OLTL Update Monday 7/27/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/27/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Natalie, Jared, Jessica, and Brody are all at Asa’s going over the details of the double wedding for Viki and Charlie and for Clint and Nora.  When the open the banner they ordered, they find “Viki and Clint” and “Nora and Bo.”  The two daughters know that their parents will be there soon with their respective future spouses and it’s going to be very embarrassing to explain the mistake to them.

Back at Asa’s, Renee consults with Madam Delphina after admitting that she cannot attend the wedding ceremony at Asa’s lodge because she misses her deceased husband so much.  She seems to know that something is going on.  The fortuneteller asks Asa what is on his mind.  She tells Renee that Asa has responded to Renee by telling her that she needs to leave him alone because he has other things on his mind, which he will not tell her.

In the parking garage, after Rex admits to Bo that he had sex with Stacy, Bo asks him if Gigi knows.  Rex replies no, and if he has anything to say about it, Gigi never will know.  Yet, Bo seems to know that Rex cannot keep that secret from her.

At Rex’s apartment, Gigi reminds Stacy that she is offering her a deal.  Stacy can leave town, get out of their lives for good.  Gigi will drop the multiple charges against Stacy that could send her to prison. Stacy smirks at her sister and tells her that she can’t get rid of her that easily. Gigi asks her sister why she thinks she has any better option than accepting this deal. Stacy looks at a document, smirks, and tells her sister that she is not listening. She tells Gigi she may not realize it but she has plenty to be afraid of. Gigi demands to know what she is talking about. Stacy asks Gigi if she does not believe her. Gigi replies by asking why the hell she should. Stacy replies, because she has proof, right there in black and white. She looks at her Patient Record from the hospital.  She turns to face Gigi and tells her she has everything she needs in order to make her sister’s life miserable forever and ever and ever. Gigi observes her sister looking at the paper and asks if that is a “get out of jail free card.” Stacy replies more like a stay in Llanview for 18 years card. Gigi asks her what the hell she’s holding in her hand.

At the lodge, we see a picture of Asa looking as though he is staring at his two sons and their two ex-wives from the grave as well as Viki and Nora. Yet there appears to be no room for Charlie.  Charlie goes off to leave Viki to talk privately to Clint and Nora. They inform her that Matthew is suing his parents. Viki is shocked to find out that Matthew does not trust that Bo and Nora want what is best for him and would take such drastic action. Nora alludes that this “brilliant doctor” filled her son’s head full of hope that he could walk again soon and be able to play basketball in no time. Yet the surgery could cause him to be a quadriplegic or kill him. Viki knows that Clint brought this surgeon into town. Rachel and Destiny enter carrying Matthew’s wheelchair and Shawn carries Matthew down the steps. They all look at Matthew’s very depressed facial expression and can see that he does not accept not being able to walk and having to live this way.

After Stacy hints at Gigi that she has the goods on her, Gigi demands to know what she is holding in her hand. Stacy tells her sister that she is more than happy to explain the whole thing, but she is not certain that Gigi can handle it. Gigi confidently tells her sister that she can handle anything. Stacy tells her sister that she will tell her the whole story if she really wants to know.

In the parking garage, Rex explains to Bo that he does not think he owes Gigi an explanation or that he should tell her that he slept with Stacy. It was Gigi’s fault that he slept with her sister.  Bo asks Rex why he believes that it’s Gigi’s fault. Rex then clarifies that he realizes that it was his choice but maybe it was more like a reaction, a very stupid reaction. Rex tells Bo that he reacted as he did because Gigi was not truthful about what she was doing. He had no clue what Stacy did. If Gigi had trusted him enough to tell him the whole thing, he could have gotten Shane what he needed and known who Stacy really is. Bo asks Rex if he felt like a sucker to believe that Stacy was a good person and not capable of hurting anybody. Rex tells Bo that may be true. Stacy used his son as bait to get what she wanted.  Bo tells Rex that he believes that Gigi thought she was doing what she had to do because she was scared to death and willing to stop at nothing in order to save her son’s life. Rex asks why she thought she had to do it by herself. Bo tells Rex that maybe she fell back on what she knew best because for 10 years, it was just Gigi and Shane. Rex tells Bo he knows that, but if Gigi had just trusted him, they could have gotten through it. He realizes that he slept with Stacy and trusted her, and he will have to keep paying for the rest of his life.

Gigi tells Stacy that she wants to see the paper and believes her sister is desperate and merely playing games. She laughs. But Stacy tells her that she saw a lawyer who told her that she had a good case and the D.A. might very well rule in her favor and give her what she wants. Gigi reminds her sister hat she took her into her home, tried to find her a job, broke up with her befriend because of Stacy. Stacy reminds Gigi that Gigi tried to kill her. She pushed Stacy down the stairs. Stacy says her lawyer called it assault, reckless endangerment, and attempted murder. Gigi tells her sister she does not believe this and knows that Stacy fell down the stairs after coming after Gigi and smashing Gigi’s car. Gigi got help for her sister and tried to save her life. Stacy knows that it puts Gigi right by the crime. Gigi tells Stacy that she knows that Rex and his best friend, the police commissioner will not let Stacy get away with what she has done or believe what she wants to accuse Gigi of.

Once in Asa's lodge, Matthew remarks to his mother that he knows that his grandfather never knew he’d have to make the place wheelchair accessible.  Nora says she hadn’t thought about getting the lodge ready. She apologizes. She has been so busy with her plans that she forgot to take care of this very important priority for her son. He tells her it’s ok, but she tells him it’s not. She will call the contractor first thing in the morning. He tells his mother she needn’t worry about it. It won’t be an issue after his surgery.  She tells him that it’s not ok the way things are. He asks her if she does not want him to be happy about being able to walk again. She tells her son he may be happy about anything he wants to be happy about, but she’d rather not talk about the surgery right now. Matthew then tells his mother that’s fine with him. He will talk to her about it in court when he beats her and his dad. He appears very calm and confident. She then asks him if his lawyer, Téa Delgado asked him to tell her that and if she has told him to sue his own parents. Destiny then admits to Nora that it was not Téa’s idea; it was hers.

In the parking garage, Rex tell Bo that he cannot believe that things got this screwed up or that it could have happened this way He declares that he wants this all to be over. Bo tells him that there’s only one way to make that happen. Rex tells him that he knows he is saying that that means telling Gigi the truth, but what if she never forgives him?  Bo reminds Rex that he thought that Gigi slept with Brody and he forgave her.  He suggests to Rex that he tell Gigi everything that he just told him, that it’s over and will never happen again.  Then, Rex needs to tell her he loves her and wants to start over again. Rex asks Bo if it’s “that simple.” Bo replies yes; it’s simple. What’s complicated is when one starts lying. He informs Rex that just because he does not tell Gigi, there’s no guarantee that she will not find out anyway. Isn’t the LAST thing Rex wants for Gigi to find out from somebody else?

Stacy tells Gigi that she should be nicer to her; she is in a “very delicate” condition. Gigi asks her sister if she is implying that it’s her fault and protests that she did not push Stacy down those stairs. Stacy then clarifies to Gigi that that is not what she meant. She tells her it takes two to tango. Gigi tells Stacy she does not know what she is talking about. Stacy then clarifies to her sister that she did not get to where she is alone. Gigi demand to know what that is supposed to mean

Renee asks Madam Delphina what she just said about Asa.  What is he trying to “set right?” The fortuneteller then tells her that Asa said he didn’t think it would be a good idea to “change partners after the Do-See-Do. 

At the lodge, Viki tells Charlie she thinks that Nora is right; it’s almost as if Asa were still there.  She tells him that he is the man for her. He tells her that he is confident that they are meant for each other.

A picture of Asa falls and the glass shatters.

Renee tells Madam Delphina she doesn’t think she understands what Asa just said.  The fortuneteller replies that Asa says, “Where he comes from you’re supposed to dance with the one that brought ya.”

At the lodge, Natalie tells Jared that this “mix-up” that says: “Viki and Clint…Bo and Nora” is more than an accident.  He asks her if she thinks it’s a curse.  She tells him no, she wants everything to work but she gets kind of “stirred up” to be in this place again.  She remembers that she found out he was her “uncle” while in this very place, and since then, everything else in her life changed.  They go off together.  Then a man’s hand picks up a picture of Jessica and Nash.

When Jessica and Brody are alone, he tells her that it’s amazing how this mistake occurred.  She then assures him that her mom loves Charlie and her dad loves Nora.  It doesn’t matter what’s on this silly banner.  He can sense that she may not be ok.  She admits to him that she was thinking about Nash.  This would be their 2-year anniversary.  She tells him she still misses her deceased husband like crazy and she sees him in Bree as she grows.  She tells Brody that when she looks at him she is so happy to be with him, she sees Brody as her future, she loves him, and she knows that Nash would want her to.  Brody tells Jessica he loves her so much.

Stacy holds the medical document in her hands yet Gigi hasn’t a clue what it means.  Gigi tells her she doesn’t care.  Stacy smirks and tells her she should. Their lives are going to change forever.  Gigi tells Stacy why doesn’t she just go away and leave her alone. Stacy replies that Gigi will be all alone with nobody. She may still have Shane and they can go back to the family they used to be, but that’s it. Hearing that, Gigi asks Stacy if she really thinks that Rex will choose her over Gigi.  She asks why Stacy won’t accept her offer.  She’s giving Stacy a chance to start over.  She needs to go away.  Stacy tells her that won’t happen. Rex will love only her and not Gigi.

In the parking garage, Rex admits to Bo that once when he was a child, he broke a piece of furniture and knew he may not have to tell his mother. It wasn’t an issue. Roxy never noticed because she was always drunk. The thing regarding admitting to Gigi that he slept with Stacy is similar to him. He just wants Stacy and the whole situation to go away. Yet Bo somehow knows that Rex won’t be able to do that. He must tell Gigi that he did sleep with Stacy before she finds out about it from another source.

At Asa’s lodge, after Destiny admits to Nora that she encouraged Matthew to seek legal assistance, Nora tells Destiny she appreciates the fact that she’s such a good friend to Matthew but she should have stayed out of it. Matthew then protests to his mother that Destiny is his guest and she’s not going anywhere. Nora tells her son of course Destiny can stay. Rachel tells her brother that maybe they can discuss this whole matter at another time. Now is the time when they plan their mother’s wedding. Clint enters and asks if everything is ok. Nora tells him yes, but they know that they can’t really get on with the wedding planning. They need Bo to do the official toast but he’s not there.

In the parking garage, Bo admits to Rex that while they have been talking, he’s been expected to attend his brother’s wedding shower hours ago. Rex tells Bo he can sense that he has “issues” involving his ex wife marrying his brother and is procrastinating about attending and about dealing with it. Rex tells Bo that if he does not want Nora to marry Clint, then maybe he should do something about it before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, at the lodge, they are all wondering where Bo is and how it cannot go on without him.

Renee is talking to Madam Delphina about how Asa believes that things cannot continue in the way that people want them to go and he believes that everything needs to be “set right.”

At the lodge, Natalie and Jessica toast to their mother and Charlie. They welcome Charlie to the family as Natalie’s father in law and future stepfather. They welcome Nora back.

Delphina tells Nora that something was very weird. Everything just went black.

At the lodge while Natalie and Jessica toast the two couples the lights go out.

Bo tells Rex that even if he wanted to do something about Nora and Clint getting married, he can’t. It’s too late. He is the best man. He has to get to the party. Yet, Rex can tell that maybe Bo is giving him advice about Gigi because of Bo’s own “unfinished” communication with Nora. Bo leaves.

When the lodge goes dark, everyone wonders what caused the power to go out. Nora is concerned about Matthew. Yet he is clearly not complete with the situation and seems to know that Asa would not want it to be this way. Right then, Jessica goes into the other room and notices that an unseen person is there. She asks who is there.

When Stacy holds the paper in front of Gigi, Gigi tells her that whatever that paper says, Stacy is out of her mind. Stacy tells her no, this paper is going to change her life and her future with Rex.  Right then, Gigi gets a call from Rex. He tells her he’s on his way to the loft and she’d better not let Stacy get away.

Viki and Clint talk alone and she tells him she’s “really sorry” about this mess involving Matthew. He tells her that it’s just one more thing to bring Bo and Nora together. It appears that his entire wedding is being jinxed. It’s a bit odd that the lights go out right when Natalie toasts the two couples. Then there’s the banner that was written wrong. He tells her that it’s just a printer’s error.  he doesn’t believe in jinxes. It’s all meaningless. Viki knows that he does not really mean that.

Meanwhile, Nora and Matthew are having an argument and he won’t speak to his mother.   she notices a framed picture of herself and Bo.

Rex rushes home and informs Stacy that he and Gigi are pressing charges and getting a restraining order. Bo is going to get the cops to send her to prison if she ever comes near them again. She smirks. He asks her what is so funny. She asks him if he really wants to send the mother of his child to prison. Hearing that, he tells her that this is not about anybody sending Gigi to prison. She did not break the law. Stacy tells him that she was talking about herself. She is the mother of his child. At that point, Rex and Gigi stare at her speechlessly.

Madam Delphina says Asa's lucky number is seven.   She asks Renee if the numbers 7, 11, and 14 mean anything to her. Renee replies maybe Asa is talking about weddings. She was Asa’s 7th, 11th, and 14th wife. Delphina says Asa is still busy doing something else.

Matthew goes into a private room and talks to his deceased grandfather. He remembers that Asa always encouraged him to go after what he wants.  This is what he wants and suing his parents is what he has to do in order to get it. He does not like doing this though. He wishes that Asa were there to tell him whether he’s doing the right thing. He wishes his grandfather could somehow send him a sign. Right then, Destiny enters.

Viki and Clint look for flashlights and candles. She comes across something that Asa wrote to Clint and Viki on their wedding day.

Delphina admits to Renee that Asa is not willing or able to tell her what is really going on since Asa was never good on sharing.

Nora walks outside and leaves a message on Bo's voicemail.  Bo does not answer. She admits that she wishes he were there. Right then, she sees Bo’s vehicle. He gets out and tells her he’s here now.

Delphina admits to Renee that she can sense something or someone else’s presence.

Brody looks at the picture of Jessica and Nash.

Jessica goes out in the dark and believes she sees Nash.

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