OLTL Update Thursday 8/13/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/13/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

At Rodiís, John and Marty celebrate Martyís reinstatement to practice medicine as a Psychiatrist at Llanview Hospital.

David Vickers goes to see Viki.  She tells him that she saw his commercial on the classic movie channel.  He asks her what she thought.  She tells him that she believes he must have helped a lot of people with his wit and charm and she realizes he was selling a difficult product.  He tells her that he wants to move beyond a hemorrhoid remedy commercial.  He tells her that he has been reading scripts, but would prefer to just to be himself.  She asks if it is not difficult to make a living at being himself.  He tells her hat he believes a handsome man with an interesting life can sell a new television program.  She asks him if he plans to produce a new reality show.  Outside on the patio, Jessica notices that somebody is in the bushes.  She confronts him and asks why he has been following her, and what wants from her and her daughter.  As he tries to explain, she knocks him out with a vase.  David and Viki run outside and see it is Davidís producer.  David is worried what will happen now.

Roxy takes Kyle Lewis to Capricorn to cheer him up.  He tells her that Oliver Fish told Cristian Vega that he is not gay and never was.  Roxy tells him that saying so doesnít change the fact that itís true.  He tells her that she may tell him that, but she is liable to get arrested.  She tells it must be hard to pretend to be something that youíre not.  Kyle tells her that he no longer feels sorry for Oliver.  He made his own bed.

Layla and Fish come home from their work and are surprised to find that Cristian is home.  She tells him that she was hoping that she and Fish would have the place to themselves.  She goes to take a shower.  Alone with Fish, Cristian tells him that he can lie to himself all he wants, but lying to Layla stops right now.

Brody enters Rodiís see John and Marty talking.  He tells John he can come back later, but John takes him aside.  He informs John that he found Cole in the park and Sergei, the Russian drug boss, was there.  He informs John that he asked Cole to fix him up, but Cole did not give him any drugs.  John said Cole knew Sergei would be suspicious of his blowing through the first stash.  Brody asks John about the show he put on for the mayor earlier.  Marty is returning so John says he will tell him about it later.  Brody leaves.  Marty asks John if everything is ok.  He tells her everything is fine, it was about work.  She asks if she may play DJ and goes over to the jukebox.  Alone, John calls a contact and asks about the Mayorís anti-drug campaign.

Greg and his date join Rachel and Shawn at their table at Capricorn.  Gregís date tells Rachel that Greg told her that Matthew won the right to go to court.  Rachael says yes, but whether he wins the right to have the surgery that can kill him remains to be seen.  Greg and Rachel banter about the risks.  He tells her that he wishes she would not teach her brother to be afraid.

Fish denies being gay.  Cristian tells Fish he knows what he saw between him and Kyle.  He wants Fish to know that Layla informed him that Fish is what she has been looking for her entire life.  She said heís funny, and smart, and has integrity.  Cristian tells Fish that if he really had integrity, he would tell the truth to Layla.  Fish tells Cristian he and Kyle donít get to decide what is true.  Cristian says he should allow Layla decide, and if she is fine with it, great, if notÖ  Fish interjects that Cris will be waiting.  Cris says that he has to get to work, but Fish had better tell her or he will.  Layla returns to the room and Cristian then goes out the door.  She tells Fish that they are alone at last. 

David tells Jessica that the man in the garden is her producer.  Viki confirms that David is scouting locations for a proposed reality show.  Jessica tells her mother that she heard a noise, and when she came out, she found this man in the bushes.  He says he was testing camera angles.  Viki tells him he did not have permission.  Viki concludes that David put him up to it.  Jessica then accused him of stalking her for days.  He shows her the ticket that confirms that he only arrived in Llanview today.  Viki asks her daughter if someone has been stalking her.

Rachel protests to Greg that she is not teaching her brother to be afraid.  Her brother is so afraid of being in a wheelchair for the rest of his life that he is willing risk his life.  Greg protests to her that the risks are not as great as she thinks.  Gregís date asks what is really going on between the two of them.

Cristian goes to talk to Roxy and Kyle Lewis.  He tells Kyle that he understands that Fish is a cop and wants to be accepted on the force.  That is his business, but heís concerned about Layla.  She doesnít deserve to be lied to and misled.

Meanwhile, Layla serves Fish some wine and wants to have a romantic evening.  He tells her that maybe he should take a shower.  She tells him that maybe he should keep the uniform on; itís kind of a turn on.  He tells her maybe next time.  It was a hot day and he needs to shower.  He asks her if they can order in.  She then remembers that he was going to tell her something after work.  Now theyíre off work, so she asks what is on his mind.  He replies that it can wait until after his shower. 

Viki demands that Jessica tells her how long the stalking has been happening, but Jessica tells her mother it is nothing.  Viki says they need to call the police.  Brody comes to see Jessica.  Viki asks David and his friends to come inside so Jessica and Brody can talk.  Alone with Jessica, Brody asks her what happened.  She admits that she heard a noise on the terrace and thought it was Nash. 

At Rodiís, Marty is at the jukebox selecting songs.  She gets upset when she sees ďHeart and Soul.Ē  John asks what is wrong.  She tells him that she thinks she was wrong when she said she got her life back.  Part of her still seems to be in Toddís house.

Viki tells David that she will go easy and not have his producer arrested for trespassing.  Ford, the producer, thanks her, calling her Mrs.  Davidson.  She corrects him that she is now Mrs. Banks.  Hearing that, remembers that she has married Charlie and apologizes for missing the wedding.  As Viki begins to fill him in on what he missed, David knows that they have a very important event that he can now film.  The camera crew moves in on David and Viki.  He asks her about her just marrying Charlie, but she does not respond.  She tells him that he is her dear friend and she cares for him, but there is no way sheís going to subject herself or her family to this invasion of privacy.  That is final.

Greg tells Rachel that he does believe that Matthew could walk again with the surgery.  Her belief that his life can be ok without being able to walk indicates that she is controlling Matthewís life and not respecting his choices.  She tells Greg that he is the control freak.  Anybody who does not agree with him is a worthless idiot.  She gets up to walk away.  Shawn then asks his brother to back off.

Layla asks Fish what he was going to tell her.  He then remembers Cristian demanding that he either tells Layla the secret or else Cristian will tell her.  He tells her that a serious relationship in college.  He says it was complicated.  She rationalizes that life is complicates.  They both have had previous relationships; they have both done things that they regret, so why not just leave the past in the past.  He tells her that itís not that simple.  The phone rings to interrupt their conversation.  Itís his parents, and they ask to talk to Layla.  At Oliverís prompt, Layla introduces herself as their sonís girlfriend.

At Rodiís, Marty admits to John that when she was at Toddís house with amnesia he bought her a keyboard.  She taught Todd a duet song on the piano -- the song on the jukebox.  She has a lot of stuff to deal with and is worried how long John will wait before he gives up on her.  She tells him that she has fought and succeeded in getting her job back to practice psychiatry, yet she canít even get past her own issues.  He tells her that he knows that it takes time for her to trust again.  He tells her he is not going to give up on her.  Heís going to get rid of that song and ban it from Rodiís forever.  He removes the disk from the jukebox.

David tells Viki that she must know that the camera loves her.  She tells him that this is his dream and not hers.  He tells her that the Have-a-Seat commercials gave him his start, but now ne needs to break out and make a name for himself.  Ford remembers that David said Viki and Jessica both have multiple personalities and it would be fascinating to get one of the alters on tape.  Viki is outraged and asks them all to leave. 

Jessica admits to Brody she talked to her friend Marty, who is a shrink and told her everything.  She remembers that she didnít tell her about the heart on the window.  Brody says she did not tell him about a heart either.  He asked if Nash drew the heart.  She tells him she doesnít know if it is Nash, she has never seen his face, and she is beginning to think she has imagined all of it.  Maybe she is losing it and seeing things.  He asks what Marty said.  She tells him she is a shrink; she is not going to give her any answers.  He agrees that therapists always tell you to figure it out fir yourself.  He tells her they will figure it out together.  She asks Brody if he believes somebody is stalking her or if he thinks that she is imagining it.

Gregís date follows Rachel into the ladiesí room at Capricorn and asks if she is ok.  She apologizes for bringing up a sensitive subject.  Rachel tells her that she and Greg would probably argue about the weather.  She says she does not find arrogance to be an attractive trait in men.  Gregís date tells Rachel that she can see that Greg likes Rachel.  Rachel tells her that she is not interested Greg.  She tells her that her boyfriend is an egomaniacal jerk.  The woman explains that Greg is not her boyfriend; they are merely causal and she would be ok with Rachel seeing him, but Rachel protests that she is dating Shawn.  The woman says that it is obvious to her that Rachel is into Greg.  Rachel tells her there is nothing going on between her and Greg. 

Cristian tells Roxy that Layla will call him if she needs him, and he walks away.  Roxy tells Kyle that Fish isnít the only one living in denial.  Kyle agrees that it seems that Cristian and Layla should be together.  Roxy says when Fish tells Layla, Layla can hook up with Cristian and Kyle and Oliver can be together again.  Kyle tells Roxy that he is through with Oliver.  He canít be with someone who is too afraid to be who he really is.  Roxy tells Kyle that maybe Oliver isnít giving the Llanview PD credit for being progressive, and that once he is out of the closet it will feel good.  He replies that itís never going to happen.  His family is ultra-conservative.  Roxy doesnít understand the big deal.  She says your kid is your kid.  He tells her it is very much a big deal to Mr. and Mrs. Fish.

Layla talks to Fishís parents on the phone.  She tells them he is a wonderful man and he treats her well.  She hands the phone back to Fish so he can finish his conversation with them.  When he hangs up, she tells her that they want to come for a visit.  She tells them they were nice; she doesnít understand why he said his dad was scary.  She asks if they were strict when he was a kid.  She said her parents were strict too, and she is sure his parents are proud of him now.  She asks him to continue what he was telling her before, but he says itís not important.  He suggests that they just spend the evening together before Cris comes home.  She tells him that if he doesnít want any interruptions, they can go to her room.  She tells him that there is no pressure, as they both had a long day.  He tells her he is very lucky to have a girlfriend as great as her.  They kiss, hold hands, and walk toward her room.

Viki asks David if he is out of his mind.  She asks if he has forgotten what Jessica has just been through and what Natalie and Jared have been through.  Ford recalls what David told her about Natalieís upbringing and Jaredís deceit that he was her uncle.  Viki protests to David that she just got married.  Ford recalls that Charlie is Jaredís alcoholic father.  David tells Ford to stop.  She tells them sheís already spent too much of her life in the publicís eye; she does not want cameras in her home.  She wonít have her familyís privacy invaded.  She demands that David and his camera crew get out of her home. 

John presents Marty with the CD that he has removed from the jukebox and tells her that she can do what she wishes with it.  She says tossing it in the trash will suffice.  He asks her what their song is.  She admits that they donít have one.  He hands her a quarter and asks what they are going to do about that.

Rachel and Gregís friend return to the table.  Shawn asks Rachel if she is ok.  Rachel tells them she is fine, but maybe they can talk about something other than her brotherís court case.  She asks Shawn to dance with her.  They get up from the table, and Greg watches them go.

Laylaís bedroom is filled with lit candles.  Fish comes in and tells her she is so beautiful.  He kisses her, but then he remembers kissing Kyle and pulls away from her.  She asks him what is wrong, if he is ok.  He confirms to her that he is fine; everything is exactly as it should be.  They kiss and lay on the bed.  Meanwhile, Cristian is calling Layla from Capricorn after talking to Kyle and Roxy, but fails because her ringer is silent.  She and Fish are taking off their clothes and looking like they are ready to take it to the next level.

While Rachel and Shawn dance, Greg cannot keep his eyes off her even though heís at the table with his date.  She tells him there is definitely something going on between the two of them.

Marty plays a song on the jukebox at Rodiís and they dance together.  He kisses her.  She tells him that she has to get going, but she assures him that they will get there.

In front of Llanfair after Viki has kicked them out, Ford tells David that the people of Llanview love him, he is practically a legend, and they would welcome him with open arms.  David assures him that all of those things are true.  Dorian is just upset because he left her and Viki is not herself.  Ford asks if that means it was one of her alters.  David says she wasnít very nice, so it might have been Jean.  David tells Ford that he has another idea, but Ford tells David that he will find another star.

Outside on the terrace, Jessica tells Brody that she trusts him and she really wants his opinion.  He knows her, and he has helped her fight for her sanity before.  She tells him that if she is hallucinating people she knows she needs professional help.  He tells her she should stop concentrating on weather she is losing her marbles so they can figure out who is really doing this.  He asks about the heart on the window.  She points to the place where she saw it.  Viki calls Jessica in to tend to Bree.  Brody blows on the windowpane to reveal the heart.  Someone is watching from the garden..

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