OLTL Update Tuesday 7/21/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/21/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Stacy goes to the hospital’s parking garage with a plan and a steel pipe in her hand.

Starr and Langston are in Starr’s room with baby Hope. They talk about how Markko told his father that he would not be controlled or prevented from seeing Langston. Langston tells Starr that Markko’s father kicked him out of the house. Starr wonders where he will be living. Langston informs her that he will be living with Viki Davidson at Llanfair.

Markko is having breakfast with Viki, Charlie, and Jessica. He feels obligated to remove his dishes.

Cristian Vega goes to Kyle Lewis’ room at the Angel Square Motel. As he is about to pick up an envelope under the door, a hand appears on his shoulder. Brody Lovett asks if he can help him.

Layla and Fish come home. She demands to know why told others at the station that she was his girlfriend after they had agreed to keep their personal relationship private.

Rex and Gigi are together in the hospital. Rex tells Gigi that nothing matters now that they have the stem cells and they are back together. Gigi remembers that she has to work later on and needs to pick up Shane. Rex assures her that he will pick up their son. Meanwhile Stacy is in the garage, smashing the lights and windshield of Gigi’s car. She declares that Gigi is next.

Gigi goes down to the parking garage. Stacy hears the door open and a person enter. She hides when she knows that Gigi might be there. Gigi enters to see her car smashed and BITCH written on the chrome with lipstick. Stacy hides behind a wall, smirking.

Starr asks Langston why Dorian would not let Markko live in the house. Langston tells her that this is what happens after they only had sex one time. Starr holds up Hope and says that this is what can happen after having sex only once. Langston tells Starr that it has been two months. Starr reminds her that it has been a year and a half for her and Cole.

At Viki’s home, Markko admits to Viki and Charlie that cleaning up the dishes is the least he can do after they let him stay there and they don’t even know him. Viki assures him that he is welcome to stay with her. She informs Jessica that Markko was the class valedictorian and is a filmmaker. Hearing that, Jessica is very impressed and asks if he can help her make videos to send to Nash’s parents.

Outside Kyle Lewis’s room, Christian tells Brody that he is looking for Kyle Lewis. Brody admits that he knows that Kyle was blackmailing Natalie Buchanan and his sister was working with the serial killer. They introduce themselves. Cristian tells Brody that Kyle said his roommate Fish might be using his other roommate Layla.

Layla expresses her dissatisfaction with Fish announcing their relationship. It appears that he wants everybody to believe that she is his girlfriend for social purposes. He asks if she is ashamed of him. She says she is starting to make her feel used.

Roxy rushes into the hospital and demands that Rex tells her what is going on. Rex lashes out at his mother telling her that he will never forgive her for teaming up with Stacy and risking her grandson’s life.

Gigi finds her car smashed. Stacy comes up behind her and startles her.

Brody tells Cristian that he doesn’t know much about Kyle Lewis except that he’s bad news. Brody said he wouldn’t take Kyle’s word for anything. He asks Christian if he talked to Fish, and Christian says Fish only told him that he and Kyle were frat brothers in college. Brody asks if Layla has a problem with Fish. When Christian says no, Brody asks Cristian why he is concerned about Layla and Fish’s business.

Layla asks why impressing the guys at work is more important than respecting her feelings. He explains that working in the station is a lot like being in high school, and if he doesn’t play the game, he won’t survive there.

Roxy denies to Rex that she know anything about Stacy’s blackmail. He tells her he knows everything, and demands why she would help Stacy ruin his family.

Gigi tells Stacy that she better get out of town before they press charges. There is nothing for her. She'd better go back to Vegas because nobody wants her there. Stacy pushes Gigi onto the car and tells her that the “fun” has just begun.

Markko tells Viki and Charlie that regardless of what his father does, he will not give up Langston. He loves her. Viki tells him she thinks that Langston is a lovely young woman. Markko tells them that his mom got his father to meet with a young, progressive new priest. With a little luck, he could be out of their hair by tomorrow.

Cole comes to talk to Starr and Langston. Langston asks him when he will be staring community service. He says tomorrow. He lies that he doesn’t know what he will be doing. She replies that whatever he is going to be doing must be safer than prison. When Langston goes off, Starr asks Cole what John has told him about his assignment. Cole replies that John set him up in an apartment. Hearing that, she appears elated and tells him that is great. Maybe they can all live together.

Layla asks Fish why he is so nervous about what the other guys might think. He says it’s a guy thing. Men constantly test each other – especially cops. He just wants to be “one of the guys.”

Brody informs Cristian that he is in training at the police academy. Cristian asks if he might be able to access Fish’s file at the station. Brody replies that the files are classified. Brody then goes back to his apartment to see Jessica sitting on his bed waiting for him.

Rex tells Roxy that Kyle Lewis tool Natalie and Jared to see the “real donor,” and found that he is dead. Roxy said that everything she did was for Shane; she even kept an extra bag of blood. She tells him somebody has apparently paid that psycho nurse to take the blood from her. Rex shows her the cooler with the blood. He demands to know why, when she knew that Stacy was not the real donor, she did she not tell him and Gigi and save them the unbearable agony that they’ve lived with for months. He demands to know who this “dead donor” is who saved his son’s life.

Gigi tells Stacy she has to get this idea out of her head that she is going to win Rex over. Stacy tells Gigi that Rex will get tired of Gigi and will come around and realize that Stacy is the woman for him. Gigi smirks and tells Stacy that her fantasy is about as real as Gigi’s encounter with Brody. It will never happen. Rex told her the truth, she tells Stacy. Stacy asks Gigi if she really believes him. Stacy tells Gigi that she has a fantasy about having a dream life and perfect family. She tells Gigi that she is nothing more than a homemaker. Rex will get bored with burgers in front of the TV and want more. He does not get good enjoyable sex from Gigi. She tells Gigi that Rex ripped her clothes off the last time they had sex. Gigi tells her she is lying. Stacy then tells Gigi she would be happy to give her a “blow by blow.” Gigi knocks Stacy down on the ground.

Starr tells him that would be great if they could live together. They will get to put their baby to bed together every night. He tells her that he cannot have her or Hope in the middle of his situation that the cops are putting him up to. It’s too dangerous. Anyway, she has her family and all of her stuff there. It would take a moving truck to haul everything. She tells him that she just wishes that they could all be together.

Langston goes to Viki’s to see Markko. Viki gets the door and Langston explains is not trying to intrude but would like to see Markko. Viki assures her that she is always welcome there. Viki and Charlie go in the other room to leave Langston and Markko alone to talk. He tells her that he has to find another place to stay. Viki and Charlie have been good to him, but they are getting married and have their own lives. Langston tells him to come back to Dorian’s. He tells her that he does not believe that that’s his place to live either.

Outside Kyle’s door, Cristian picks up the letter addressed to Kyle and reads it.

He tells her that he’s been single for a long time. He tells her that in the police department, a person has to have more than a string of arrests on their record in order to fit in so he feels a need to brag about his hot girlfriend. She tells him she wishes he didn’t have to play all these games. He tells her he wishes that also and he hugs her.

Roxy tells Rex that she did everything she could to urge Gigi to tell Rex the truth. Gigi was afraid. He asks her if she’s implying that it’s Gigi’s fault. He demands to know what Stacy was blackmailing her with and why it was so terrible that she was willing to risk Shane’s life and ruin Rex’s.

In the parking garage, Gigi tells Stacy that she stole her life. She doesn’t know what kind of person Stacy has become. She is a monster. She tells her if she ever comes near her or her family again, she will kill her.

Cole explains to Starr that John has gone out on a limb for him so he can’t blow it. Unfortunately, he has to be secretive about where he is living. He can’t see her as much as they would like.

Alone in Viki’s kitchen, Langston and Markko are kissing. Viki enters to get Charlie’s glasses. It appears to be an awkward situation.

Jessica goes through Brody’s study materials form the police academy and tells him she will help him study. He tells her they can discuss after she tells him how she is doing. He asks how her visit with Starr and Cole went. She admits that it was awkward. She wanted to hold baby Hope but knew it was not a good idea. He demands to know why she did not call him. She replies that he was studying. He tells her that she comes first and she must never forget it.

Cristian opens up the envelope under Kyle’s door.

Fish asks Layla is she forgives him. She concludes that there are advantages to being known as Fish’s girl. She kisses him, but he seems uncomfortable.

Roxy tells Rex that this whole nightmare is finally over so he doesn’t need to demand answers to all of these questions. He tells her that he would like some explanations about his biological father whom she apparently murdered. He asks her if Stacy knows anything about that. Roxy fumbles on the answer to that question. Rex concludes that if there is nobody else who could have been the donor, then he bets that his biological father is the donor. She did not kill him; she just hid him. His biological father saved his son.

Downstairs in the parking garage, Gigi tells Stacy that she could have made something of herself but she chose to be a stripper and throw herself at her sister’s man. Stacy asks Gigi if Rex told her what happened when they were together. She tells Gigi that when she had her final talk with Rex, she confessed her love and it turned him on; they did it on the floor. She then asks Gigi to go and find out from Rex what really happened. They will find out who the real liar is.

Cole holds Starr and tells his baby daughter he loves her. He assures Starr that he will call her every night. This won’t take too long. John said that they should finish within two weeks. He doesn’t want to leave her. She then asks him to spend the night with her.

At Viki’s home, Marko tells Langston that he wishes there was some place they could go that is all theirs. She concludes until one of them has their own place, they must make due. He tells her he is working on it. She says she should go. He asks her to call him. As he kisses her goodbye at the door, his father appears.

Cristian opens the letter Fish wrote to Kyle where he tells him that he is not using Layla; he cares about her and wants to be with her. He asks Kyle to back off and to move on.

Fish faces Layla and tells her that she is so beautiful and so perfect. Her face and her body is everything that a man would want. She says that as long as he wants her, that’s all that matters. She touches him and he pulls away. She tells him that they don’t have to do this. He tells her yes they do have to; he wants this to work. She can sense that he is uneasy. He tells her he wants his girlfriend to be happy. She asks what about him. Is he happy? He asks her why he wouldn’t be happy with her. She then tells him that it’s ok. He says he is sorry. It’s important to him. He asks to go to her room. She tells him that she can clearly tell that they are not on the same page. She asks him if he is gay.

Roxy says Rex is talking crazy. Rex concludes to Roxy that he believes when she found out that none of them was a match for Shane she took a chance and had his father tested. Roxy denies that and tells her son that he was not a good man. She cannot let him or Shane ever know about him. She tells him that she took blood form his arm and she killed him. That is the truth. Is Rex happy?

Gigi and Stacy struggle at the top of the stairs at the parking garage. Stacy falls to the bottom of the stairs and appears unconscious.

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