OLTL Update Monday 8/24/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/24/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Todd talks to Marty in her office about their situation. He asks her why she is incomplete with her life. She got her memory, her job, her son, and her life back. But she tells him, before she can “get into his head,” she has to get him out of hers. She asks him to sit down.

Téa tells Elijah that he might want to think about what he’s getting himself into. He tells her that he can see that she is all snug there with Todd in Llanview. He knows that she would not want to give that up. She tells him that it’s not in his best interest to threaten her.

At Rodi’s, Blair talks to Rex about Téa’s secret regarding Ross Rayburn. Rex does not want to make any assumptions or dig up further dirt. She tells him that she is so close to finding out the secret and won’t give up now.

Gigi is on the pier while Rex is gone. She runs into Schuyler. He admits that he feels awkward to be running into her. She indicates that he has the right to walk by the pier, and she intends to be cordial to him when she sees him.

At the same time, Stacy and Kim are planning on inviting Schuyler to be with her and get her pregnant. Kim reminds Stacy that she must know she is totally fertile. Rex knocked her up in one shot. So what is the problem? Stacy replies it’s Gigi.

At the mayor’s re-election hall, Viki tells Dorian that she can see that Dorian wants to back the corrupt Mayor only so that she can get back on the hospital board. But Dorian indicates that if Viki opposed him, she will lose the “horse” race. She should see that regardless of what she says about the mayor, “that horse” is going to win.

Todd tells Marty that he recalls asking her to get inside his head before and see him and she refused. He asks her what has changed. She replies that she has now gotten her license back. He tells her that he believes she just wants to mess with him. She tells him if he believes that, then he may go now. He tells her he still needs her to get this form signed first. He asks her if she wants him to lie down. She then suggests that they start with him telling her why he had sex with Blair when he declared that he was committed to Téa. She remembers that he told her about that. She tells him that it would not hurt him to look at his behavior and try to figure out the reason he does the things he does. He asks her why they are talking about this. She tells him that it could have jeopardized his life. It could have prevented him from having a meaningful relationship with somebody he cares for. She asks him if he wants to ruin his possibilities with Téa.

Téa cries and tells Elijah if Todd finds out her secret, he will never forgive her. He tells her she should have thought about that before making the choice she made. She tells him that she never intended to fall in love with Todd. She doubts that he is a choir boy. She asks him just how much it will cost her. She reminds him that she knows that Ross wants something from her. If he exposes her, he will never get it. It appears that she and Elijah are at an impasse, so he needs to tell her what he knows.

At Rodi’s, Rex informs Blair that Ross Rayburn has been difficult to find because he’s been using many different alias names. He is a fugitive. He knows that the vessel that rescued Rayburn and Téa took them far away. It’s possible that they snuck off together. Rayburn was with a woman, although Rex has no proof as to whether or not it was Téa.

At the mayor’s re-election hall, Charlie discovers that his building permit has been revoked. He’s done everything legal and followed the rules. The project that he is working on employs tons of people. He demands to know why the mayor is going after him.

Gigi tells Schuyler that they must both face that fact that they will run into each other. They live in the same town that’s not very big. He informs her that Rex told him that he should leave town. Hearing that, Gigi is shocked.

Kim tells Stacy that since Schuyler has been alone for so long, he must be horny as hell. But Stacy asks her just how that will persuade him to have sex with her tonight. Kim smirks and replies it will be simple. It will be “Butterfly 7.” She indicates that, maybe, Stacy should drug Schuyler.

Gigi tells Schuyler that Rex had no business trying to run him out of town. She knows that he can get many jobs in Llanview. He was brilliant with the stem cells. He could do medical research at the hospital or be a teacher. He tells her that, maybe, somewhere else, he could start fresh. She indicates to him that she doesn’t want him to go anywhere.

When Kim suggests that Stacy drugs Schuyler, she remembers that she gave Rex the same drug and it backfired. She does not assume that Schuyler won’t be able to figure out what she did. Kim urges her to know that Schuyler is in a very vulnerable state. In fact, he admitted to Kim that not long ago, he considered using again.

When Charlie announces that “somebody” shut down his building permit, all of the people confront the mayor. But Dorian backs him. Viki then figures out that the mayor must have done it in retaliation to her telling him she would not endorse him. She won’t let Charlie have to suffer because of her actions. At that moment, Dorian graciously assures Mayor Lowell that she will back him and does not believe he should have to answer for what he did to “Mr. Viki” over there.

Todd admits to Marty that he and Téa got close for the fist time, many years ago, when they were stranded on the island together. At one point, Téa admitted that he was the love of her life. Marty then asks what happened between the two of them and why they didn’t stay together. Todd replies Blair broke them up. Marty then asks Todd why it is that he cannot admit that he loves Téa.

Elijah reminds Téa that she is at the mercy of Rayburn. He has the goods on her.

Rex informs Blair that it appears that Ross Rayburn and Téa, kind of, escaped like Bonnie and Clyde. She might be able to look Rayburn up in Tahiti. Hearing that, she is ready to follow that lead immediately. He tells her that he needs to slow down. He has enough information about Téa and Ross. He’ll have everything they need in a few days. But she tells him she cannot wait. Rex warns her that not knowing what Rayburn is capable of, he could be dangerous so they need to find out more. She tells him she seriously doubts that. Rex asks her if she really wants to ruin Téa Delgado’s life at any cost. She replies yes. Rex asks Blair what if it ruins her life as well.

Téa then tells Elijah that she has two words for his “client.” Back off. He then hands her his cell phone and tells her she may tell him herself. She then calls and greets Ross.

Marty asks Todd if he doesn’t think it’s only fair to admit how he feels about Téa. She knows that Todd does not believe in living happily ever after. He admits to Marty she’s right about that. The reason he has difficulty believing that is because the last time he believed that, it was with her, and it was destroyed.

Dorian asks Mayor Lowell and his wife to have dinner with her. He reminds her that he is recently divorced. Viki and Charlie observe Dorian worming her way to get what she wants from the mayor.

Kim shows Stacy the drugs that she knows she could use on Schuyler.

Schuyler tells GIgi that she knows he better leave her alone. Rex is not okay with them having any contact whatsoever. But she protests that her boyfriend will get over the situation and realize that there is “nothing” between them. But Schuyler admits to her that he does not see it that way. Whenever he so much as runs into her, all he can think about is kissing her again.

Dorian and Mayor Lowell arrange a fundraiser. She tells him she wants to arrange a meeting for dinner and discussing some of her ideas.

Viki then comments to Charlie that Dorian is so shameless and ridiculous. She informs him that Dorian suggested that Viki run against him in the mayoral election. Hearing that, Charlie tells her that maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Gigi admits to Schuyler that he means a lot to her and she wants to see him again. But she admits, she is in love with Rex. He then concludes to her that as long as that is the case, he has to put as much distance between himself and Gigi as possible.

Kim encourages Stacy to go and seduce Schuyler. Stacy is apprehensive. Kim pushes her out the door and tells her she has to go and dazzle him and in no time, she will have a bun in the oven.

At Rodis’s, Rex asks Blair what if they are wrong with their suspicions regarding Téa. What if the reason why she fled the island was to do a good deed like feeding the poor. Blair tells him she knows that is not the case. She knows that Téa did something that could get her in a lot of trouble and motivate Todd to get rid of her.

Marty asks Todd if he’s really serious that he lost all trust and faith in love when he last believed that he loved her. He admits that he knows he did and still does love her. She then asks him if he equates love with hurt. He then reveals to her that when his father hit him, he’d tell Todd that he did it to express his love. Marty then asks Todd if he believes that he can hurt somebody he loves. Todd admits that’s probably the case. She then tells him if he does not move past that misconception he has, he will never be able to express real love for anybody. Hearing that, Todd smirks and tells her that’s really good. He asks her if this is  his therapy session or hers’?

After Viki informs Charlie that Dorian “suggested” she (Viki) run against Lowell in the mayoral election, and he tells her she might succeed if she does just that, she tells him that Dorian just said it sarcastically. She could not be serious. But Charlie tells Viki that everybody knows that the mayor has failed miserably to catch the drug dealers and they might almost all want to vote him out. John and Cole are taking serious risks because he can’t. Maybe Viki could be the solution.

Todd confirms to Marty that he knows he has to get beyond his old ways if he wants to have a future with Téa. He sounds smug and confident. He tells her it appears his hour is up. He asks her if she may be so kind as to sign the document for him. She signs it. Before Todd is out the door, he tells her that he does not want to “be in her head.” He does not want to be the reason she cannot move on with John. He hopes that she can.

Elijah reminds Téa that he will be a hero to Todd. He will be the one to move her boyfriend out of his ex wife’s house, but only if she plays her cards right. She then cries and urges him not to tell Todd her secret. He then tells her that he will see her in court.

After Rex admits to Blair that he believes that Ross Rayburn is in Tahiti, she tells him they must go there at once. But he tells her he just cannot do that on an impulse. He has his son Shane, and his work. He has to accompany Stacy to a doctor’s appointment. Gigi appears and tells Rex that she just talked to Schuyler who told her something very interesting. At that point, Blair knows she has to take matters into her own hands without Rex’s help.

Schuyler returns home and gets very upset. He throws things around his apartment. Then, clear out of the blue, he notices somebody is at the door. He answers it and sees Stacy looking really hot and seeing him in a very vulnerable state of mind. He then remembers that he did, in fact invite her.

Charlie tells Viki that he can see how she loves this town. She tells him of course she does but she loathes politics. He tells her he can see the passion she has. She reminds him that after they’ve just gotten married, she wants to spend her time with him. He then tells her he knows that this idea is, kind of, out of left field, but he suggests, maybe, instead of asking why, she should ask why not.

When Stacy goes to see Schuyler, she asks him if he is upset over his unsuccessful quest with Gigi. He admits that he is. He knows that Gigi loves only Rex and he’s not okay with that. The reason he invited Stacy there is because her friend Kim asked him to. They both admit that they are in desperate situations, and maybe they can help each other. At that point, she hugs him and he responds. At that moment, she pulls out her syringe without his knowing.

Gigi demands to know why it is that Rex did not tell her that he went to see Schuyler and ask him to leave town. Hearing that, Rex remarks how Schuyler “wastes no time.” But she tells him that she really resents his going behind her back and not sticking to the promise they made to have no secrets.

As soon as Stacy is with Schuyler, she drugs him and he falls to the bed unconscious.

Dorian returns to Blair, very smug and confident that she will get the mayor re-elected and he will help her get back on the hospital board. Blair tells her that she won’t help her with her dirty work. She has things she has to do. She is on her next flight to Tahiti.

Todd returns home to Téa. He notices she is crying, asks her if she is okay, and notices that she has packed her suitcase. He asks her where she plans on going.

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