OLTL Update Thursday 8/27/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/27/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

John finds Cole at the mayoral election hall. Cole tells John that he is climbing the walls. He does not like not being able to contact Starr of the baby. And he needs for his “assignment” to be done.

Right then, Dorian invites the mayor to her home. Starr observes and knows that her aunt is up to something.

Viki and Charlie are in bed and both doing paperwork. They both remember hearing Mayor Lowell’s speech about how he intends to “reform” the city government. She admits that that man annoys her and she can’t bear to listen to him one more time. Charlie then implies that he knows of somebody who can defeat they mayor. And that is her. But she protests that she is newly married to him. She tells Charlie that whoever Lowell’s new opponent is, he or she will have to raise money and many resources in order to run against him. But she reminds Charlie that it will really turn her family upside down if she did run against him. Charlie tells her he’d rather deal with that than 4 more years of her bellyaching and throwing the remote at the television every time she hears the mayor. He tells her that he married a tiger and knows that she can give them hell.

Langston goes to find Markko when he’s shooting David’s television special. They notice that Rachel and Dr. Evans were together on the floor and it looked like there were “sparks” between them. And he notices that Langston is flirting with a sexy cameraman.

Fish returns home after work. He avoids Layla when he knows that she has questions and demands answers about his relationship with Kyle Lewis. She tells him she knows what is going on and he better give her an explanation.

Rex and Gigi are together and she tells him that they have to accept the fact that Stacy is pregnant with his child. Right then, Stacy enters unexpectedly with Kim and tells them that her best friend from Vegas is there with her and they need to talk. Rex tells her that maybe they can talk tomorrow at the obstetrician’s and is ready to push her out the door. But she tells him that they need to talk now about the baby.

After Layla tells Fish that she knows about him and Kyle, he bluffs and tells her that he doesn’t know what she has heard. They knew each other many years ago in college. And what does she need to know that he hasn’t already told her? She then informs him that she had to find out from a total stranger that he and Kyle were together as lovers and she demands to know if he once slept with Kyle. He then tells her yes. They did.

After Markko observes Langston with one of David’s camera crewman, he tells her that he could see that the guy like her and it appeared that she was attracted to him. And he asks her what is up with that.

Cole and John talk about the way things are in the world he cannot have any contact with. John informs him that Marty got her license to practice psychiatry reinstated and she’s back working again. Hearing that, Cole is stunned to know that from only a mile away, things are going on that he knows nothing about.

Dorian introduces the mayor to her niece Starr. And right away, he knows that Starr had a baby with that outlaw drug addict, Cole Thornhart.

When Gigi and Rex meet Kim, Gigi tells her that she knows that Stacy would use any opportunity she can in order to ruin Gigi and Rex’s evening and has brought her low life bimbo pole dancing friend with her. Her name must be Candy or Fifi or something, Gigi remarks. Kim tells her that her name is Kim. Gigi doesn’t seem to realize that her boyfriend knocked Stacy up and she needs to respect her sister. Stacy told her about her sister. But she didn’t tell her that Gigi was such a bitch. At that point, Gigi appears to want to physically attack Kim until Rex restrains her. Gigi informs Kim that Stacy must not have told her or else Kim sees nothing wrong with the fact that Stacy was going to let Gigi’s son die. She smashed Gig’s car with a tire iron. She falsified stem cells. She’s done many things. And she’s certain that Stacy’s best friend from Vegas is just as worthless as Stacy is. At that point, Stacy tells her sister that she and Kim came there to tell them something that might be of interest to them.

Charlie tells Viki that even if she raises objection about running for Mayor, she knows that it will really inspire her kids. He knows that Llanview needs her. She must know how Lowell has implemented too much corruption. She reminds him that Lowell shut down Charlie’s building permit. He tells her that that is the reason why she must defeat him. She admits that she is very worried about how Stanley Lowell will ruin her home town. He then tells her that that is the very reason why she has to stop him.

Cole asks John what is up with the shipment that will be coming in. John admits that he has some secrets and that Cole is talking like a cop. John admits to Cole that he’s pretty certain that he knows of the cop who is bringing in the drugs.

Starr admits to the mayor that she did have an unplanned pregnancy when she was only 16. It was a mistake. But she loves her child more than anything. Mayor Lowell then remarks to Dorian that children are having children and he does not approve. Dorian tells him she realizes that. But she is able to persuade him that when they need a new chief of staff, maybe he could select her. She reminds him that he has her vote. So she asks if she has his. He then tells her he’s sorry. But it’s out of the question.

Layla tells Fish that he has clearly lied to him. He told her that he has this “previous relationship” with somebody in college and he told her it was a woman. He tells her that he is not the person he once was many years ago. He’s changed. She then asks him if it was not really him outside the back of Buenos Dias kissing Kyle Lewis.

Langston and Markko are together joking about how she was turned on by the cameraman’s ripped chest. But they are both confident in knowing that she only loves Markko and is turned on by him.

John hints at Cole that he needs to know who wants to take him out. And it’s the mayor.

Mayor Lowell tells Dorian that he cannot offer her the chief of hospital staff position. The current chief of staff is a friend of his and he’s a “man of principle”. She then asks him what if she could raise far more for his campaign than the present incumbent can. He tells her he’s “sorry”. She then tells him that she is also “sorry”. He asks her what she is implying. She answers that she won’t be able to fund his election the way she could if he gives her the position. At that point, he knows that it might be in his best interest to reconsider.

At Gigi’s home, Rex tells Stacy if she has something to say to him, she may say it and then go. He doesn’t have time for her. Right then, Shane comes down the stairs and confronts Stacy. She tells her nephew that’s no way to talk to the mother of his little brother or sister. He tells her that she broke up his parents. She is a slut and a no good person. She then lashes out at him and calls him a little brat.

Layla tells Fish that she cannot accept him lying to her. She admits that Cristian knew that he was gay but didn’t know how to tell her. He asks her why Cristian had to go behind his back. She tells him that Cristian wanted to stay out of his business. But he should have told her that himself. She knows that he is living a lie and cannot pretend that he could have a romantic relationship with her. And there is no way that she can trust him until he admits the truth and says the words that he is gay. He then tells her he will not say it. It’s not true. He’s not gay. She asks him if he knows what it has done to her to know that he’s lied to her. She tells him that when she’s with a man, she wants all of him. She wants to be more to him than just somebody to be seen with and to brag about to his friends and the station and to convince them that he’s not gay. She wants a man who can privately be with her and wants only her and it’s real. She cries. He tells her that if she just gives him time, he can “change”. She tells him that he cannot change the fact that he is what he is. He tells her she must know that they made love. She then tells him that it’s not supposed to be a test. He tells her that she is the woman that he’s always wanted. She’s beautiful and nice and fun and smart. But she tells him he must know that it’s not enough. But she tells him he better leave her. He tells her she does not know what this is like. He tells her he “cannot be” gay.

Langston and Markko are ready to sleep together and make certain they have protection.

Charlie tells Viki that this could be a shot to finish what she started when she ran for mayor before. She could have a second change. They both realize that it doesn’t come around ever day and maybe she has to take a second change.

Cole asks John if it’s really true that when Lowell was shooting his mouth off about how the cops fail to clean up the drug problem, all along, he is the problem. He declares that Lowell is a criminal. John tells Cole that the mayor is no different than Serge and Asher and all of the other criminals.

Lowell tells Dorian that maybe she could work for him and be his chief of staff on his campaign. She asks if he wants her to be his campaign manager. He tells her he thinks it would work. She’s well known and charming and convincing. And he can give her a lot of power. She can be his right arm. He tells her she may forget about the dull and boring hospital job. It’s not as great as what he can offer her. At that point, she tells him he’s got a deal. Right then, Starr enters with baby Hope and asks what is going on. Dorian happily tells her niece that the mayor gave her a job and she’s going to manage his campaign. Starr asks Dorian if she is serious that she will work with a man who denounces young single mothers.

Shane lashes out at Stacy telling her that he does not like her. He knows his father does not either whether she’s pregnant with his child or not. Rex loves only his mom. He tells Stacy he wishes she was not pregnant and that her baby would die. Hearing that, Stacy attempts to “appeal” to Shane and tells him he doesn’t mean that. But Kim tells Stacy that she does not have to take that. She tells Shane he had not right to talk that way to his aunt about his little brother or sister. Kim then tells Rex she will let him “explain things” about the baby. Rex then asks them what it is that she intended to say about the baby. Stacy then tells them that she found another doctor. It’s a different one. So she will let them know about the “appointment” at another time. Gigi then asks if they came all the way there just to tell them that. Kim then tells Gigi that Stacy was just being nice, unlike Gigi. And they go out the door. Shane then asks his parents what that was all about. Gigi answers that it’s grownups losing their tempers. Shane then tells his parents he is sorry for what he said about Stacy’s baby. He doesn’t want it to die.

When Starr enters to ask Mayor Lowell what his problem is with her being a young single mother, he tells her he is sorry and did not mean to offend her. But he really frowns upon kids having kids. There is no way for them to “contribute” to society. At that point, Dorian tells him that single mothers need their support. He says he supports family values. Starr tells him that maybe he should support the rights of same sex couples. And Dorian, finding herself right in the middle of this, suggests that maybe they should put this on camera.

Stacy and Kim go to Rodi’s and talk about how she has to find a way to get pregnant one way or another. Knowing that her options are getting limited, Kim tells Stacy that she should seriously consider a sperm donor. But Stacy tells her that she has a plan.

Fish tells Layla that he wishes he could get her to understand what he is going though. She asks him if he expects her to feel sorry for him being a gay homophobe. He hates and disrespects himself and who he is. That’s what he’s done wrong. It’s not being gay that is wrong. She has nothing against gays. They have the same rights as anybody else. Gays with courage and integrity admit to their sexual orientation. Some get married in some states. He then tells her that he wishes he could change. He will get counseling. He will go to church. He realizes he is a “work in progress”. But she tells him that it won’t work. She demands that he gets out. They both cry. He tells her he’s so sorry that he hurt her.

Markko and Langston make love. And she tells him she hopes that the Buchanans don’t have security cameras. He tells her he knows they don’t. He checked. And he affirms that soon they will have their own place.

Viki tells Charlie that if she runs for Mayor they won’t have a lot of time for intimacy. He tells her that they will just have to schedule time to be together. He then asks her if she is really going to run. She replies she has not made that decision yet. She first has to talk to her kids. But he tells her they can’t wait too long while that joker is making speeches right now. And they decide that maybe she will run against Mayor Lowell to be the new mayor of Llanview.

After John reveals to Cole that the mayor wants to set him up, Cole tells him that he’s very worried that Lowell could go after his mother. But John assures him that that will not happen.

Dorian gets Mayor Lowell and Starr and the baby together and takes a photo of the three of them. They are not comfortable. But she is.

Rex and Gigi talk outside. He tells her that he doesn’t want to spend any more time than they absolutely have to talking or stressing about Stacy.

Alone in Rodi’s, Stacy confirms that she knows it might be too late to get pregnant and have Rex believing that she is carrying his child.

Layla is alone on the floor if her apartment, crying and heart broken.

Fish then goes to the bar and drinks shots right beside Stacy who is also sitting alone.

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