OLTL Update Monday 8/3/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 8/3/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Stacy returns to Rex’s home with groceries, assuming she can stay now that the word is out that she’s pregnant with his child. He tells her that she is not staying there anymore. He is kicking her out.

Todd and Téa are sitting together at the wedding reminiscing about old times. He tells her he has a surprise for her. She cannot guess what it will be. She smiles. Matthew and Destiny are together. She remarks that she wonders where Shaun is. All Matthew can talk or think about is getting the surgery. Bo is there with the groomsmen, but they notice that the brides and bridesmaids have not entered.

Viki, Nora, Natalie, Jessica, and Rachel are alone in a room. Viki asks the others if they can let her talk privately to Nora. She tells Nora that she would like to discuss something with her about something that happened at Asa’s lodge.

Dorian and Blair are alone in the house drinking. Dorian tells her niece that the two of them have better things to do with their time than be around all of these worthless people. Just at that moment, they hear a cat outside. Dorian goes outside to see an adorable little kitten on her patio. She brings the kitty inside and welcomes it to her home. She prophesized that this adorable little creature came to the right place. We see a “premonition” of the two of them all alone as old women in the house. Blair puts on an old vinyl music record and plays it on a turntable. They have cobwebs all over their home and appear to be old with no lives. Blair dances to the music. Dorian dances and sings. They are happy to be alone with nobody nearby. It appears to be Blair’s “disenchantment” when she notices her aunt warming up to the kitten.

Bo asks Clint if he is really certain about Nora. Clint tells his brother that she is marrying him. Bo is ready to tell his brother something. At that moment, the reverend takes Clint aside before Bo can say anything. Jared finds Bo and tells him that he has his speech ready for his father and asks Bo if he has his for Clint. Bo admits that he does not.

Viki tells Nora that she knows that if Asa were there, he’d want her to get back with Clint and for Nora to get back with Bo. It seems more than coincidental that the banner said that very thing. She also informs Nora that she and Clint mysteriously found a wedding gift that Asa gave to them many years ago. Hearing that, Nora asks Viki if she (Viki) might want to get back with Clint. Viki replies no. She loves Charlie. She is okay with her ex-husband moving on. She would not have approved of his marrying Dorian but is very happy that he is marrying Nora.

Shaun enters the wedding and finds Destiny and Matthew. He notices Rachel and talks to her.

Jessica and Natalie talk about Nash. Jessica admits to her sister that she remembers her husband’s funeral when she’s in a church again. Remembering the tragic death of Nash, Natalie tells her sister how sorry she is. Jessica assures Natalie that everything is okay. It was an accident, and she does not blame Natalie.

We see Nash’s tombstone and a mysterious unseen person looking at it in the graveyard.

Stacy asks Rex why he’d want her thrown out of his home with nowhere to go. He tells her that she risked his son’s life and he will never forgive her for that. He owes her nothing after that. It’s not his problem what happens to her. She asks him if he wants to do that to his child that she is carrying. He tells her that he has no proof that it’s his baby. It could very well be that of Fish’s. She slept with him. She tells him no. That was months ago. He tells her he bets she slept with Stan or with countless other men. He suggests Schuyler. She admits that Schuyler hasn’t slept with her in many years. He’s not interested in her and obviously is interested in Gigi.

Schuyler goes to see Gigi. She tells him that she has to get to a wedding. He can tell that she is distraught to find out that her sister could be pregnant with Rex’s child. He asks her if she and Rex broke up. She replies no, but they will never get rid of Stacy. Their lives will never be the same. That kid and Stacy will be there forever.

Rex tells Stacy that she doesn’t have to have the baby. He can pay for her to abort, or give it up for adoption, or do whatever she wants if he finds out it’s his. But until such time, she is on her own. She asks him if he will not regret what could happen to his baby if he throws the two of them out on the streets.

In Blair’s “premonition” of herself and Dorian aging alone together in the house, she envisions Todd coming to see her. He notices that she is not wearing the types of clothes that he is interested in. She explains to him what she does with her new wardrobe. She notices Todd in a tuxedo and indicates that she might still be “interested” in him and missing him. He does not respond. At that point, she realizes that is not what she wants.

At the wedding, Todd tells Téa that it’s taking too long for the brides to enter. Where could they be?

Jessica, Natalie, and Rachel enter. Viki and Nora are not there. Clint admits that he’s been waiting for Nora for a long time. She takes a long time to make up her mind about many things.

Viki observes that Nora cannot decide what earrings to wear, and there is a reason. Nora reflects that marriage is forever. She admits that she made a tragic mistake marrying Daniel Colson and found out she married a total stranger. Viki asks her if she is ready. Nora tells Viki that she has to take care of one more thing. Viki leaves the room. Alone, Nora looks at herself in the mirror and asks what she is going to do, acknowledging that she got herself into something she regrets.

Stacy tells Rex that she happens to know that this is his child. This is his “chance” to do this right. He has to be there for his child and cannot start this “relationship” by throwing them out on the street. Rex says nothing and goes out the door.

Rachel tells Bo and Clint that she knows it takes her mother a long time to get ready for many things. But she knows when Nora makes up her mind, she sticks to it. Natalie asks Rachel if they should not go and hurry Viki and Nora up. Jessica finds Brody and tells him that she knows that it’s crazy that anybody would believe that Nash is there. But Brody tells her he does not believe she’s crazy to have memories of Nash. He knows that there has been somebody lurking outside her home spying upon them unseen. They make it very clear how much they mean to each other. She goes and looks at the candles and asks Nash why she keeps seeing him.

An unseen person observes the marriage announcement between Jessica and Nash when they first married, right by Nash’s gravesite.

When Blair and Dorian are alone on the patio drinking, Dorian tells Blair that they are both better off alone than with the wrong man. At that moment, Blair has her “premonition” of Todd announcing to her that he’s moved on and married Téa. Starr and the boys approve and everything is great in his life. Blair tells him that she could have married many different men. Téa then enters wearing a gorgeous gown and asks Dorian what is going on. The house is infested with cobwebs and both Blair and Dorian look terrible. She observes that the cat is going to the bathroom behind Dorian’s portrait. Dorian remarks at least somebody is doing what they want to do. Blair then observes her aunt and does not seem to support Dorian’s idea that they are both better off alone.

In the church, Rachel, Jessica, and Natalie walk down the aisle with flowers. Viki enters behind them and smiles at Charlie. Clint notices that Nora has not arrived. Bo indicates he might know why. Destiny asks Matthew where his mom is. He admits he does not know. They both conclude that the reason she’s not there might be because she kissed his father the previous night. Nora appears and walks down the aisle with Viki.

Blair and Dorian continue to drink and eat ice cream on the patio wearing their robes. Blair has her premonition of Todd and Téa visiting them wearing their elegant clothes. Téa admits they will not be staying. She and Todd are wanted at Viki and Charlie’s “soiree.” They remark that Dorian’s home is now condemned. Todd remarks that there is no AC, or running water, or power. Now that Dorian has no longer paid her bills, she might not be able to stay there. People are beginning to talk, Todd explains. It’s a little embarrassing. He can’t let his ex-wife stay there. So Dorian has to sell the house. She tells him that she and Blair will never leave La Boulaie. Blair admits that she is not okay with that happening in her future.

Stacy is alone in Rex’s apartment forcing herself to drink milk and waits for Rex to return. She tells the baby that she is going to prove that it is his. She knows she will win Rex over. He will come to all of her checkups and watch the sonograms. They will get closer and closer. Rex will forget all about Gigi, and the three of them will live happily ever after.

Rex goes to Gigi’s when Schuyler is there. She asks him if Stacy is gone and urges Rex to please tell her she threw Stacy out. He admits that he didn’t quite have the nerve to kick her out. He will let her stay there alone because maybe she shouldn’t be out on the streets. At least he won’t be there with her. He will be with Gigi. She tells him she has to get to Viki’s wedding. She doesn’t need Rex to come with her. But he urges Gigi to wait and realizes they need to talk.

At the church, both couples are finally joined. The reverend starts the proceedings. He gives his speech and talks to God and all of the guests. Clint and Nora face each other. So do Viki and Charlie. They announce that both couples have prepared the words to share with each other. Charlie tells Viki that she changed his life when he walked into that diner in Paris, TX. Her belief in him and her friendship as well as those eyes are all he’s ever wanted. Were it not for her, he would not have found his son or anything else that matters to him. She is his rock and he will spend the rest of his life trying to make her happy. She tells him that he already makes her happy. She never thought she’d feel this way again. He has given her friendship, support, love, and joy. She will never forget when they first met at the Bon Jour.

Dorian notices that Blair is discontented to be alone. Blair has her premonition of Téa and Todd as a happy couple with money and influence. They talk about offering Blair and Dorian charity. Blair tells them no way. Téa announces that they just visited Ray Montez and his new gorgeous wife. Hearing that, Dorian is not okay. Blair then tells Todd she will not let him end up with that two timing ambulance chaser. He tells her that Téa no longer needs to work. She is his wife. But Blair wants Todd to give her another chance. Todd tells her that she gave up her chance and made her choice. Blair and Dorian are surrounded by a condemned house. Dorian is happy to be alone with just the two of them and the cat. But Blair tells her aunt no way. She seems to know that Dorian’s befriending the cat is the first step to being alone for the rest of her life.

Rex tells Schuyler that it’s none of his business what he and Gigi decide. But Schuyler tells Rex he cannot let Stacy manipulate her way into ruining their lives.

Gigi goes to see Stacy and tells her sister she has an “answer” to their “little problem.”

Schuyler asks Rex if he has a problem with Schuyler being Gigi's friend. Rex tells Schuyler that he knows he wants more than friendship with Gigi, and Schuyler needs to leave them alone and let them work out their issues. Schuyler tells Rex that he must see that Gigi is not happy with the present situation. He suggests that, maybe, Rex shouldn’t be thinking about him (Schuyler). instead he should be thinking more about Gigi.

Blair tells Dorian that she won’t let her stay alone in the house with nobody to love except for the cat. She pulls her aunt by the hand up the stairs.

Clint gives his speech to Nora. Matthew listens to them. Clint tells Nora he loves her honesty, strength, and stubbornness. She is a challenge and his 20-minute girl. He loves her and cannot wait to see what happens next. He gives her the ring. She smiles. It appears he cannot “pop the question.” Bo stares at them.

At Nash’s gravesite, the unseen person looks at the wedding announcements of the two couples and of Jessica and Nash.

At the wedding, Clint and Nora both hesitate. She tells him that she knows she loves him. He deserves the best. He tells her that is her. She tells him that that is it. The reverend asks if anybody there can show just cause as to why they should not be lawfully wed, and if so, they must speak now or forever hold their peace. At that point, both Bo and Matthew look like they are ready to speak up.  Nora motions to both of them to “shhhhh.” 

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