OLTL Update Monday 8/10/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/10/09


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Schuyler goes and informs Rachel that he did something very stupid. Yet, for this brief shining moment, he felt like he was on top of the world. She asks him what happened. He admits that he kissed Gigi.

After Gigi confesses to Rex that she let Schuyler kiss her, he demands to know how she could let it happen.

Dorian returns to her house and informs Blair that she woke up in the rectory. She demands to know how Blair could have let that happen. Blair tells her aunt she is sorry but she was not in her right frame of mind. She tells her that no matter how bad Dorian’s night is, hers (Blair’s) was ten times worse, and that it involves Todd.

Viki and Charlie run into Todd at Buenos Dias. He scoffs at them realizing that they may not have the type of honeymoon that Viki wants. She asks him what happened that got Blair so upset that she crashed the wedding drunk. Todd replies that Téa is what did it.

Matthew, Destiny, and Téa meet with Nora and Bo and their attorney before the hearing. Bo asks if he and Nora can talk to their son alone. Téa tells him of course and asks Nora if she’s “sorry” that she’s had to spend her first day of married life in court. Nora tells Téa no. She is not. Bo and Nora confirm that they love their son. Matthew tells them he loves them too. Téa meets with Bo and Nora’s lawyer. He seems confident that he will win. But she tells him she knows that he will withdraw his appeal. He asks her why he would do that. She replies that it would be in his clients’ best interest. That is, unless of course, they wants her to reveal their “secret.”

Shaun and Greg play pool at Rodi’s. They talk about the hearing and realize that Destiny may have real feelings for Matthew. Shaun reminds his brother that if Matthew gets the surgery it will be because of their little sister. Greg then reveals to his brother that he had a “private conversation” with Rachel.

Rachel asks Schuyler how it is that he kissed Gigi. He informs her that she and Rex are just getting back together and attempting to make up for lost time. Gigi didn’t “expect” her friend to turn into the kissing bandit. She asks him what he said after he did it. He admitted that he apologized, explained that he didn’t mean to, and did not intend to break up Gigi and Rex. But he admits that it’s not as simple as that.

Rex tells Gigi that even if she “needed” him for a while there, she does not need him anymore. He doesn’t want her to have anything to do with him ever again. She is obviously not okay with that.

Blair explains to Dorian that she had this fear of the two of them growing old alone, with nobody in their lives except for cats. Dorian asks her niece, why then she thought it would be better for the two of them to crash Viki and Nora’s wedding. Blair admits to her aunt that she did not remember much. Dorian admits that she did not remember much until Blair abandoned her in the church. She asks Blair where she went after she left. Blair admits that she attended the reception and had to find out what Todd an Téa were doing. It was right after both she and Téa caught a bride’s bouquet. Dorian asks Blair why that would matter if she wants nothing more to do with Todd.

At Buenos Dias, Viki asks Todd if Blair’s condition might not have something to do with his bringing Téa to the wedding. She asks her brother if the reason he brought Téa was to hurt Blair. Todd tells his sister no. He picked Téa up and gave her a corsage. He was a perfect gentleman. Both Viki and Charlie know that it’s not as simple as that. Charlie tells Todd that it takes more to win over a woman than just one date. Viki adds, especially after Téa has already been down that road with him before.

In court, Bo and Nora’s attorney asks Téa just what this “secret” is that she knows about his clients. She replies that her client informed her something about his parents that she knows neither of them would want Nora’s new husband to know about. He tells her that even if that may be the case, he might have some “secret information” about her that could motivate her not to even ask him to withdraw his case.

Gigi asks Rex if he is “forbidding” her to see Schuyler again. He tells her no. He was just hoping that she would choose not to see a guy who thinks he can come on to her when he knows she’s not available. She protests that Schuyler is not coming on to her. But Rex tells her he knows very well that Schuyler wants more than friendship with Gigi.

Meanwhile, Schuyler and Rachel talk about his dilemma with him accepting that Gigi is taken, yet, knowing the undeniable feelings he has for her.

Shaun tells Greg he knows that he (Greg) had a conversation with Rachel where he implied that she might not be the woman for Shaun. Shaun tells his brother that he and Rachel are friends. He’s getting to know her as a person. She’s smart, funny, and sexy as hell. Greg questions whether she is the right person for Shaun or he for her.

At Buenos Dias, Todd tells Charlie that he (Charlie) has some skeletons in the closet himself. He lied to Viki and falsified who he was. That got Jessica’s husband killed. Charlie tells Todd he realized that he made a tragic mistake. He had to wait and see if he could win the woman he loves over. But Todd appears smug that he thinks he has both Téa and Blair wrapped around his little finger and does not have to win either of them over.

Blair admits to Dorian that she is over Todd and realizes he is over her. Todd told her under no uncertain terms that they are through and he is “with” Téa. But Dorian can tell that her niece is not “complete” with the fact that Todd may be moving on. She obviously does not want Téa Delgado to have Todd.

Bo and Nora’s lawyer tells Téa that he has a “trump card” just like she has. If she’s forced to play hers’, he can also play his.

At that moment, the judge enters and calls everybody to sit and listen while she starts. She announces that she will decide whether, minor, Matthew Buchanan should be legally authorized to have spinal surgery without the consent of his parents. She asks if everybody is all right if she proceeds. Nobody objects.

Gigi asks Rex if he’s giving her an ultimatum that if she does not stop hanging out with Schuyler that he will leave her. He tells her of course not. He promised to be there for her. She tells him that Schuyler made one little mistake. He knows that he has a much worse problem with Stacy. She is psycho and obsessed over him. He tells her that he does not intend to make Stacy a factor in his life except for the fact that she is pregnant. She then tells him that if she has to accept Stacy in their lives after all she has done, then Rex has to respect the fact that Schuyler is her friend.

After Schuyler talks to Rachel about his dilemma regarding Gigi, she admits to him her similar dilemma with her “friend” Shaun and his brother. She tells him that Greg told her the only reason she is dating Shaun is because he’s a “nice” guy. Schuyler asks if that is true.

At Rodi’s, Greg tells Shaun he can see why he’d be interested in Rachel. She’s a beautiful woman. He loves his brother, knows he’s a good man, and he doesn’t want him to get hurt over a woman. Shaun then admits to Greg that he’s never going to be fooled by a woman again. He had a mistaken idea about Talia and he learned the hard way from that. Greg concludes that that is the thing with women. They say one thing but mean something completely different. He remembers Rachel throwing water in his face.

Viki tells Todd that he is getting very good at this “sincere” thing he is attempting to pull off with Téa. She reveals she does not buy it.

When the judge addresses Bo and Nora as Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan, they awkwardly explain that they are not "Mr. and Mrs,” and the fact that she is married to Bo's brother. The judge then asks their attorney to speak. He tells them that because Matthew Buchanan is a minor, his legal guardians have the legal right to decide on such matters as whether he should have surgery. Yet, Ms. Delgado wants to “defy” the law. So he is asking that this case gets thrown out of court.

Blair admits to Dorian how frustrated she is with Todd flaunting Téa. She admits that Téa is worse. She wants to wipe that smug smirk off of Téa’s face. Dorian tells Blair she must know that Téa is beneath her. Blair admits that Téa really gets under her skin. To think that she once had “sympathy” for Téa. The time when the two of them thought they were going to die together in the frat house, they both confessed their feelings for Todd. Téa had to cross her, and now, Blair realizes she might want to let little Miss Delgado know what happens when she messes with a Cramer woman.

In court, Téa stands up and tells the judge that she does not need anybody to tell her about the law. She knows of many cases where minors were granted the right to make decisions regarding their own bodies without their parents’ permission. In these cases, the minors’ intelligence and competence was tested. She knows for a fact that Matthew Buchanan is an intelligent young man. He’s an honor student and an athlete who was denied the use of his legs. He has only one request which is to walk again. He has a simple wish that can be accomplished by a simple operation. Why are his parents failing to listen to him? Are they too distracted by “something?” At that point, she hesitates to say what she’d previously planned to say when she remembered Bo and Nora’s lawyer telling her that he “knows things” about her. She then asks if Bo and Nora are not too distracted with their work and their opinions and failing to get information about what their son wants and needs in his life. The judge then tells Téa that she (the judge), not Téa will make that decision. The judge then calls a recess and announces that she will determine whether or not this case will proceed any further.

Blair then recalls to Dorian that when she and Téa both thought they were dying, not only did Téa “share” about Todd but she confessed a “deep dark secret” that she never told anybody. Dorian asks Blair what it was. Blair admits she does not know. They both passed out before it came out. Blair admits she hasn’t a clue. But whatever it is, it’s big. And Téa does not want it to come out. Dorian asks Blair why she wants to find out. Is it in order to get Todd back?

At Buenos Dias, Todd asks Viki and Charlie if they know exactly what is the “right” thing to do for him to win Téa over. She tells him if he wants it to work this time he will have to do something that Todd has never been good at. That is to be patient. He has to give Téa some time to see that he has changed. Todd asks his sister how much time.

Shaun asks Greg how he is so certain that Rachel is not the right person for him. Greg tells Shaun he just wants his brother to be happy. He admits that it’s been a long time since the two brothers have just hung out together. Greg need not worry about him and Rachel.

Rachel tells Schuyler that she is dating Shaun because she likes him, and she could care less what Greg thinks. But Schuyler tells her that maybe she does care more than she lets on. Schuyler tells her that the “nice guy” image is the kiss of death for most girls. He then tells her that he thinks they should go to Rodi’s and celebrate. She reminds him that that is where Gigi works. He then admits he does not know if he can just be “friends” with Gigi when he is around her.

Gigi tells Rex that she understands how he wants to be there for the child he will have. But she is very worried what “its” mother is going to do. She tells him that she needs somebody to be there for her. There has to be a friend or somebody in her life besides Rex. He has Bo to talk to. She no longer has Marcie. Viki has gotten married. He realizes that, maybe, that is where Schuyler comes in. She confirms to him that Schuyler is her friend and nothing more. Rex is her lover. She asks Rex if they are good and if he trusts her. He replies yes. She kisses him and tells him she has to get to work and leaves.

Schuyler and Rachel enter Rodi’s to see Shaun and Greg. Greg tells her that the Evans boys are very competitive about everything. Schuyler stands by Rachel and they observe Gigi working behind the bar. She asks him if he can see whether he and Gigi can be “just friends.” He notices Gigi and admits to Rachel that this must be a mistake. Gigi looks at Schuyler indicating that she might not be okay just in case he is “seeing” Rachel. He leaves. Shaun then asks Rachel if she’d like to have dinner with him. Greg observes them and looks “concerned.” Shaun then asks his brother if he’d like to invite his lady friends to join them and make it a double date. Greg tells them he’d be happy to.

The judge rules that she believes that the Matthew Buchanan’s case has sufficient grounds to move forward. Bo, Nora, and Clint are disappointed. But Clint tells Nora he can make it up to her with a surprise. He leaves. He then finds Téa and tells her that he knows she almost divulged a secret that she doesn’t want to divulge. She asks him just whom he is working for. He tells her he is a lawyer and she knows who he is working for. He’s working for Bo and Nora Buchanan. Téa somehow knows that this man has something on her.

Dorian hears her doorbell ring. She demands that whoever is ringing it stops. She goes to get the door and is surprised to see David Vickers unexpectedly.

Téa observes Bo and Nora’s lawyer in court and appears spooked. Todd comes to find her and she lets out a startled scream. Todd tells her he knows she won her case and has nothing to be worried about. He’s going to take her out and celebrate. But she has a horrified expression when she notices the lawyer standing not far away. We see him looking at a form that says Téa Delgado dossier.

Blair goes to find Rex. He asks her what is up. She informs him that Téa Delgado has “a secret," and he’s going to find out what it is. 

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