OLTL Update Friday 8/14/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/14/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alone in the apartment, Cristian notices that the dog is missing Layla so he offers to walk Aziza. He assumes that Layla has found out that Fish is gay and is probably either not there or too upset and distraught to want any contact with anybody. But unknown to him, Layla and Fish have spent the night together and she has not clue. In her room, she tells Fish she’s glad that they waited. It gave them a chance to get to know each other. And she’s glad that Cristian stayed out of the apartment and out of their business. But, at that point, he remembers Cristian telling him either Fish tells Layla or he will.

Todd goes into Rodi’s and tells Gigi that he demands service. He wants water and drinks and no distractions from the juke box when his date gets there. Right then, Roxy enters. Gigi asks her where she has been and informs her that Shane has been asking her. Roxy asks Gigi if Rex did not tell her what has been going on. Gigi admits that Rex did not say anything to her about his conflicts with his mother. But then, Gigi realizes that Rex has other things on his mind right now.

Right then, Gigi is alone in Rex’s apartment. An old friend from Vegas comes to visit her. Her friend tells her she’s happy to see her and there is no problem that cannot be fixed with sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Nora rushes to the courthouse to meet with Bo before the hearing. He tells her that they need not be intimidated by Téa. Inside the courtroom, Téa is talking to Todd on the phone. He is ready to meet her after her hearing and she wants to be with him. She tells him she was up until 3 preparing for the hearing. He tells her he was up all night trying to find a judge to overturn the court order that he must live with Blair.

Right then, Elijah Clark is outside the building looking at a dossier that has Téa’s name on it.

Rex goes to find Blair after he’s “gone to work” to dig up information about Téa. She asks him what he’s found out.

Roxy informs Gigi that she and Rex got into a real confrontation the night when Gigi “pushed Stacy” down the stairs. And she indicates that she has no clue that Stacy is “pregnant” with Rex’s child. Roxy asks Gigi if she could go and talk to Rex and tell him that his mother loves him and her one and only grandchild. But in response to that, Gigi informs Roxy that Shane may not be Roxy’s “only” grandchild. Hearing that, Roxy asks Gigi if she is pregnant.

Rex shows Blair the information he’s found about Téa. But he asks her why she has this problem with Téa. Blair tells Rex that once he has a kid, he will understand.

Stacy talks to her friend about how she believes that she actually has a future with Rex. Her friend wonders how it is that she called her suddenly after she left Vegas without a trace. Stacy replies that she went to “find love” with her one and only. And at that point, Stacy cries and her friend asks her what happened.

On the phone, in the empty courtroom, Téa asks Todd just who he hired as the lawyer to help him with his case. Right then, Bo and Nora enter and tell them that their lawyer informed them that she told them that she discussed with Matthew that she had some “information” about them that she could use against them. Téa tells them she knows about “the kiss”. Nora then asks if she plans on using that against them in court.

Elijah enters Rodi’s and talks to Todd about the options he has and the likelihood he has of overturning the case. Todd then informs Elijah that there is one important thing he must tell him. Téa Delgado must never know that he has retained Elijah.

Rex tells Blair that the information he has gotten about Téa is that Todd has hurt her and he has nothing about Téa that is “new or incriminating” the way Blair wants. And he concludes to Blair that the fact that he has not found any dirt on Téa tells him that Téa is hiding something.

Cristian comes home after walking the dog and notices Layla is up She rushes to greet her dog and thanks Cristian for “staying out” last night. Hearing that, he assumes that something “happened” last night that she might want to talk about. Assuming that she found out the “truth” about Fish, he assumes she must have kicked him out and is not happy. But she indicates that she had sex with Fish the previous night. Hearing that, Cristina tells her that is “impossible”.

At Rodi’s, Elijah tells Todd that Téa will find out sooner or later that Todd has retained him. Todd tells him that in that case he needs to “work fast”. As long as he can get results that Todd wants, he’s hired. Right then, Todd leaves. Elijah gets on the phone to tell his contact that they will “never believe” who has retained him. It’s Todd Manning.

After Téa reveals to Bo and Nora that Matthew saw the two of them kissing and informed her of that, Nora tells her that she knows nothing about it, nor does Matthew. It was a simple kiss between two people who care about each other.. Bo tells her if she did her homework, she’ll know that Matthew already tried to use it against them and it did not work. They do not respond to blackmail. Plus, Nora adds, Téa knows nothing about it. Téa then asks Nora just whom she is trying to convince: Téa or herself?

Rex informs Blair that when Téa was on the island with Todd many years ago, she was going to help him kidnap his kids. Hearing that, she tells him that Rex is lucky. She guesses that Rex and his “baby mamma” have a much better relationship than she has with Todd.

After Gigi reveals to Roxy that Rex has another child on the way, Roxy assumes that Gigi is pregnant. But Gigi reveals that Stacy is pregnant. Rex got the mistaken idea that Stacy might have “possibilities” with him and that Gigi dumped him. Apparently, they slept together “once”. And that’s all it takes. Hearing that, Roxy concludes that this might be all her fault. If Stacy had not managed to blackmail her with the stem cells, none of this would have happened.

Right then, Stacy reveals to her friend that she had to find a way to “hang on” to Rex. She knows that with no baby, she won’t have him.

Blair tells Rex that nobody had seen or heard from Téa since she was with Todd and got rescued on the island. She then tells Rex she needs him to find out what happened after Téa got rescued from the island. Rex then replies that what he found out is that at that point, Téa Delgado “ceased to exist”.

Layla asks Cristian why he finds it so hard to believe that she slept with Fish. Does he believe that she is that much of a failure with relationships?. He tells her of course he doesn’t believe that. And she asks him why he thinks it’s any of his business. He then attempts to tell her that Fish is not whom he “wants” her to believe he is. Yet, she hasn’t a clue what Cristian is talking about.

Rex tells Blair that he happens to know that ever since Téa got ‘rescued” from that island where she was with Todd, she ceased to exist. And Blair needs to find out exactly what happened.

After Téa reveals to Bo and Nora that Matthew informed her that he saw the two of them together kissing, Bo asks her why she didn’t bring that up in the previous hearing. She replies that maybe she was waiting for the two of them to come to their sense. And, she asks them why, if the kiss meant nothing, do they not want it brought up in court. Nora replies that she does not want her son knowing their business. Bo relies he does not want to hurt his brother unnecessarily.

Jack goes to Rodi’s to talk to his dad. He inquires why it is that Todd doesn’t want them all living together. He asks if it had anything to do with what “happened” in the cabana. And he reminds his dad that there are no secrets at La Boulaie. Todd tells his son that he knows he made a mistake with Blair in the cabana but wants to make everything right. Hearing that, Jack asks Todd if he is either on medication or has had a lobotomy. Todd asks his son why he would say something like that. Jack responds that in that case, it can only be one thing that is causing Todd to “change”. And that must be Téa.

In the courtroom, Téa tells Elijah there is no way she intends to drop her case. Her client wants to walk again and wants this surgery. SO he better not dare to threaten her. She tells him that if he goes and gets his clients to sign the consent form, nobody will have to worry about her blowing up his “so called happy marriage”.

Outside the courtroom, Bo and Nora wonder what they should do. She tells him she will have to have a conversation with Clint. He asks her about what. Knowing the answer to that question, he then tells her if he were Clint, that would be the last thing he’d want to hear. And maybe they shouldn’t assume that Téa will use it in the courtroom. She asks him if he believes they should let sleeping dogs lie regarding the “kiss”. He tells her he wants her to be happy with his brother. She assures him she is. Yet, she admits to Bo, there was a moment before the wedding when she was not certain if she could be.

Inside the courtroom, Elijah tells Téa that he is just as committed to his clients as she is to Matthew. Bo and Nora are good parents who want what is right for their son. And that is his only motive for representing them. She tells him whatever he believes he has on her has no bearing on this case. He asks her if she is sure about this.

Blair gives Rex more money to find out more about Téa. He admits that he understands wanting to do anything to protect one’s family as he would if it were him. And he reveals to Blair that he found out that Téa was with a surfer named Ross Rayburn. Hearing the name, Blair remembers that Ross Rayburn was on the island with Téa and Todd when they escaped together. This guy has a significant rap sheet yet never went to prison for anything. And it appeared that Rayburn disappeared right about the same time that Téa did. Hearing that, Blair is very interested and urges Rex not to question her for doing what she intends to do.

Right then, Roxy tells Gigi that she is going to send Stacy back to that hole she came out of and show no mercy. But, Gigi reminds her, Stacy could be carrying Roxy's grandchild. Roxy tells Gigi she will believe that when she sees it. She believes there’s a good chance that Stacy is lying about the pregnancy. Hasn’t she lied about enough already and already done every slimy underhanded thing she could do with conning and scamming her way into their lives? Roxy urges Gigi not to let Stacy break up her and Rex and tells her she must know that Rex is in love with only her.

Stacy tells her friend that Rex and Gigi are all over her as it is. And now that she is not still pregnant, she will have to figure out what to do if either of them want to “monitor” her pregnancy or see a sonogram or do what they will probably want to do. Her friend tells her that she knows how to fake a pregnancy. In fact, Stacy doesn’t have to fake it. Her friend really is pregnant and she has some ideas for how she can “help” Stacy.

Cristian stands next to Layla and Fish and sounds confrontational. She asks him what his problem is. He leaves them alone. Fish tells her that Cristian is just being “protective”. At that point, she reminds Fish that he previously told her that there was something he wanted too discuss with her. SO he really needs to tell her what that is before they go any farther. At that point, Fish admits that it’s true. There was something he wanted to tell her. And he knows it will totally freak her out. When he says nothing, she admits that he is scaring her. He then tells her “it’s nothing”. And he tells her that if they keep going in this direction, they could have a future together. And, once again, he fails to tell her that he is gay.

At that point, Cristian goes to Capricorn and asks Blair if she can help him figure out why he is “breaking up a happy couple”.

Todd asks Jack how he feels about his father and Téa living together at Todd’s home and for Jack to spend half the time living with them and the other half with Blair.

Right then, Elijah tells Téa that he knows that she has something very important going on regarding her “relationship” with Todd Manning.

Right then, Jack reveals to Todd that he likes Téa and wants his father to make it work with her because he’s liking the “new Todd”. So, he warns his father, he better stay out of the cabana.

Bo asks Nora why it was that she almost didn’t make it down the aisle. She admits that she had her reservations and almost stopped the wedding. Hearing that, Bo admits that so did he.

Roxy hugs Gigi and encourages her never to give up on Rex. Gigi thanks Roxy for the pep talk and admits that she really needed it. Roxy asks her how much. She tells Gigi that maybe she needs to talk to Rex and find out if he is still mad at his mom. Rex then enters and announces that he is right there and Roxy may ask him herself.

Alone in Rex’s apartment, after Stacy tells her friend that she is no longer pregnant, her friend tells her they can “fix that”. She tells Stacy if she really wants to hold onto Rex, then there are ways she can get pregnant again.

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