OLTL Update Wednesday 8/26/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/26/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Gigi is cooling off in front of a fan when Rex appears behind her.  She asks how his shower was, and he tells her it would have been better if she had been with him.  She tells him that maybe he missed a few spots and needs another shower.  He says he has checked in with UV and turned off his phone.  She asks what will happen if Shane calls.  He asks if she is kidding; Shane wouldnít call from baseball camp.  Then she spoils the mood by asking about if Stacy calls.  She says if Stacy decides something is wrong with her or the baby she will be calling.

Stacy returns to the loft and Kim observes that that was fast.  Thing usually take a little longer with Butterfly 7.  Stacy tells her not this time.  Kim tells Stacy to tell her everything, and Stacy tells Kim there is nothing to tell; they didnít have sex.

At Noraís house, a repairperson is spackling the holes that Clint made in the wall when he shot at David.  The doorbell rings.  Rachel answers the door to Langston who is looking for Markko. 

In the stable behind the Buchanan house, Markko and Priscilla ask Ford about their pay.  Priscilla tells him that they know that David has already used the showís budget.  Ford assures them that they will be paid.  David enters and tells them that he knows things look bad, but they have to pull together and make it work

Layla and Cristian are sitting on a bench at the park.  She tells him that she was talking to a guy at the gym that she did not know, but based on what he said, she thinks Oliver was involved with Kyle Lewis.  She asks Cristian if he knows anything.  He tells her that he thought he knew something, but he isnít sure.  He asks her to tell him what she heard first, and then they can figure it out.  She tells him that she met a man who is dating Kyle and he told her that in college Kyle was dating a closet case who is now a cop who is dating a woman.  She asks Cristian if he thinks the cop could be Fish.

John McBain and Oliver Fish have planted a tracking device on Officer Keaton and are listening to his conversation with the Mayor.  Keaton tells the mayor that McBain knows there is a mole bur does not know whom.  He says McBain knows about the delivery, including when and where it will occur.  The mayor tells Keaton that McBain is quite the detective.  Fish recognizes the mayorís voice.  McBain appears pleased with this discovery.

Layla asks Cristian to confirm that she is crazy; just because Kyleís ex is a cop doesnít mean that he is Oliver.  She says that among all of the cops at Llanview PD, some of them must be gay.  She says that just because Kyle and Fish knew each other in college doesnít mean that Kyle is the messed up relationship that Oliver told her about.  Cristian is surprised that Oliver told her about his messed up relationship.  Layla tells Cristian that she said the past didnít matter.  She says that when she asked Oliver if he was gay, he was upset that she asked him such a thing.  She asks Cristian what he knows.  He says he doesnít think Oliver was telling her the truth.  She asks if he thinks that relationship was with a guy.  He says yes, and he doesnít think it is in the past.

At the station in Johnís office, Fish is shocked to discover the Mayorís involvement.  They continue to listen to the bugged conversation.  Keaton tells the mayor that John is going to bust the delivery.  The mayor asks Keaton what McBainís plan of attack is, and Keaton responds that John didnít reveal it; he just told them to be ready; McBain plays things close to the vest.  The mayor tells Keaton that he needs to convince McBain to take him into his confidence and tell him about every move McBain makes.

Rachel invites Langston in.  Matthew hears Langston and Rachel talking and reveals that he may have an idea where Markko went.  Rachel goes upstairs.  Once alone, Matthew tells Langston that she must not disclose Markkoís location to anyone.

In the stable, Ford tells David that he cannot work this way.  Markko tells David that he needs to eat something.  Ford tells David they have no money, no story, no cast, and no bathrooms.  Ford tells David to solve one of those problems or he is leaving.  Priscilla and Markko concur.

At Rexís loft, Kim is amazed that Stacy and Schuyler didnít have sex.  She asks Stacy if she used the Butterfly 7 correctly or if Schuyler didnít drink enough.  Stacy tells her that it was working fine for the first few minutes and then he figured out that she was not Gigi.  

At home, Rex turns on his phone and confirms that Stacy did not call.  Gigi apologizes for ruining the mood.  Rex tells her that he understands that she doesnít want Stacyís child in their lives.  Gigi tells him that she knows that if there was a problem he would want to be there, and Stacy would want him to be there because she is going to use the baby against them every chance she gets.  He tells her that may be true, but right now, he only wants to think about Gigi.

At the loft, Stacy tells Kim that Schuyler gave up a night with her because she is not Gigi.  Kim asks Stacy what kind of trick Gigi knows because she has to be doing something.  Stacy tells her that Gigi has always had everyoneís attention and always gets what Stacy wants.  Kim tells Stacy not to worry; Gigi will get whatís coming to her.  She reminds Stacy that she learned in Vegas that everyoneís luck streak has to end.  Stacy tells Kim that hers has.  Kim tells Stacy that they just need a plan B.  Stacy tells her there is no Plan B. Schuyler was her last hope; itís over.

Matthew tells Langston that they donít have any horses so no one will find David and his crew in the stables.  He tells her it is temporary until he finds somewhere else for them.  Rachel comes down the stairs wearing sweatpants and jacket.  She asks Matthew to tell Nigel that she does not want to be disturbed.  She will be in the living room working since her office is a mess.  When Langston opens the door to leave Greg Evans is standing there about to knock.  He enters and tells Matthew that he heard that his parentsí lawyer gave him a hard time in court.  He asks if Rachel is there because it is best if they do not see each other.  Matthew tells Greg that he has something to do and asks Greg to wait for him in the living room.

In the stables, David asks the crew if they would abandon him for air conditioning.  Ford tells him yes, they would.  Davidís phone rings.  Matthew tells his brother to come to come to the main house with his crew; something good is about to happen.  Ford tells David he has work to do here, and sends Markko and Priscilla with David.  He tells David he had better come back with something he can use.

In Johnís office, Fish asks what they are waiting for; they can bust the mayor right now.  They continue to listen to Keatonís conversation with the mayor who tells Keaton he must get on McBainís good side.  He says McBain values loyalty, so Keaton is to follow Johnís orders and update the mayor.  Oliverís GPS system tracked Keatonís signal to an area near the mayorís campaign headquarters.  After Keaton has left the mayors office the mayor gets on his phone and tells his contact to cancel tonightís delivery because there will be a raid.  He says they will reschedule.  It will not be a problem.  They will always be a step ahead of John McBain.  Oliver asks McBain if he really doesnít want to move on Mayor Lowell.  John tells him not yet; Lowell says John acts before he thinks, and John is not going to prove him wrong.

In the park, Cristian tells Layla she should talk about this matter with Fish; it has nothing to do with Cristian.  Layla tells Cristian that they are friends and asks him to be her friend and tell her what he knows.  He tells her that he saw Oliver and Kyle kissing. 

Gigi comes downstairs asking Rex what he wants for dinner and finds that he has lit candles, poured wine, and ordered dinner from the Palace.  She asks if they can afford it.  He tells her it is on Blair Cramer.  He tells her that tonight it is just the two of them with no worries, no problems, and no other people.  It is their night off from their lives.

At the loft, Stacy tells Kim that she will stop ovulating soon.  Kim tells Stacy has never given up on something she wants, so they review her options.  A sperm bank is not an option.  It is too expensive and Stacy cannot risk someone seeing her there.  Kim suggests that they just find another guy.  Stacy says they donít have enough time.  Kim says that if they wait another month, Rex will know it is not his.  Kim suggests they hire someone.  Stacy tells her no, there is one thing left for her to do; she must tell Rex the truth. 

In the park, Layla asks Cristian if he is sure he saw Oliver and Kyle kissing.  He tells her yes, but Fish pushed Kyle away and said that is isnít gay and that what happened in college didnít mean anything.  He tells her that Fish said that only Kyle wanted it, but it looked to him that Fish wanted it too.

In Johnís office, he tells Fish that they donít have enough evidence to arrest Mayor Lowell.  Oliver asks if they will cancel the raid.  John tells Fish the raid will go as planned.  It will come up empty this time, but it is far from pointless.

In the living room of the Buchanan house, Rachel is doing a dance exercise routine wearing headphones.  Greg enters the living room amused at the sight of her.  She doesnít see or hear him.  Matthew lets David, Markko, and Priscilla into the front door, and tells them that the drama is in the living room.  Rachel does a spin during her dance routine and is startled to see Greg standing there.  He says, ďBravo.Ē  She asks what he is doing there and he tells her that Matthew told him to wait there.  He asks if she is embarrassed.  She tells him he is acting like he has never seen anyone exercise.  He tells her he has never seen anyone exercise like that.  She tells him he is trying to goad her.  He tells her that goading her is impossible because he would never get a reaction; she is too much in control.  She challenges him to a contest.  The first one to reach level ten wins.  He accepts the challenge.

Ford is alone in the stable considering different story lines for David.  He decides it is too hot to think, so he takes off his shirt and goes outside to pour water on his head to cool off.  Langston enters the stable looking for Markko.  She watches Ford as the water runs down his perfect bare chest.  He turns around and sees her staring at him.

In the park, Layla marvels at the fact that she had been worried about Oliver cheating on her with Stacy Morasco.  She didnít know that he was cheating on her with a guy.  Cristian tells her that she doesnít know for sure that Fish is gay.  She tells him that he just told her that he saw Fish kissing Kyle.  Cristian says that maybe Fish was telling the truth when he said that Kyle came on to him.  He reminds her that when she asked Oliver if he was gay he denied it.  She says that that was because he is worried about what people will think about him at the police department.  She tells Cristian that Fish got her that job and then told everyone she was his girlfriend after she had specifically asked him to keep it quiet.  She complains that all she is to Oliver is his ďbeard.Ē  Cris tells her that she doesnít know that.  She tells him that she would have if Cris had told her that he saw Oliver kissing a guy.  Cris apologizes for letting it go on for so long.  Layla tells him he didnít know what to think.  He tells her not just that, she seemed happy with Fish and he didnít want to get in the way of that.  She tells him itís ok; she doesnít blame him.  She has given him a hard enough time for butting into her life; she just wished that this time she had ignored her.  As she turns to leave, Cris asks her where she is going.  She tells her she is going to see what Fish has to say.

Officer Keaton enters John McBainís office, making the excuse that his wife said they had an emergency at home.  John tells Keaton to suit up for the raid, he needs everyone at their best because the mayor expects them to deliver.

Gigi and Rex are having dinner in the living room.  They complain about how bad their spring and summer have been.  Rex says they missed out on all the fun stuff families are supposed to do.  He suggests a vacation; maybe they can deliver on their promise to Shane that they would take him to Disneyworld.  Gigi thinks it is a great idea and says they can leave tomorrow.  He tells her that he cannot leave tomorrow; he has a doctorís appointment.  He then admits that Stacy has a doctorís appointment.

At Rexís loft, Stacy tells Kim that she knows she will lose Rex for good if she tells him the truth.  Kim tells her to keep fighting.  Stacy says she cannot, this is impossible.  Kim says nothing is impossible.  Stacy tells Kim she is too tired, she canít do it.  Since she came to town all she has done is lie, and then she has had to tell more lies to cover up the first lies.  She is always worried that someone is going to find her out.  She tells Kim that when she was pregnant with Rexís baby, she didnít have to lie because it was real, but now the baby is gone and so is her chance to get back with Rex.

Ford asks Langston to hand him his shirt hat is hanging on a hook behind her.  He recognizes her as Markkoís manager.  She tells him she is also Markkoís girlfriend.  He tells her that Markko is not there but she is welcome to stay and wait.  She asks if he is getting good footage of the Buchanans, and he admits that the Buchanans donít want anything to do with David.  She suggests that they make the show about just David.  He tells her he doubts that anyone would watch the show about just David.  She suggests that he make the show about something else so he asks her for suggestions.  She suggests a love story

Greg and Rachel are doing her dance routine in the living room.  She is winning the contest so he takes her game controller from her.  They fall to the floor and just as they appear to be about to kiss, David and his crew enter.  David berates Rachel for being on the floor with her loverís brother and asks if she is pulling a Nora.

Langston tells Ford about a musical she wrote for school a few years ago in which a couple had to struggle to get back to each other.  Ford tells her that Davidís ex-wife is a no-go.  She suggests two people who canít stand each other falling in love.  He tells her that a lot of people canít stand David, but who would fall for him?  She tells him that maybe the show can start with everyone hating David and growing to like him in the end, and perhaps someone can realize that they liked him all along.  Ford tells her it is not a bad idea.

Matthew makes his escape from the living room and leaves Rachel and Greg alone with David and his crew.  David asks Rachel if one brother was not enough, if she had to have them both.  Greg asks Rachel who David is.  She tells him that he is her brotherís brother.  David tells her that almost makes her his sister; he has always wanted a sister.  Rachel tells David to get out.  David says that they have been caught in the act of cheating on his best friend, Shawn, and asks if they want to beg for forgiveness from the American public as he points to the camera.  Rachel tells Markko that Langston is looking for him.  Markko leaves.  David tells Rachel that he needs a new storyline for his show.  Two brothers battling for the same woman is a good story.  Rachel tells David there is no battle; she is in a relationship with Shawn.  Greg escorts David out.

Cristian tells Layla that she cannot confront Fish right now because he is at work.  He advises against her busting into the place where they both work and start yelling about how he is gay.  She tells him she should wait until he is off duty.  She tells him she does not want to wait another minute.  She wants the truth.

John, Fish, and Keaton enter Johnís office after the raid.  Keaton tells John that it is not his fault that there were no drugs at the docks.  He got a bad tip.  John says the mayor might not think so.  Keaton says the mayor doesnít know everything that goes on in the PD. John says he will know when the Sun reports it.  Oliver says no one reads that rag.  John tells them they may go; he has paperwork to fill out.  Keaton and Fish leave Johnís office and depart in opposite directions.  Once Keaton is out of sight, Fish returns to Johnís office and asks if John is going to go after Keaton and get him to roll on the mayor.  John says they donít have enough on him yet.  They went ahead with todayís raid so that no one will suspect them, but they know who they are after now and it is time to take him down.

Gigi tells Rex that they would not have been able to avoid mentioning Stacyís name forever.  Stacy is in their lives and they had better start acting like it.

Kim asks Stacy if she is sure she wants to do this.  Stacy says she doesnít have a choice.  Kim tells her she will go with her.  Stacy tells Kim that Gigi and Rex are going to tear her apart.  Kim says that Stacy is telling the truth and they should be grateful.  Kim promised that everything will be ok no matter what happens.

David tells Rachel that she is making a mistake; they donít have an act 3 yet.  Rachel tells him that he doesnít have an act 1 or 2 either.  He asks her if she is saying she wonít sign the release.  She tells him he will destroy the footage.  He tells her that he cannot go back to his producer with nothing.  She tells her that if he does not, she will tell her mother that he weaseled his way back into their home.  David tells Priscilla that he will have to go back to his producer with nothing.  On the other side of the closed door, Greg asks Rachel if she would like a rematch.

In the stable, Ford tells Langston that he likes her love story idea, bur it canít just be David.  She agrees that it needs supporting characters.  Langston suggests that the people around David have their own love stories.  She suggests Ford, Markko, and Priscilla for the parts since they are already involved with the show.  Ford says they need to find him a love interest.  Langston is surprised that he isnít involved with anyone.  He tells her that he is married to the show.  He asks if she knows anyone.  She says she does not, but he could set up something like today where it is hot and a girl walks in and its love at first sight.  Markko enters the stable and overhears the conversation just as Ford asks Langston if she means the way she did, and if that makes her his love interest. 

John tells Fish that he may leave but that he will have more for him tomorrow.  After Fish exits johnís office, his phone rings.  Layla tells him she wants to talk to him.  He asks if they can meet at home.  She agrees.  He asks if everything is ok.  She tells him that they will talk about it at home.  Cris tells Layla that he will stay away from the apartment for as long as she needs him to unless he wants him to be there.  She tells him that she can confront her down-low boyfriend on her own.

In John McBainís office, he gets a phone call from the mayor who tells him he just received a call from an angry union boss who wants to know why McBain shut down his docks today.  John tells Mayor Lowell that they raided a boat.  Mayor Lowell says that he heard that it was carrying Taiwanese denim.  John tells the mayor that they were acting on a tip.  Mayor Lowell tells John that he needs results.  John tells him that that may take some time.  The mayor tells John that if he cannot get results then he will replace him with someone who can.  After Mayor Powell hangs up John says, ďAsk and you shall receive.Ē

As Stacy and Kim walk to Gigiís place, Kim tells Stacy that she can still change her mind about telling Rex and Gigi that she lost the baby.  Stacy tells Kim that she is ready and asks Kim to wait outside.  Kim tells Stacy she will not let her face them alone; they are doing this together or not at all.

Inside the house, Gigi tells Rex that even if they donít say Stacyís name they cannot pretend she doesnít exist.  She tells him they have to figure out a way to deal with her or she will ruin them because whether they like it or not, she is pregnant with his child.  The doorbell rings and they open the door to find Stacy standing there.

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