OLTL Update Wednesday 8/5/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 8/5/09


Written By Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the wedding reception, Nora throws her bouquet. Blair catches it, laughs, and says this is the best part of the wedding. Téa already has Viki’s bouquet. Todd says there is plenty of him to go around – just kidding. Téa asks if he means about the three of them getting married. Blair tells Téa that perhaps she could use some quick cash, alluding to her previous marriage to Todd in exchange for $5 million. Todd tells Blair to go home. Bo gets upset when he sees the newlywed Clint and Nora kissing, so he storms out and goes into the bar where he runs in to Dr Greg and implies that he couldn’t wait to slice open his son.

At Gigi’s, she tells Rex that she told Stacy to have an abortion. He asks how she could do that.

Meanwhile at Rex’s loft, Stacy in on the floor in pain, attended to my emergency medical technicians. She tells them that they have to save her baby. The tech asks how long she has been pregnant; she says six weeks. He asks if anything happened immediately before the pain started. She says she was fine until her sister came over and told her to get an abortion.

Gigi tells Rex that she was on her way to Viki’s wedding and something came over her. She couldn’t stop thinking about Stacy, Rex and the baby so she ended up at his loft with $300. She says she can’t deal with it. She just wants it all to go away. Rex grabs his keys and says he is going to stop Stacy.

At the bar, Greg asks Bo if he is ok. He seems to have something on his mind. Bo tells him he is fantastic except that Greg wants to operate on Matthew without Bo’s permission. Then there is the other part where he might be worse after the operation, or it could kill him. Greg says Bo came to him, not the other way around; he didn’t push anything on Bo or Matthew. He tells Bo that he already told Matthew that he wasn’t sure if he would feel comfortable operating without Bo’s consent, or his wife’s. Bo yells back, “She’s not my wife!”

In the main reception area, Rachel tells Matthew that she knows he saw Bo kissing their mom and threatened to tell Clint. He says he didn’t want to hurt anyone; he just really wants the surgery. She tells him that the problem with trying to make adult decisions is that they come with adult responsibilities. He asks her what you’re supposed to do. She replies, “Decide if you can live with it.”

Natalie tells Charlie, Viki, Clint, and Nora that it means a lot to her that they allowed her to participate in the ceremony. She tells them that after the past year she has come to realize how important family is. Jared comments that they are one big happy family.

At their table at the reception, Brody tells Jessica that he thought their football practice would have paid off by her catching the bouquet. When she doesn’t respond, he asks if she is ok. She says she is fine apologizes about his finding her at Nash’s grave earlier. He tells her that he understands that she wanted to talk to him. She says that is all she has been doing since she thought she saw him the night before, and she feels like he wants to say something back. Brody says it makes sense to him and he thinks he knows why she thinks Nash is trying to tell her something.

Téa and Todd walk away from Blair and go over to Destiny and Shaun. Destiny tells Téa that since she caught the bouquet, she will be the next to get married. Téa hands her the flowers and says, “No, you are.” She tells Destiny that there is no one she wants to marry. Blair asks her to give him a break; he is trying; he even danced with her. She says now he is free to dance with Blair. He tells her he does not want to dance with Blair and it’s not his fault she showed up. Téa tells him he is right; there are greater forces at work. Their date was doomed. He tells her she is giving up too easily. She says she finally knows when to quit. She turns to Shaun and asks him to take her home. Blair comes up and says to Todd “Good, Téa is leaving, lets dance!” Téa tells Todd to enjoy his dance. Todd tells Téa he does not want to dance with Blair; he just wants to finish their date. Téa says it’s a little hard to finish their date with “dancing Blair” over there. Blair says she is not going anywhere; Viki invited her. Todd tells Blair she is welcome to stay as long as she likes; he and Téa are leaving. Téa says she is leaving alone. Todd asks if she is giving up on them so easily. She tells him that she does not like coming in second in the beauty contest. He tells her she is coming in first. She tells him that obviously Blair thinks he wants her. Todd turns to Blair and says he doesn’t want her; he wants Téa. He turns to Téa and passionately kisses her in front of Blair.

Brody tells Jessica she has had a rough year; she lost her husband; her wedding anniversary and the anniversary of Nash’s death just passed. It makes sense that she is thinking of him. “But seeing ghosts?” she asks. He tells her he does not believe it is a ghost. He says that maybe their relationship is happening too fast for her.

At the bar, Greg apologizes and says he meant ex-wife. He tells him that he does not force his services on anyone. He reminds Bo that he is here because Clint thought he could be of some help. Bo says Matthew is his son, and he says Matthew is not having the operation without his permission – or his EX-wife’s. As Bo storms out, Rachel enters. She asks Bo what is wrong, but Bo continues walking. She asks Greg what he said to Bo.

At Gigi’s place, she tells Rex he doesn’t need to go to the loft; Stacy is not having an abortion. He asks how she knows. She tells him Stacy threw the money at her and threw her out. She tells him he seems relieved. He says he doesn’t know why Gigi would do this. She tells him this baby is one more way for Stacy to ruin their lives. If there were no baby it would all be over and they would have a chance. Rex tells her that there is a baby and he cannot abandon it. He asks her if she can live with that.

At Rex’s loft, Stacy is talking to herself, saying that everything is going to be alright; the baby will being her and Rex closer together. The two medics discuss whether they should tell her now or wait until they get her to the hospital. Stacy tells the EMT that she is starting to feel better and asks him if that means the baby will be ok. The medic tells her he is afraid not.

At Gigi’s house, Gigi asks Rex if he wants to raise the baby with Stacy. Rex says of course not, but he also can’t turn his back on it. The kid didn’t do anything. Gigi says maybe not, but it comes attached to Stacy. He says Stacy won’t hurt them anymore; he won’t let her. He says he wishes he were the kind of man that could send her away if that would make things easier. Gigi says that the thing that would make things easier, “may God strike me down for saying this,” is if Stacy were not pregnant.

At Rex’s loft, Stacy tells the EMT that this baby is everything to her because it is Rex’s baby. The EMT tells her there is nothing he can do; she is no longer pregnant. She has had a miscarriage

At the reception, Todd asks Blair if that was clear enough for her. She says she is going to go throw up. Todd tells Téa they should go. Téa asks him if he thinks that just because he kissed her, she is leaving with him. She tells him it is the end of the night. He says not until he gives her a surprise.

Jessica asks Brody if he wants to slow things down. He says no, he cannot wait to start a future with her, but not until she is ready. She tells him she wants that too, she is just scared about everything, but especially the feeling she is having about Nash. She asks if he can live with that. He tells her he can do just about anything, as long as he has her.

Destiny tells Shaun that it is good that he didn’t have to drive Téa home and leave his own date. She wonders where Rachel is.

Rachel is at the bar asking Greg what he said to upset Bo. Greg tells her he was sitting there minding his own business and Bo came in and picked a fight with him about Matthew’s surgery. He said it got dicey when he referred to Nora as Bo’s wife. Rachel apologized and tells him that had nothing to do with him; they are in the middle of her mother’s wedding reception right now. He tells her that that explains why she looks so beautiful tonight. He says he is surprised his brother let her out of his sight. Some other guy might swoop on and scoop her up.

In the main reception room, Matthew asks Destiny if having the bride’s bouquet means that she will be getting married next. Destiny tells him it is only if you catch it; Téa gave it to her.

The couples cut the joint wedding cake. Viki asks Charlie if he thinks it will be as good as a pie at the Bon Jour.

At Rex’s loft, Stacy tells the EMT that he must be wrong. He explains that miscarriages are common in the early stages. She says she has to be pregnant; this is Rex’s baby. This baby proves that Rex loves her, that making love was not just a mistake. She said the baby was meant to be. It was a sign not to give up on Rex. She can’t give up on him. She has to have his baby. He tells her she can talk about all of that with the doctor when they get her to the hospital. He offers to call Rex so he can meet her there.

At Gigi’s place, Rex tells her that they can’t wish Stacy’s pregnancy away. He apologized for telling Shane about the baby without her. She apologizes for going to Stacy behind his back and telling her to have an abortion, but she did, and she can’t take it back.

At the reception bar, Rachel orders a glass of wine. Greg tells her he thought she didn’t drink. She tells him that she doesn’t, but sometimes she orders a drink to prove to herself that she can resist. He asks if it is about being in control. She says yes. He says that’s not fun. She says neither is being a drug addict. He tells her it makes sense now why someone with such fire and passion holds it back; she is afraid. He tells her she is dating Shaun because she knows it would never happen with him.

Shaun is looking for Rachel with two plates of cake. Matthew asks Destiny if she is going to get married next. She responds, Yeah, Right! He asks her if she ever thinks about getting married someday. She admits that she does.

Viki joins Blair at her table. Blair apologizes for what happened at the church. She tells Viki she doesn’t know why she behaved that way. Viki tells her that Todd has a way of making the women who care about him do things that they regret. Blair denies that she cares about Todd. Charlie comes to take Viki. Blair congratulates them.

Téa says, “This is your idea of a surprise? You have me climbing six flights in high heels. What’s so romantic about that?” Todd tells her to keep her eyes closed as he leads her through a door. When she opens her eyes, she finds that she is in a room filled with candles and flowers with a guitar on a stand in the center. She asks if he is going to sing. He says no, he is! Téa’s favorite entertainer, Frankie Negron enters,

Greg tells Rachel she is dating Shaun because she is afraid to lose control. He is nice, dependable, and trustworthy. She tells him he doesn’t know her and throws her wine in his face. Shaun enters and asks Greg if he spilled something. Rachel says not exactly. Shaun tells Rachel that he has been looking for her. He gives her the cake he brought. Greg observes that that was so nice of him.

Frankie Negron tells Téa that she is more beautiful than Todd described. Téa asks how Todd arranged to have such an international superstar come to sing for her. Frankie tells him that Todd feels terrible about what happened between him and Blair. Knowing that he hurt her was killing him.

At home, Gigi says she wishes she could go back in time, but all she can do is feel sorry, and sorry cannot change anything or fix anything. Gigi tells Rex she doesn’t want to fight anymore. She needs him and loves him. He says he loves her too. He suggests that from now on they stick together as a united front. Gigi and Rex tell each other they are sorry.

At the loft, the EMT asks Stacy again if she wants them to call Rex. She says no. He tells her she should not go through this alone. He can ask Rex to meet them at the hospital. She says she is not going to the hospital. He tells her she needs to make sure there are no complications. She tells them she will go to the hospital tomorrow. The EMT tells her it is not her fault; it’s nobody’s fault, and when she feels better, she and Rex can try again.

Charlie and Viki go to the Buenos Dias café and reminisce about how their life together began at its twin the Bon Jour. Viki says there is nowhere else she would rather be. They talk about how they missed Moe today because of the bad timing of his father’s fall. Noelle and Moe have left a pie for them with an apology for missing the wedding. Viki tells Charlie she is glad she ran away from home to be a waitress.

Frankie Negron plays his song for Téa and Todd.

While the music plays, Blair sits alone at t he bar. Greg stares at Rachel as she leaves with Shaun. Rex and Gigi go upstairs together. Stacy lays in bed alone with the pregnancy report from the hospital and a picture of Rex. Téa cries as she listens to the song. Charlie and Viki dance inside a candlelit Buenos Dias Café. Clint and Nora dance in the otherwise empty reception hall. Bo appears in the doorway, Nora sees him, and he leaves. Téa puts her arm around Todd. They kiss.

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