OLTL Update Tuesday 8/4/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 8/4/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Dorian and Blair decide to crash the double wedding intoxicated.

Gigi goes to Rex’s apartment and tells Stacy she has no reason to stay in town, have her baby and attempt to latch onto Rex. She gives her an envelope with money in it and says it is to make the pregnancy go away. Stacy asks her sister if she is suggesting she abort her baby. Gigi asks her why not. Stacy reminds her sister that she also had an accidental pregnancy. Their parents threw her out of the house. Should she have aborted? Gigi tells her that is completely different. Her baby was conceived in love. Stacy tells her so was hers. When Rex made the baby with her, he loved her.

Meanwhile, Shane talks to Rex about his argument with Gigi. Rex admits to his son that he hasn’t kicked Stacy out of his apartment. Shane asks his father why. She is a bad person. Don’t they both want her out? Shane tells Rex that he would really like his father to be straight with him. He’s tired of the secrets. If he doesn’t hear it from Rex or from Gigi, he will go and ask Aunt Stacy himself. Rex asks his son to wait for Gigi. He admits to him that the reason his aunt Stacy is going to be sticking around for a while is that she is pregnant. Hearing that, Shane tells his father that if she’s pregnant, it will be a good thing. That way, she can leave town, have her baby and get out of their lives. Shane asks who the father of the baby is. He’s probably some guy who does not love Stacy and who won’t be there for her. Shane asks his father why she can’t just go away and leave them alone. Rex tells his son that she does not have a lot of money. Shane asks his father why he can’t just sell the apartment and motivate Stacy to go away. Rex tells his son the reason he cannot do that is that the baby is his.

Stacy tells Gigi that even if she and Rex wish her baby were not his, she happens to know that it is.  When the baby grows and Rex finds out it is his child, things will be different. Gigi reminds her that regardless of anything else, Rex does not love her and never will. Stacy believes that when Rex goes with her to checkups, ultrasounds, and birthing classes, and gets to watch his child grow and develop, he will know that she is the right person for him. He will know that the baby he is having with her is the perfect child for him. Not like that wheezing brat he had with Gigi.

After Rex reveals to Shane that he got Stacy pregnant, Shane asks his father why he would do it with Stacy. Rex tells his son that he made a serious mistake. He thought that Stacy was his friend for a short while. Shane tells his father that Rex does not have to be the father to her baby unless he wants to.

Gigi tells Stacy not to speak that way of her son. Stacy tells Gigi that very soon she will need help with carrying groceries. Rex will be there to take care of her. He will learn that she is the love of his life. Gigi tells Stacy that she is delusional. She was willing to let Shane die in order to live a lie with Rex. She never got the reality that Rex could never love her.  She asks Stacy how she could possibly be a mother to any child. She does not care about children, only thinks about herself and is unfit to be a mother. She asks Stacy how she thinks she could possibly raise a baby.

Dorian stands up in the wedding, in a drunken state and tells everybody she wants to make an announcement. Blair urges her to sit down and shut up.  Blair is preoccupied with Todd and Téa. Clint, Viki, Charlie and Nora tell Dorian to get out. Viki then tells Dorian she may say whatever she wants.  Nothing she can say will prevent them from getting married. Dorian asks why she would waste time with the obvious. Everyone knows that Viki belongs with Clint, and Nora is fooling herself not to realize that the only man who will ever float her boat is her beloved Bo.  That is not why she is there. She is there to propose a toast.

Stacy tells Gigi that she may find out from Rex if he wants her to abort her child. She reminds Gigi that for 10 years, Gigi kept the secret from Rex that he had a child. She prevented Rex from what he will get to have with Stacy. She tells Gigi that she is not worried about whether Stacy can raise a baby, and she is not concerned that it could hurt Rex. What’s going on with Gigi is she is afraid that she will lose Rex. Stacy will be able to involve Rex in her pregnancy. Rex never had the chance to shop for a crib or nightlight or feel Gigi's belly.  If Gigi prevents Rex from knowing his unborn child, then all she will do is push Rex farther away and into Stacy’s arms. She tells Gigi she may take her abortion money and get the hell out of Stacy’s house. Gigi leaves.

Shane asks Rex what he intends to do with Stacy’s baby. Will he be a dad? He asks how a person like Stacy could even be allowed to have a child. Rex admits to his son that sometimes having a baby can change a person. He admits that when he was young, before he knew that he had a child, he was not responsible or fit to be a father. Shane asks Rex if he is certain that he is the baby’s father. Rex admits that he doesn’t know. Shane asks Rex what he intends to do. He knows that his dad is not going to abandon Stacy. He knows that Rex is a good guy. He might get all mushy toward the baby.  Then, what will happen to his mom and himself? Will Rex forget all about them?

At the wedding, a drunken Dorian gives her speech and then sits down. The two couples assess that that is over.  They can all continue with their wedding vows.  Bo listens and knows that Nora is incomplete. Brody can see that Jessica has her mind elsewhere.  The vows are completed. The reverend asks for the rings. Both couples exchange their rings.  The reverend and rabbi pronounce them married. The grooms kiss their brides. Everybody claps. When everybody leaves the chapel, Todd tells the intoxicated Blair that he can’t let her drive home drunk. Téa is not happy. She tells him she will go and Todd may have fun holding Blair’s hair out of the toilet.

At the reception, an announcer introduces Charlie and Viki Banks and Clint and Nora Buchanan. The guests congratulate them.  The two couples dance the first dance. Clint admits to Nora that he was a little scared when Dorian crashed the ceremony. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk about that and believes they had the perfect wedding.  When she notices Bo, she again appears incomplete. Jared asks Natalie if she is disappointed that they didn’t have a formal wedding. Natalie tells Jared that she has him and that’s all she could ever want.  The announcer invites all honored guests to join the newlyweds on the dance floor.  Natalie, Jared, and Brody wonder where Jessica has gone.

Jessica goes to Nash’s gravesite and talks to him.   It appears that somebody is watching her.

Shane tells Rex he is afraid that if Rex has a baby with Stacy, he might leave him and his mom.  Rex tells his son that he will always be there for them regardless of Stacy or the baby.  Gigi enters, notices her son crying, and asks what is going on. Shane tells his mom he knows what has happened. He is going to be a big brother.

Alone in Rex’s apartment, Stacy talks to herself about the nerve of that bitch to think that she would abort her baby. She will not take Rex from her.   Stacy feels a sharp pain. She cries, falls over and appears very afraid that she is in serious need of help.

Shane lets his parents talk alone. Rex admits to Gigi that Shane demanded an answer and told him that if they were not straight with him, he would find out from Stacy so he thought it would be better that Shane hears it from them. He asks Gigi how the wedding went. She admits that she did not go to the wedding. She went to see Stacy instead.

The announcer directs the newlyweds to change partners and dance with an in-law. Bo faces Nora and tells her that it’s official. They are in-laws. He asks her if he may have this dance.

Todd asks Téa not to walk way from him. All he wanted to do was make sure Blair was ok. She tells him that it’s not unlike the last time Blair got sloshed. Todd admits he did not remember if he and Blair had sex or not the last time he took her home drunk. He just wanted to make certain Blair did not drive.  Téa tells Todd that he knows how Blair can always get his attention. He tells her that he does not care about Blair except for the fact hat she is the mother of his children.  He asks her why they are talking about this. Aren’t they supposed to be having a good time? He asks her to dance.

In the empty chapel, drunken Blair admits that Todd is a complete fool. She knows he’s disgusting. He’s a grown man with three children chasing Téa Delgado like a teenager.  She really feels for Viki who just wanted to have a civilized wedding.  She has to have her brother there disgracing her by flaunting Téa. Todd needs a wake up call. She asks if she should be the one to give it to him.   She notices Dorian passed out on the pew.

Brody finds Jessica at Nash’s gravesite and tells her that everybody is at the reception. She tells him that they should go and join them.  He asks her if she saw anything. Did she see Nash? She tells him it’s all right. She didn’t see anything. She just wanted to bring some flowers for Nash. He tells her she may take all the time she needs. He will pull the car around and wait until she is ready. She tells him she will only be a minute. Alone with Nash, she tells him she knows he is trying to tell her something.  She asks him to help her to understand.

Rex’s cell phone rings while he is talking to Gigi.  He sees that Stacy is calling him again so he ignores it. He tells Gigi that there will be no more interruptions. He asks Gigi what happened when she went to see Stacy. She replies that she knew she had to do something so she went to an ATM and took out some money. When he asks why, Gigi tells him that she gave Stacy the money and told her she should have an abortion. Rex just stares at her.

Stacy manages to call 911. Medical staff comes to treat her. She cries in pain. They ask her if she fell. She clutches her stomach and says, “My baby.”

Bo dances with Nora and tells her that this is the second time she is known as Mrs. Buchanan. She tells him she was worried that Dorian would ruin the whole thing.  Jessica and Brody return. Viki tells her daughter that she is just in time for the brides to toss their bouquets. Rachel finds Nora and congratulates her mom for figuring everything out.  She tells her she just wants her to be happy. Nora tells her daughter she is happy. She loves Clint. Alone, Bo tells Lindsay that neither one of them could stop the wedding. It was meant to be.  He drinks alone. Todd and Téa join the bouquet tossing.  Téa catches the bouquet that Viki tosses.  Nora tosses hers over her shoulder.  Blair catches that one. Todd looks at the two women. Blair smirks.

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