OLTL Update Thursday 8/20/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/20/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Clint pulls a shotgun on David Vickers and demands he gets out of the house.  Bo and Nora enter with Matthew behind them observing.  When David sees his father, he puts his arm around Bo and expresses how happy he is to see his dad.  Noticing Clint with a shotgun, Nora demands to know what is going on.  He replies that he is protecting this family.  She asks from what.  He replies from reality TV.

Stacy and her friend Kim know that they have to act fast to get either Fish or Schuyler to get Stacy pregnant.

Schuyler is with a client who has resisted temptation and turned over his bag of drugs to Schuyler.  After the client leaves and Schuyler is alone, Rex comes to see him.  Schuyler tells Rex that he thought they settled it when he told Rex he was going to leave Gigi alone, but Rex tells Schuyler he is there to apologize to him.

While Madame Delfina talks to Jessica about the spirit of Nash, they notice that a storm is occurring and itís getting dark.

At Rodiís, Natalie, Jared, and Brody observe a security photograph from B.E. of Nash or somebody who wants them to think he is Nash that is targeting Jessica.

Madam Delfina notices that everything around the room is shaking.  It looks like an unseen being is trying to tell them something.  Jessica then asks Nash if it is really him and if so, she needs his help; she needs some answers.

Kyle goes to Rodiís on a date with his new friend but he is clearly not comfortable to be on a date with somebody new.  The guy tells him he would think that Kyle would have an active social life.  Kyle then remembers kissing Fish and seeing him pull away.  He admits that he has no life.

At another table, Cristian and Layla are talking about a mysterious text message that somebody sent to both of them, saying to meet at Rodiís at 8PM.  She thinks it is from him.  He tells her he bets Fish wanted to trick them so that she will go off with Cristian and let Fish have some privacy.

Stacyís friend Kim encourages her to go and seduce Fish.  He is alone in his empty apartment alone preparing a romantic setting with wine for Laylaís return.  Stacy appears at the door ready to come on to him.  He looks at her, stunned.

Rex explains to Schuyler that when he saw Schuyler hugging Gigi, he jumped to conclusions.  Rex admits that he was angry after just having a big argument with his mother, and then he walked outside to see them.  He knows that Gigi is in love with only him and he has no reason to feel threatened by anybody else.

At the Buchanan house, David films all of the people there.  He talks about Nora and the fact that sheís Jewish, has a half-black daughter, and she is the mom of this crippled kid right here.  He goes over to Matthew and announces that they are brothers.  He tells them that he gives to them his family, the Buchs.  Matthew smiles and they both give a thumbs up on camera.  David and Matthew face the camera and David announces that they will now take a peek at what Uncle Clint is up to.  Clint aims his rifle at David, but Bo pushes him away from firing range at David.  Clint shoots a hole in the wall.  Bo takes the gun out of his brotherís hand and tells him he has to stop or he can have him arrested, but Nora asks Clint to reload.

At Rodiís, Cristian tells Layla he really wishes that he is wrong about Fish but he cannot stand by and let her get hurt.  She tells him that whatever he believes, she is not going to listen to it.  She is going back to the apartment to be with her boyfriend.  She tells Cristian goodbye and goes out the door.

Meanwhile, Fish is with Stacy who has invited herself over and is coming on to him.  She asks him if he is angry with her for blowing him off the previous winter.  He tells her no, He is with somebody else and heís sorry, itís not going to happen.  In response to that, she asks him if he is gay.  She reminds him that he sure did not seem that way, when he was going at it with her all over the furniture not long ago.  He tells her that he has a girlfriend.  She tells him she wonít tell if he doesnít.

Rex tells Schuyler that he knows he must thank him for helping Gigi to see what Stacy was doing.  Had he not intervened, they would be in a lot worse mess than they are.  Rex is neither comfortable nor friendly to Schuyler.  He tells him that he still does not like him but knows he must offer him gratitude.  He realizes that they live in the same town and will run into each other.  He tells Schuyler that he doesnít plan on going anywhere.  Schuyler then asks Rex if he is implying that he should leave Llanview.

Brody tells Natalie and Jared that he did discuss with Jessica that she is sensing that somebody is out there who knows something about Nash, and he has proof that that person knows some things.

Jessica tells Madam Delfina that she needs answers from Nash.  Delfina tells her that this connection will only last for a second so sheíd better ask the questions.  Jessica then tells Nash that night before her parentsí wedding in the woods by the lodge she knew somebody was out there.  She asks if it was him.  She then asks Delfina if she is picking up anything.  The psychic tells her the message is a little garbled, but the feeling is not.  Jessica asks her what feeling, and Delfina replies it is fear.  Nash is afraid for her.

Brody tells Natalie and Jessica that he happens to know that somebody is out there.  He has seen them, Jessica has seen them, and so has Bree.  Jessica saw Bree come inside after wandering out and having a blue elephant that nobody admitting to giving her and that she told her mom that daddy gave her.  Natalie remembers Jessica freaking when Bree had some blue elephant that she could not account for.  Yet she remembers Jessica did not tell her the reason she was freaked out.  The three of them conclude that something is going on.

Kyle admits to his date that he has just gotten over a relationship with a guy who doesnít want o be gay anymore.  He wants to see women and live a lie.


In the apartment, Fish tells Stacy that he has a girlfriend.  She lives with him and itís not going to work.  She then kisses him and tells him she is just saying goodbye.  Right then Cristian and Layla come home.  Stacyís friend is outside guarding the door.  They demand to know what she is doing there and who invited her.  She tells them that they canít go in there.  There have been and pests and exterminators are fumigating the place as they speak.  They push her out of the way, walk in, and see Stacy kissing Fish.

Rex reminds Schuyler that he really has nothing in this town.  He lost his job at the high school.  He has no friends, family, or girlfriend.  Half the town sees him as a drug addict and others see him as a pedophile.  Schuyler tells Rex that that maybe true, but he wonders how Rex has given this so much thought and assumes that he knows that Schuyler should have to leave town.

At the Buchanan house, David tells Bo and Clint that they are his family.  Clint reminds David that he had a father.  He was Mr. Ned Truman.  David tells them that he did not have a real father.  He then asks Matthew if he had a real father who taught him how to fish, hunt, play sports, and do father-son things.  Matthew replies yes.  Clint tells David that he knows he is only there for the money and if David is desperate for money, he can go elsewhere.  Clint assumes that somebody is suing David, but David reveals to them that he knows some things that they do not.  He happens to know that Matthew is suing his parents and David is paying Matthewís legal bills.  He will be able to pay Tťaís entire retainer when he gets paid for his reality show production.  He goes over and sits by Matthew and Matthew confirms that itís true and that it works for him.  Hearing that, Nora, Bo, and Clint all admit that they hadnít a clue.  He asks Markko to shoot footage of him and Matthew.  He tells them that he wonít let these people prevent his little brother from walking again.  Heís there to save him.  He says he is going to do a movie with famous actors playing himself, Matthew, Bo and Clint, but maybe they can get rid of Nora.  At that point, Nora and Clint are ready to attack David but Bo pulls them off him.

Brody discusses with Natalie and Jared that he knows he must protect Jessica from something but heís not certain exactly how to tell her.

Meanwhile, Madam Delfina admits to Jessica that she is not entirely certain what the connection was about, but the spirit knows that she is in deep, deep trouble.  Right then, she gets a call from Brody.

Layla and Cristian demand to know what Fish is doing alone in the apartment with Stacy.  He protests that itís not what they think. 

Schuyler tells Rex he has a lot of gall.  How dare Gigi go and privately urge Stacy to have an abortion without telling Rex, but it is ok if Rex goes to privately ask Schuyler to leave town behind Gigiís back.  He tells Rex that he doesnít have to break up Rex and Gigi.  Rex is going to drive her away all by himself.

When Brody reaches Jessica on the phone, she tells him she still has some things to take care of.  He asks her to come and meet him at Rodiís when sheís done.  When she hangs up, Delfina tells Jessica she could see that that was from the SEAL.  Jessica says yes, Brody is a Navy SEAL.  Delfina concludes that both a spirit and a living man want to protect her, and it is more likely that the live one will succeed.  She tells Jessica to be careful.

Kyleís new friend reveals that a cop warned him to stay away from Kyle.  He says it was because he has been in legal trouble.  Fish obviously wanted to turn this guy off to Kyle but he can tell that Fish had ulterior motives.

At the apartment, Cristian tells Fish he can clearly see that Fish was going to see this other woman Stacy.  Fish tries to explain to Cristian and to Layla.  Stacy then rushes out with her friend, realizing that there is no way sheís going to get pregnant under these circumstances.  Theyíre not going to give her the chance so they have to get out of there and try plan-B really fast.

Schuyler tells Rex that he got Stacy pregnant and does not want her to abort, yet he wants Gigi to accept the situation.  Schuyler tells Rex that he can see that Rex fails to get that Gigi needs a friend who can be there for her and other things in her life besides Rex.  Eventually, Gigi will leave Rex.  When he has to be concerned about Stacy and the baby and leaves Gigi with nothing, Gigi will be done with Rex.  Schuyler reminds Rex that when that happens, Schuyler will be there to tell Rex he told him so.

Bo tells David that he can throw him and his camera crew in jail for trespassing if they refuse to leave.  He asks Markko if he wants that to happen to him before he starts college.  Heíll have even worse trouble finding a job and paying for school with a criminal record.  Matthew informs his father that he gave them all permission to be part of the production along with David.  Ford tells Bo that Clint signed a release form.  Clint aims his rifle at David and the crew and they run out the door.  Bo then tells his brother that he canít threaten David with a gun.  David is his son and he has to at least attempt to have some sort of relationship with him.  Clint tells his brother that is not his problem; he didnít sleep with Emma Bradley all those years ago and knocked her up.  Bo tells Clint that he wonít let him endanger David.  The two of them go up the stairs arguing.  Nora follows them not knowing what to do.  In the other room, David privately asks Matthew if itís true that the surgery could kill him.  Matthew tells him that there are always risks.  He wants the use of his legs back, and he wonít let his parents stand in the way of that.  David is worried that if it does not work, then their program wonít succeed and he wonít have the money to pay Matthewís legal fees.

Layla tells Fish that she believes that he was not going to cheat on her and she kisses him.  Cristian goes to him room, frustrated.

At Rodiísí, Kyle informs his new friend that that cop he used to be with wants to live a lie and be a fake.  He doesnít want to admit heís gay.  He wants to pretend to have a relationship with a woman.  He wants to fool himself and the woman involved, and it could really damage her to know that itís all false.

Stacy and her friend are wondering what she will do next.  Kim is determined to find a way for Stacy to get pregnant so that Rex will be obligated to be there for Stacy.

Rex tells Schuyler that he knows that Schuyler wants to get in the way of Gigi and Rexís relationship.  Why else would Schuyler stay in town?  He goes out the door.  Alone, Schuyler reveals that he is not ok.  He takes from his locked drawer the bag of drugs that his client had turned in earlier.  He looks at the bag, but resists and returns it to the drawer,

Jessica goes to meet Brody at Rodiís.  He asks her if she saw Nash again.  She replies yes and no.  She admits that she saw a psychic.  He admits that he talked to Natalie and Jared.  She tells Brody she did not want her sister and brother-in-law to know.  Brody protests that he would not have told them if it wasnít very important.  He then shows her a photo of a guy who has been lurking around B.E.

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