OLTL Update Thursday 7/23/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/23/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Starr and Cole wake up together. She tells him that she so wishes he did not have to go away so that they cannot see each other. They conclude that they want to wake up together every day as soon as possible.

Rachel goes to talk to Greg in his hotel room. He comes to the door wearing only his shorts. Rachel apologizes and tells him it may be early and she should have called first. A woman calls to him and asks if it is room service.

Nora and Bo are having breakfast in her house. She reminds him that Matthew is suing them, but Bo is not worried. He doubts it will go to trial. She tells him that they do have some things to worry about. Their son is doing this to them. It’s not exactly something to be calm and unworried about. Matthew enters in his wheelchair having a conversation with legal associates on his Bluetooth headset. He can see and that his parents are overhearing his conversation yet he disregards them. They both look at him not happily. He casually asks his parents what is for breakfast.

Téa is alone at Todd’s and gets a call from him. She answers and demands he leave her alone. He asks her what if she is the love of his life. She hangs up and throws the phone. Shawn enters and asks her if it was Mr. Manning again. He informs her that Ms. Cramer used to do the same thing and they had to put every phone on an insurance plan. She admits to him that the most recent inexcusable thing Todd did was sleep with another woman. Blair rings Todd’s doorbell.

Starr tells Cole that things are going better than they have previously assumed. They need not worry about Todd caching them. He tells her that things are getting better. He is grateful that he has Hope and her and is not going to jail. He tells her that he should leave probably soon. She tells him that when he puts some clothes on, she will get Hope and he can see her. They’ll be ok as long as they are very careful. They hear Todd’s voice on the baby monitor, talking to Hope. Todd tells his infant granddaughter that he has idea. What say they go and visit Aunt Téa? That way Téa can’t yell at Grandpa. He asks her what she thinks and suggests they go and wake up her mommy. Cole is shocked and knows he must hide. He offers to go out the window.

Clint goes to talk to Viki and asks her if she is still ready to walk down the aisle. She tells him that she is really getting annoyed at their kids for demanding that they host parties. She asks him how he and Nora are coming along with their wedding plans. He replies just beautifully; they are barely speaking. Hearing that, Viki asks Clint what has happened.

Bo asks if he would like to come with him to a ball game. Matthew reminds his father that he will be in court on that day most likely. Matthew asks his parents if they are not aware that he is taking them to court and will probably win. He reminds them that it is his body, his life and his decision to have the surgery if he wants. Noticing how calm his parents are, he asks if they have given up because they know they’re going to lose. Bo replies no, they are very confident that they won’t lose.

In Greg’s hotel room, Rachel tells him she can come back at another time. His guest tells him she has to leave to see a patient. Room service has brought some food. Greg tells Rachel he would like some company to eat with him.

Hearing Todd nearby, Starr and Cole struggle to find somewhere for Cole to hide. They hear Dorian’s voice. She tells Todd he is not going anywhere with baby Hope until they discuss all the illicit sex going on in this house. She tells him that a Cramer woman has been violated. Hearing that, Starr and Cole listen in awe and assume she is talking about Starr.

Blair enters Todd’s home to talk to Téa. Téa tells her they have nothing to talk about. Blair tells Téa that she realizes that she and Todd should not have slept together. Téa reminds Blair that she had the choice of sleeping with him. Blair then admits to Téa that she realizes it was a mistake and it will never happen again. Hearing that, Téa asks if Blair Cramer is apologizing to her.

Rachel tells Greg that she wanted to thank him for saving her client’s life yesterday. She tells him that Brendan’s parents wanted to throw him a parade. He tells her that it’s his job. He tells her that maybe some time she can come by and watch him in action in the O.R. Hearing that, she tells him she would like that and asks when it can be arranged. He tells her as soon as the Buchanan’s approve Matthew’s surgery. Rachel tells him that she does not believe that that will ever happen.

Matthew tells his parents that he knows what he is doing and that the courts will grant him the right to authorize the surgery. He has his own lawyer. Bo asks his son if he believes that he and his mom have stopped caring for him. Matthew replies no. Bo then tells his son that in that case, he’d like him to know that they are just looking out for his best interest. Matthew tells them that parents screw up all the time and often fail to know what is best for their kids.

Starr and Cole hear Dorian tell Todd about her home being overcome by horny teenagers. They assume she is aware that they slept together and talking about them. Starr asks how on earth she could know. They hear Dorian reveal that she knows that Todd had sex with Blair and demands that he never does it again. Starr is shocked and grossed out to hear that her dad had sex with her mom.

At Todd’s home, Blair and Téa talk about Blair having sex with Todd. Téa asks Blair if she is nothing more than a bitch in heat that cannot control herself. Blair tells Téa that she throws herself at men who do not want her. Téa reminds Blair that John dumped her for Marty. She says Blair has never had a decent relationship in her life so she keeps clinging to Todd. Blair tells Téa that at least she does not cling to men who are unavailable to her and get hurt over them the way Téa clearly does. Téa hauls off and smacks Blair.

After overhearing Todd informing Dorian that Blair seduced him, Starr goes in to confront them and tells them she does not want to hear them talking about such sick sexual issues in front of her baby. She affirms she does not want to know about Todd’s sex life. It’s his business, and her sex life is her business. Todd and Dorian wonder just what she is talking about.

Viki and Clint talk about his problems with Bo and Nora. She tells him that he has to stop acting like Nora has chosen Bo over him. They have both decided that they will not let Dr. Evans do the surgery. It has nothing to do with Clint. Viki says if Nora is choosing anyone, it is Matthew.

Noticing Matthew’s confidence that he can win this case suing the DA and police commissioner, Bo and Nora ask him why he is so confident. He tells them that he has his own lawyer whom he knows will make it happen for him. She has taken Nora down before. Hearing that, Nora asks her son just who is his lawyer. What type of soulless ambulance chaser would take this case? Matthew replies it is Téa Delgado; He’s heard that she is the best.

Blair and Téa are in verbal and physical combat. Shawn comes to break up their fight and asks why the two of them would be fighting over Todd Manning. He tells them that whether the man signs his checks or not, he is not worth it. As soon as Shawn leaves, the two women go at it again.

After Bo and Nora find out that Matthew is retaining Téa Delgado to take his case, they demand to know how he could pay for her. He tells them that they worked something out. Destiny arrives and asks Nigel if Matthew’s parents have come around. Before Nigel can answer, Nora storms out the door and Bo gets on his phone. Matthew enters and greets Destiny. Noticing that his parents are at odds, she suggests that maybe Matthew should not go through with this. He confidently asks her if she is kidding. He tells her that this is the best he has felt since the accident; he has hope and he has her to thank for it; he could kiss her.

Greg asks Rachel if she still believes that Matthew’s life could be in danger if he operates. She admits that she did see him in action and believes he’s an excellent doctor. He asks her if she can convince Matthew’s parents. She replies that she cannot get in the middle of that. It’s their decision to make and not hers. He is the only person who can convince them. He accidentally spills water on her blouse and she goes to his bathroom to take care of it. Shawn enters. Greg asks his brother what brings him there. Shawn informs Greg that he’s glad he’s staying. Maybe they can reconcile their differences. Greg asks Shawn what made him change his mind. Shawn replies that he just saw two grown women almost kill each other over something not worth fighting over so he can be civilized to his brother. He notices that Greg has had company. He cordially asks his brother who she is. Rachel enters, buttoning her shirt. Assuming the obvious, Shawn grabs his brother by the throat.

Blair and Téa continue to fight.

Starr tells her father that her daughter is not a human shield or bait for him to score points with his girlfriend and make her mother jealous. She knows that he only slept with Blair to make Téa jealous. She can see right through what he is doing. If he wants to look lovable, then he should get a puppy. She leaves. Alone with Dorian, Todd admits that it’s not his choice to stay there. It’s only because of the court order. Dorian tells Todd she can see that he must be having problems with Téa and asks Todd if he’d like some help.

Nora goes to talk to Téa at Todd’s and asks why she would take a lost cause like this. The only reason would be to stick it to Nora. It’s obviously not for the money since Matthew has none. Téa tells Nora she believes that it’s a legitimate case and that she and Matthew have an arrangement. She asks Nora if she has talked to Matthew about this and really listened. She tells Nora that she must know that this is the first time since the accident when Matthew has hope. Yet his parents won’t let him have a chance to walk again. Nora tells Téa that this surgery could kill her son. She tells her that she does not trust Dr. Evans. Téa tells Nora that Greg Evans has a great record. Nora tells Téa that she will not put her son’s life at risk. She asks Téa how she can do this to her son.

Todd asks Dorian why she thinks he would listen to advice on love from her. She tells him that they both want some of the same things. They both want him to get over Blair and for her to get over him. She asks him how his effort to reconcile with Téa is working. He admits that it’s unsuccessful. Dorian then suggests that Todd moves back in with Téa. Todd reminds Dorian that he can’t do that. He’ll lose custody of the kids. Dorian reminds him that Téa will never come around or forgive him if he keeps running back to be with Blair. Dorian tells Todd that she has an idea about how he can accomplish what he wants with Téa.

Starr tells Cole that they have the whole house to themselves. All of the others are out. He reminds her that he has to meet John in a few hours and get ready to do his work. She tells him that she is worried that he will end up dead and she’ll have to hear about it on the news. He tells her that what she will hear on the news is that he successfully brought down drug dealers.

Clint tells Viki that he and Bo are really at odds. He does not appreciate his brother implying that he is turning into Asa. She clarifies to him that he and Nora need to talk and resolve their differences. They are getting married soon.

At Greg’s hotel room, Shawn is ready to strangle his brother. He concludes that he blows into town and breaks their baby sister’s heart and then sleeps with Shawn’s girl. He has gone too far. Rachel urges Shawn to let go of Greg. She informs him that Greg has not made any moves on her. She just came there to talk to him. She went to the bathroom because she got a stain on her blouse. Greg protests to Shawn that he would never take his brother’s woman. Shawn must believe him. Greg lets go of him and apologizes. Rachel reminds Shawn, that they were all able to see the other day that his brother is not such a bad guy after all.

Nora tells Téa that she must know that her son is only 15 years old. He’s still a child. Téa tells Nora he wants a chance at a real life. Nora protests that Matthew has a life now and someday he will understand. Téa protests that Nora needs to listen to Matthew and listen to Dr. Evans. Since she refuses to do that, the only thing left to do is have them both take the stand in court. Matthew is her client. Nora tells Téa that she does not understand; she does not have kids. She couldn’t care less about anything except for winning a case and making Nora look bad. She goes out the door and sees Todd and tells him that Téa is all his.

Destiny and Matthew go to Greg’s hotel room. Rachel asks what brought the two of them there. Matthew tells Greg to save a place in his schedule for Matthew’s surgery. Hearing that, Rachel asks her brother if their mother and Bo have approved the surgery. He replies not exactly.

Nora returns home after her unsuccessful conversation with Téa and tells Bo that all of this anger and despair in Matthew has come out of nowhere. He’s made it clear that he’d rather die than be in that chair. How did they miss those signs? Bo tells Nora that he is their boy. They both love him. He hugs her. Clint comes by and apologizes to the two of them. He tells Bo that he knows he behaved like a jackass; he would still like Bo to be his best man. Nora declares to him that she cannot marry him on the date that they have set.

Cole tells Starr that he cannot take any chances. It’s only another month. She reminds him that it’s 10% of their lives. He tells her that he’s sorry he has to go. She tells him she would like him to stay and be able to say goodbye to their daughter first. Hope does not want him to go either. He tells them he will be back before they know it.

Blair returns home to Dorian who can tell that her niece has been in a fight. Blair admits that she had an altercation with Téa. When Dorian finds out that the two of them have fought over Todd, she asks her niece why that man has so much power over her. Blair protests to her aunt that Todd is a slob who ruins women’s lives. Téa needs to get that through her head. If Todd thinks he’s walking into their house after messing around with Téa, he’s got another thing coming. Blair then asks her aunt what has gotten her panties in a bundle. Dorian tells Blair they have something very important to discuss. Blair must sit down.

Téa stops Todd at the door. She is furious. She demands he get out and leave her alone. He gets down on one knee and presents a small box.

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