OLTL Update Tuesday 8/18/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/18/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Todd finds out that Blair is digging up dirt on Téa when he discovers the files she has. He demands to know what she is doing or whom she is paying to do it for her.

In the courtroom, after Téa declares that she does not have an opening statement. She announces that the best thing is for her client to give his own testimony.  Matthew takes the witness stand and Téa asks him what happened on the night of the accident. He replies that he was thrown form a car and from that moment on, he’s been confined to a wheelchair without hope that he could ever walk for the rest of his life.

Schuyler declares to Gigi that he must leave her alone and not think about being her friend because he wishes he were more than a friend.  They hug goodbye.  Rex walks out, sees them together, and gets really angry. He tells them that Schuyler wants to be more than friends with Gigi; He is always with her every time Rex is away from her.

Stacy and her friend Kim from Las Vegas brainstorm about the potential candidates to be baby-daddy.  Kim suggests Schuyler since Stacy knows him and he’s single. Stacy tells Kim she’s done with Schuyler.

In the courtroom, Matthew testifies that he remembers being in his hospital bed after the accident. His parents were there. Dr. McBain examined him. He asked his doctor and parents if he would never be able to walk again. They told him it appears that way but they were in it together with him. He says his parents weren’t paralyzed; he was. He then relives Bo and Nora assuring him that they believe that things are not as bad as they could be. He could have died in the accident but did not.  It was ok with them that he is still alive. He admits that regardless of that, it was not ok with him and they just didn’t get that.

Schuyler tells Rex that he would like to explain. What Rex just walked in on was his hugging Gigi goodbye. He tells Rex he knows that Rex has problems with his friendship with Gigi. Rex tells Schuyler that he knows that he wants to be more than friends with Gigi and that Schuyler doesn’t get that she is taken. Schuyler is always coming on to her and waiting until she is alone.  Gigi needs to understand that Schuyler is not her friend; He is always on the make.

Kim tells Stacy that if Schuyler is not an option for her, then that narrows it down to Kyle and Fish. Stacy remembers that Fish is seeing Layla and probably not willing to try it again with her. Stacy remembers that Kyle might want to pay her back since he owes her a favor.

Fish observes Kyle flirting with an attractive man at the gym. It clearly bothers him. Kyle gets a call on his phone from Stacy Morasco.

Blair tells Todd that he wanted to take their kids from her. He tells her that it’s not working with all of them living together. Blair does not want it any more than he does.  He asks Blair why she needs to investigate Téa. Blair admits that she wants to know something about Téa if she’s going to be around Blair’s kids. She then declares to Todd that she knows that Téa is hiding something. She obviously has a secret and once that secret is out, it could change everything.

In the courtroom, Téa asks Matthew what it has been like to live with paralyses. He then replies that he has assessed the last few months of his life. He’s counted how long it has been since the accident and lives with it every day of his life while awake. When he sleeps, he always dreams of himself walking and playing sports and having no recollection of the accident or being paralyzed.  When he awakens every morning, he has to realize that the life he had before the accident is no longer there.

Blair tells Todd that Téa must have a huge secret whether he wants to believe it or not. People do not confess little tiny secrets when they think they are going to die. She recalls when she and Téa were stuck in the basement of the frat house believing they were going to die together.  Blair tells Todd that she cannot have her kids living with somebody who lives a lie. Todd tells Blair that he knows it is all motivated by the fact that she is jealous of his involvement with Téa.

In the courtroom, Téa asks Matthew to talk about his involvement and enthusiasm in playing sports before the accident. He answers that he was into basketball and soccer and was very physically active. She asks him what happened when he met Dr. Gregory Evans for the first time. He answers that he could clearly tell that his parents distrusted Dr. Evans from the moment they met him. He wanted to find out what the doctor could do for him yet they refused to find out or let him discuss it with Dr. Evans.

Greg and Rachel are talking about his girlfriend, Vivian. She tells him that Vivian is the right person for him and not herself. He tells her that Vivian was correct; maybe Rachel might be what he’s looking for. They have some things in common. Rachel then admits to Greg that it’s not that she finds him unattractive; she just doesn’t think he would be suitable for her. He asks her if she might have love/hate feelings for him. She tells him that hate might be a strong word. Maybe intense dislike would be accurate. She clarifies that even if that were the case, it does not mean that she wants to jump in the sack with him.

Stacy manages to invite Kyle to come over. Fish observes him and appears not ok. He recalls Kyle kissing him. Kim tells Stacy that when Kyle gets there, she has to rock his world and make a baby with him.

When Rex confronts Schuyler, Gigi defends Schuyler and tells Rex that he did not come on to her. Schuyler explains to Rex that he realized that he was uncomfortable with being friends with Gigi. He knows that Rex is not comfortable with the two of them being friends so he is backing off, but he believes that no matter how angry Rex is at him, he needs to know how lucky he is to have this amazing, wonderful woman in his life. Rex needs to trust and respect Gigi and know how great she is.  If he cannot, then he’s a jackass, Schuyler tells him.

While waiting for Kyle to come over, Stacy tells her friend that she has to get pregnant. Her friend encourages her to hit a home run. Her friend disappears when Kyle arrives. Stacy invites him in. He tells her he knows what she wants so they need to get this over with.

Greg concludes to Rachel that maybe she is not his type. She asks if he believes that she is high maintenance. She asks him just how he’d know who she is. She thinks she knows what is right for him. He wants a shallow woman who expects no commitment from him. Vivian is drop-dead gorgeous and ambitious. She is too busy for a commitment and would never question his motives or expect him to own any responsibility in a relationship.

In the courtroom, Téa asks Matthew what he discussed with Dr. Evans. Elijah objects, saying Ms. Delgado does not need to know about secret conversations between the witness and his doctor any more than the court needs to know about secrets she has. The judge agrees and sustains the objection. Téa then asks and confirms from Matthew that his parents completely disregarded his needs, his hopes, and dreams when Dr. Evans gave him hope. Nora stands up and tells Téa she hasn’t a clue what it’s like to love your child and be willing to do anything in order to protect him.

Blair then tells Todd that she is in no way jealous of Téa. She knows that could have him whenever and wherever she wants.  She grabs Todd and kisses him. He does not respond so she bites him.  He tells her that it’s over. What happened between the two of them in the cabana was a mistake, but he’s glad that it happened because it woke him up to what his priorities really are. It motivated him to clean up his act and to make it work with Téa, be a good man who is worthy of her, and be able to have a future with her.  Blair needs to leave Téa alone and stop digging up dirt on her because Todd couldn’t care less. She tells him he is wrong; He will care when they find out about Téa’s big secret.

In the courtroom, Téa asks Matthew if Dr. Evans made him aware of the risks of the surgery. He tells her of course he did, but he was willing to take his chances. He declares that he is 15 and not 6. He knows this is a serious operation and he may not make it, but he’s willing to take that chance. He says he is a Buchanan, and his grandfather always encouraged him to take chances and make his own decisions. He knows what he wants; He wants the surgery. He trusts Dr. Evans.  He wants to be able to have a chance at being able to walk again. His parents look at him and keep their mouths shut.

Gigi tells Rex that she knows that she may have made a mistake to distrust him when Stacy threatened her. She may have driven him to sleep with her sister. She’s willing to accept responsibility and consequences for that. She wants to make it right. She just wishes that he would trust her and not spend so much time fighting about what she wants and needs in her life. She goes away.

At the gym, Fish tells the guy that Kyle was flirting with that he should stay away from Kyle. The guy asks Fish why he would care. Is he jealous of the two of them?

Kyle tells Stacy she’s invited him over because she expects the money. He does not have it. He knows he did a sleazy thing to blackmail her.  She tells him he must calm down and not be suspicious. She doesn’t want to get him in trouble or demand money from him. She tells him what he did for her was sweet.  She moves toward him to kiss him. He asks her what she is doing; is she trying to seduce him? She asks him if that is not what he wants. He tells her he does not want it. She is stunned and shocked.  She demands to know what is wrong with him. Does he not think she is hot? He replies that she is gorgeous; that does not mean he wants to have sex with her. She asks why not. He is a man, right? Kim comes out of hiding and asks if maybe one woman is not enough and if he might like two. Her friend proceeds to push Kyle down on the bed. He then declares he doesn’t know what the two of them are up to, but he’s not interested in either on of them. He is gay.

At the gym, Fish tells the guy he observed with Kyle that he might want to know that Kyle has been involved in a blackmail scheme. The guy asks Fish if he and Kyle are together. Fish replies he is not gay. He is a cop and knows about Kyle's brush with the law. The guy appears not to care.

Rachel admits to Greg that her brother is in court suing his parents in order to have a surgery that might kill him, and she holds Greg responsible for that. Greg gets a call from a doctor that wants to talk to him about his innovative techniques.  He tells her that some people live in the 21st century. He leaves. Rachel admits that Greg infuriates her. Schuyler enters and she can see that he is upset. Schuyler admits that he gave up Gigi.  He feels as though his life has ended.

Rex tells Gigi that he does have problem of seeing her with Schuyler. He had to live with believing that she dumped him for months. He wants to get them back. He regrets to his dying day that he slept with Stacy and trusted her for a short time.  Gigi must know that it will never happen again. They then declare that they need to create their own lives without Schuyler or Stacy or anybody else getting in the way.  They leave together after determining that it’s just the two of them.

Blair tells Todd that she knows that when he finds out the secret about Téa, he might change the way he feels. She knows that he will never change. He tells her that he really has changed.  It’s different now that he is with Téa. He trusts Téa and isn’t about to conspire behind her back. Blair tells him that he does not trust anybody including Téa. She then shows him the papers that she has on Téa.  She tells him she will put him up to a test. If he really couldn’t care less and has complete trust for Téa, he can tear up all of these papers without ever reading them.

At the end of the hearing, when Téa has enabled Matthew to really convince the judge that he should have the right to do what his parents do not want to let him do, Elijah warns Téa. Bo and Nora find their son and appear as though they might consider conceding on their decision. Court convenes and the judge tells Elijah he may now cross-examine Matthew.

Todd tears up the papers as Blair has dared him to do.  He tells Blair that she needs to let this whole thing regarding Téa go. Blair needs to get a life. He leaves.  Blair gets on her phone to call Rex and asks him to give her more copies of the file that he gave her on Téa.

After Kyle informs Stacy and Kim that he is not interested in either or both of them and is gay, he leaves. They realize that he is not an option to be Stacy’s baby-daddy.  They need to find somebody else so they proceed to the next person on their list who could be.  Meanwhile, Kyle gets on his phone to call the new guy at the gym. Fish overhears the conversation he is having with Kyle. While Fish watches the new guy talking to Kyle, Stacy calls Fish.

Schuyler tells Rachel that he knows, all too well, what it’s like to get mixed up with the wrong person. He was once a drug addict. He also knows what it’s like to get sober and make the right choices. He knows that Gigi is not like a drug. He says drugs are bad for him, but Gigi is somebody who could be beneficial to him in his life.

Elijah asks Matthew why he believes that he has the maturity to make a decision of this magnitude about his health. He asks Matthew if it was not his bad judgment that put him in this condition in the first place. Bo and Nora stare coldly at their lawyer.

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