OLTL Update Wednesday 8/12/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/12/09


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Dorian enters Llanview Hospital, and turns to leave.  Viki sees her and says hello, noting that she is glad that Dorian is early since they havenít had a chance to talk since Dorian crashed her wedding.  Dorian says her life has been hectic.  Viki reminds her that that was the second time that she got drunk and made a scene recently.  Dorian assures Viki that she is sober now, but that had she gone ahead with Davidís plans, he would have driven her to drink. 

At Buenos Dias, David Vickers tells his producer that he doesnít understand why Dorian doesnít want to be on his reality show.  She is missing a chance of a lifetime.  The producer tells David that he promised a rich woman with crazy sidekicks, a fancy house, a fancy name, extravagant living, and now they have nothing.  Langston overhears him say that they have no cameraman, and quickly offers up Markko as an award-winning cameraman. Markko defines the technical specifications of the camera that is sitting on their table.

At Rodiís, John gives Brody a roll of cash to make another ďscoreĒ from Cole.  He tells Brody about the bug that Sergei planted in Coleís apartment, and that Cole knows he has to be careful.  He canít have contact with anybody Ė especially not Starr. 

Cole is performing his ďofficialĒ community service work picking up trash in the park.  He sees Starr sitting with baby Hope in the stroller.  Not far away, Sergei is watching them.  She tells him she has been worried about him.  To stop her from saying anything more he kisses her, and whispers in her ear that they are being watched.

At Llanfair, Jessica is reading old news reports on her computer about the day Nash died. Marty enters and Jessica quickly closes the laptop.  Marty tells her she stopped by to bring a wedding present for Viki & Charlie, and Lois told her she would find Jessica in the parlor.  She asks Jessica if she wants to get a cup of coffee or something so they can catch up with each other.  Jessica asks Marty is she is ok.  Marty reveals that she is nervous because the hospital board is deciding her fate.

In the hospital boardroom, Dorian admits to Viki that her recollection of the wedding is a bit hazy, but she recalls proposing a toast.  Viki affirms that she did propose a toast right after telling the brides and grooms that they were making the biggest mistake of their lives.  However, she continues, they all did manage to get married anyway.  Viki tells Dorian that he is becoming concerned about her and hopes this is not becoming a habit.  Dorian protests that it was an aberration; she will never again allow a man to drive her to drink.  Changing the subject, Viki asks about David.  Dorian tells her that he is back in Llanview.

Langston asks the producer if Markko has the job.  The producer tells him that Markko knows cameras but lacks experience.  Markko tells him he has used every kind of camera he could, he works hard, he learns quickly, and he has a good eye. The producer tells him the job will not pay much, and Markko says he will take whatever he can because he needs money to pay for a dorm room.  Turning to Langston, he says he cannot live at Viki and Charlieís forever.  Hearing that, David asks if Viki and Charlie really live together, and Langston reveals that they are married.  David said he thought the wedding was next week. David tells the producer that Dorian isnít the only rich woman in Llanview with a cast of colorful characters, a big house, and a fancy name.

Jessica urges Marty to be confident about the hospital reinstatement.  She asks Marty about Cole.  Marty tells her that Cole is fine and doing his community service.  Marty asks Jessica how she is doing.  Jessica says she is fine, but Marty tells her they are friends and should not have ďthis big thingĒ between them.  Jessica asks how the baby is.  Marty tells her she is healthy and happy.  Jessica says she is glad, but she misses her and knows that it will take a long time for her to heal. She wonders if that is why sheís seeing dead people. 

At Buchanan Enterprises, Jared walks to his office as someone watches from behind a plant.  When he opens his office door, he finds Natalie sitting on his desk.  He asks what she is doing there.  She says it seems that she will have to come back to work in order to see her husband.  She takes off her blazer and says she wanted to give him inspiration to come home.  He asks why they should wait Ďtil they get home and pushes the papers off of his desk.  Why they are making love on the desk in Jaredís office an anonymous person leaves a padded manila envelope addressed to Jared and Natalie Banks on the receptionistís desk.

At Llanview Hospital, Dorian and Viki discuss David Vickers idea for a reality TV show.  Dorian asks why anyone would pay David to be David.  Viki admits that David is entertaining.  Dorian adds that he is also handsome, clever, and charming, but cannot carry a show on his own; thatís why he wanted her to be part of it.  She would be the real star.  Dorian tells Viki that it would be awful living in the public eye and unthinkable with children in the house so the whole idea for the show was scrapped because she refused to be part of it.

At Buenos Dias, David says Viki would do anything for him and now that she is married, she will be a Real Housewife of Llantano County, and with her family, they can still call it the Real Lords of Llanview.  The producer tells David that he canít just switch families; they might not even be interesting.  David tells him that between Viki and her daughter Jessica they have at lease 9 characters.  Then he lists the short histories of Charlie Natalie and Jared.

Natalie and Jared attempt to get dressed again, but once again end up on the desk.

Jessica clarifies to Marty that she actually only sees one dead person; She has been seeing Nash.  Jessica tells Marty about the night before Vikiís wedding, and then the next when Bree had a new stuffed elephant.  She tells her she feels like someone is watching her, and itís not a good feeling.  She asks if Marty thinks she is crazy.

At Rodiís Brody asks if John wants him to tell Cole anything.  John says just to stick to the cover that he is just a guy looking to score, and everything will be fine.  Suddenly, John slams Brody against the wall and yells that if he ever comes to work high again, he is fired.  He tells him to get out.  Mayor Lowell, who is at the bar, asks John why he didnít arrest that man if he was on drugs.  John tells him he is not on duty.   Then he reveals that Brody is a war veteran that works for him.  He is just trying to give him a break.  The rest is none of the mayors business.  John asks why the mayor is there anyway.  The mayor concedes that he is checking up on John, and asks what he is involved in.

In the park, Cole and Starr put on an act for Sergeiís benefit.  Cole asks Starr to confirm that her father did not follow her.  She swears that he did not.  Cole tells her that he hates not being able to see her.  She agrees and says that she is moving out as soon as she turns 18.  Sergei bumps into Starr as if by accident. He says his mind was on work.  He was thinking about a new guy that he is not sure that he trusts.  He says he wasnít paying attention.  Thatís when accidents happen, when you arenít paying attention.  She tells him itís ok.  He looks at Hope and says she is a cute girl.

At Rodiís, John snidely tells the Mayor what he is involved in; when he is not slinging drinks, he is writing tickets and fighting crime.  The mayor says he knows that Commissioner Buchanan has given him free reign to choose the cases he wants, and the first thing he chose to do was to get his girlfriendís kid off a drug charge.  He says he wants a list of every case he is working.  John tells him that free reign means that he doesnít have to answer to the mayor.  The mayor reminds John that he already made a mockery of the mayorís office once before.  John tells the mayor that he does a good job of that himself.  The Mayor tells John that he needs to get his priorities straight and start working on the drug problem in this town.  John tells him to order a drink or get out.

In the park, Sergei tells Cole and Starr that babies are small, innocent, and new to this world.  They donít know about betrayal or retaliation.  He excuses himself again for bumping into Starr and walks away.  Starr tells Cole while Sergei is still within earshot that that guy was right, Hope is innocent so he needs to get money together so that he can get them away from her father.

At Buenos Dias, the production crew person tells David that Viki needs to sign a consent form or they canít shoot.  David tells her that Viki will do anything for him.  He adds that since Markko lives in the house, they will have access to everything going on in there.  Markko says he is not shooting Mrs. Banks and her family.  David tells Markko that they will get her signature after the fact.  Markko says he will not use Viki that way.  David says Markko is right; there is another way to do this.

In the Llanview Hospital boardroom, the board discusses Marty Saybrookís application for reinstatement. The mayor enters, apologizing for being late.  He asks what the vote was.  Viki tells him they have not voted yet.  He says good, because he opposes Marty Saybrook ever coming near a patient in this hospital again.

Marty tells Jessica that she does not like to use the word crazy.  Marty tells Jessica that her thinking about Nash so much lately may not be about something he wants to tell her, but something that she wants to tell him.

Jared and Natalie finally exit his office and he tells her that he will be home as soon as he can.  She grabs the envelope from his inbox and tells him that she should take it home with her just in case.  When she looks at it, she notices that it is addressed to both of them.  He guesses that is probably a belated wedding present from someone on staff.  Jared opens it and finds a DVD with no label or note.  They go back into Jaredís office to watch it on this computer. The DVD contains a collage of photos of Nash Brennanís deadly fall at the Buchanan Enterprises Stockholderís meeting and on his deathbed after the fall. Natalie and Jared look at each other in horror.

Viki asks the Mayor why he is opposed to reinstating Dr. Saybrook.  He says she cannot be trusted with patients if she is incapable of taking care of her own drug-addicted son.  Viki tells him that Coleís condition is not relevant to this proceeding.  He says it certainly is, because she will have access to the hospitalís drugs, and he could use his motherís position to steal controlled substances. Viki tells him that is unwarranted speculation.  Their job is to hire qualified physicians, and she believes Marty is one of the best.  He says perhaps on paper, but not judging by the company she keeps.  Viki then surmises that he has an issue with her relationship with John McBain because John exposed the mayorís botched effort with Dr. Saybrookís rescue.  He says he has made his point and calls for a vote.  Four of the nine vote for Martyís reinstatement; four vote against it.  Dorian has not yet voted.  She says Marty Saybrook is a home wrecker who broke up her nieceís marriage to John McBain, and she was an absentee mother to her drug-addicted son.  Dorian admits that she does not like her.  However, she says, none of that has any bearing on her ability to be a good doctor so she votes for her reinstatement.  She gives the mayor a look.  Viki also gives the mayor a look.  

Marty asks Jessica what she would say to Nash if she only could say one thing.  Jessica says that she would tell him that she loves him and always will.  Marty asks if that is because of Brody.  Jessica says yes; Brody has been wonderful, patient, and loving.  Jessica confides that Brody suggested that she talk with her Psychiatrist, Dr Lemmon about it.  Marty tells her that is not a bad idea.  Jessica says she knows she is not splitting into alters again.  Marty asks why she thinks that Nash is appearing to her now.  Jessica confides that she told Brody that she loves him, and she feels that Nash is trying to pull her away from Brody.

In Jaredís Office, Natalie asks Jared who would send such a thing.  Jared says he will find out.  He goes out of his office door and sees someone running and pushing a mail cart.  Jared calls security.

In the park, Cole tells Starr that she doesnít want her to go.  She says, loudly enough for Sergei to hear, she has to go before her dad comes looking for her.  Starr and Hope leave, and Cole goes over to Sergei and asks what his problem is.  He wants to know why he bumped into his girlfriend and talked about the new guy.  Sergei confirms that Cole got the message.  Cole tells him it was unnecessary because he will not screw this up; he needs to earn serious cash to support his family.  Sergei says he has to be sure.  While they are talking, Brody comes behind Cole and tells him that he needs to talk to him.

Marty asks Jessica if she thinks she is trying to back away from Brody.  Jessica says no, she loves being with him.  She thinks she may be having these visions to get closer to Brody because every time something happens, Brody is there to take care of her.  Marty tells her that maybe she should keep exploring it to see what happens.  She assures Jessica that she is not crazy; she is just trying to figure things out.  Viki enters and announces that she is back on staff at the hospital. She reveals that Mayor Lowell was very opposed for some reason.  Viki congratulates Marty.  Jessica thanks Marty for listening.  She asks Marty how things are going with her and John.  Marty tells Jessica that they are taking it slowly, and that John has been patient and understanding the way Brody has been with Jessica.

At Rodiís, John is on the phone telling someone to find everything they can on Mayor Lowellís anti-drug campaign.

In the park, Cole rudely asks Brody what he wants.  Brody asks if they can talk somewhere else.  Sergei tells Brody he remembers him, he is Thornhartís best customer, calling him ďtwitchy man.Ē  He tells them to go ahead and do their business.  Brody tells Cole he needs a little help.  Cole tells him he just hooked him up and asks what he did with what he had already.  Brody tells him he knows how it is.  Cole tells him he doesnít have anything for him, he will have to walk it off.  He pushes Brody and tells him to take a hike.  After Brody leaves, Sergei tells Cole that turning customers away is very bad business.  Cole tells him that no one can go through the amount that he gave Brody earlier in one day, so he has to ask himself if he is selling and cutting him out of the profits.  Besides, he will be back for more.  Sergei tells Cole he is starting to change his mind about him; he knows about business.  Cole tells him he learned a few things from watching Asher.  Sergei tells Cole that he has natural instinct.  He says that he will speak to the boss; maybe he will want to meet Cole.  Sergei leaves.

At Llanview hospital, Dorian speaks privately with one of the other board members, Edward, who voted against Martyís reinstatement.  She tells him that she would like to schedule another board meeting as soon as possible for reinstating her as Chief of Staff. She presses her finger to her lips to indicate that it is a secret.

At Rodiís, David says they donít have to do this on the sly.  He will approach Viki and ask her to participate.  He asks Markko if that will work for him.  Markko says only if Viki agrees. David suggests that they head over to Llanfair.  The producer tells David privately that he has just sacrificed getting Vikiís first moments on tape.  David tells him they have sacrificed nothing.  They have the camera.  What the kid doesnít know wonít hurt him.

At Buchanan Enterprises, the security agent tells Jared that the last mail delivery was hours ago.  Jared tells him that is not possible because he saw someone.  Jared tells him to review the security tapes and take the package to the mailroom to see if anyone recognizes it.  Natalie asks Jared who would do this.  Jared tells her he has an idea.

Viki asks Jessica if she is ok.  Jessica tells her mother that Marty was helping her work through some things, but now she is ok.  Someone is watching Jessica from the patio.

Cole has resumed picking up trash in the park.  Starr has left a note for him to find that says we love you signed Hope and Starr.  He looks up and sees them.  He blows her a kiss.

Marty meets John at Rodiís.  He tells her she looks happy.  She says she is happy because she is officially on staff at the hospital.  She just wishes the mayor had given her the ďthumbs up.Ē  John asks what Mayor Lowell said.  She tells him that all she knows is that he voted against her, but it probably has something to do with Coleís drug history and reduced sentence.  She reminds John that this is an election year and the Mayorís platform is the anti-drug campaign.

Alone in the park, Sergei calls his boss and tells him that Thornhart is a good earner, he is smart, and he knows how to smell a rat.  He suggests that maybe the boss may want to use him for something bigger.  Then he says he will set it up, and hangs up the phone.

Back in Jaredís office, Jared asks Natalie if it is possible that Jessica sent the DVD.  She has been acting a little weird lately.  Natalie protests that Jessica is integrated.  He reminds her that they thought that before.  She tells him that she has accepted all of the tragedies in her life, so there is no reason for her alters to come back.  He concedes that she is right; it was just the simplest answer.  Natalie agrees that Jessica has been acting a little strangely, but she couldnít have sent the DVD.  Besides, she continues, he saw the delivery guy.  He concludes that the person that delivered the DVD probably made it.

At Llanfair, someone is watching Jessica and ducks behind a plant when Viki comes in to talk to her.  Viki asks Jessica if she wants to talk about what has been bothering her.  Jessica tells Viki that she has just been thinking about Nash lately, and Marty was helping her figure out why.  Jessica tells her it is between her and her shrink.  The doorbell rings and Viki goes to answer it.  Jessica opens her laptop and sees the article about the deadly BE board meeting.  She closes the article and switches off the computer.  She hears a noise and runs out to the patio asking if someone is there.

In the Buenos Dias kitchen, Langston and Markko are excited about Markkoís first professional job.  He is anxious to earn more money so that he can afford a college dorm. Langston asks Markko if he can believe David Vickers.  Markko asks if she means that he did the right thing.  He says that maybe David has some integrity after all.

Viki opens the door at Llanfair and David says he bets she never expected to see him in Llanview again.

On the patio, Jessica asks if it is Nash.  She runs over and asks him what he wants from her.



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