OLTL Update Tuesday 7/28/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/28/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

At Rex’s loft, Rex tells Stacy they are pressing charges and getting a restraining order.  She says she doesn’t think Rex would send the mother of his child to prison.  Gigi thinks Stacy is delusional.  Rex goes quiet.

At the lodge, Natalie makes calls to the power company to do something about the outage.  They tell her that they should have power; their grid says that everything should be in order.  She tells them that they’ve already checked the breakers and cannot turn on the lights.  Natalie and Jared notice that Viki, Clint, Nora, Bo, and Jessica are all missing.

Jessica goes outside in the dark.  She thinks she sees Nash.

Matthew talks to his deceased grandfather.  He looks at Asa’s picture and tells him he knows that Asa would not want him to give up on getting what he wants. He admits that he is suing his mom and dad and wishes he didn’t have to do that.  He wishes that Asa would send him a sign as to whether he’s doing the right thing. Right then, Destiny enters to see Matthew talking to an unseen person and asks him whom he is talking to.

Nora is outside in the dark on her cell phone, leaving a message for Bo.  She wonders where he was.  Bo arrives, gets out of his truck, and tells her he is there now.  She smiles and tells him she was afraid he was not coming.

Viki and Clint are in the room and notice that Asa forgot to give them a wedding present.  They wonder how it is that it’s been sitting there and nobody’s seen it in 25 years.  She notices that the wrapping looks brand new and the card is not yellowed.  This must be a prank.  Clint observes it and can see that it’s definitely his father’s handwriting.  She remarks that it looks like he just wrote it. She asks if he thinks that it’s some kind of a joke.  He tells her either that or somebody is trying to tell them something.

Matthew tells Destiny that he has been talking to his grandfather who passed away about a year ago; he always knew what to do.  Destiny tells Matthew he needs to trust his instincts.  She asks if he believes her brother, Greg can help him.  Matthew replies yes.  She replies that in that case, he knows the answer.

Outside, Bo tells Nora that he and Clint have reconciled their differences and he will be the best man; He and his brother are ok.  Nora then asks her ex-husband what about the two of them.  Are they ok?

Viki asks Clint if he thinks that Asa’s ghost is around there somewhere. He tells her that he thinks that could be. He knows that Asa is not content to sit in the hereafter listening to angels and doing nothing.  Clint says Viki was Asa’s favorite daughter-in-law.  They know that Asa is somehow sending them a message. She asks him if he thinks they should open Asa’s long overdue present.

Outside, Bo asks Nora if they had a rough night. She informs him that some things went wrong.  Matthew had to be carried in; he was not happy with that. They remember that Asa never thought to make his lodge wheelchair accessible. That is one more reason for Matthew to believe that he must go through with suing them to get the surgery.  He asks her what Téa Delgado may have told Matthew.  She replies that Téa didn't convince Matthew to take legal action; it was Destiny.

Destiny admits to Matthew that she is afraid that his parents may not like her.  He tells her it doesn’t matter; he likes her.  He knows that his grandfather is in favor of what she is doing.

Stacy informs Rex and Gigi that she is pregnant with his child.  Gigi does not believe that and tells her she is delusional and sick.  Stacy tells them it’s beautiful and magical. She faces Rex and confirms to him that she is having his baby.  Gigi confidently tells her sister that that’s impossible. Even if Stacy is pregnant, there is no way that Rex could be the father; He never slept with her.  Stacy asks Gigi if she wants to wait until the baby is born.  She turns to Rex to ask him.  Rex says nothing.  Gigi realizes that they must have slept together even though Rex told her differently.

Brody goes out to find Jessica outside the lodge in the dark. She tells him Nash was there.  She knows that that is impossible, but she somehow heard, felt, and sensed Nash.  He then tells her that he will go and see if there is anybody out there.

Bo asks Nora how Destiny could do that; she seems like a sweet kid.  Nora tells Bo that Destiny is nice and all, but Destiny is just a young girl who may not understand what is right for Matthew.  They mistakenly believe that Matthew’s life has no value unless he can walk again. Yet, they are his parents and must call the shots.  Nora then tells Bo that maybe they need to question whether they are making the right decision. She cries and tells Bo that she is so scared; they could lose Matthew. He hugs her and tells her they will not lose Matthew.  He promises her that.

Matthew and Destiny view the picture of Asa.  She asks him how Asa might respond to his suing his parents. He tells her that maybe Asa would say something like “Buchanans always stick together, boy,” but then he might add, “Unless one of them is being a jackass.”  Asa would encourage him not to be afraid to roll the dice and take a chance on something that he wants.

Viki reads the letter that Asa wrote to her where he welcomes her and tells her she is a Buchanan now and forever.

When Gigi realizes that Rex lied to her by denying sleeping with her sister, she cries and hyperventilates. He tells her he is so sorry, it was just one time. It was a mistake.  Stacy adds that all it takes is one time.

After Brody goes around outside the lodge to see if there’s anybody out there, he tells Jessica nobody is there.  He knows that maybe she is thinking about Nash since it’s their wedding anniversary.  She seems to know that it’s not as simple as that.

Clint admits to Viki that if he had a dollar for every time Asa told him he was dead in his father’s eyes, he’d be richer than Asa. They then relive their history and all of their wedding celebrations.  They had four children together, grandchildren, and children that they buried. She remembers how Clint was there for her throughout her illness. They had a great life. All of their kids turned out great and the two of them are still talking. They both admit that they don’t regret any of it.  Outside the door, Charlie overhears them talking.  She concludes that he is marrying Nora and she is marrying Charlie. Clint tells her that if she loves Charlie and he makes her happy, she has the Buchanan blessing as well as his.  He hugs her.

Nora tells Bo that she no longer gets “pre-wedding jitters.” He remembers what happened when they first got married.  She tells him she has never been more certain in her life.  She informs him that there were many “glitches.” The kids got a banner printed and it said happy engagement to Viki and Clint and to Bo and Nora. He asks her if she thinks that it means something beyond that they need a new printer.  She replies she doesn’t know what to think.  Bo then tells her then don’t think.  He kisses her.

Stacy tells Rex that she knew they were meant to be since she was 13 years old.  He tells her that is not true; he loves Gigi.  She tells him that he told her many times that he loves only her.  Gigi is silent while hearing them.  She goes out the door.  Rex goes after her.  Stacy tries to stop him.  He demands that she get out of his way. Gigi walks down the fire escape faster than Rex can follow her.  Stacy comes after him. He tells Stacy that he could kill her and wishes she had died when she fell down those stairs.  Stacy asks him how he can say that. They made a baby together.  Rex cannot find Gigi.  When she goes outside, she runs into Schuyler.  He asks her what is wrong.

Destiny looks at the photo of Asa and tells Matthew that his grandfather sounds really cool.  Matthew tells her he knows that Asa would like her. He’d probably tell his grandson that that girl has gumption and he really admires her spunk and loyalty.  Matthew looks out the window and is shocked to see that his parents are “totally kissing” out there. Destiny goes to the window.  They both observe Bo and Nora kissing.

Outside, Nora tells Bo that they once loved each other, but they are both moving on. He asks her if it’s unnatural for him to think about her all the time. She tells him they are not going to hurt Clint.  He tells her that if he did not kiss her tonight or do something about the way he feels, he’d regret it for the rest of his life.  Jessica and Brody find them and   Jessica tells her uncle she’s glad he could make it, but she asks them what is going on.

Destiny asks Matthew why his mom would be kissing his dad if she is going to marry his uncle the following morning. Matthew tells Destiny that he needs her not to ever tell them what she saw. She tells him that she is going to stay out of it since she’s already on shaky ground with his family.  She asks Matthew what he plans to do. He admits that he’s not certain, but he is going to discuss it with them.

Viki is talking to Clint and to Charlie.  Natalie calls to them that Bo has arrived and they’ve got to get the party started.

While trying to find Gigi, Rex demands that Stacy gets out of his way, but Stacy tells Rex that he must realize that she is pregnant with his child.

Gigi informs Schuyler that what is wrong is that she has just heard that Stacy is pregnant with Rex’s baby. Hearing that, Schuyler turns away and tells her he is “so sorry.”  In response to that, she concludes that Schuyler must have known.

Bo hugs Jessica, shakes Brody’s hand, and asks them what they are doing outside.  Brody answers that Jessica thought she heard or saw someone. Bo asks them if there might be a prowler. They tell him not to worry.  They notice that the lights have gone back on. Brody and Jessica go inside and ask Bo and Nora if they are coming.

Inside, Viki remarks that it’s so beautiful. It appears that Charlie and Jared found a way to get the lights to come on. They say it just happened suddenly. Viki then takes Charlie aside and asks him if she told him today that he’s a saint. He tells her no way. She asks if she could at least call him a prince. Anybody else would have headed for the hills seeing what he saw all throughout this time. He tells her that he’s ok with the fact that she is still close to Clint.  He asks her if Nora and Bo are ok.  They notice that they are not there.  Nora, Bo, Jessica, and Brody enter.  Clint informs his brother that Nora didn’t want to start the toast until he got there.

Gigi asks Schuyler how he knew that Stacy and Rex slept together.  He informs her that he ran into Stacy at Rodi’s and she bragged to him that she had made love to Rex.  He went and got in Rex’s face about it and Rex admitted it. Gigi then demands to know why he didn’t tell her.  He replies that he didn’t think it was his place.  She admits that she is angry at him but she knows that maybe he is not the one to blame for it.

Stacy tells Rex that they will have a baby.  He tells her that SHE may have a baby, but he doesn’t think it’s his kid.  She’d sleep with Kyle Lewis as a bargaining tool.  She’d sleep with anything that walks.  For all he knows, she could have gotten a sperm donor.  She tells him that she knows, with certainty, that she is having his baby.

At the lodge, Natalie finishes her toast to the two couples.  She tells them she wishes them all happiness, laughter, and love.  They all toast.  It appears they are being watched from outside.

Gigi tells Schuyler that it’s so unfair.  After everything they have been through involving that bitch, now she’s pregnant. He tells her that that doesn’t have to change anything between her and Rex.  She tells him that the last thing Rex needs is another child, and if this is his baby, then things will never be the same.  Stacy will be a permanent fixture in their lives and they will never be rid of her.

Rex tells Stacy that he won’t believe anything until he has proof that she is pregnant.  In the meantime, she is out of his home. They are getting a restraining order.  He won’t believe anything until there’s a paternity test.  She tells him that he will come around.  She reminds him that her sister does not want to see him again, so he should leave her alone. He tells her that he loves Gigi and that will never change. He goes up the stairs. Stacy tells him that she and his baby will be waiting.

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