OLTL Update Friday 8/21/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/21/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Marty enters her new office smiling. John comes to see her. He has given her a picture and wants to have lunch with her. She reminds him that he must know that the mayor is already gunning after her when she remembers that he wanted to get her in trouble for fleeing with John. John then reminds her that she was an innocent bystander. They were after him.

At the mayor’s re-election hall, Viki runs into the mayor before the election and before he gives his speech. He assumes she is still Mrs. Davidson and she informs him that she is Mrs. Banks. He tells her that he hopes he can count on having the Banner endorsing him. She tells him that she doesn’t plan on that happening.

In the park, Rex affirms to Gigi that he is going to make things work and that the two of them won’t let anything get in their way. They walk together arm in arm and hold hands. Not far away, Schuyler observes them in dismay.

At that moment, Stacy is talking to Kim on the phone about the next plan she has for finding a “baby daddy.” Stacy sits at Rodi’s when Rex and Gigi enter. Rex says good morning to her coldly. She reminds them that she has to put her food bill and groceries on his tab since she is now “eating for two.”

Blair is by the pool having a dream about Todd. Dorian knows that her niece is denying the fact that she still has Todd on the brain. Dorian also knows that Blair has hired Rex to investigate Téa’s big secret. Blair asks her aunt what if she is. It’s a big secret that Téa has never told another soul. So it has to be bad. Dorian tells her she doesn’t know that. Blair admits that she does not know anything about Téa’s secret at this point. She’s going to find out, and when she does, she knows that it will dramatically change many people’s lives.

Téa and Todd come down the stairs together. At that point, Elijah enters. Téa is stunned and startled to see him and assumes that the reason he is there is because Elijah has carried out his threat to reveal her secret to Todd. Hearing that, Todd admits he hasn’t a clue what she is talking about.

John tells Marty that she mustn’t let the mayor mess with her. She tells him that she is not worried about that because she is already reinstated. John admits that, maybe, they should be concerned about Cole. Marty then asks John if the Mayor knows that Cole is working under cover.

Stacy’s friend, Kim goes to find Schuyler. Noticing her, he asks if he knows her. She refreshes his memory to when they met in Vegas. He remembers that he was wasted much of the time when he knew her. She then informs him that Stacy called her and informed her that she got pregnant by her sister’s boyfriend. He asks her if Stacy revealed to her just what she did not long ago regarding her sister, the boyfriend, and their 10 year old son. Kim replies no. All Stacy told her is that it was “complicated.” Kim tells Schuyler that Stacy feels really guilty and remorseful about something. Hearing that, he scoffs and tells her that is completely not true. Stacy has no conscience nor remorse about anything. Hearing that, Kim asks him why he would say that. He used to be in love with Stacy.

At Rodi’s, after Stacy reminds Rex and Gigi that she is still pregnant, Gigi asks her why she is not taking prenatal vitamins. She has no answer for that. Rex asks her whom her doctor is and remarks that it’s kind of odd that he hasn’t heard of her having any appointments nor been invited to go to her ultrasounds as she’s told him so many times he will be. She has no answer for that. They then ask her why, if this baby is so important to her, is she not taking care of it.

Todd tells Téa that he knows that he must find a good lawyer to overturn the court order to live at Dorian’s so that he can live with Téa. She asks Todd why he would retain her opposing counsel as his lawyer behind her back. Hearing that, Elijah tells “Ms. Delgado” that she must know we all have our little secrets.

Schuyler tells Kim he doesn’t know how long it’s been since she has talked to Stacy, but she is “not the same girl.” He has told her that she was going to let Shane die from denying him a bone marrow transplant if Gigi did not break up with Rex. He remembers when he had a relationship with Stacy. She took care of him, helped him, and stood by him when he was drugging and withdrawing and getting really sick. That girl was not a monster. He admits that he hasn’t a clue what happened to her.

After Rex asks Stacy who her doctor is and whether she has gotten check ups, she reminds him that she has no money, no job, and no health care insurance. So all she can do is go to the free clinic. There’s a waiting list to get an appointment. Rex then tells her that he will make certain that she has proper medical care if it’s his baby. He’ll cover the cost. He will come with her. Hearing that, she asks him why he would come with her. He then asks her why he shouldn’t come to her doctor’s appointment if it’s his baby.

Dorian tells Blair that she wants to go to the mayor’s campaign hall. Blair asks her why she would want to support that corrupt mayor. Dorian tells Blair that, maybe, he can help her get her medical license reinstated if she helps him get re-elected.

John tells Marty that she must trust him to make certain that the mayor does not go after Cole. If the mayor finds out that Cole is going undercover, John will get Cole out of it.

At Todd’s, Elijah tells Téa he knows all about the legal maneuvers and risks that Téa has taken. She defended Todd after he kidnapped Marty. Then she represented Blair in the custody hearing against Todd after she previously had been sleeping with him, and representing her client’s ex husband. He remarks that she is a real risk taker. Todd asks her if she is “okay” with having Elijah representing them. She then replies that she needs a minute alone with Mr. Clark. Todd asks her why. She reminds Todd that he went behind her back so she and Elijah need to establish some ground rules. Todd tells them he has to go anyway and “get shrunk.” He laughs and asks the “kids” to “play nice.”

Marty and John are together. She admits to him that she is greedy. She wants to have not only her son and her job. She wants him. They kiss. He then tells her that there are a lot of messed up people out there who need a good shrink like her.

After Viki informs the mayor that the Banner is not going to endorse him, he asks her if it’s because he voted against getting Mary Saybrooke’s medical license reinstated. She tells him it’s not only that. He’s been abusing his power of office and done many corrupt things. She knows that he framed John McBain when he went “against the law” to save Marty Saybrooke. He tells her if she or the Banner print anything incriminating about him, he can file charges. But she seems to know that she has the upper hand in knowing about his corrupt record. He then gets up and walks away.

Kim tells Schuyler that she knows all about Stacy’s fantasy regarding Rex. From the moment she met him when she was very young and fell in love with him when he didn’t know she was alive, she’s had this going on. They both know that she is completely delusional if she believes that having Rex’s baby will make him have feelings for her that he would never otherwise have. At that point, Kim alludes to Schuyler that because she knows how messed up Stacy is, it means that Stacy really needs his help.

At Rodi’s, Rex gets a call and moves away from the table where Gigi talks to Stacy alone. Gigi tells Stacy it’s odd that she is no longer having morning sickness and hasn’t appeared to even think about an OB/GYN. Rex is on the phone with his contact to find out the information about Téa.

Téa tells Elijah that she knows he must be representing somebody, and his “client” is named Ross Rayburn.

Todd goes to his psychiatric appointment and smugly asks to “get this over with” not knowing whom his shrink will be. Low and behold, it’s Marty. She hasn’t a clue what to do. When he notices her there, he asks her what this is. She tells him this is her first day on the job. He asks her if she works there. She tells him of course. She got her license reinstated to be a psychiatrist. They both know that there’s absolutely no way for them to have this “professional relationship.” She tells him that the other psychiatrist was on vacation and she has apparently gotten some of his cases. Yet, nobody told her anything about this, and it’s a big mistake.

Téa tells Elijah that she will not be threatened or intimidated by him or his client, Ross Rayburn. So he may tell his client that he may take his threats and blackmail and shove them.

At the campaign meeting for the mayor, Fish and another cop are talking about how they can see that the mayor wants to nail John. The other cop has obviously been told by the mayor that in order to get promoted, he has to go against John. Fish might want to consider that also, he tells him.

At Rodi’s, Stacy tells Rex that he has to pay all of the bills for her to live in his home while pregnant. Hearing that, Gigi tells Stacy that maybe if she is choosing to have the baby, then she has to work. Rex raises objections about Stacy’s “condition.” Gigi protests that Stacy is pregnant but not helpless. She informs them both that she was pulling double shifts, waitressing, and hustling to work and make money right up until her water broke. She tells Stacy that it was her choice to “get herself pregnant.” Hearing that, Stacy asks Gigi if she believes that she “got herself” pregnant as if nobody else was involved.

Schuyler admits to Kim that he has been very upset about a lot of things. His mother committed suicide not long ago. He got fired from his high school teaching job. He has gotten to be friends with Gigi and has found out that her boyfriend got her sister pregnant. Now, he wishes he could be there for Gigi, but Rex is not okay with that. Rex wants him to leave town. He admits to Kim that he almost considered using the other night. Hearing that, Kim tells him that this is the time for him to reach out to Stacy. She was always there for him before when he had his drug problem. Hearing that, he tells Kim no way. He’s not going to depend upon Stacy to scrape him off the floor. He’s not going to get mixed up in Stacy’s problems. She reminds him that he may not know how Stacy has changed or what might have happened to that girl who was a positive influence in his life. He then tells Kim that he will consider contacting Stacy and touching base with her.

At Rodi’s, Gigi warns Rex that she knows what Stacy is up to. She’s going to use her pregnancy as an excuse for anything and everything. He cannot get sucked into that. Rex then asks Gigi if she really worked up until her water broke. She tells him yes.

The mayor stands on his podium and tells the crowd that he has been working hard to establish law and order and ethics. But the Llanview police department has been failing to clean up the drug problem. He is going to clean house. When he is elected he will make sweeping changes that will make Llanview safer for all. In the audience, Dorian smiles. Blair sits beside her but does not appear impressed. Nor does Viki. Nor does John.

In Marty’s office, Todd informs her that the judge who has ordered him to see a shrink is the same idiot who forced him and Blair to live together. Hearing that, she asks if it might have helped for them both to have their kids under one roof. He tells her no. It’s just confusing them and making it worse. But he’s gotten a lawyer to overturn the court order. He tells Marty if she can just sign off on him, he can be on his merry way. Hearing that, however, Marty tells him she cannot do that.

Elijah tells Téa that if Todd finds out about her involvement with Ross Rayburn, then her future with Todd is over as she knows it. Hearing that, she appears afraid but tells him she does not know that. He asks her if she is willing to take that chance.

At the election meeting, Fish asks John if the mayor plans to fire all of them. John tells him he shouldn’t be worried. Fish knows not to tell the mayor anything about John’s secret task force. The other cop is secretly talking to the mayor and doesn’t appear to be backing John. Viki and Dorian discuss the matter. Dorian clearly wants the mayor to be re-elected and for Viki to endorse him. Viki demands to know why she’d want that. Doesn’t she know all about the corruption that the mayor has caused. Dorian tells Viki that she wants to support him. Viki knows that it’s only so that she can get her job back with the hospital board. She tells Dorian that this town deserves better than Mayor Lowell. Dorian then suggests that, maybe, Viki should run against him since she is “better” than everybody else. At that moment, Blair gets a call.

Stacy tells Kim that she has to find a way to fake a pregnancy since Rex wants to come with her to her Ob-Gyn appointment. In order for it to happen, she will have to get laid, this week. She gets a call from Schuyler. He asks her if she can meet him and talk to him. At that point, she and Kim believe that she has hit the jackpot.

Blair meets with Rex and he informs her that he has found Ross Rayburn.

Elijah tells Téa if she just gives Mr. Rayburn what he wants, then all of this will be over. He tells her she has no choice if she wants to keep her secret. Time is running out and she needs to make a decision fast.

Marty tells Todd she is not going to say that he had a therapy session when he did not. She can reassign him. She is not going to compromise her ethics. He tells her he is just trying to move on. She tells him she’s happy for him. He tells her in that case, she needs to help him out. He knows that she has moved on, gotten her memory, her son, her man and her job back. She then asks him to sit down and talk. He asks her why. She replies that she previously said that she has to find a way to get him out of her head. Maybe, the only way for her to do that is to get into his. 

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