OLTL Update Monday 8/17/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/17/09


Written by Jennifer S.
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While Nora is outside the courtroom with Bo, ready to admit her feelings for him, she gets a call from Clint.

Inside the empty courtroom, Elijah tells Téa that he knows she did not use the “secret” she has about Bo and Nora because of “secrets” she has that could be used against her. He knows about her relationship with Todd Manning.

Cristian goes to Capricorn to discuss with Blair his dilemma about what to do regarding Layla and Fish. She asks what happened. He tells her that he happens to know that Fish is “not right” for Layla. She asks how he would know that and if it’s relevant to his having feelings for Layla. He tells her that it’s got nothing to do with that. He knows that Fish is lying to Layla about something very crucial. He saw Fish kissing another guy and knows that he is gay.

At that moment, Fish runs into Kyle, yet again, and reaffirms that he has “changed.” He has a relationship with Layla.

Stacy’s friend is encouraging her to get pregnant, yet again, so that Rex never knows that she miscarried, and so that she can “hold on” to him. Stacy is discouraged about doing that. Her friend tells her she must go for it. The Stacy Morasco she knows would never give up. There are many ways that Stacy can do that. She can go to a sperm bank and find many other options. But Stacy does not want to do that. She only wants to be pregnant with Rex’s child for real.

At Rodi’s, when Roxy is talking to Gigi and encouraging her to get back with Rex, Rex walks in and reveals that he is very angry at his mother and holds her responsible for the mess he got himself into with Stacy.

Cristian and Blair talk about what he should think or do regarding Fish and Layla. He assumes that Fish could be bi sexual . . . But it appears more as though he is gay and living a lie. They both wonder whether Cristian should stay out of it or intervene.

In the courtroom, Elijah tells Téa that he knows about her history with Todd Manning. Hearing that, she denies that she has ever heard of Todd Manning. He knows she is lying. He knows all about her secret regarding Todd and how she has “disappeared “ for the last few years.

Rachel talks to Schuyler in their office. He tells her he knows that she is going to be involved in her family’s court hearing. She admits that she is really torn between whether to back Nora and Bo or whether to back Matthew. She’s talked to everybody about it - including her brother’s doctor. Hearing that, Schuyler tells her he knows that Matthew’s doctor is Shaun’s brother. He’s heard all about her mixed feelings regarding the two brothers.

Blair and Cristian both admit that they could not consider themselves interested in same-sex relationships. But they have both gotten mixed up with the wrong people of the opposite sex. He tells her that he knows that she is not “over” Todd. That is why she is not okay with Todd seeing Téa. She tells him that she knows that he has feelings for Layla.

Kyle asks Fish if he believes that by having sex with a woman once, that that makes him heterosexual. Fish tells Kyle that he does not understand. Kyle urges Fish to know that what they had was real. It was the single most important relationship either of them have had in their lives. Kyle tells Fish that he remembers the history they had of sharing their deep dark secrets, of Fish crying in his arms so afraid that his parents would find out, and that Kyle was the only person for him. Kyle tells Fish if he wants to lie to Layla, then, maybe, he (Kyle) can tell Layla about them.

Outside the courtroom, while Bo and Nora are talking, Matthew enters in his wheelchair. At that point his parents tell him they would like to talk to their son before the hearing. Inside, Elijah tells Téa that he knows about her “entanglement” with Todd Manning. At that moment, she gets a call from Todd while he’s at Rodi’s and talking to Jack. Todd is happy and confident that things will work the way he wants. Yet, she is not about to tell him that she is right there talking to Elijah and has no clue that Todd has retained him to represent his new legal case to live with Layla.

Rex tells Roxy that he knows she is never going to tell him the truth about the bone marrow donor for Shane. So he has given up on trying to find out anything and having her continue lying to him.

Stacy’s friend urges her to find a way to get pregnant. But Stacy continues to raise objections about how Rex will find out that her pregnancy would have started after she told him that it started. Plus, she is not going to have unprotected sex with strangers. But her friend reminds her it’s her only shot. She suggests that Stacy gets back with Schuyler. Maybe get him drugged and take advantage of him. But Stacy informs her friend that Schuyler is clean and sober and not interested in her anymore. Schuyler is clearly smitten with her sister, who Rex is also in love with.

Gigi goes outside Rodi’s while Rex and Roxy talk. She runs into Schuyler and informs him that she told Rex that he (Schuyler) kissed her. She tells him she wants to work things out with Rex even if he has gotten Stacy pregnant. Rex admitted that he was not entirely okay with her “friendship” with Schuyler. But she made Rex realize that she has the right to continue having a friendship with Schuyler since that’s all it is. Hearing that, Schuyler is clearly not okay with that. Rex tells his mother that she has lied and betrayed him too many times. The one time, when for the first time in his life, he loved her and trusted her was when Shane got sick. She was there for them and he felt really close to her. Then he finds out that all the while, she was involved in another lie.

When Rachel is alone in her office, Greg comes by to talk to her about the case. She tells him that she cannot discuss that with him before the hearing.

Outside the courtroom, Matthew tells his parents that Destiny encouraged him to tell Clint that he saw them kissing. But he’s not going to go through with that. He does not intend to hurt anybody. He just wants his life back and hopes they can accept that. They tell their son that they love him and they want everything to work out. Destiny appears unexpectedly. Matthew asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she is going to be there for him. Inside the courtroom, Elijah shows Téa the document he has that proves her secret.

At Capricorn, Blair tells Cristian that regarding her issue with Todd seeing Téa, she is no longer worried. She is confident that Téa might not be a “problem” for her any longer. Todd enters and asks her if she is “with” Cristian. She affirms to him that she and Cristain are friends, not like it’s any of Todd’s business. Todd smugly tells Blair that is too bad. He’d be perfectly okay with her moving on. He has with Téa. He tells her that he knows of a way for her to never have to see or deal with Téa again. Hearing that, she tells him she likes the sound of that. He tells her that he is going to draw up a petition for Jack to live with him and Téa. She tells him that Jack would never want that. He tells her she may call their son and ask him about it.

Rex tells Roxy that regardless of what happened with Stacy, he is not going to abandon his baby. She tells him that he must know that Stacy ruined his life and will do so again. He tells her that she needs to stay out of the situation and also she needs to stay away from him.

Outside, Gigi talks to Schuyler about whether they can be friends after he kissed her. He tells her that maybe it can’t realistically happen. So he’s decided that he needs to back off. Hearing that, she asks what he means. She's very disappointed to know that it could mean that she wont’ be able to continue having contact with him.

Stacy and her friend brainstorm about the different guys that Stacy has had in her life whom she might be able to get pregnant with Stacy then informs her that when she was in Vegas, far away from the life she had before, she noticed her sister with Rex and she followed them back to Llanview determined to have the life with Rex that she’s always wanted. Her friend tells her she can clearly see that she “has it bad” for Rex.

Fish tells Kyle that he (Kyle) has this mistaken idea and obsession about Fish. Kyle tells him that it is not himself who has a problem with reality. Kyle then tells Fish that if he wants to make the choices he is now making, Kyle will back off. But he’s worried about the man he loves and knows he is worried about his uncertain future with Layla. It appears that the two of them really do have feelings for each other.

Rachel asks Greg if he is there to antagonize her and goad her into getting angry and losing control. He asks her if she is afraid of doing anything spontaneous or risky. She tells him that he obviously thinks he knows her really well. He replies that he would like to be able to do just that.

Outside the courtroom, Destiny tells Matthew that she wants to be there for him unless, of course, he does not want her there. He tells her, of course, he wants her there.

Everybody assembles in the courtroom. The judge asks Téa to present her opening speech. She is once again afraid, and she declares she does not have an opening statement.

Roxy cries and tells Rex that if Shane asks about why he’ll never see her again, he must tell him that she loves him. In response to that, Rex tells his mother she may tell him herself. He won’t take Shane’s grandmother from him. But Roxy must call first and make certain that Rex is nowhere nearby when she spends time with Shane so he never has to see her again. Outside, Gigi asks Schuyler if he intends for them to no longer be friends. He does not know how to answer that. She tells him that her break is over. She adds that he has been, like, the only friend she has right now.

Stacy tells her friend that there is this guy name Kyle who’s a med student. She’s only seen him with stem cells, but he’s kind of hot. But Kyle is kind of shady also. He blackmailed her into paying his medical bills. It was kind of weird once when she invited him to a strip joint, yet, he didn’t seem to be too interested in any of “the girls.”

Cristian, once again, runs into Fish and Kyle knowing that they are having a private moment that he thinks Layla has the right to know about.

Inside Capricorn, Todd knows that Blair has some “information” in a folder. He demands that she let him see it. They struggle, and it falls to the floor. She obviously doesn’t want him to know that she is investigating Téa.

Greg tells Rachel that he did not intend to goad her. He just wishes he could figure her out. She tells him that she knows that he is interested in his girlfriend and not in her. Greg then tells her that’s funny. The girlfriend told him the same thing regarding Rachel being the one he’s really interested in, and not her.

Kyle tells Cristian that he now knows that Fish is not and has never been gay. But Cristian does not buy that. Kyle goes off and interacts with another guy . Fish observes them and reveals that he might be “jealous.”

Stacy’s friend talks about the plusses and minuses of Stacy considering Kyle as the father of her baby.

Schuyler tells Gigi he is sorry that he has to tell her what he is telling her. She thanks him for seeing her through everything regarding Stacy and all and for being so understanding. He tells her she must take care. They hug right when Rex walks out to see them. Rex then physically pulls Schuyler off of his girlfriend.

After Téa admits to the judge that she has no opening statement to make, she announces that there is nothing she can say or do that can win her case. She then looks at Matthew who is obviously counting on her to come through for him. She announces that she believes that her client will be best served by giving his own testimony. So she calls Matthew Buchanan as the first witness to the stand.

When Blair struggles to keep Todd from seeing the secret information she has gathered about Téa, he sees it and demands to know what she is up to. 

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