he will have serious consequences for signing those papers and wonders what could have possibly caused him to do it. He tells her that he knows her well enough to know that she will never “cave.” She can get him into as much trouble as he can get her into. Todd enters. Téa tells Todd she needs a ring; she will marry him. He kisses her.

Blair and Ross confirm that Téa bought that he is really signing divorce papers. Blair tells Ross that as long as Téa believes she is legally divorced and ready to marry Todd, what Téa does not know will not hurt them (herself or Ross) one bit.

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