OLTL Update Friday 8/7/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 8/7/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

After Cole has gotten his “visit” from Asher and the Russian guy who is determined to find him out, he calls Starr. She can tell that something has gone wrong and asks him what has happened. He cannot answer knowing that they might be overheard and isn’t certain what to tell her.

At that moment, John rushes out of the station worried. Layla knows that he is stressed. She notices that, once again, Oliver Fish has sent her flowers.

Outside Buenos Dias, Kyle takes Oliver aside and tells him that he knows he’s lying when he says that it was a bad experience, that one night between them. He tells Oliver he knows that Oliver remembers, and he kisses him. Oliver does not stop him. At that point, Cristian enters and asks him if this is the “secret” that they cannot tell Layla.

Todd talks to Téa on the phone about her case where she represents Matthew and he appears confident that she can win this case like she wins them all.

Matthew talks to Destiny, and he knows that he must admit under oath that he’s aware that it’s possible that the surgery could kill him. She assures him that it won’t. Her brother would never let that happen. He tells her that he wants to be able to walk again but wishes there was another choice besides suing his parents.

Clint and Nora look at the cell phones photos of the wedding. They are happy but she’s worried about the hearing. She, also, has something else on her mind regarding kissing Bo, which she is not telling Clint. Bo is reliving the same memory when Rex comes to see him. Rex informs Bo that he “screwed up.” He got Stacy pregnant.

After Schuyler kisses Gigi, she asks him what he is doing and tells him this is wrong. He asks her if she wants him to leave now or if she will give him a chance to apologize. She asks how he could do that when they are just friends. He asks if he can plead temporary insanity. He tells her that he does not believe any guy in his right mind could choose Stacy over her.

After Rex informs Bo that Stacy is pregnant, Bo asks if he is certain, realizing this would not be the first time when Stacy would falsify something of that nature. Rex replies that he and Gigi went with Stacy to the hospital and confirmed the results. He’s not entirely certain that he is the father, but it’s possible he could be. He needs Bo’s advice. In response to that, Bo tells Rex that he is nobody’s “role model” these days.

Clint shows Nora a reservation he has for them to go away on their honeymoon. She tells him that would be wonderful for them to have some time alone, but they can’t go.

Destiny tells Matthew that she knows it has been bad timing for this whole thing to happen right before his mom’s wedding day. Téa enters. They are ready to go to court. She tells him she is not ready if he is keeping secrets from her. She tells him if he has something “on” his parents that is big enough to blow up his mom’s wedding, then he needs to tell his lawyer about that. She indicates to Matthew that she had a conversation with Nora that indicated that Matthew had something “on” them. She needs to know what that is.

Rex admits to Bo that as much as he wants Stacy and the pregnancy to go away, he knows that he missed out on the first 10 years of Shane’s life. He cannot do this if he has another child on the way.

Gigi tells Schuyler if he is aware that she loves Rex, she needs to know how he could kiss her.

On the phone, Starr asks Cole what is going on. Once again, he cannot answer when John enters the room with a “message” that tells him the apartment is bugged. Hearing no answer from Cole, she tells him if he does not say something, she is going to call 911. She is holding baby Hope. Todd comes by to overhear his daughter’s phone conversation.

After Cristian interrupts Oliver and Kyle, Oliver tells him that this guy has been stalking him, and he’s going to have him arrested. But Crsitian does not buy that. He tells him that he knows he is gay. There’s nothing wrong with that, but he can’t keep lying to Layla.

Before the hearing, Destiny tells Téa she knows that look on her face. She has some personal stuff going on involving Blair Cramer and how she is determined to do whatever it takes to take Téa’s “man” away from her. She saw it at the wedding.

From Buenos Dias, while on the phone with Cole, Starr demands to know if she should call the cops. She notices her father overhearing her. He asks her what kind of trouble Cole has gotten himself into now.

When John enters Cole’s apartment, he talks the way he should if they are being overheard. He tells him that he better stop using or he will be in big trouble with his mom. Cole argues back about his mom’s boyfriend interfering in his business. John tells Cole he is being ungrateful and irresponsible. If he ticks them off, this apartment and break from going to prison will end. At that point, they go out the door where they know they are not overheard.

When Todd overhears his daughter’s worried conversation with the father of her child, he tells her she must realize what it’s like to be a parent and worried for one’s child. He observes her with baby Hope in her arms. She cannot argue that.

When John and Cole are alone and unheard, Cole informs John that Asher and his “friend” did a thorough search of the apartment and almost caught Brody. John asks Cole if he said anything on the phone to Starr that could blow his cover.

Nora tells Clint that she must postpone their honeymoon until the end of the court hearing with Matthew. He tells her that he has a plan that can prevent Matthew from winning the case.

A lawyer is outside the courtroom talking on his cell phone while Téa is talking to Matthew and Destiny. Inside, Matthew tells Téa that his “secret” of how to motivate his parents is of a personal nature, and he’d rather not tell her.

Bo tells Rex that he feels for him now that he’s heard that Rex could have gotten Stacy pregnant. But he admits that if Rex is coming to him for advice, then Rex may be in trouble. He admits that he has not been making smart moves these days. Rex then remarks that he heard in the paper that Nora and Clint’s wedding happened. He asks Bo if he had a chance to tell Nora how he feels. Bo admits to Rex that he did nothing to stop the wedding. Hearing that, Rex demands that Bo tells him why he did not speak up.

Cole admits to John that he talked to Starr on the phone. But he didn’t say anything that could blow his cover nor reveal what is going on. He tells John that he believes that he and Brody did pretty good at covering their tracks when the guy thoroughly interrogated them. He asks John what this guy’s name is. John tells Cole he’s pretty certain but cannot tell Cole. He needs to make certain that Cole does not slip up nor reveal that he knows his name. He tells Cole that since this bug is installed, he has to watch his every move 24/7. He cannot have any more private conversations with Starr. In fact, he might want to completely cut off all contact with her if he doesn’t want to get found out.

In Buenos Dias, Todd tells Starr that he hopes that Cole is not messing up nor failing to realize that he cannot miss out on this wonderful baby they have together. Todd surprises his daughter by appearing “happy.” She asks her father what has put him in a “good mood.”

Matthew admits to Téa that when he made the “threat” to his parents, they told him that he may go ahead and carry out his threat. It didn’t motivate them to sign over authorization to have the surgery. It didn’t work. In that case, what is the point in telling her about it?

Gigi and Schuyler are attempting to establish that they are just friends and won’t want to jeopardize that.

Bo admits to Rex that he “almost said something” to Nora at the lodge the night before the wedding, right after Rex encouraged him to do so. Rex asks him what happened. Bo then admits that he kissed Nora, and it was mutual. Bo concludes that it must not matter. Rex asks him if he urged her not to marry Clint after he kissed his brother’s fiancé. Bo admits that he even went to talk to Lindsay in prison to ask her for advice. Lindsay encouraged him to go for it, but he could not. He has already stopped two weddings for his brother. He doesn’t want to do that to him again. Nora, also, doesn’t want to “hurt” Clint.

Clint tells Nora that he knew that she might not approve of him bribing a judge so he didn’t do that. What he did instead, is find a hot shot attorney from Philadelphia. She asks him if he can guarantee that the lawyer can beat Téa Delgado. Clint tells her yes.

Rex asks Bo if he really does not believe that he is in love with Nora. She kissed him the night before her wedding. Bo concludes that he believes they both did the right thing by keeping their mouths shut and not telling Clint. Rex asks him what he plans to do now. Bo replies they will live their own lives and hope to God that Clint never finds out.

Téa tells Matthew that she does not intend to “blackmail” his parents in court. But she’s concerned about what might happen if somebody else does. He then informs her that nobody else knows except for Rachel. She then tells him that if something might be going on with his parents that could be affecting their state of mind or clouding their judgment about the decisions they make regarding his surgery, then it is relevant to his case. Matthew admits he can see her point. She tells him if he really wants her to win this case, then he needs to give her the tools she needs in order to win it. Matthew then looks at Destiny and asks her what she thinks. She replies that she thinks he should tell Téa.

Fish protests to Cristian that there is nothing to “tell Layla.” This “freak” (meaning Kyle) is bothering him. But Cristian tells Fish he knows that Kyle is not a freak, and neither is he. If Fish does not come clean, he will tell Layla for him. If Fish cares about her, he needs to tell her the truth. Fish then agrees to go and do that. Alone with Kyle, Cristian asks him what his “assessment” of the situation is. Kyle admits to Cristian that he is in love with a man who doesn’t want to admit what they were to each other.

Bo admits to Rex that he has to get to court soon. Rex asks him why. Bo reveals to Rex that Matthew is going to sue him and Nora. He wants to have surgery that could either help him to walk or kill him. Bo is not confident of the success rate. But Matthew believes that his parents are two selfish, arrogant people who want to keep him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. So he concludes to Rex, he does not see himself as a role model or father figure to anybody these days.

Schuyler and Gigi admit that they know they should just be friends. But should they lie to Rex about the kiss? She admits that he really means a lot to her with all that he has done for her.

John tells Cole that he does not want these guys anywhere near Starr or baby Hope. Cole asks what type of explanation they will believe for why he can’t see his girlfriend. John suggests he just tells them that Todd Manning won’t let him see her. He will go and talk to Starr and explain the situation.

Starr asks her father if “Téa” has put him in this good mood and asks about his “dilemma” between her mom and Téa.

Matthew asks Téa if she is really going to tell nobody if he discloses the big secret. She confirms it’s attorney client privilege. She can’t reveal a word he tells her in that room. He then informs Téa that he and Destiny saw his mom and dad making out the night before she married his Uncle Clint. Hearing that, Téa reveals a very smug expression.

Alone with Kyle, Cristian asks if that is what he meant about Fish “using” Layla. He wants to convince her that he is straight and if the letter he discovered was about Fish’s promises to Kyle and not to some girl. Kyle confirms yes. Kyle tells Cristian that maybe Oliver is lying about having feelings for Layla. He thinks that Cristian is lying to himself if he thinks he (Cristian) does not have feelings for her.

When Fish gets back to the station, he runs into Layla with flowers. At that point, she seems convinced that they are “on.” She has work to do and doesn’t want to be “socializing with her boyfriend” on her first day of work. He tells her that there is something very important he must tell her.

The lawyer meets with Bo and Nora confident that he can represent them and defeat Téa.

After Matthew divulges to Téa that he saw his parents making out the night before her wedding to Clint and he told them he would reveal it to Clint if they don’t sign off on the surgery, she is fascinated. She concludes that after he told them he’d do that, they still did not budge. That tells her just how desperate they are to win. Hearing that, Matthew knows that she has a trick up her sleeve that might damage his parents, and he seems reluctant to let her do that.

Starr tells Todd that she knows that he has some personal problems regarding Téa and her mom. Maybe it’s none of her business. Her relationship with Cole is, really, not his concern because they have a good thing going on. At that moment, John tells Todd he needs to talk to Starr, alone. He informs her that Cole is okay for the time being, but his apartment is bugged. That means Cole cannot have any phone conversations with her even if they are careful. If anybody asks, they must tell them that Todd has forbidden them to see each other. He tells her hopefully this will all be over soon, and Cole asked John to tell Starr he loves her.

Schuyler tells Gigi he is there for her when things get rough with Stacy and with the baby. They reveal that they may have a lot more feelings for each other than either is willing to admit. Rex enters and demands to know what they might be talking about behind his back.

Layla goes to find Fish when she has some break time and asks him what is up. He then replies it was nothing.

Cristian tells Kyle that he does not have “feelings” for Layla. He’s concerned with the fact that she’s into Oliver and she could get hurt. Kyle tells him that if Oliver wants to live a lie, he washes his hands to the whole thing. But Cristian does not intend to do that.

At the station, Layla indicates to Oliver that she believes they have a future together. He lies again but finds himself hesitating.

After John is done talking to Starr, Todd asks her if everything is okay. She tells him everything is fine.

Téa indicates to Matthew that she has a plan to win his case at any cost.

When Rex asks Gigi and Schuyler just what he walked into, Schuyler tells her that he’s late for work and has to go. He leaves. Rex asks Gigi what that guy’s "deal” is. Does he hide in the bushes and wait until she’s alone. She asks him how Stacy is. He tells her still pregnant, unfortunately. She then acknowledges to Rex that they have agreed never to keep secrets from each other. Rex agrees to that. She then admits to Rex that Schuyler just kissed her. 

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