OLTL Update Wednesday 7/29/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/29/09


Written By Brenda
Pictures by Laurie R.

John takes Marty and Cole to the apartment Cole will occupy during his undercover assignment.

On the patio at Dorian’s house, Blair and Starr discuss Cole’s community service. Starr pretends she doesn’t know what Cole will be doing. Blair tells Starr she is proud of Cole for taking his life around and proud of Starr for sticking by him. Starr tells Blair she heard about her and Todd in the cabana and asks what’s up with that. Meanwhile in the foyer, Dorian asks Todd if Téa declined his offer to move in. He tells her Téa is thinking about it and he is sure she will call.

At Nora’s house, Téa tells Matthew that his case is on the docket for tomorrow. She explains that she has expert witnesses who will testify about the safety of the procedure as well as character witnesses who will support the claim that Matthew is mature enough to make the decision for himself. Matthew says “one more thing to put the squeeze on them.” When Téa asks what he means, he says he thinks they may be able to settle out of court. His parents will agree to let him have the surgery.

Bo arrives at Nora’s house to help Clint get ready for the wedding. Nora runs into him as she is leaving to get ready. She asks if he thinks they should talk about what happened last night.

Schuyler arrives at Rex’s loft and is surprised when Stacy answers the door, asking why she is still there. She tells him Rex wouldn’t throw out “the mother of his child.” He accuses her of making up a phony pregnancy to try to keep Rex. She shows him the hospital report that confirms her pregnancy.

At Gigi’s place, Rex asks when they are going to talk about it. She says she wants to talk about the fact that he slept with her sister, probably knocked her up, and lied about it now.

In front of Nora’s house, Bo tells Nora that he thinks they should talk about their kiss the previous night. Nora says it was wrong. Bo says maybe inappropriate. They both agree it was crazy. Nora reminds Bo that she is marrying his brother today, and affirms that she loves Clint. Bo says he loves him too, but that is why last night is… Nora cuts him off and says completely impossible.

Inside the house, Téa asks Matthew why he thinks his parents would let him have the surgery now after they have been so adamantly against it. He tells her it wasn’t in their best interest before. He tells her he has leverage that he didn’t have before.

Dorian tells Todd that she hopes that Téa’s non-answer turns into a yes. Todd says he will get her to come. Dorian tells him to do whatever it takes to ensure that he and Blair don’t have any more indiscretions. He tells her that she needs to get some action herself. She tells him not to alienate her since she is the only thing standing between him and grave bodily harm. He tells her she is not because the last thing Blair said to him was that if he brings that tramp into her house he was a dead man.

On the patio, Blair asks Starr where she got the idea about her and Todd. She tells her mother that she heard Dorian ripping into him about it. Blair admits that she initiated the event because she was upset about what was starting up with Todd and Téa and what was ending with John and her.

At the apartment, John gives Cole cash and explains that the serial numbers have been recorded so they can be tracked. He shows Cole the entry on the cell phone he will be using that lists John’s contact number with the name ‘Tom.” Marty worries about Cole.

At the loft, Schuyler asks what lab tech she bribed this time. She assures him this is a real pregnancy. She asks how he knew, and surmises Gigi must have gone running to cry on his shoulder when she left last night. She tells him that the pregnancy will work for him too, because it will free Gigi to be with him.

Gigi asks Rex why he lied to her. He says he didn’t want to hurt her. She tells him she should have told her the truth when she asked him. She was prepared to hear it then. It would have been better than to be blindsided and humiliated by her sister. He tells her that he chose to lie about it because he didn’t want to talk about it. The thought of what he did makes him mad at Stacy and at Gigi too. She broke his heart again and again and had him thinking the worst. She took the first real family he ever had away from him. He tells her that Stacy said if they broke up so easily then they weren’t solid to begin with.

Matthew tells Nora that he has found something that may be more effective than suing his parents.

While Nora and Bo are still discussing their kiss, Téa comes out and congratulates Nora on her wedding today. Nora snipes back that Téa is doing everything she can to ruin it. Téa tells her that her son has something to share with them. Téa leaves; Nora and Bo go inside.

Blair recounts to Starr the series of events that led up to her liaison with Todd. Starr tells her mother that if she has changes her mind about her father, then she is behind her 100 percent. Todd overhears from the doorway.

Gigi asks Rex if he believes what Stacy said about their not having enough between them to hold them together. Rex tells her that every time he thinks about how she pushed him away it feels like a knife in his heart.

Matthew tells his parents that he is going to drop the lawsuit. Bo tells him he is proud of him for realizing the risks of the surgery. Nora tells Matthew that this is the best wedding present. He continues that he will drop the lawsuit as soon as they sign the consent form for the surgery. They refuse.

Starr notices her father in the doorway just as her mother begins to say what she wants from him. Todd tells them not to let him interrupt. Blair says she was just about to tell their daughter that what she wants from him is nothing, even if were the last man on earth. Dorian says that is music to her ears. Téa enters and says she hopes she is not interrupting; she let herself in with the key Todd gave her. Todd smiles and says he guesses that means she is moving in. Blair scowls; Téa giggles.

Cole tells his mother that being around drugs 24/7 will help him stay clean because it will remind him what his life would be if he had not stopped using. She tells him she is proud of him, but reminds him that it dangerous. Starr calls. He tells her John put him up in a pretty decent place. John assures Marty that he will keep Cole safe. She says she trusts him in spite of the way she pulled away when they were getting closer. He tells her it will be ok. She tells him she went to see Todd.

Schuyler tells Stacy that he is worried about her continuing her obsession with Rex. She says it is not an obsession; what she has with Rex is real. He tells her she is deluding herself. She asks him if their making love didn’t count, then why Rex lied to Gigi about it.

Gigi tells Rex she loves him with all her heart and soul. She made such a mess of things. She doesn’t blame him for sleeping with Stacy. She blames herself. She just hopes that she hasn’t lost him because of it. He says he is here now. He says he loves her and wants all the bad stuff to go away. She says they can forgive each other and start over.

Schuyler tells Stacy that Rex is not the first man who cheated and lied about it, but his lie was nothing compared to hers and the truth came out anyway. He says she is going to get caught in this lie too. She says she will take another pregnancy test if it will get him off her back, but when the truth comes out, he needs to step up and admit his feelings for Gigi.

Meanwhile Gigi and Rex are kissing. He says they can never let anything happen between them again. She reminds him that Stacy is pregnant. He tells her that they don’t know if she is really pregnant or that he is the father. He tells her that he is not going to take Stacy’s word for it; he is going to find out the truth for himself.

Blair tells Téa she knew she couldn’t resist getting in her face. Téa thanks Todd and Dorian for the invitation, but says she just stopped by to return the key. As much as she would like to share quarters and girl talk with Blair, she cannot move in.

Starr is sitting on the stairs talking to Cole on the phone. She tells him she wishes she were there with them because things are crazy with her parents right now. He asks if they found out that he spent the night there. She says no, they have other things on their minds.

Blair wonders what Téa is up to. Dorian says she thought Blair would be glad that Téa is not moving in. Blair says she does not trust Téa and wonders what she and Todd are talking about.

Todd asks Téa why she won’t move in. She says after all these years he still doesn’t know her. He says he wants to get to know her.

At Cole’s apartment, John asks Marty why she went to see Todd. She tells him that it has been over a year and she is still stuck. She thought he could set her free. At least she got to vent. He tells her she is not alone. He tells her that Blair signed the divorce papers. She tells him that is good because she would hate to have an affair with a married man.

At Nora’s house, Matthew tells his parents that if they do not sign the consent form, he will tell his uncle Clint that he saw them making out at his grandpa’s house the night before his wedding to Nora.

Nora and Bo deny that the kiss meant anything. Bo says he was just congratulating Nora on her wedding. Matthew wonders if that is what Clint will believe. He says that for a while he thought it would be cool for his parents to get back together, but right now, he can’t think about that. He has to think about what he wants and needs. Nora says that instead of suing them, he is blackmailing them. Matthew says its just business.

Cole tells Starr he doesn’t want her life to be hell because of him. She tells him she is the luckiest girl in the world because of him. John calls out to Cole so he hangs up with Starr. John tells Cole it is time to get started.

On Dorian’s patio, Blair tells her aunt that she doesn’t care what Todd and Téa are talking about. Dorian tells Blair that the only proven cure for lovesickness is finding someone new. Blair says she has tried that, and it didn’t work.

In the other room, Téa tells Todd that she does not want to be a pawn in the game between him and Blair. Todd says she won’t be. Téa says she doesn’t want to be a sex partner; she wants to be wooed. She wants flowers, dinner, champagne; she wants to go on real dates with a man who only has eyes for her. She asks Todd if he thinks he can be that man.

At the hospital, Gigi asks the doctor that attended Stacy after her fall if she told Stacy she was pregnant. The doctor says that is confidential. Stacy and Schuyler walk in. Stacy says it is ok to tell them, and that she is there for a blood test to be sure. Schuyler says he will go with her to hold her hand. Stacy says Rex should go with her since it concerns him. Gigi concurs. Rex goes to the lab with Stacy and the doctor. When Stacy tries to link arms, he pulls away and tells her not to even speak to him. Schuyler asks Gigi if she is ok. She says she is better than she was last night. She tells him that she and Rex had it out, and they are stronger now than they ever were. He says that is great.

At the apartment, John asks Cole if he is ready. Cole calls Asher, his former drug dealer, and tells him he needs to see him. John tells Cole to stick to the script and not to do anything they haven’t discussed. Starr sends Cole a text message saying that nobody told them they can’t text. Cole texts her back that he is starting and he loves her.

At Dorian’s house, Blair comes in from the patio just as Todd goes down on one knee and tells her he has another proposal for her. He asks her if she would do him the honor of becoming his… date for his sister’s wedding tonight. She says yes. He says he will pick her up at seven and asks what kind of flowers she likes. She tells him to figure it out. He kisses her forehead. She says goodbye to Blair as she leaves, laughing.

Bo tells Matthew that he tells every blackmail victim not to business with a blackmailer. Matthew says he is going to find Uncle Clint and leaves.

At the hospital, the doctor confirms that Stacy’s pregnancy test is positive. Stacy asks when she can have her first sonogram. The doctor says at about 12 weeks. Stacy asks Rex if he will want to be there to see their baby for the first time. Rex looks like he wants to throw up.

Asher arrives at Cole’s apartment. He tells Cole he heard he got arrested. Cole tells him the judge cut him a break and gave him community service. He asks if Cole will pick up trash on the freeway wearing an orange suit. Cole says whatever keeps him out of prison. Asher admires Cole’s apartment and wonders who is paying for it. Cole says that is sort of what he wants to talk to him about. Asher puts a variety of drugs on the table and asks Cole what his pleasure is. Cole tells him he isn’t interested in using; he is interested in selling.

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