OLTL Update Thursday 8/6/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 8/6/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Stacy sleeps alone in Rexís apartment and has a dream that she is happily with Rex and her baby after she gives birth and they come home from the hospital.  Itís a baby girl and Rex reflects that he always wanted a girl and proposes to Stacy.

Viki awakens with Charlie and sees her wedding ring.  He jokingly says she cannot take it back.  She admits that she doesnít know why they ever agreed to a double wedding.  There was so much more drama than was necessary.  He agrees and acknowledges that she is now Mrs. Charlie Banks.

In her apartment, Layla asks Fish which dress and jewelry of hers he prefers.  He asks why he would know.  Cristian overhears them.

At Buenos Dias, Marty talks to John asking him what will happen while Cole is working undercover to catch the drug dealers.

Brody goes to see Cole in his new apartment.  He tells him that he is also working undercover on the case.  As far as everybody knows, heís just another bartender at Rodiís.  He wears his shirt with Rodiís logo and goes out the door.  As he exits the apartment, Asher and another man are outside the door.  The man suspects that Cole and Brody are not who they say they are.  

Gigi talks to Rex about the fact that Stacy is pregnant.  She tells him of course she loves him and forgives him, but she cannot believe that her sister is carrying his baby.  Itís something they are both going to have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Stacy continues to dream that she is having Rexís baby and they are getting married.  She awakens to remember that she has miscarried and the baby is dead.

Gigi tells Rex that she has to accept that her sister is having his baby.  He tells her that they agreed that Stacy would not come between them.  She tells him she hopes so.  She then tells him that she has to fix her mistake.  She will go and apologize to Stacy for suggesting she have an abortion.  He tells her that he does not want her to do that.  She need not fix anything.  She just needs to stay out of it.  She is very worried that her sister is winning.  Stacy is not worried.  She is very confident now that she has Rexís baby growing inside her.

Stacy awakens.  She cries and realizes that the one chance for Rex to love her is gone.  She remembers that that terrible bitch, Gigi wanted her to have an abortion.  Gigi got her way.  Stacy and Rexís baby is dead.

Fish tells Layla that everything is ok.  He kisses her and tells her he has to get to the cop shop.  When he goes out the door, Cristian appears.  He asks her what is up.  He asks if the big secret is that Fish is gay.

At Buenos Dias, Roxy talks to Kyle Lewis and asks if the big secret is that Fish is gay.  She knows that cops canít let anybody know that they are.  Itís part of their culture.  She tells him that she does not believe that men should hide their sexual orientation.  He tells her that he knows that Oliver made his choice and Kyle cannot do anything about it.

After John leaves Buenos Dias, Starr enters with baby Hope.  Marty goes to see her grandchild.

When Brody attempts to get out of Coleís new apartment without Asher and the other man knowing he is a cop, he tells Cole that he needs to have his privacy respected.  Brody gets out the door.  They ask Cole why that man has been there twice today.  Cole replies that he didnít have enough money and had to go to an ATM and come back with the cash.  Cole asks why they need to know.  The one man tells Cole that he will be the one asking the questions and pushes Cole up on a table.

Gigi tells Rex that she intends to see Stacy and make peace.  He tells her there is no reason for her to do that.  She must know that Stacy will not forgive her for giving her money to abort the baby.  Gigi asks Rex if he will forgive her.

Viki tells Charlie she wishes they could hide there all day.  He tells her heís game.  She admits to him that she promised Bree a trip to the zoo, and she will be knocking soon.  He says he locked the door.  He intends for them to have a honeymoon one way or another.

Rex tells Gigi that he wishes the problem would go away.  She asks him if he means that the problem, but not the baby, should go away.  He asks if she has a problem with that.  She admits that she doesnít want this in their lives.  All she wants is Rex, her, and Shane.  He tells her that he does not intend for Stacy or their baby to come between them.  She tells him that that is easier said than done.  It will take up his time.  He will have to give something to his child.  It will take a piece of his heart away from her and Shane.  They will be competing for him.  He tells her she must know that this is not a competition.  She tells him that she is afraid that it will be, and it appears that Stacy is already winning.

Brody returns to the police station to talk to John and reports that when he went to Coleís home, he saw a man with Asher.  John asks if he can describe this man.  Brody then shows John a cell phone photo of him.

Meanwhile the man rips open Coleís shirt to see if he is wearing a wire.  Asher tells Cole it is standard procedure.  The man tells Cole that he knows that Brody is working for John McBain the cop.  He demands that Cole tell him just who the hell he is.

Roxy leaves Buenos Dias and runs into Fish at the door.  She indicates to him that she knows that he and Kyle had a relationship.  Fish is clearly not ok with that.

Cristian asks Layla if he walked in on her and Fish having it out over the fact that he may be gay.  She tells him that it was a total misunderstanding.  They talked it out and everything is ok.  Cristian does not buy that.  She tells him she has to get to work.

Rex tells Gigi she wishes she could trust him.  She tells him itís only simple math.  There are only so many hours in the day and only so many ways anybody can stretch.  Yes, she knows that they can do their best, but they know Stacy.  He tells her that even though Stacy is staying at his loft, she is alone.  If she pulls anything, she is gone.  Gigi reminds him that now that Stacy is having his baby, thatís something she can always use as leverage to get away with doing whatever she wants.  He then tells her that he will go and see Stacy and attempt to smooth things over.  He assures her that everything will be fine.  Gigi cries and is very worried.  After Rex leaves, Schuyler arrives and asks if she is ok.

Viki and Charlie talk about all of the places they could go for their honeymoon.  She asks if he knows that this is the very first time since theyíve met when there is no crisis.  Her paper can run itself.  He can have his subcontractors cover for him when heís gone.  They can just take off and live their dream.  He tells her that he is living his dream every day.  They agree that this will just be them.

Cristian sits alone and remembers reading the letter that Fish wrote to Kyle Lewis confirming that he is no longer ďthat man.Ē

Fish takes Kyle outside and demands to know why he spilled the beans to Roxy.  Kyle tells her that he did not tell her anything; she figured it out, and whether Fish wants to admit it or not, the two of them used to be lovers.

Inside the Buenos Dias, Starr talks to Marty about what might be happening to Cole.  Marty assures her that John will not let anything happen to Cole.

Cole explains to the man that Brody is not a cop.  He works at Rodiís, the bar that John owns.  The man asks Cole why he would move out of his motherís home, drop out of high school, get his own place, and deal drugs.  Cole replies that he has a felony criminal conviction, no high school diploma, and no job so his options are limited.  The man puts down his briefcase on the table.

Rex goes to the loft and sees Stacy keeling over.  He rushes and asks her what is wrong.  She tells him she has something to tell him.

Schuyler admits to Gigi that he waited for Rex to leave before coming to talk to her.  He knows that Rex would not want him there.  He asks her how the wedding went.  She admits that she didnít go to Vikiís wedding.  instead, she went to see Stacy and urged her to have an abortion.  She even got money to pay for it.  Schuyler is surprised to hear that.  She asks if that makes her a monster.  He tells her that he realizes that she felt desperate.  She tells him that Stacy is pregnant and if she has the baby, they will be stuck with her forever.

Rex notices that Stacy is having cramps.  He asks if she had the abortion.  She tells him no, she could ever do that.  Their baby is fine.

Charlie tells Viki that when he married his first wife, she got pregnant on their honeymoon.  She assures him that there is no chance of that happening this time.  He remembers that he was a lousy father to Jared.  He couldnít crawl out of the bottle long enough.  She encourages him to know that he is a great father to Jared now and when Jared and Natalie have kids, Charlie will be the best grandfather in the world.  Right then, Bree enters and asks her grandma if sheís ready to go to the zoo.  She tells Viki she wants Charlie to take her on the safari train.

Fish asks Kyle if he got the letter that told him he is no longer that man.  Kyle tells Fish he disregarded it.  He canít change being gay.  Thereís no shrink, deprogramming, or anything else that can take it away.  Fish tells him that things are different.  Heís with Layla now.  Kyle asks him if she knows about him

When Cristian asks Layla if Fish is gay, she tells him she does not have time for this.  She asks him why he has a problem with her being with a man who treats her well.  He tells her that he cares about her and wants what is best for her.  She admits that she looked for a man like Fish throughout her entire life.  Heís nice.  Heís smart.  Heís funny and he has integrity.  She hopes that this wonít end up in disaster.

John and Brody look at the photo of the man who was with Asher at Coleís home.  John can see that this man has worked for the Russians, among others.  He has no specific loyalty.  John tells Brody that maybe they can find out whom the man works for by putting a bug in Coleís apartment.

Meanwhile, that man scans the entire apartment for bugs.

Schuyler tells Gigi that even if Rex loves the baby, that wontí make him love Stacy.  Gigi reminds Schuyler that he was once in love with Stacy.  He admits that he was high all the time and did not know the person Stacy really is.  She asks him if he can say that no sober or sane man could ever want Stacy.  He doesnít answer.  She remembers that Rex slept with Stacy not long ago.  Schuyler tells Gigi that Rex thought that she was done with him and that Stacy was a good person.  He made those decisions under false beliefs.

At Buenos Dias, Marty tells Starr that sheíd like to spend more time with baby Hope.  She is studying to get her medical license reinstated.  Starr tells Marty she thinks itís great that sheís going to get back to her career as a psychiatrist and she knows that Cole will be very proud of his mom.

The scan of Coleís apartment reveals no bugs.  Asher goes outside with the other man and asks if he trusts Cole.  He responds that he trusts no one.  He tells Asher that while he was scanning for bugs, he planted one of his own.  Soon he will find out anybody who is not who they say they are.

Viki observes that Bree adores Charlie.  He tells her that he adores Bree and he adores Viki too.

John informs Brody that he will install a bug outside Coleís apartment but not inside as he knows it will be too risky.  He knows that itís not ideal to only have it outside where they will not hear everything that goes on inside.  He tells Brody he did a good job today.  Right then, a uniformed cop enters and informs John that they have trouble.

After Asher and the man have left, Starr calls Cole.  He talks to her on the phone assuming that all is well.

A flower delivery comes to Laylaís work with a message from Fish that heís glad they made up.

Cristian goes to Buenos Dias and asks if his mom is there.  Roxy hasnít seen her.  He says she might be in back, receiving a delivery.  She tells him she doesnít think so because Kyle and Fish are back there having a private conversation

Outside, Kyle tells Fish that he must realize that he is a gay cop.  Fish tells Kyle that he is no longer gay.  He has a girlfriend.  Kyle tells him that he must know that he is lying to everybody including his parents and Layla and himself.  Fish must know that it was not a bad experiment; they had a relationship and he knows that Fish remembers what they had.

Rex tells Stacy that he will not abandon this child if itís his.  He wonít throw her into the street while pregnant, but she needs to know that he loves Gigi and wants to marry her if she will have him and nothing and nobody will come between them.

Schuyler tells Gigi that any man should be very grateful to have her.  She tells him heís very kind and sweet.  He tells her he is not; his thoughts are far from pure.  He kisses her.

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