OLTL Update Thursday 7/30/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/30/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

John calls Brody to his office.  He throws Brody’s acceptance letter to the police academy into the trash.   

 At Cole’s apartment, he tells Asher that he wants to sell drugs to make money to pay for the apartment.  Asher indicates that he finds that kind of hard to believe.

Starr and Langston are talking in the living room together.  Langston reflects that Markko really needs to find a place to live that he can afford.  Starr tells her that he doesn’t have to; her aunt Viki will let him stay with her.  Langston reminds Starr that Markko is not used to being waited on and having Téa in the morning with rich people.  Markko just feels as though he’s getting in the way when Viki and Charlie are about to get married.

At Viki’s, while Natalie and Jessica are rushing to get the plans ready for the wedding, Markko tells them that he can help them.  He’s obviously uncomfortable just sitting around.  He will run some errands.  He goes out the door.

Nora goes to see Rachel and admits that everything is going wrong.  First, the clasp on her necklace broke, she is running late; so many things are happening.  Rachel tells her mother she can relax and get ready for her wedding.  Nora adds that is IF there’s going to be a wedding.  Hearing that, Rachel asks her mother what she is talking about.  Nora then replies to her daughter that she may ask her brother.

Matthew goes outside Clint’s door.  Bo appears and asks his son if he plans to rat his father out to his uncle.  If that’s what he wants to do, go ahead.

At Viki’s, Jessica and Natalie are happily with Bree.  The young girl bounces a ball that falls out of her hand. When she runs outside after it, it appears that somebody is standing there to give her back her ball.  When she runs back in Jessica then tells her daughter that she needs to stay inside.  Jessica notices that Bree has a new stuffed animal and asks her if he grandma gave her that.  Bree replies no, Daddy did.

When Markko goes outside, he runs into his mother.  He tells her she has disowned him and he no longer needs her or his father, but she hugs her son and admits that his father is wrong.  He asks her if she is going to protest to his father so that he can come home.

Langston informs Starr that Markko’s’ father is not budging.  He packed up a bunch of his stuff and dropped it at Viki’s for Markko.  Starr asks Langston how he could do that; Markko is the perfect son.  Langston explains that his parents believe he’s committed a sin by having sex outside of marriage and they see her as the girl who ruined their son.  Starr tells her that they will have to get over that -- sex happens.  As long as they are responsible, then they should not be judged.  She does admit to Langston that she and Cole are having sex again,

Cole informs Asher that he needs to make money.  He does not have many options.  He has a baby to support.  Asher tells him that he thought that his baby died, but Cole tells him no, they found out that she is alive.  He has a baby daughter named Hope, but Asher wonders why Cole needs to deal drugs.  Can’t his mom help him?

At the station, Brody tells John that he has been attending the police academy after getting accepted and now John has booted him.  He assumes it must be because John believes that he could not make it as a cop.  John tells him no, he has looked at all of Brody’s records and believes he’d be an excellent cop  the reason he wants Brody to get out of the academy is because he needs his help with a very important case.

After Nora indicates to Rachel that Matthew might prevent her from marrying Clint, Rachel asks her mother what is up with that.  Nora replies that her son came to her and Bo and told them he would drop the lawsuit if they would consent to the surgery.  Rachel asks what he told her he’d do if she did not consent.  Nora replies that Matthew told her he would go and inform Clint that he saw his mother and Bo kissing.  Rachel tells her mother that Clint would never believe a lie like that, but Nora admits that it’s not a lie.

Outside Clint’s door, Bo asks his son what he’s waiting for.  Matthew asks his father if he really wants him to tell Uncle Clint what he saw last night.  Bo tells Matthew he may do what he needs to do.  Matthew reminds his father that he did not answer his question.  Bo tells his son that he did not think that Matthew wanted an answer.  He knows that it’s all about Matthew.  It has nothing to do with his father or mother or uncle.  Matthew might want to think of what could happen if he goes and shoots off his mouth about something he thought he saw and then somebody gets hurt, but Matthew affirms that he knows what he saw.  Right then, Clint opens his door and asks his brother and nephew if they need something from him.  Bo tells his brother that Matthew has something to tell him.  Clint tells his nephew he has wedding to get to so Matthew needs to spit it out.

Outside Viki’s home, Markko notices that his mother has something to give him.  She admits that she has some money for him and some to give to Mrs. Davidson.  She has some food for him, as she’s worried that he looks so thin.  He admits that he’s disappointed that she won’t tell him he can come home.  She then tells him that she wants him to mind his manners and be a good guest and he may inform Mrs. Davidson that she is very grateful to her for helping her son.  She then tells him she promises to work on his father.  She hugs her son.

Inside, Starr asks Langston not to tell anybody, but she and Cole made love because they don’t know when they will see each other again.  Langston realizes that Starr isn’t telling her something. 

Cole presents his case to Asher that he needs money for his child because Starr will be 18 soon and they will be on their own.  Asher asks him why he can’t work with his friend, Markko at the diner.  Cole tells him he won’t make enough money bussing tables.  He then tells him that nobody is going to hire him without a GED and his criminal record does not look good on a job application.  Asher tells Cole he does not care.

At the station, John tells Brody that he is taking a big risk trusting him and needs Brody to tell him if he can be trusted.  He realizes that he has not told Brody what the job he has for him is.  Brody tells John that he wants an opportunity to do police work.  He won’t tell anybody what he’s doing except for Jessica.

After Bree tells Jessica that “daddy” gave her the new toy, Jessica yells at her daughter and demands that she stop lying and tell her where she got it.  Natalie enters and asks her sister why she is yelling at Bree.

Noelle informs Viki that she really wanted to attend the party last night, but Moe’s father, Jeremiah is taking a turn for the worse; they have to fly down to Texas.  Unfortunately, they won’t be able to make it to the wedding either.  Viki remember that Noelle encouraged her to give Charlie a chance.  Viki admit to Noelle that she questions double wedding that Renee suggested that they have.  The other couple, Clint and Nora, might have some problems.

Clint asks Matthew what is on his mind.  Matthew hesitates and then tells his uncle that he just wants him to take good care of his mother and be a good husband to her.  Clint then tells his nephew that he wants to do just that and really admires Matthew’s loyalty to his mom.  Matthew tells his uncle that’s all he had to say.  Clint tells him it means a lot to him to have Matthew’s blessing.  He says he has to find Nigel and his cuff links.  Alone with Matthew, Bo tells his son he’s proud of him.  Matthew tells his father that he did not do it for him.

Rachel asks Nora if she made out with Bo last night.  Nora tells her daughter no one has said anything about making out.  Rachel asks her mother how she could end up kissing her ex-husband.  Nora admits that she does not know.  It was a bad night.  The banner was wrong.  Matthew had to be carried in.  The lights went out.  She had a big argument with Matthew about the lawsuit.  She went out to get some fresh air.  Bo was there.  They started talking like they always did.  Then it happened.  She admits that he kissed her and she kissed him back.  Rachel asks her mother how she felt about that.

Cole tells Asher that he needs some serious cash, but Asher tells Cole he does not buy that and knows that he will end up in jail.

John tells Brody that he wants him to go undercover.  Brody must have everybody who asks believing that he got rejected from the police academy, but he, John and Bo know the truth.  Brody asks John what his cover will be.  John replies that he will call him and Brody may call him from Rodi’s.  As far as anybody knows, he’s just a bartender, but at this time, he can’t tell Brody any more of the details.  Brody then thanks John for trusting him.  John tells Brody that he is still in good standing with the police academy and this is his orientation.

Jessica asks Natalie to take Bree to the church and she will meet them there.  Natalie and her niece leave Jessica alone in the room.  Jessica gets on her phone to leave a message for Brody that she needs to see him.

Bo asks Matthew if he’s not going to go through with spilling the beans to Clint.  Matthew tells his father that he won’t do it as leverage to get what he wants.  He knows that his parents will never respect his wishes, but it doesn’t matter because he will beat them in court.  Regarding what his father said about hurting somebody, he could never hurt Uncle Clint.  Clint has been nothing but nice to him.  He thinks he owes Clint a heads up on what is happening and he believes that Bo and Nora are hurting Clint.

Nora admits to Rachel that Matthew threatened to go to Clint.  She has no control over whether he does that.  What is she supposed to do, ask him to lie for her and Bo?  Succumb to his blackmail, hope and pray to God that he does not die on the operating table?  Rachel then asks if it’s better to tell the truth, then why doesn’t she just tell Clint herself.  She tells Nora that maybe by having Matthew doing it, and then she will look like a liar and a cheater and give Clint good reason to call off the wedding.  Is that what Nora wants?

Viki admits to Noelle that she will always love Clint, but Charlie is her future.  She’s very happy for Clint and Nora.  Noelle reflects that she might feel differently.  Viki tells Noelle that she and Clint share four children and have gotten over their divorce issues.  She admits to Noelle that she has been married 8 times to six different husbands.  Noelle laughs and tells her no wonder she ran off to Paris, TX to pour coffee for a living.

After Rachel challenges Nora by telling her that she may have an underlying need to get Clint to call off the wedding, Nora tells her daughter she cannot deal with this right now.  Rachel apologizes for grilling her mother, but she asks her if she really has unfinished business.  Nora gets a call from Bo who informs her of the verdict where Matthew had his chance to tell Clint everything but chose not to.  He then tells her he has to go.  Clint enters and knows that Bo has something on his mind.  He asks what is up.  Bo lies to his brother that there was something going on at the station.  Clint tells Bo that he thinks it’s good that Matthew wants Clint to take good care of his mom.  Matthew has nothing to worry about.  He adores Nora; everything about her, even the things that drive him nuts, even the fact that he knows that Nora still loves Bo… similarly to the fact that Clint still loves Viki.  He tells Bo he could not marry anybody who did not love his brother.

After Nora gets off the phone and informs Rachel that Bo informed her that Matthew didn’t give Clint a reason to call off the wedding, Rachel asks her mother if she wants Clint to do that.

Brody comes to the house when Jessica informs him that she’s worried about what Bree might have found outside.  He can see that she is rattled.  He asks her what is going on.  She explains that Bree went after her ball and when she came back inside, she had “this.”  Noticing the stuffed elephant, Brody asks her why she is so worried about that.  Jessica then explains that Nash used to give Bree stuffed elephants.  It was kind of their thing.  She asked Bree where she got it and Bree replied that Daddy gave it to her.

Langston asks Starr what this type of community service Cole is doing.  Starr admits that she cannot tell her because somebody could get hurt.  She asks Langston not to even tell Markko that they had this conversation.  Langston tells her ok, but Starr needs to tell her if she needs to talk.

Asher tells Cole he does not trust him because everywhere he sees Cole, he has that cop hanging around.  Cole explains that John likes his mom but doesn’t really care what Cole does.  Asher hands Cole a pill and tells him to prove it.

Markko goes to see Langston and tells her he’s not ok, because his mom showed up with only money and food but no word that he can come home.  She won’t fight his old man.  Langston holds him, kisses him, and tells him if he wants to feel better, he came to the right place.  In the other room, Starr observes the photo on her cell phone of her, Cole and baby Hope.

Cole tells Asher taking the pill will only prove that he will use his supply.  He gets up to escort Asher out, telling him it’s not worth it; he will find another supplier.  He says he can make enough money without Asher’s help.  He knows many people in prison who will come to him and he can live high, but he was hoping that maybe he could cut Asher in and help him to make some money too.  At that point, Asher asks him to hold on.  Cole tells Asher how he can find many people getting out of rehab who may think they want to use but who will be bringing them a lot of business.  With a little push, he can help Asher to find them and make a lot of money if Asher can cut him in on the supply.

Jessica asks Brody why Bree would say that her daddy gave her the stuffed elephant.  He tells her he realizes it’s weird.  Someone is watching them from outside.

Viki shows Noelle pictures of all of her husbands.

Rachel tells Nora that maybe she needs to face what is going on and at least postpone the wedding.

Bo and Clint get ready together.  Nigel has Bo and Clint share a toast. 

Jessica can see that somebody is outside although she cannot make out whom it is.

Matthew gets on his phone to tell Téa not to cancel the hearing. 

Nora evades Rachel’s question about whether she loves Bo.  

Bo goes to see his ex-fiancée Lindsay in prison and tells her he needs his help.

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