OLTL Update Tuesday 8/25/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/25/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

John calls Fish and Keaton cop into his office. He tells them he needs them to keep a secret and asks if the two of them can handle some classified information. What he really intends to do is have Fish help him catch Keaton in the act of supplying drugs and setting Cole up.

Cristian is outside painting. Layla is on her way to the gym when she sees him and admits that she is impressed. He notices that she is in a good mood. She confirms that everything went well with her and Fish last night. She cannot believe that that slutty Stacy Morasco tried to come on to him. Of course, she knows that her man would never cheat on her.

Stacy is with Schuyler in his room drinking iced Téa. She spikes his. He asks her why she is drinking caffeine when she is pregnant. She then remembers that she is no longer pregnant but needs to be soon. She asks him how it went with Gigi. He asks her if he means the time when he talked to her and she shot him down or when the boyfriend showed up.

Gigi angrily demands to know why Rex went behind her back to attempt to persuade Schuyler to leave town. He tells her that he doesn’t want to answer that. Schuyler is always there whenever she is alone and Rex is not there. He obviously wants to be more than friends with Gigi and cannot accept the fact hat she is taken.

Dorian notices that Blair is packing her bags. Blair tells her aunt she is headed to Tahiti. She has gotten the goods on Téa. Dorian demands to know why she would want to dig up dirt on Téa and break up her and Todd.

Todd returns home to see that Téa has packed her bags, appears ready to leave, and is crying. She tells him that she has to go to the airport.

Rex tells Gigi that he did not intend to tell Schuyler he had to leave town. What he did was go to the rehab center where Schuyler works and apologized to him for being a jerk. Even if he did suggest that Schuyler should leave, it doesn’t matter. He’s clearly still around everywhere. She then reminds him that they had a deal not to go behind each other’s backs. He protests that he went to apologize to Schuyler and didn’t know that he had to clear it with her first. It’s not like he asked anybody to have an abortion. He tells Gigi that what he did could not compare to her attempting to pay Stacy off to have an abortion.

While Stacy drugs Schuyler, she tells him that he needs to know that Gigi is not available to him. She is stringing him along; she is no good for him. Gigi does not want him but she does. Schuyler sees her in a blurry and clouded image while the drugs take effect.

Layla confirms to Cristian that she believes she really has a future with Fish. Cristian remembers seeing Fish kissing Kyle.

Kyle talks to his new friend at the gym. He tells him he wants to thank him for being so cool about taking this slow. The guy tells him he really can understand and appreciate Kyle’s situation with what his ex did to him.

John informs Fish and Keaton that he needs them to never to tell the mayor or another living soul. He needs their help in catching a drug dealer. He needs them for backup. He happens to know, for a fact that a big shipment is coming in. Keaton asks John how he would know that. John does not answer but waits until he can talk to Fish alone.

Blair informs Dorian that Rex found out some things about Ross Rayburn. He’s very certain that Ross has been shacking up with Téa. Although there is no proof positive, Rex has found out that the two of them disappeared at the same time until Téa showed up in Columbia with Dorian’s friend, Ray Montez. Hearing that, Dorian tells her she warned her not to go there. Blair tells Dorian she bets that Téa’s ticket back to Llanview was through Ray Montez. She’s going to find Ross Rayburn and find out what Téa has been doing all these years. Todd may not want to hear or care, but she does. She leaves.

When Todd sees Téa’s bags packed, she asks him why he’d think she is leaving him. He tells her he is not stupid and knows he’s made many mistakes. He is really trying to work on his issues. He knows that he’s screwed up more than a little and if she’s running away because she can’t deal with him, he understands that. He admits to her that when he sees couples all over each other, he might think that they are foolish, but being totally honest, he knows that a part of him wants that with her. He admits that he screwed things up with her on purpose by sleeping with Blair. Hearing that, she asks who he is and what he did with Todd. She asks him where all of this is coming from. He then admits to her that he has a session with a shrink and it turned out to be Marty. She helped him see some things. Hearing that, Téa appears smug. Todd tells her that he’s decided he can finally do this. She asks what he intends to do. He replies that he wants to be happy and make her happy because he knows that she makes him happy. He admits that he’s afraid she is leaving him. She tells him she is coming back; it’s just a business trip, she will be back. He asks her if she is angry at him. He tells her that he believes that Elijah can successfully get him out of Dorian’s house. Marty signed off on him. He can convince the judge that it’s ok for him to live with Téa. He tells Téa that he wants to get some champagne and celebrate. They can go on a trip. He has many ideas of romantic things they can do together and build a future together. He just doesn’t want her to leave. He indicates he is afraid that he will never see her again. She assures him that she’s going away and coming back. She tells him she has to get out of there and catch a flight. He tells her he is coming with her.

Blair tells Dorian that she is going to Tahiti to find Ross. Dorian reminds her that she has three beautiful children and a wonderful grandbaby. She must see that they come first. Blair tells her aunt that she is doing this to protect them from that bitch, Téa Delgado. Dorian does not understand. Dorian tells her she does not want to understand. Blair is lying to herself and to Dorian. Dorian gets on her phone. Blair demands to know whom she is calling. Dorian tells Blair she is calling John because somebody has to stop her.

Fish talks to John alone after talking to Keaton alone. He tells him that he has a GPS to follow him and has a wire on Keaton that he knows nothing about. He assures John that Keaton bought everything they told him.

Schuyler is drugged and has blurry vision. Stacy asks him if he remembers how good the two of them were together. He tells her that all he wanted was drugs and all she wanted was Rex. She reminds him that he quit drugs and she quit Rex. He knows that she is never going to get over Rex. He gets terribly foggy and slurs his speech but confirms to her that he is a changed man now and knows that there is nothing between them. When she objects, he tells her he did not mean to make her feel bad. She reminds him that he was always a sensitive guy. At that point, he passes out.

Gigi tells Rex that whenever he gets mad at her, he has to throw the fact that she wanted Stacy to have an abortion in her face. She is sorry she felt she had to do that but she has had to deal with Stacy’s delusion about him. Not long ago, she had to keep from puking when they ran into Stacy at Rodi’s and he told her she did not have to work while pregnant. After Rex pushed her too far, she told Schuyler she did not want him, she wants Rex. She demands that Rex tells her what she needs to do now because she is out of answers. Rex then answers back to her that what she could do is get off his back about the fact that he suggested that Schuyler leave town. Schuyler knows that there is nothing for him here. She asks him why he blames her for everything and distrusts her having a friend. She is having a little difficulty finding out that the man she loves is having a baby with her bitch of a sister. Rex then informs Gigi that what Schuyler wants is for Rex to get back with Stacy and to break up with Gigi so that she will rush into his arms. She is about to storm out and he stops her. They end up kissing and undressing each other.

Stacy observes Schuyler passed out on his bed.

Fish and John are in his office. Fish has a recording device and is in the process of monitoring Keaton. John tells Fish that he needs to be absolutely certain that he knows how to catch him. Fish tells John that he wants to tell him something.

At the gym, Layla meets Kyle’s friend and talks to him. She tells him about the guy she is with while he tells her he is seeing somebody new.

Fish informs John that he and Layla have sort of been seeing each other. Fish asks John if he has a problem with that. John asks Fish why he would.

Kyle’s new friend shares with Layla that he is not entirely certain that he wants to move that fast in his new relationship. He tells her that this dude is still kind of carrying a big torch for his ex. He tells her it’s some jerk from his college days.

After Fish admits to John that he is seeing Layla, he hints to John that there might be gossip going around about that. John tells him he doesn’t listen to gossip.

Kyle’s friend shares with Layla that what’s complicated about his new friend’s ex is that he is dating a woman. Hearing that, she asks how that works. He tells her that it’s a common thing that gay men convince themselves and others that they are straight. They say that it was just a phase and a temporary situation in college.

Fish asks John if he would get into a relationship with a woman knowing it would have the potential of the woman getting hurt.

Blair tells Dorian she must understand her situation. Dorian, herself, has done far crazier things on an impulse. She tells Dorian she really does not want to leave the kids but this is something she has to do. She would like Dorian to help her out by staying with the kids while she’s gone. Dorian tells Blair that she wishes she would just be honest and admit it’s because she still has feelings for Todd. Blair protests that she just wants to keep her kids away from that bitch, Téa Delgado.

Téa tells Todd he cannot go with her. He asks her why not. He is afraid she will disappear again the way she did all those years ago with Ross Rayburn. He tells her that he wants her to know that he really wants her and can give her what she wants. Hearing that, she asks him how he’s come to that conclusion. He tells her that Marty really helped him to see some stuff. She asks if he thinks that one session has permanently changed him. He confirms to her that he believes he is changing and he admits that he loves her.

John asks Fish why he is afraid that he will hurt Layla. Fish replies he does not know. John then demands to know what Fish is doing that he’s afraid will hurt Layla. Is he lying to her about something?

Kyle’s friend mentions the man he is seeing by name, calling him Kyle. Hearing that, she is stunned and asks if it is Kyle Lewis. He asks her if she knows Kyle.

Kyle is running in the park and runs into Cristian. He tells him that he has to put this whole sorry episode between himself and Oliver Fish behind him. Cristian tells Kyle that he is also staying out of it with Layla.

At the gym, Layla admits to Kyle’s friend that she’s heard that Kyle is bad news. He tells her that he’s heard that Kyle has had some legal problems in the past but he is such a great guy. She tells him yes, she’s sure he is. He explains that Kyle is trying so hard to clean up his act and put his past behind him but his ex is a cop and wants to hold it against him. He believes that this guy is just jealous of Kyle moving on even the cop denies being gay and wants everybody to believe he’s moving on with a heterosexual lifestyle.

Kyle tells Cristian that he realizes that if Oliver wants to lie about his sexuality, he’s going to stay out of it. It’s none of his business. He confirms that maybe he and Cristian both know what is best for them. Kyle leaves.

After Layla hears about Kyle’s ex, the cop who wants to hold his past against him and not let him move on, she admits that she is not ok and she departs.

Stacy gets Schuyler’s clothes off, gets him into bed, and kisses him. He hallucinates that she is Gigi.

Rex and Gigi conclude that they can be alone and have good sex while Shane is gone.

Dorian tells Blair she needs to use caution. For all she knows, Ross Rayburn is a known criminal and could kill or maim her. Even if that doesn’t happen, maybe she could expose Téa’s secret to Todd. Todd will dump Téa and come back to Blair, and she sure doesn’t want that. Blair replies she does not care what Todd does as long as he dumps Téa.

Todd confirms to Téa, for the first time that he loves her. He wants to make it work with her. He wants her to trust him. She cries and admits that she has wanted to hear that for a long time but his timing is all messed up; she has to go right away. He seems to sense that the reason she is leaving that she distrusts him. He urges her not to go and to stay with him.

Rex and Gigi have sex on the floor and confirm that they have what they have always had. It’s still there. She then admits she didn’t know whether to kiss him or wring his neck. They admit that they love each other through all of this. She admits that she is still angry. He then tells her that as long as she loves only him, there’s no reason why she and Schuyler can’t be friends. They continue to kiss.

In bed with Stacy, Schuyler awakens startled and admits that she cannot be with her and the reason is that she is not Gigi.

When Layla returns home, she tells Cristian she has finally figured some things out. She finally knows why he’s been on her case about Fish. It’s because Fish is gay.

Fish asks John why he would assume that he is lying to Layla. John asks why else Fish would be afraid that she’d get hurt.

Todd tells Téa that he cannot let her go anywhere. She tells him that he must find another lawyer and cannot use Elijah. He yells at her that he just put himself on the line for her. She needs to trust him and know that he loves her, and that means she can’t go anywhere now.

Dorian urges Blair to know that she deserves a man who loves her and who deserves her love. She tells her niece that maybe she should try something new. She tells Blair that she is doing that; she wants to get her job back as chief of staff at the hospital. Blair tells Dorian that she intends to keep that shady bitch from her kids. Dorian urges her not to do that; she asks Blair not to humiliate herself, yet Blair does not listen.

Schuyler struggles to get his clothes on and get Stacy out of his bed even though he can barely stand up. She tells him he cannot be serious in saying he doesn’t want her. He tells her he does not want her; he only wants Gigi. He tells her she needs to get out of his apartment. She goes out the door and is very worried that she now has no way to get pregnant.

After having sex with Rex, Gigi tells him that she has to straighten the place up and they will see each other later.

Layla informs Cristian that she talked to a guy at the gym who indicated that he knew Kyle Lewis and indicated that Fish and Kyle were together. Noticing his silence, she concludes that she knows he knew something and didn’t tell her.

John and Fish hear the recording of Keaton talking to somebody. They don’t know whom he is talking to or what exactly the conversation is about, but they will find out.

Todd holds Téa and tells her he doesn’t want her to leave. He wants her to drop whatever is going on. He begs her to think only of them.

Blair is on a flight ready to go to Tahiti and very smug.

Téa pulls away form Todd but then stops. He takes her suitcase inside. She follows him. They confirm that they want to be together and go upstairs.

Talking to herself on the plane, Blair tells Téa that she will tell everybody about her and she won’t even see it coming.

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