OLTL Update Monday 8/31/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/31/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Cole meets with Asher and Sergei in the park, and it looks like Sergei might be onto Cole.

At the station, Bo and John inform Nora that they have found out just who is behind all of the drug trafficking in Llanview. Hearing that, she asks who. They reply it’s Mayor Lowell.

At the mayor’s re-election hall, Dorian warns Mayor Lowell that Victoria Davidson Banks plans to run against him. She just heard it. Hearing that, the mayor tells her he’s worried. If anybody can beat him, it’s Viki. She smiles and assures him it won’t happen while Dorian is his campaign manager.

Fish confesses to Layla and Cristian that he is gay and realized that he has lied and hid the truth from everybody. He admits that he hates that he is gay. But he hates how it has hurt and deceived people more.

After Todd proposes to Téa, she tells him that she knows he has ulterior motives. It’s got to be just so that he can get custody of the kids. He tells her no; it’s because he loves her. He asks her again if she wants to marry him.

While Blair goes to Tahiti, she finds out from Ross Rayburn, that he is still legally married to Téa. They got married on a beach in the sunset until death do them part - the whole nine yards. They are still legally married. Hearing that, Blair is really amazed.

Fish tells Cristian that he wants him to be part of the conversation that he’s having with Layla. He owes Cristian an apology just like he owes her. Hearing that, Cristian tells Fish he does not feel that Fish “wronged “ him. It’s between him and Layla. But Fish tells Cristian that he lied to him also and got him in the middle of this mess. He knows that Cristian wanted to protect Layla. Fish admits he should have done that too. Hearing that, Layla reminds them that she is a big girl, and she can handle her own situation. She then asks Fish just what happened. He admits that the previous night, he got loaded and didn’t even know what happened. But when he woke up and saw what happened the previous night, he knew that this had to stop. He is disgraced to be gay and knows if word ever got out, he’s had it. She then tells him that there is nothing to be ashamed of. She knows that Lieutenant McBain and Commissioner Buchanan respect him as an officer and would never hold it against him nor would his friends.

At that moment, Bo informs Nora that John and Fish have found out that the Mayor is having Officer Keeton help Asher do his dirty work with the drug trafficking. He’s certain that that is how Cole got set up. She asks John if he taped them without a warrant. In response to that, John tells her that is where she comes in. Bo tells Nora they need a warrant. She tells him that the judge will not approve of that. She knows that all of the judges are on vacation except for Runyon who is Lowell’s pal.

Lowell tells Dorian he is worried that Viki has a great reputation all over town and could easily defeat him in the mayoral election. But she assures him that she knows all about Viki's little secrets. He tells her that he knows that she goes way back with Viki and has had a big vendetta against her. Dorian has gotten into trouble and made herself a disgrace, and that could make them both look bad running against Viki in a campaign. She assures him that she knows all of Viki's weak spots. She tells him that she knows that he is divorced. Although people may judge him for that, he must know that Viki has been married more than Elizabeth Taylor and King Henry the 8th combined. Compared to that, the Mayor’s marital status looks pretty normal. The mayor then admits to Dorian that he had an ugly divorce and his ex-wife took a lot from him. She reminds him, he has a son, and there is nothing more desirable about a man than when he fights for his children, unless of course, the man is her niece’s ex-husband.

Meanwhile, Blair relishes in knowing that Téa is still legally married to Ross and cannot marry Todd. When Todd finds out the secret, it might mean serious issues for the two of them. He tells her that he knows that Téa would never breathe a word about him. She asks if they had an ugly break up. He tells her that it started hot and fast after they got stranded on the island. Blair tells him it serves him right, after he tried to steal her kids. But she wants to talk about how he and Téa got rescued from the crash. He admits to her that at the time, Téa was all he ever wanted. He knows that she wanted other things. Blair tells him that she knows that Téa never could keep her hands off of things that don’t belong to her. He tells her that Todd was really crazy to build a raft to travel out in the middle of the ocean. Hearing that, Blair turns a serious face and reminds Ross that Todd made it home to her and the kids. She indicates that she still may have feelings for Todd.

Todd tells Téa that he knows that she still has trust issues with him. She tells him that it’s still too fast. She knows that only a few months ago, he was in love with Marty Saybrooke. If he’d gotten his way, he’d be in Mexico with her and Starr’s baby right now. Todd smirks and admits that he’s so glad that that didn’t happen. She tells him they cannot just “turn on a dime.” They may be rushing too fast. Maybe, they should live together first and see how it goes.

In the park, Sergei physically grabs a hold of Asher and asks him what he is up to. Asher tells him that he has customers and if he cannot deliver, he loses a lot of business and money that he needs. Asher asks him why he thinks that he would rat him out with the money he has to lose. But Sergei knows that somebody has been talking to the cops. He then turns to Cole and asks if it is him.

Mayor Lowell protests to Dorian that they have been talking a lot about family values. So he’d like them to just focus on his record. He tells her that he is pro life and anti-gay marriage, and that will get him the votes. She reminds him that they need to involve his son. Lowell does not respond to that.

Fish asks Layla if she believes that the guys would not care if they found out that he is gay. He admits that there are “some” jerks there. He tells Cristian he must know what it’s like among guys when they find out another guy is gay. Layla then assures Fish that the police department cannot let him go for that. He tells her it’s not about that. It’s about facing them and knowing what they think of him. He’s ashamed to face the two of them and have them know. Cristian then tells Fish he must know that they are still there. Layla tells him they don’t think any less of him. He them tells her that he feels as though he’s on a screen saver and it’s as if he’s not even there. Maybe, then he will think about work or his parents. Layla tells Fish that she remembers talking to his folks and they seemed nice. He tells her that of course they are nice. They do a lot of good things to help people. But they have very specific definitions of what it means for anybody to be a "man.” Cristian and Layla then ask like what. He answers that they believe that a man should never cry. Even if he’s only 5 years old and falls off his bike and is hurt and scared. He knows they believe that crying is for women. She then asks what he thought they’d do if they found out that he was gay. He tells her that he knew what to do in order to pretend that he was not. So he asked the shy girl in his Latin class out. He knew that she did not think she was pretty and would not “expect” anything from him. So he passed. Then he went to college which was a thousand miles away from his home. He joined a frat because it was the “straight” thing to do, and he met Kyle. That was the first person he’d ever met who made him feel welcome. Kyle was amazing - that was until he found out Kyle’s “secret.”

Ross asks Blair why she is there digging up dirt on Téa. He can see that she still has unfinished issues with Todd. So why doesn’t she go back to Todd? He tells her that he knew that he was nothing more than a consolation prize for Téa, but it was okay. She was an amazing woman. Blair tells him she would gladly have sent Téa right back to the island so that he can have her if that’s what he wants. He then remembers that they were the surfer and the lawyer. He asks Blair why she is so interested. She asks why it was that the two of them appeared to drop off the face of the earth. He then admits that they may have used a few aliases, but Téa did not break the law. She asks him why they broke up if it was so great for the two of them. He admits that they have a few secrets. Blair tells him that “this” secret is about to jump up and bite Téa in the ass.

Téa tells Todd that she can’t explain the reason why, but she thinks they need to wait. He asks her if it means that she does not love him. He asks why she is stalling. She asks why he is pushing. She asks him what he is afraid of. He answers nothing. Forget it. He goes and gets distracted reading the paper. She tells him that one second he’s asking her to marry him. The next, he’s getting distracted. She asks Todd what he is afraid of. He answers that he is afraid of losing her. That is how he lives. Whenever he gets close to somebody and starts trusting, the whole situation blows up. She then tells him that she is still there. Why is he talking about a wedding? He asks her if she does not ever get tired of trying to figure out all of the “angles” or having to win like a lawyer. He doesn’t want to do that. He just wants to be happy. He believes that they are perfect together. He won’t let “anybody” get in their way. Hearing that, Téa asks him if he is specifically meaning Blair. At that moment, she seems to know that Todd is urgently proposing to her because he knows that Blair is up to something. She demands that Todd tells her what he knows.

Dorian tells Mayor Lowell that she has an idea of him and his son together. Hearing that, he demands to know doing what. She tells him it doesn’t really matter. They could be stuffing envelopes in his office working together, playing, or watching sports, as long as they are together as a family. Lowell does not respond to that. She turns to see some high school kids whom she does not know. She screams when she notices that they have spray painted over the mayor’s picture poster. She tells everybody there are vandals in the building. The cops better get these terrible juvenile delinquents out of the Mayor’s office. But Mayor Lowell informs her that that is his son with his girlfriend. It appears to be Justin and Becca from Llanview High. Hearing that, Dorian goes and greets Justin and demands that he gets out and gets changed. Justin then leaves with Becca following him. Dorian then smiles to face the mayor and remarks that his son will photograph well when he’s dressed better.

Bo, John, and Nora call judge Runyon into the office and discuss with him that they know, his friend, Mayor Lowell is dirty and corrupt even though they all know that he is an elected official. He tells them that he needs more than an audio tape to corroborate illegal activity on the part of the mayor. John tells the judge that he knows what the mayor was involved in. The judge reminds John that he gave him one month with Cole Thornhart going under cover, and is this all John has to show for it.

Cole and Asher tell Sergei that they do not know that he is not working for the cops. They need to know when they can sell the next shipment to the college students.

Bo and John inform the judge that they traced the proceeds of the drug deals, and they funded the mayor’s re-election campaign. They also know that a cop named Tommy Keeton is in on it. They taped him. Nora then asks the judge if this is not more than just cause for a warrant. He tells them that he’s known Stanley Lowell for more than 20 years and does not want to believe what he has heard. But he tells them that he will write the warrant.

Blair asks Ross why he and Téa did not make their divorce official. She asks him why he gave up on Téa, his lover. He now knows where she lives. She is with Todd. He must remember how Todd was the snake that got between them in the first place and why isn’t he fighting for Téa?

Téa asks Todd what type of trouble Blair is now making. He answers that she is obsessed about some secret that Téa almost told her before the explosion. Téa then tells Todd it was nothing. Blair was hallucinating. But Todd tells Téa that Blair is determined to find out some information. She has hired a P.I. and is on a mission. Blair has even gotten a file on Téa. Hearing that, Téa appears shocked and horrified to learn that Blair has gone that far and asks Todd if he read the file. Todd tells her no. He tore it up because he could care less. Téa then remarks, that bitch, and why can’t Blair leave her alone. Todd tells her that if she has nothing to hide, then there should be no problem. Right?

Dorian returns to the Mayor’s office with Justin properly groomed and wearing a suit. The mayor demands to know what she “did” to him. She is ready to have them looking like the perfect father and son. She has the camera people film them together. Justin tells his father that he has a game he’d like to invite him to. But the mayor asks his son if that is a joke. Justin assures his father no. But Mayor Lowell tells Justin he must take a look around and know that his father is in the middle of a campaign. The mayor grits his teeth forcing a smile noticing the cameras filming him with his son. Justin then turns to face Dorian as to confirm to her that her “plan” did not work with his father.

Nora, Bo, and John brainstorm about how to install a bug in order to catch the Mayor and Officer Keeton. John goes off. Alone with Nora, Bo tells them that doing this work might, kind of, beat sitting in the courtroom, “sweating bullets,” wondering if Matthew is going to win the case that will allow him to risk his life and get the surgery.

Todd asks Téa why it’s so upsetting to her that Blair is digging up dirt. Nothing can hurt her if there’s no dirt to dig up. Téa then tells Todd that’s the very reason why she can’t marry him. He doesn’t seem to trust her. He then tells her that she needs to trust him and know that no secret she could reveal to him will matter. She tells Todd that for reasons she cannot discuss, she cannot reveal the secret.

Fish tells Cristian and Layla that he will pay rent until they find another roommate. But they tell him they do not want or need another roommate. He tells them that after what he did, they must hate him. Layla smiles and tells him no way. She was hurt. But it’s not like he left her for another woman. She chuckles and tells him that he’s a good friend and roommate and very helpful in fixing things for her, like her computer. Cristian laughs and admits that he is not good with technology and appreciates Fish’s help around the apartment also. Fish smiles but then hears his phone ring. It appears to be his father.

Dorian tells the mayor that it might be worth an hour out of his schedule to accompany his son to football practice. But he smirks and tells her it’s JV football. It’s a joke. She reminds him it’s his son. He tells her not to tell him how to raise his kid. She tells him this is an unbeatable opportunity to have a photo op for his campaign. John enters. Noticing him, the mayor demands to know what he wants. Dorian runs up to John to greet him and asks if he is there to talk to her about Blair. John forces a smiles but it fades as soon as he sees that she is working on the mayor’s campaign.

In Tahiti, Ross asks Blair what more ammo she needs. All she has to do is go back to Llanview and inform Todd that Téa is legally married and she’s broken them up. But she tells him, maybe, she needs a little “insurance.” He asks her if she needs for him to drag Téa away from Todd like some caveman. She smirks and tells him she could take pictures.

Téa admits to Todd that she is scared. He tells her that sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith and ask. She asks if maybe he could give her some time. He asks her what there is to think about. She tells him she needs to catch her breath and a few minutes to collect her thoughts. If he loves her, that won’t be too much to ask. At that point, they kiss and he leaves her alone in the room. She then grabs her phone.

John tells Dorian that he is there to see the mayor. Mayor Lowell tells John unless it’s a big arrest, he’s not interested. He tells John he wants something done about the drug trafficking. He knows that John is stalling and not getting results. Dorian then asks to have a word alone with the mayor. She tells him with all due respect, he may not want to mess with John. He must remember that the last time he did that, he had to publicly eat his words and apologize and admit that John was a hero for rescuing Marty Saybrooke. She tells him they do not need, yet, another “flip flop” in this campaign. But the mayor protests that John is a total pain, and he does not know what to do. She tells him that what he needs to do is offer the police department the support of helping to find every drug dealer in Llanview.

Asher demands that Sergei tell him when the next shipment comes in. Sergei tells Asher that he could be a little patient. At that point, they come across a young boy calling out to Asher. Cole looks upset when he notices Asher telling Sergei that he needs a supply in order to sell to the kid.

Fish gets off the phone with his father, and Layla can tell that something went tragically wrong. He informs her that his parents are on their way to Llanview and cannot wait to meet his “new girlfriend.”

Bo and Nora get on the television to see the mayor’s campaign. The newscaster announces that Mayor Lowell was joined by his son, Llanview High Sophomore, Justin. Noticing that, Nora points her finger and Bo remembers who Justin is. Wasn’t he the little jackass that wrecked Matthew’s prom for him, Bo asks? Nora then exclaims to see that Justin is the mayor’s son. She then concludes that that explains a lot. Bo reflects that Matthew might never have been in that accident, were it not for that little punk. What Justin did ought to be seen as a crime. She tells him that Justin is now being touted out on the campaign trail in order to snag votes for Lowell. Bo tells her not to worry. John will have “his honor” behind bars before anybody goes to the polls.

Cole stands by Asher and Sergei while they “target” a young boy who appears to be Justin. Noticing him, Cole tells Sergei, he cannot “take” this kid. He’s Asher’s customer. At that point, Sergei seems to wonder what is up.

John overhears Dorian pulling out all the stops for the mayor’s campaign.

Blair tells Ross he has to come back to Llanview and find Téa. At that moment, he gets a call from Téa. He tells her what a coincidence. He was just “talking” about her.

Meanwhile, Todd is in the park waiting for Téa. He just happens to notice Cole with Asher and Sergei and observes him selling drugs to a young boy. 

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