OLTL Update Friday 7/31/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/31/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Todd comes down the stairs and gets ready for his "date” wearing his tuxedo. Blair enters and looks coldly at him.

Dorian notices Viki’s wedding announcement and photo and draws a beard on her. She indicates that she has some spiteful plan in store for Viki.

Viki is helping Charlie get his cuff links on. They talk about his most recent fishing party with Jared. Outside, Jared and Natalie observe them. He tells her he thought it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding. He asks her where Jessica is. Natalie indicates that Jessica was “not herself.” Hearing that, he asks if Tess or Bess came out. She tells him she doubts that has happened. She just noticed Jessica getting angry with Bree and wondered what was up with that.

In the chapel, Matthew is dressed in his tuxedo and has a private conversation with God. He asks Him if he is “wrong” to be in his parents’ face about the surgery. He knows that he made it happen. He does not want to file the lawsuit but felt he had to because they wouldn’t even listen. He, maybe, should not have blackmailed them. Yet, he did, kind of, think he should inform Uncle Clint that he saw his mom and dad kissing right before her wedding to Clint.

While Nora gets ready, Rachel asks her mother if she still loves Bo. Nora replies that she loves Clint. But Rachel reminds her mother that she did not answer her question. Nora then tells her daughter that she, kind of, “went back” to a time in her past. Besides, what difference does it make? Rachel replies that it makes all the difference in the world.

Right then, Bo goes to visit Lindsay in prison and talks to her behind the “partition.” He tells her that he needs her help to stop him from doing something stupid. She asks what that is. He replies it’s from stopping Clint from marrying Nora.

When Blair comes out to see Todd getting ready for Viki’s wedding, she confronts him knowing that he is taking Téa. She asks him if he plans to “wine and dine” Téa until she trusts him. Todd asks Blair if she wants to go with him. She replies she does not want to go anywhere with him. He concludes that she just doesn’t want anybody else to go with him.

Jessica attempts to talk to the unseen person assuming he is Nash. At that moment, Brody enters and asks her who she is talking to. Of course, nobody can see this “person” and it appears Jessica is “seeing things.”

In the chapel, Matthew asks God if he should have the surgery and realizes he told his parents he does not care about the risk nor believe their suspicions that it could kill him.

Lindsay admits to Bo that she heard about Nora and Clint’s engagement. He admits to her that he and Nora spent a lot of time together after Matthew’s accident. She tells him that she knew after she read about Matthew that it might pull the two of them closer together. She tells him that everybody in town knows that Nora never stopped loving him, but the question is whether he is still in love with Nora.

Rachel reminds Nora that the only reason she is now marrying Bo’s brother is because Matthew did not make good on his threat. If Clint had found out that she kissed his brother, he’d have cancelled the wedding. She tells her mother she knows she “cares” about Clint. But she knows that it will not work if Clint believes she’s only marrying him because she’s worried about hurting his feelings. Clint enters the room and appears to be suspicious. He tells them he’s sorry to barge in but wants to know if hey are still “good to go.” Rachel excuses herself so that they can talk alone. Clint notices that Nora is not yet dressed and asks her why. She replies that she is “just not ready.”

Bo tells Lindsay that he doesn’t know if he is just jealous of Nora marrying his brother or if they are growing closer because of Matthew or what is going on. He knows that he kissed her last night, and it felt great. She then concludes to him that he wonders if he is falling in love with Nora, and he’s asking if he should admit to Clint what happened so that the wedding will be cancelled. He tells her that is about correct.

Charlie tells Viki that, maybe, they should be like Natalie and Jared and just elope. She tells him that she knows if Nora and Clint were going to back out, they would have. They can both sense that there is some uncertainty with the other couple. She concludes that regardless of their situation, nothing and nobody will stand in the way of her and Charlie getting married. He asks her if she means not even Dorian Lord. Viki replies not even her.

At that same moment, Dorian is drinking and asks why Viki can be happy and not herself. She had to marry some loser who mooched off of her for years and then left her to do a hemorrhoid commercial. She falls for men who leave her to go and take care of their nut job daughters - men who marry their brother’s ex wives. They choose that over her. Why does Viki get to have it all?

Blair tells Todd good luck with his “fire works.” She tells him no matter how hard he tries, he’ll never have with Téa what he had with her. He goes out the door and tells her he knows she will never stop wanting him.

Dorian sits alone and yells to Viki that she saved her life. She asks why, just once, can’t something happen to spoil Viki’s happiness.

When Brody hears Jessica worried that “somebody” is out there, he tells her he will go and check it out. She urges him not to bother because she knows he won’t find anything. It’s as if nobody sees who is out there except for her. He asks her if she thinks she imagined seeing Nash. She tells him she knows that that is absurd. He is there listening to her talking to somebody who is not there. So he has good reason to believe she is hallucinating and ready to go back to St. Anne’s.

Destiny enters the chapel to observe Matthew asking God why the surgery couldn’t work. He tells Him he realizes it’s possible that it could kill him, but he wants a chance to be able to play sports and have his life back. She tells him that if she thought for a minute that he would die form the surgery, she would never consider having her brother do it. He hugs her. He tells her that he’s not going to die. It’s just a fear that his parents have. He notices her crying and tells her she needn’t. She asks if the wedding is still on after his parents were kissing. He tells her as far as he knows. She tells him that he must not have told his uncle what he saw. He does admit to her, however, that he threatened to tell Clint if his parents did not sign the consent to have the surgery. They called his bluff by telling him he may go ahead, and he is still suing. She asks him why it is that his mom is marrying his uncle if she was kissing his dad. He tells her that parents think they have all the right answers when they don’t even know how to handle their own lives.

Todd and Téa enter the wedding ceremony together, and she notices that he remembered her favorite flower. He tells her that he wants to have candlelight dinners, and walks on the beach, and will romance the hell out of her. He knows it won’t erase the mistakes he made with Blair. She laughs and indicates she is happy to be with him.

Blair calls the lifeguard she invited to give her son swimming lessons and make Todd jealous. He doesn’t remember her name. She invites him over to help her with her “breast stroke.” But before she can say any more, Dorian pulls the phone out of her hand and tells her she will not let her act desperate just because her ex husband has taken another woman to the wedding. Blair reminds Dorian that Viki invited her (Blair) to the wedding, yet, she obviously did not invite Dorian. Maybe she (Blair) should accept the invitation. Dorian tells her it will kill Blair to see that Todd is with Téa. Blair asks her aunt if she is supposed to just hang around and let Todd “get to her.” Blair tells her niece that they cannot let all these men get to “us.” Blair tells her aunt she can see that she has an “issue” with Clint remarrying. Dorian opens the door to let two men in the door. She asks Blair to take off all her clothes.

Clint tells Nora that she is never late for anything. She tells him that she is so sorry. He tells her she should not be. He tells Nora he loves everything about her including the fact that she still loves his brother.

Bo asks Lindsay if he should tell Nora what to do. He has to stay out of the fact that she is marrying Clint. She obviously does not believe that she has much of a future with Bo. They’ve already been there, and why should Nora give him another chance?

Again, Rachel tells her mother that she needs to think about what she really wants. Nora replies she knows what she wants. She wants Clint. He’s a good man. But Rachel asks her what about Bo.

Lindsay tells Bo he needs to talk to Nora and asks when the wedding is. He replies in an hour. She then asks him what he’s doing there with her, instead of with Nora.

Rachel tells her mother that she needs to tell Bo how she feels and cannot walk down that aisle until she does so.

Viki tells Natalie that they need to find Jessica. She’s been, kind of, “quiet” in the last few days.

Jessica tells Brody that she knows it would appear to him that she is losing it. But she hears, sees, and senses Nash. She is not certain what has happened. She then calls Natalie and tells her that she is on her way to join them. She tells her sister she is sorry for freaking out on Bree earlier and she tells her she is ready to attend the wedding. But as soon as she is alone in the room, once again, she sees a heart that somebody drew with their finger from outside the window.

Lindsay tells Clint with all of the things that Nora has done, he could do much better than Nora. If he trashes her wedding with Clint, he may never speak to Bo again. Bo tells her she’s probably right. Lindsay concludes that that does not mean that he shouldn’t do it.

Rachel tells her mother she cannot just marry Clint because she’s afraid of hurting him. She can tell him that she’s not ready to get married. She urges her to tell the truth. Nora protests that her wedding is in another hour. She reveals to Rachel that her feelings for Bo do not matter. This is a man who has not forgiven her for years. It doesn’t matter how many times she’s asked. She cannot live her life with a man who will never forgive her for being human and making mistakes. She concludes that she and Bo are friends. Finally, after all these years they are and she cannot ruin that. It will not be fair to Matthew if she does that. Rachel tells her mother that she believes she is hiding her feelings for Bo by marrying Clint. She knows that if she stops the wedding, there will be anger, and tears, and gossip. It won’t be easy. But Rachel and all of Nora’s friends and family will be there for her. She can’t live a lie. It will be worse in the long run. So, she asks her mother, what does she intend to do?

Dorian and Blair are getting massages from two young male “massage therapists.” Blair admits to her aunt that for once she came up with a really good idea for the two of them to spend time alone in the house. Dorian asks Blair if she is forgetting about Todd.

At the wedding ceremony, Todd and Téa laugh and joke, and she smiles at him indicating that she might be interested in being intimate with him again.

Matthew and Destiny both observe that his mother is taking a lot of time about appearing at her wedding and know that something is up.

Jessica, Natalie, and Viki all find Nora and notice that she is not even dressed yet.

While talking to Lindsay, Bo tells her he thought that she wouldn’t want to prevent Clint and Nora from getting married. She may still “want” Bo. She tells him that that’s true. It’s entirely possible that she’d be out for good behavior before he knows it. She admits to him that she will always love him but wants him to be happy. Although she hasn’t a clue as to why, she can see that Nora makes him happy.

Viki, Jessica, and Natalie all surround Nora and encourage her to get ready. She still appears to be incomplete about going through with her wedding.

Dorian sits on the deck with Blair and remarks why it is that the two of them have to end up alone. She admits to her that the last time she got this drunk, she fired her entire staff, totally alienated her daughter, ruined Langston’s relationship with her boyfriend, and Markko’s relationship with his parents. She got pushed in the pool. Blair appears intoxicated and asks her aunt just how she intends to top that.

At the wedding, Todd and Téa are enjoying being together.

Brody and Jared come to congratulate Clint. But Clint is away from them, knowing that Bo is not on the premises.

Natalie and Jessica ask Viki if she is ready. She faces her daughters and tells them yes. Rachel asks Nora if she is ready. Nora does not answer.

Clint faces the other grooms and their best men.

Matthew and Destiny notice that Bo is nowhere to be found. 

At that moment, Bo rushes in. Clint demands to know where his brother has been.

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