OLTL Update Wednesday 7/22/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 7/22/09


Written By Brenda
Pictures by Laurie R.

In Starr’s room at Dorian’s house, Cole asks Starr if she really wants him to sleep there tonight. She tells him she wants to do more than sleep.

At Llanfair, Markko invites his father to come in. He tells hid father that he is happy he is there so soon to discuss working things out, as he misses him and his mother.

Outside Kyle Lewis’s room at the Angel Square Motel, Cristian reads the note Oliver Fish has left under Kyle’s door. The note says, “Whatever you think you know about me, it was a long time ago. I’m not that guy anymore. For both our sakes get on with your life and stop messing with mine.”

At home, Layla asks Fish if women are not his thing. Fish protests that just because it takes him a while to get going she should not think he is gay.

Kyle comes home and asks Cristian why he is reading his mail.

Fish tells Layla that he is 1000 percent into women, and he will prove it to her. He asserts that he is not gay.

At the hospital, Roxy admits to Rex that the stem cell donor was his father.

On the staircase in the hospital’s parking garage, Gigi and Stacy struggle. Stacy falls to the bottom of the stairs. Gigi goes to see if she is ok. Gigi thinks she has killed her sister.

Rex tells Roxy that she told him she killed his father. She admits that he was in a coma, as good as dead but his heart was still beating. She took his blood and then pulled all of the plugs. When Rex asks why she killed the only person who could save Shane, she said she did it for them; she had to keep them safe. Rex says he can’t reach out from the grave and hurt them so he demands to know his name.

At Llanfair, Markko’s father gives him a box of his things.

Starr and Cole recall the last time he spent the night there when he was detoxing. They talk about him spending the night and making it perfect.

Cristian tells Kyle that he has heard that Kyle has done things a lot worse than reading someone else’s mail. Cristian tells Kyle that he gave him the runaround the other night and now Fish and Layla have gotten closer. He thought that by reading the letter he might get some answers about how Fish would hurt Layla, and why he isn’t what he seems. Kyle takes the letter and reads it.

Layla tells Fish not to yell at her. Fish apologizes, and ask what he wants her to say after she has accused him of being gay. He says if she wants proof, she should ask Stacy Morasco.

Gigi apologizes to Stacy who opens her eyes. Gigi goes to get help.

Roxy tells Rex that knowing her father’s name will not make a difference. Rex tells her that she owes her the name. She agrees. Just as she is about to tell him, Gigi enters and announces that her sister needs help in the parking garage. Rex asks Gigi if Stacy hurt her. Gigi says no, but she really hurt Stacy.

Layla tells Fish that he really gets a kick out of throwing Stacy in her face. He said that he had to come up with an example. She tells him she knows he slept with Stacy – once. He asks if one-night stands are not real. He asks if what they have is not real either. Layla apologizes. She says she comes from the acting/fashion world where it doesn’t matter if you are gay or straight, but he is a cop and it’s not all good. She said she didn’t mean to hurt him. She asks if she blew it.

Kyle tells Cristian to leave it alone. He says that whatever went down between him and Fish is between him and Fish. Cristian continues to demand to know. Kyle admits that when they were in college, Fish was involved with someone and made a mess of it.

Cole tells Starr that he told Rachel that he wanted his last night with the people he loves before going undercover, and she said it was ok. Starr is excited that he will be able to spend the night and see how cute Hope is when she wakes up. They declare their love for each other and kiss.

Markko’s father tells him that he can choose to live in a mansion with people whose names change with every marriage if he wants to, but he can never come home.

The nurses wheel Stacy in.

Cole recites Jabberwocky to Hope. He says that so far, this is the best night of his life. As Starr takes Hope to the nursery, she tells him it will get better.

At Llanfair, Markko repeats, “I can’t come home?” His father says Markko seems to like it here. Markko protests that he is only here because his father won’t let him see Langston; he doesn’t want to be here. His father tells Markko that he has made his choice to ruin his life with this girl, but he will never condone it.

Starr returns to her room, telling Cole that Hope is asleep. They talk about how long they have waited for this night and how it is a chance for a do-over after the way their first time together ended. They kiss and Cole realizes that he doesn’t have protection.

Markko tells his father that if he wanted to hurt him, he did a good job. His father tells him he has to live with his choices. That’s the way it works. He tells him goodbye; He is no longer his son.

Kyle tells Cristian that Fish was involved in a serious relationship in college with whom he made plans for the future, but he didn’t have the guts to “go the distance.”

After Layla has asked Fish if they can put this behind them, he says he doesn’t know. Layla says she got scared that he was using her, as if he needed her to make it seem like he was straight. She says Cristian was right; she screws up every chance she has with men. He tells her it is not her fault.

Kyle tells Cristian that Fish cared more about what people thought about him than he cared about the person he was with. He walked away and pretended the whole thing never happened. Cristian presses for more details. Kyle tells him that if he has such a problem with Layla seeing Fish, then he should go do something about it. Cristian leaves. Kyle realizes he doesn’t have his keys.

Gigi tells Rex about finding her car vandalized. Stacy was threatening her and wasn’t going to stop fighting for Rex. Gigi says she hit Stacy. She tells him that Stacy said she was going to find Rex, and Gigi went after her. She tells him that she said something to Stacy and Stacy lunged at her. When she moved, Stacy went flying down the steps. The doctor comes out of Stacy’s room and tells Rex and Gigi that Stacy appears to be ok, and is conscious if they want to go in to see her.

Fish tells Layla that she didn’t do anything wrong. Cristian comes home and asks if everything is ok. Layla says yes, they are just going through something right now. Cristian says he just came from talking to Kyle Lewis who had some choice things to say about Fish.

Roxy is on Kyle’s floor at the Angel Square Motel to get ice from the ice machine. Kyle asks her if she has a spare key. She does not. He asks her to call a locksmith for her.

In Stacy’s hospital room, Gigi apologizes, but tells her sister she should see a shrink after she gets out. Stacy tells Gigi that she doesn’t need her to tell her what she needs; she knows what she needs. She says they got the blood so now they’re done.

In Viki’s kitchen, Langston tells Markko that his father couldn’t have meant what he said, and he will come around. As Markko goes through the box of things his father brought over, he says he doesn’t think so; his father even brought things from the attic. Langston tells him she never meant for him to give up his family and his home for her. He tells her she is worth it. He says she had it much worse; her parents died. She tells him that they didn’t push her away; she knew that they loved her. Markko tells her he feels like he doesn’t belong anywhere. She tells him he belongs with her.

Starr enters her room with a condom – courtesy of Langston and her secret stash. He takes the condom and tells her she is beautiful. They profess their love for each other and kiss. They proceed to make love.

Markko tells Langston he doesn’t belong at Viki’s house. She tries to make him feel better by reminding him that he will be living in the dorms in the fall, and she will help him make it into a new home. She knows it won’t be the same. She has Dorian and Starr, but she still misses her parents every day. He tells her that they belong together and wherever they are will be home.

Fish tells Cristian he should not listen to Kyle Lewis. Cristian tells Layla that something happened in college that neither Fish not Kyle wants to talk about.

Roxy and Kyle sit on the floor outside of Kyle’s room. She tells him the locksmith will be there sometime tonight and is charging $100 for the visit. He sarcastically says the day just keeps getting better. She asks what is wrong and if it is about the cute guy in the picture. He says yep, he is a coward, he’s afraid of telling the truth. Roxy says she knows the feeling, as she takes a drink from a bottle in a paper bag.

Cristian tells Layla that Fish is keeping a secret that might hurt her so he thought she had a right to know. Layla thanks him and tells him that she and Fish are none of Kyle’s business – or Cristian’s. He tells her not to say he didn’t warn her as he goes to his room. Alone, Layla asks Fish if there is any truth to what Cristian said. He tells her that he and Kyle were frat brothers. Now he is a cop, Kyle is in trouble with the law, and that is probably why Kyle has something against him. Layla asks him if he is going to stay mad at her forever for asking him if he was gay. He says he has to think about it and goes to his room.

Roxy tells Kyle not to be so hard on Fish. Sometimes people do what they do to keep their world from spinning out of control.

Rex and Gigi decide that Stacy is ok and they don’t owe her anything. They leave to put the blood in a safe place and go home as a family.

In Stacy’s room, the doctor tells her she is very lucky; a fall like that could have been very serious but she just has scrapes and bruises. She says she is happy to report that Stacy’s baby is fine too.

At home, Gigi tells Rex that she was mad at Stacy, but she didn’t want to kill her. Rex says Stacy is ok. Gigi tells him that Stacy admitted everything but kept insisting that she and Rex slept together.

Stacy says to the doctor, “What baby? I’m pregnant?” The doctor says it is still in the very early stages, and a fall like that could have caused a miscarriage. Stacy whispers, “My baby; Rex’s baby.”

At home, Rex tells Gigi everything is going to be alright, as they cuddle in bed.

Starr and Cole are together, kissing and listening to Hope coo on the baby monitor.

Langston and Markko are together in Viki’s kitchen looking through Markko’s box of memories.

Alone in the kitchen, Cristian gets a beer as Layla comes out of her room. They look at each other for a long moment and she returns to her room alone.

Roxy and Kyle are sitting on the floor outside of his room sharing her bottle of booze.

Rex and Gigi make love at home.

In her hospital room, Stacy holds her belly and smiles.

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