OLTL Update Tuesday 8/11/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/11/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

David Vickers comes to surprise Dorian after being a way for a long time.  She lets him in and tells him she thought he was in California.  He tells her that he learned that some things are not meant to be… and some things are.

At Rodi’s, Shawn tells Rachel that he has invited Greg and his girlfriend to join them at a concert.  Destiny and Matthew enter and inform them that they won.  Matthew informs them that the judge is going to hear his testimony and he is confident that he will be able to have the surgery.

At the end of the hearing, Bo and Nora ask their lawyer, Elijah Clark, what happened that would cause them to lose.  He tells them that he knows that Matthew has no case.  The judge may have been overly cautious.  The good news is they do not have the burden of proof.  The opposing counsel has to prove that Bo and Nora are unfit to make the decision about Matthew’s surgery.  Nora tells him that he should not underestimate what Téa Delgado is capable of doing.  Elijah assures Nora that he knows how to keep Téa Delgado from doing any damage.

Téa appears spooked when Todd comes to find her outside the courtroom to take her out and celebrate.  He tells her that if she won her case, then obviously that lawyer is not that great, but she remembers that Elijah informed her that he knows her secret, and she reveals to Todd that maybe she has cause for alarm.

Blair goes to talk to Rex.  She tells him she’d like to hire him to uncover a big secret regarding Téa Delgado.  She tells him that when she and Téa were both ready to die from gas inhalation at the frat house, Téa almost divulged a secret.  Rex is skeptical and tells Blair he doesn’t know if there is any dirt to dig up on Téa.

Todd and Téa are alone and he tells her he wants to commit to her.

Bo tells Elijah that he does want to win but asks Elijah to “go easy” on Matthew.  Elijah tells Bo that he only wishes that Matthew had the same courtesy for his parents.  Nora demands to know what he means.

Matthew tells Greg that he wants him to testify in his case.  Greg coldly tells Matthew he’s glad that he won, but he reveals that he is not comfortable doing the surgery without his parents consent even if Matthew wins.  Destiny asks him if he will still do the surgery.  Greg does not answer.  Matthew appears very disappointed and asks Greg why he didn’t tell him that sooner.  Matthew then asks Rachel to testify.

At Buenos Dias, Markko is overworked and stressed.  He tells Langston that he wishes he could spend the entire summer with her, but he has to work overtime and pull a double shift in order to be able to afford a cheap apartment.  She asks him if he really has to worry now that he is staying with Viki.  He replies that he is not comfortable staying with strangers.  His parents kicked him out of their home.  He has no money and no choice and if she can’t “hack” it, then maybe she needs to find a guy who is “more fun.”  He drops the dishes he was clearing.  She tells him that she feels responsible because she is the reason that his parents kicked him out of their home so she wants to help if he will let her.

Dorian asks David why it is that he is back.  Has the hemorrhoid commercial run out of money for him?  He tells her no.  He wants to know all that has happened in her life since he left.  He tells her he should have never let Ray Montez seduce her away from him, but he is there to win her back.

Rachel asks Matthew why he would ask her to testify for him.  He tells her she is the only adult who really knows him and he’d like her to vouch for the fact that his parents have a mistaken idea that he can accept living in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  He tells her that she knows it’s not ok for him to be like this.  She can tell the judge that it’s more than a phase he’s going through and the only way to make him feel better is the surgery.  She then asks her brother what if she doesn’t want to testify.  Is he going to blackmail her as he did their mother and Bo?

Elijah informs Bo that Téa informed him that Matthew informed her that he had some dirt on the two of them.  She was confident that she could help Matthew’s case and discredit them with this information, but she didn’t tell him exactly what this information was.  Bo tells him that evidently Matthew has changed his mind since Téa did not bring it up.  Elijah informs Bo and Nora that the reason is not that Matthew asked her not to.  There’s a different reason.

Téa pins Todd down to the bed demanding that he declares uncle and that Téa is the “champ of all time.”  She tells him that she thought he’d “put the moves” on her.  He tells her he only wants to be a gentleman, but she laughs at that.  He asks her if she is waiting for him to screw up.  He admits that he listened to Viki when she told him he should not push things with Téa.  Téa tells him that that is great, but she has reservations regarding Blair.

Rex asks Blair why she “has it in” for Téa Delgado.

David helps himself to food and drinks at Dorian’s.  She asks what brings him back to town.  He tells her that he wants to rebuild the life that they had together with her friends.  He has missed Moe’s no-nonsense attitude and Noelle’s homespun wisdom.  She informs David that she fired Moe and Noelle at a graduation party.  She tells David that “story” ended with Markko’s parents disowning him and Langston being furious at her.  He asks her what about her Latin Love, Ray Montez.  She informs him that Ray had to leave to take care of his disturbed daughter.  His daughter took LSD, poked holes in condoms, and murdered her mother, not in that order.  David tells her that is terrible.  He asks her about that grateful orphan, Langston whom Dorian has adopted.  She informs him that Langston is not always grateful.  He asks her about Blair and Starr and remembers that Starr was the “would-be mother.”  She tells him that Blair has her own life, and Starr’s baby is alive and well, and living with them.  She tells him that it’s a long story.  David tells her that he missed all the good stuff, but there must be conflicts and complications.  She tells him the only problem she has is with Todd.  He then asks her if she is implying that Todd’s Manning is living there after all the trouble he’s been.  She replies that some worthless judge handed down a court order that Todd, Blair, and the kids live under the same roof.  David concludes that that is the reason he is there.  He needs to protect Dorian from that worthless Todd Manning and never let Todd hurt her family again.

Langston tells Markko that maybe he’d be better off if they broke up; he’d be able to move back in with his parents.  He wouldn’t be overworked and broke.  He tells her he does not want to lose her.  She asks him what happened that has gotten him so stressed.  He tells her he had to pay an outrageous amount of money for books that he needs before his first semester at college starts so he has no choice except to work.  She then asks him if she can help him.  He asks her how she plans to help him.  She replies that she can give him some money.

David kisses Dorian and she discovers that he has a microphone and is secretly recording her.  She then pulls out a hose and demands that the people come out who are watching the two of them with their cameras.  She demands to know who they are.  They do not answer.  She yells for security to come.  He tells her that they are his production crew; she should smile for the camera; she is on television.

Nora tells Elijah that what her son “has” on them has no bearing on this case.  He tells her she should let him be the judge of that.  Bo tells him that maybe he should just let it go for now.  Elijah tells them that since he has gotten no explanation, he will just assume the two of them are having an affair.  Bo clarifies that that is not true.  Elijah tells them they must know that Ms. Delgado knows something that could discredit their judgment in court and he’d like to know what it is.

Matthew tells Rachel that he did not force his parents to make out.  Their mom cheated on Uncle Clint.  She tells her brother that is none of his business, but he tells her that it is his business and relevant to the case.  It could cloud their judgment in making a decision that affects his life.  She asks him where he got that idea.  He tells her that Téa Delgado told him that.  She asks him how he could have the gall to tell Téa the secret.  He reminds his sister that Téa is his lawyer and he has the right to discuss it with her.  And no, he hasn’t told anybody else.  Rachel tells him that she knows that Téa will find a way to use it against their mom.

Todd tells Téa he promises not to let Blair come between them.  She tells him she does not want him to make promises he can’t keep.  He asks her how he can prove it.  She tells him that he can prove that to her by walking away from Blair.  If Blair flirts with him, takes off her bikini, or provokes him in any way, he needs to walk away.  He asks Téa for how long.  She replies forever.  He then tells her that Blair is out of his system forever, but Téa tells him she can clearly see that he is not out of Blair’s.

Rex asks Blair what reason she has for wanting him to ruin Téa’ Delgado’s life.  She tells him it’s because she is seeing Todd.  She’s concerned that it could affect her kids.  Rex tells Blair he knows she is not concerned about the affect on her kids.  She just doesn’t want Téa with Todd.

Todd asks Téa what if he moves out of Dorian’s home.  She tells him he must know that if he does that, he could lose his kids.  He tells her that maybe with the right lawyer he could get that court order overturned.  He suggests that maybe she can help him.  She says it would not work if she represents him.  He then suggests the lawyer that “almost kept up” with her today, Elijah Clark; he specializes in family law.  Téa firmly tells Todd no, he must stay away from Elijah.  Yet she won’t tell Todd why.

Elijah tells Bo and Nora that he can proceed with the case, but they must make certain that every member of their family is “on board.”  He takes a call.  Bo and Nora look at each other skeptically.

Destiny informs Shawn and Greg that she and Matthew informed Téa that they saw Bo and Nora together kissing the night before Nora’s wedding to Clint, and Matthew was going to tell Clint if his parents did not sign the authorization for the surgery.  Shawn tells his sister that he really does not approve of her encouraging Matthew to use blackmail against his parents.  He can see that that boy is dying to get out of that chair.  He turns to Greg and tells him he’d better be ready to work a miracle, just in case Matthew wins his case.  Greg assures his brother that he knows what he is doing.  After hearing this new information, it appears that Greg has changed his decision about whether to do the surgery if Matthew wins.

Rachel sits at the other table with Matthew and tells her brother she can see that he has so much fight and determination in him.  She can see that he faces every challenge he meets, even more so than before the accident.  She tells him that he will be able to do many things.  He’ll be able to get his license and drive a special car before too long.  He tells her that as long as somebody has to pick him up and put him in this chair, he will be helpless for the rest of his life.  She tells him that is not true, and he’s lucky in at least one way; he has the money and resources to do anything he wants.  He asks if he can be a basketball player.  She then clarifies maybe not anything he wants, but he can have a full and complete life.  Greg enters and asks if everything is ok.  Matthew informs Greg that his sister is not willing to testify in his behalf.  Greg then tells Matthew that in that case, he can testify in his behalf.

After Dorian has discovered the camera crew, David reveals to her that he has an idea for a new show.  He tells her that the two of them will have a live television show.  The prodigal award-wining actor comes home to his gorgeous wife and her crazy family.  She then asks if this is a reality show or if there would be some sort of vote about who lives in the house and who has to leave.  He tells them that they can sell a show about Todd Manning as a walking disaster.  He has some ideas for what to call their own show.  It could be “Real Lords of Llanview” or “Cramer vs. Cramer vs. Cramer.”  Dorian asks him if he wants her to star on a reality show.  David tells her he’d like her to co-star on a reality show alongside him.  The camera crew asks her to show them her “best side.” She pushes the camera away.

Markko tells Langston he is not going to take her college money.  She tells him that Dorian has provided her with money and she can help him pay for a place where she can spend a lot of her time with him.  She tells him that there really are no alternatives.  He cannot continue to work two jobs and go to school.  She admits to him that she was alone without her parents for 2 years because she was afraid to ask for help.  Looking back on it, she wishes she’d asked for help much sooner.  When she let people help her, they were so unbelievably generous to her so she wishes that he would let her give that back to him and help him.

After Dorian pushes the cameras away, she injures a camera crewperson.  David and the others are still determined to make a show of her life that can sell.  She tells him she will not have her family used to feed some cable train wreck.  David is very convinced that this will be a smash hit.  He tells her if they can get 100 episodes, they can go into syndication.  She demands that they all get out of her home.  David leaves but tells her she is a “natural” at this.

Rachel tells Greg she thought he said he wasn’t going to get in the middle of this.  He reminds her that he will be subpoenaed anyway.  Matthew reminds Rachel she should realize that.  Greg tells Rachel he wishes her family were more supportive, but he won’t abandon Matthew.  She tells him that nobody is asking him to do that.  He admits that he will tell the truth about all of the risks. He realizes that Matthew’s parents are right to have reservations, but he will talk about his success rate for this surgery and his opinion that Matthew is a good candidate.  He says that he does believe that he can help Mathew to walk again.  Otherwise, he’d have been out of there a long time ago.

Téa tells Todd that under no circumstances will she have Elijah Clark represent them in a petition to reverse the court ordered decision to keep Todd living with Blair and Dorian.  He asks her why.  She tells Todd that he is her opponent in middle of a trial and Todd cannot hire him because it’s a conflict.  Todd tells Téa that Blair told him that Téa has some sort of secret.  Téa denies it.  Todd wants to seduce Téa.  She tells Todd she can find him another lawyer, but he has to get out of there for now and go “home.”  He heads out the door but tells her he will be back.  He looks at Elijah’s business card that he took out of Téa’s purse.

After Rex raises his objections about taking on Blair’s case to dig up Téa’s secret, she concludes that she does not need his help.  She doesn’t want to explain it to him.  She assumes that Rex has too much money to need business from her.  She can find herself another PI.  When he has “more mouths to feed,” he may give her a call.  She gets up to go out the door, but Rex agrees to take the job.  She then tells him that wants a very big apology first.  He then tells her that he’s sorry he questioned her motives.  She tells him ok; now he can start digging.

At Rodi’s, Destiny tells Shawn she encourages him to keep seeing Rachel.  He tells her that he likes Rachel but believes she is out of his league.  At the other table, Rachel sits with Greg and Matthew and tells her brother she is sorry she can’t tell him what he wants to hear.  Matthew tells his sister she may forget about it, he knows he can win with our without her.  He then moves his wheelchair and departs.

David and his production crew meet at Buenos Dias.  They tell him that he needs to convince Dorian to join them in their presentation.  Without her, they don’t have a show.  Inside the restaurant kitchen, Markko tells Langston that he needs time to think about her offer.  They walk out to the dining room and notice David Vickers.  She tells Markko she has hit the jackpot and has found the answer to his problem.

Outside the courtroom, Bo asks Nora if she thinks they are ok with Elijah.  She tells him she thinks they are.  She has to go.

Todd goes to see Blair and tells her that she was pathetic to crash Viki’s wedding drunk.  She tells him she knows that he and Téa had a good time.  He tells her that he wants her to leave him alone.  She tells him that he is in her face; she does not have the “problem.”  He picks up the phone with Elijah’s business card in his hand.

Rex receives a FAX with information about Téa.  Elijah Clark is on his phone telling his contact not to worry; Téa Delgado is right where they want her.

Téa is alone at Todd’s when she opens her locked brief case.  She looks at its contents and appears very worried.

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