OLTL Update Friday 7/24/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/24/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
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After Todd pulls out the ring for Téa, she tells him that she’s “all for grand gestures,” but does he really think they are ready to go down the aisle again?

Dorian finds Blair and tells her there is something she needs to inform her about, regarding Todd and Téa. Hearing that, Blair tells her aunt that she does not want to hear anything more about Todd and Téa. She’s washed her hands to both of them and is going to take a bath. Dorian tells her niece that there is something that she knows that Blair would want to hear.

Matthew informs Greg that he can schedule the surgery for him. It will just be a matter of time before it can happen. Hearing that, Rachel asks her brother if Nora and Bo have changed their minds. Matthew replies not exactly, but he knows that he can find a way. Hearing that, Greg asks if Matthew is not only15 and needing parental consent. Matthew tells him yes, but he knows his way around that. Greg then asks where all of this came from. He knows that Nora and Bo and others do not trust him. So he has no choice except to leave the issue of Matthew’s surgery alone until they reconsider. At that point, Destiny admits that it was her idea.

Rex and Gigi observe what Stacy did to Gigi’s car. They are worried of what she is capable of. They notice that she left the hospital and only wonder where she could have gone.

Stacy finds her way to Rex’s empty apartment. She envisions herself in the mirror while pregnant and fantasizes about her “future” with Rex.

In the parking garage, observing Gig’s smashed out headlights and windshield, Rex asks her just what Stacy is doing and where she is. He is very concerned that she might hurt Shane. They must alert Moe and Noelle to not let Stacy near their son. He is worried that Stacy will never give up her “fight.”

Nora and Clint talk about the complications in their wedding plans. He asks her why she has to postpone it. Is it because of the court case and Matthew?

Rachel asks Matthew where he would get the idea that he will be able to authorize the surgery. He replies that it’s his decision. He has had to take legal action against his parents. She protests that they love him and only want to protect him. He tells her that they refused to listen to him. So he went and got a lawyer. Rachel asks her brother what type of lawyer would want to do something like this. Matthew replies it was Téa Delgado. Hearing that, Rachel asks her brother why he would consider having Téa represent him. That woman is a shark. She has no ethics. Matthew protests to his sister that Téa is the best. He and Destiny researched her and found out all about her. He knows that she will help him with what he needs.

After Todd has proposed to Téa, she asks him what is up. Does he plan to just come by periodically and water the plants while he lives with Blair and the kids? He tells her that he wants her to move in with him.

Dorian warns Blair that “somebody’s” moving into their home. Blair asks just who that would be. Dorian replies Téa.

After Todd offers for Téa to move in with him, she tells him if he thinks he’s going to have a “ménage et tois,” he’s got another thing coming. She tells him that she will never forgive him for having sex with Blair. Todd assures her, that will never happen again.

At the parking garage, Rex tells Gigi that they have to call the cops on Stacy. That steel pipe she used to smash the car could have been used to hurt Gigi. They must find her.

Stacy has a “fantasy” when she is alone at Rex’s empty apartment. In her fantasy, he tells her he loves her and is so worried that Gigi might have hurt her. Right at that point, Stacy informs him of the “joyous news” that she is pregnant. She tells him that they did it. It’s now official. They are going to have a baby. She is not certain how Rex will react. He tells her he is the happiest guy on the planet, and he loves her.

Nora tells Clint that her son has sued her and Bo. So they have to postpone the wedding. Clint then tells her if she wants to go through this lawsuit, he can do that with her. He has to do that as her husband. She tells him that it’s not the time for them to get married. She did not envision all of the legal conflict involving her family and her son. He tells her that, maybe, if there is a wedding, Matthew could see things in a different light and they could all reconcile Bo gets a call from Rex asking him to come to the hospital parking garage. Bo tells them he has to go. He gets up to go. Alone with Nora, Clint tells her that he knows that this lawsuit is upsetting her. He sees that it might also be a convenient way for her to postpone the wedding. He asks her if he is right.

Rachel asks Matthew if there is not an easier way than taking his parents to court. Couldn’t he at least try to talk to them first and see if they can reach a resolution? Matthew tells his sister that he has already tried, but they won’t listen to a word. He tells Greg that his lawyer can talk to him and put him on the stand and they can win the case.

Clint tells Nora that maybe they should call the wedding off, and once the lawsuit is settled, they can reschedule. Unless of course, she is not ready to get married. They can then pull it off the table. Because if she is not ready, then neither is he.

Bo goes to meet Rex and sees the smashed car. He asks him what caused Stacy to do this. Rex informs Bo that they “tricked” Stacy to leading them to the stem cells by having her falsely believing that Shane needed another transplant. Bo asks if Rex found out where to find the stem cells. Rex replies that he found out that she was keeping an extra bag in a vault, in the pocket of a fur coat. Yet, she’s run amuck and is out for revenge. Bo tells Rex not to worry. He has enough on Stacy to get an APB and get her arrested.

Stacy is right then fantasizing about her “future” with Rex as soon as he finds out that she is pregnant.

After Dorian informs Blair that Téa is going to be living in the house, Blair tells her that she will not allow that to happen. How could Todd even remotely consider that she would accept having that slut anywhere near her home? She is going to murder Todd and his slut if they push her any farther. Dorian clarifies to her niece that it was not Todd’s idea for Téa to live in their house. It was hers (Dorian’s).

Téa asks Todd if he thinks for one minute that she would consider being part of his “harem.” He tells her that he would get turned on if she had a ruby in her bellybutton. She could really provoke Blair and give her the message that Todd is done with her. He’s no longer interested in Blair. He wants her . . . only her.

Blair asks Dorian if she told Todd that Téa can live in her house. She knows that it’s Dorian’s house, but it’s her (Blair’s) house, too. Dorian protests that she knows that it’s Blair’s home too. Todd has a lot of gall to think he could have a “nooner” in the cabana with Blair. Blair justifies to Dorian that it was only sex. So Dorian concludes that she knows that it’s never “just sex” between Blair and Todd. So if she (Dorian) has to put up with Téa morning, noon, and night in order for Blair to get over her obsession for Todd, and for him to move on and leave Blair alone, then she will do it.

Téa asks Todd how he plans to keep custody of his kids if she is living there with them. The courts and Blair will obviously not let that happen. He tells her that the courts stipulate that he and Blair have to live in the same house with the kids. No where was it written that Téa cannot live there nor that he is in violation of the court order to have her there. He asks Téa if she would not enjoy having fun with her in the place. He misses her. She asks him if this is not so much about missing her but about sticking it to Blair.

Greg tells Matthew that he would like nothing more than to do the surgery, but when it’s done he will need extensive rehab that would require his parents to help him. If he “loses” his parents, then Greg cannot authorize it, even if the judge rules in their favor. Rachel protests that Matthew will never lose his parents. Destiny then asks her brother just what his decision is if Matthew wins the case. Greg replies that if they win, Matthew has to figure out what is more important . . . the surgery or his parents.

Nora tells Clint that she is very worried what will happen if the surgery does not work. Right now Matthew can move around in his chair, and play the piano, and have a life. But if something happens that causes him to be a quadriplegic and he cannot move his eyes or if he dies on the table . . . Clint tells Nora that he will do whatever is needed in order to make her happy. He will be there for her and for Matthew.

After Bo finds out that Stacy smashed the car the previous night, he demands to know why Rex didn’t call him until now. Rex protests that he had no clue how far gone Stacy was until now and thought he and Gigi could handle it. Bo then tells Rex that he must give the police department a full list of the things that Stacy has done and submit a full report. Then he needs to get a restraining order.

Gigi goes to Rex’s apartment and confidently tells Stacy it’s all over for her. Rex does not want her. The cops are going to nail her for all she has done. Little does Gigi know, however, that her sister is pregnant with Rex’s baby.

Rachel tells Matthew that they have to get going. Their mother is having her pre-wedding party. The family needs to be there. Matthew tells his sister that he is not going. She reminds him that Nora is his mother, and she loves him. If he wants to sue her and not speak to her, he may; but tonight can he be her son. Matthew then agrees. At that point, Shaun informs them that he has tickets to a concert. Maybe somebody can join him. At that point, Rachel, Matthew, Destiny, and Greg are all torn on what they should do tonight.

In the parking garage, Bo makes some calls and tells Rex that he has units on the case involving Stacy. Rex tells Bo that he now knows that Stacy is willing to stop at nothing. She had the gall to tell him that she would hand over the bag of blood only if he had sex with her. The mere thought of touching her “again” makes his skin crawl. Hearing that word “again,” Bo asks Rex to “clarify” what he just said. Has he had sex with Stacy before?

Gigi tells Stacy that she is going down. They have her on fraud, blackmail, vandalism, and endangering the life of her nephew. She can go to prison for a long time. But Gigi is willing to make a deal with her instead. She won’t press any charges against her sister, if Stacy goes away and never bothers them again.

Dorian tells Blair that they must cure her of this incurable disease. Maybe seeing Todd slobbering all over Téa might be the way to cure Blair of that once and for all. Blair tells her aunt that there is no way it’s going to work.

Todd tells Téa she needs to “think about” his offer. She smirks.

Bo grills Rex about whether he has had sex with Stacy and whether he should tell Gigi. Rex admits he did once. It was a serious mistake. It’s in the past. He doesn’t want or need Gigi to know and is confident that she never will.

After Gigi makes her “offer” to let Stacy go if she leaves them alone forever, Stacy smirks at her sister and tells her that’s not quite possible. Gigi demands to know what her problem is. There is nothing for her here. Rex has clearly spelled out that he does not want her.

Meanwhile, Bo tells Rex that he cannot disregard the fact that he slept with Stacy. Rex asks why not. He’s putting the whole nightmare behind him. Gigi is with him. She knows he loves only her, and Stacy is no longer an issue. Plus, it’s just a matter of time before she goes to jail.

Stacy tells Gigi that there is something she does not know. Gigi tells Stacy whatever she doesn’t know, she doesn’t care to know. Why can’t Stacy accept her offer. Is it worth it to go to prison? Stacy tells Gigi that she may not have to go to prison, and she does have a “claim” on Rex. 

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