OLTL Update Friday 8/28/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/28/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Cristian is in the kitchen making coffee. Layla enters and he asks her what happened the previous night knowing that she had it out with Fish after finding out the shocking information that he is gay.

At Rodi’s, Viki announces to Jessica, Natalie, Brody, and Jared that she is considering running for Mayor. They are all really happy for her. She warns all four of them that her life in the public’s eye will expose each and every one of them. She addresses Brody, knowing that as Jessica’s boyfriend, he will be, kind of, “in the fish bowl” when she runs. He needs to think about how that will affect him.

Blair is headed to Tahiti to find Ross Rayburn, and she calls Dorian when she arrives.

Todd and Téa wake up together happy and suspecting nothing. It appears they are getting closer. They indicate that she was not going to sleep with him until she knows that he is serious. He then confirms to her that he loves her. She tells him she loves him too, and they kiss.

After Blair calls Dorian to confirm that she has arrived in Tahiti and ready to find Ross Rayburn, Dorian asks her niece just what she has gotten herself into. Blair tells her aunt that regardless of what anybody thinks, she is getting very close to finding out what Téa Delgado’s secret is. She won’t stop now.

Layla appears very unemotional when Cristian asks her what is going on. She tells him that she used to always know when a guy was gay. She never fooled herself into believing otherwise from the time she was a teenager. But she did not see the signs now with Oliver Fish. She should have seen obvious clues that were staring her right in the face. He reminds her that it was not her fault. Fish deliberately lied to her. She trusted him. She tells him that she is such an idiot. He tells her she is not an idiot. She tells him that she knew she saw Fish and Kyle kissing. Fish told her that Kyle was harassing him. But she knows perfectly well if Kyle was bothering Fish and Fish didn’t want him to do what he did, Fish would have kicked his butt and put him under arrest. Cristian asks her what Fish did when she confronted him. She replies that he had the “feel sorry for me” excuse. He told her that he had some problem that he couldn’t help and was ashamed of being gay and wanted to change and wished that she could “help” him. She reveals that although she is very angry with Fish, she is very concerned for him. Wherever he is and whatever he is doing, he must be hurting terribly.

At that moment, Fish awakens with Stacy and Kim. It appears that he did not intend to come home with them the previous night; although, he can remember what happened to cause that to happen.

Dorian tells Blair that she did not see Todd the previous night. He probably went home and back to Téa. She needs to face that it’s all over with Todd. So if Blair is doing all of this just to get back with Todd, maybe she should reconsider. Blair protests she is doing “this” in order to keep Téa away from her kids. Starr enters and asks to talk to her mother on the phone. Blair tells her daughter that she wishes she could be there to help her take care of baby Hope. But she had to do something very important. Starr then reminds her mother that she has absolutely no clue why she left as Blair did not tell her anything. Starr asks her mom just what it was that Aunt Dorian said about Blair wanting Todd back.

In Todd’s home, he gets a call. It’s Elijah who informs Todd that he has good news. Todd can retain joint custody without having to live with Blair. Todd informs Téa that they did it. Elijah asks if Ms. Delgado is there and if he can speak to her. Todd then asks Téa if she wants Elijah to buzz off. She tells Todd no. She will talk to him. It might be about Matthew Buchanan’s case. Todd goes in the other room when Elijah tells Téa, over the phone that he will ruin her future with Todd when he finds out her secret. She tells Elijah that will not happen.

On the phone, Blair tells Starr that she has some ideas for lullabies she can sing to baby Hope. Blair did it with Starr and Jack when they were little. She will be home soon, and she has to go. She walks up to the door and confirms that as soon as she finds out Téa’s secret, she will be complete.

After Viki warns Jessica, Natalie, Brody, and Jared about how it will be for all of them when she is mayor, Charlie tells them he knows that they will all agree that she will be a great Mayor. At that point, Jessica admits to her mother that they have all discovered that “somebody” out there wants her to believe that Nash is still alive.

Layla indicates to Cristian that Oliver Fish really lives in fear about how his world could come crashing down if people find out that he is gay. She is so concerned about how hard it is for Oliver and how Cristian obviously does not understand. But hearing that, Cristian tells her that she has to stop thinking about how hard it is for him and realize he has some responsibility for his choices to live a lie and needs to accept the fact that he is gay.

At that point, Fish remembers arguing with Kyle in the bar after he went there upset after the fallout with Layla. Stacy overheard them talking about how Fish absolutely will not accept being gay and somehow has to “prove” that he is not. That was the perfect opportunity for her. Téa tells Elijah that she will not be intimidated by his threats. She is willing to “make a deal.”

In Tahiti, Blair knocks on the door of what appears to be Ross Rayburn’s home. She cannot get anybody to answer the door. So she picks the lock with a credit card. A guy comes up behind her and asks can he help her.

After Fish remembers what happened the previous night regarding his public argument with Kyle in Rodi’s and how Stacy took him home, she tells him he mustn’t feel as though he’s a “bad person.” Knowing the previous night might be her “last chance” unless she somehow persuades Fish to sleep with her again, she knows she must encourage him again. He pulls away from Stacy warning her that she doesn’t know who he is. He then remembers Kyle asking him if he really wants to fall in love and sleep with Layla. Fish protested that he really loved Layla. She’s awesome and beautiful. He wanted to have a relationship with her. But Kyle reminded him that was not what he asked him. Kyle then left the bar, and then Stacy moved in for the kill. Remembering that, he confirms to Stacy that she does not know him.

After Jessica reveals to Viki and Charlie that somebody is following her and somehow sending her messages from Nash, Viki demands to know what is going on. If some unseen, unidentified, and unknown person has been giving Bree stuffed toys and writing on windows, then they need to know what this family is being exposed to. Brody tells her that they are concerned and know it’s creepy and unexplained, but Bo is on it. Natalie, Jared, and Charlie all tell Viki that they can handle whatever happens when she runs for Mayor, and there is no reason she should not run.

Starr asks Dorian what is going on with her mother. But Dorian is too distracted with helping Mayor Lowell getting re-elected. Starr notices the picture of herself, her baby, and the mayor right in her father’s paper. She demands to know what Dorian did behind her back.

At the same time, at Rodi’s, Viki and the others notice the photo in the paper.

Starr tells her aunt that she does not trust the mayor or his politics. Dorian obviously saw the way he looked at Starr when he found out she had a baby. She knows his kids go to Llanview High and will gossip. They are jerks just like their father is. She resents the fact that her aunt used her daughter to promote that jerk’s campaign.

At Rodi’s, Charlie reads that Dorian is now the campaign manager for the mayor, and there’s a story about the mayor meeting baby Hope.

In Tahiti, Blair turns around to see Ross Rayburn. She tells him that there is one reason and one reason only why she is there. It’s to find out the big secret about Téa Delgado.

Starr tells Dorian she has no idea why her aunt would want to work for a jackass like Mayor Lowell. But that is Dorian’s business. Her (Starr’s) business, however, is Hope. She will not let Dorian, or the idiot mayor, use her baby as bait to get him elected. In response to that, Dorian tells her niece she can see she is angry and, maybe, they can use that “passion” somehow. It will send a “message.” Starr tells her aunt that there is no way that her baby is going to be used by anybody to send a “message.”

When Viki, Charlie, Jessica, Natalie, Brody, and Jared all discover the picture of Starr and her baby with Mayor Lowell and the article that Dorian is his campaign manager, they are all stunned and realize what that could mean for Viki.

Layla cries and tells Cristian that she is worried that something is “wrong” with her. It’s not just her failure to see that Fish was gay. She clearly has “feelings” for him. She wishes as much as he did that he was not gay. But Cristian tells her she mustn’t think that for a minute. There’s nothing wrong with her, and she deserves better than that.

At that same moment, Fish remembers getting terribly drunk after what happened with Layla and then with Kyle at Rodi’s and how Stacy took him home. He remembers that he slept with her. At that point, he tells her he thinks he’s going to be sick. He leaves, and Kim tells her that it really doesn’t matter how he feels about it as long as they “did the deed.” But Stacy knows that it’s entirely possible that she is not pregnant with only one time. She then convinces Fish not to rush off. He tells her he has to get home. This was a serious mistake. He can’t keep “doing this to people.”

After Téa gets done with her phone conversation with Elijah, Todd seems to know that she is very upset and there’s something a lot more crucial about their conversation than Matthew Buchanan’s trial. He tells her that they can have a romantic time together again tonight. Now that he gets the kids back and Blair is out of his life, they can have a great future.

Blair finds Ross and tells him that he knows about his involvement with Téa. If he is not straight with her, she can call her ex-husband, the cop. Hearing that, he tells her he knows there’s no way that Todd Manning could be a cop. But she tells him it’s a different ex-husband. His name is John McBain. Hearing that, Ross urges her to hold on.

Blair tells Ross Rayburn that she knows that there are several years that have been unaccounted for when both he and Téa disappeared. He then tells her that she must really have a serious beef with Téa. How does he know that if he gives Blair the information that she wants that she won’t rat him out. Blair replies that she has no interest in anything except his giving her what she wants by telling her Téa’s secret. Once he gives her that information, she can be on her merry way.

After Téa’s conversation with Todd, she tells him that she has to move back to the Palace. He tells her she can’t. She is going to move in with him.

Dorian urges Starr to know that the mayor wants to reach out to young people. Starr tells her aunt that she knows the mayor has no interest in any young people except as a campaign ploy. Dorian tells her niece that she’s pretty certain the mayor will win without any undue hard work on anybody’s part. She’s sure he does not have an “opponent” with any power to defeat him. But right at that moment, the doorbell rings. Starr rushes to get it. It’s Viki and Charlie. Starr happily greets her adoring Aunt Viki, and Viki engages with baby Hope although she is there for a different reason.

At the apartment, Layla admits to Cristian that she feels ill. She will have to call in sick at work. There’s no way she can go to the station and face Fish after what has happened. It appears the two of them are getting closer. At that moment, Fish walks in to see them and wants to talk.

Dorian greets Viki and Charlie and asks what brings them to her home. They reply that she has inspired her to run for mayor.

Jessica and Natalie are with their respective men confident that Viki will reform the city government. Maybe whoever is stalking Jessica will now back off.

Stacy tells Kim that she has to find a way to make certain she is pregnant.

Fish enters the apartment and asks if he can talk to both Cristian and Layla. He then affirms to both of them that he is gay.

Todd can once again sense that Téa has a secret. She may be afraid to trust him and believe that he could trust her.

Blair then tells Ross that she suspects that he might have done something a little illegal. So she asks him if he and Téa are involved in a crime. Ross then replies that she might say that.

Todd tells Téa that he doesn’t want to just live with her. He wants to marry her.

Ross then admits to Blair that Téa Delgado is his wife. 

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