OLTL Update Monday 7/20/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/20/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Bo is in his office looking at a video of Matthew playing basketball back in the days. Nora enters and asks if she heard Matthew’s voice. They both admit that they have been thinking about their son and all that has happened since Dr. Evans told them it’s possible Matthew could walk again. They both realize that their son has not spoken to either of them ever since they laid down the law that they will not approve the surgery. Nora is concerned that their son may never forgive them. Bo tells her that Matthew is a kid and will get over it.

Matthew and Destiny meet with Téa. She asks what they want and how she can offer legal service for them. They are just kids. They clarify to her that that is the very reason why they need her. Matthew needs to be able to get the surgery approved without permission from his parents so that he can walk.

Gigi is with Schuyler assuming that Rex is in the process of finding the bag of blood that Stacy is hiding and will be able to prevent her from holding the threat over their heads any longer.

At that moment, Stacy tells Rex that she will not be “cooperative” unless he declares that he loves her.

While Rachel is talking to Shaun and Greg at Buenos Dias, they run into a kid who has been at the drug treatment facility. He declares that he’s fallen off his skateboard. Right away Greg can tell that he has a fatal condition and needs immediate medical attention.

Téa tells Matthew and Destiny that the only way Matthew can have the legal right to authorize having the surgery without parental consent is to legally divorce his parents. Destiny tells her, in that case, maybe he should do that. He asks Téa what that would involve. She replies that it might not be something he wants to do without seriously considering the outcome. He would have to sever all ties to his parents and have nothing to do with them ever again. Hearing that, he’s not certain he wants to go in that direction

At the same moment, Bo and Nora are discussing the dilemma they are in regarding their son. They both know that they have not only let Matthew down but Clint as well. He tells her that he does not want to be the reason for her having problems with Clint. She is not certain how to comment on that. He asks her if she really does not want to consider.

Téa tells Matthew about the emancipation laws in this country. They usually apply to minors over 16. He reminds her that he will be 16 not far from now. She tells him that the courts can grant emancipation rights to a minor over 16 who is living and working away form their parents. It is rare. She tells Matthew and Destiny that when kids are in the military or get married, they can have legal rights like adults. Destiny then tells Téa that maybe getting married would be an option for Matthew. She tells him that she doubts that Matthew is planning on getting married. Destiny tells Téa that if it would help Matthew to walk, she can marry him.

Gigi and Schuyler are at the hospital assuming that they will be able to bust Stacy very soon. He reveals to her that he may not entirely trust Rex. He admits to her that he almost feels bad for Stacy knowing that it’s really all over for her.

Blair tells John that she is obviously a fool to believe that she was over Todd and, yet, to be jealous of him moving on. She asks John what is wrong wit her. He replies nothing. She tells him that Dorian told her that it’s Cramer-itis to not want somebody to have somebody you don’t even want and that that is Blair’s situation with Todd. Movers come by with a mattress that they are carrying to the cabana. Blair tells John she has no clue what that is about and she knows that she did something really stupid. He tells her that he is not there to judge her, but he is there for her. She asks even if he is with Marty now.

Greg rushes Brendan to the hospital after he is afraid that he may have suffered a serious injury after falling off his skateboard. Schuyler notices Rachel and asks what she is doing there. She informs him that she is there for this kid and her doctor friend is worried about him. It appears that Brendan is slipping into a coma as they speak.

Nora tells Bo that she is worried about the risk of surgery. Bo asks her if she really believes that something would happen to Matthew that is not worth risking if he could walk. She reminds him that Matthew had seizures when he was a baby and she lived in too much fear when it happened and knows she would now. They both dance around the subject. She tells him that maybe their son could look at some websites they can show him that would help him to understand that what they are doing is for the best. When she goes to Bo’s computer, she sees a picture of Matthew playing sports before his accident.

Téa tells Matthew and Destiny that they cannot get married without parental consent until they are both 16. She tells Matthew she bets that he really doesn’t want to “divorce” his parents. He tells her that he is willing to do whatever it takes if it’s the only way that he can walk. She then reveals to him that there might be another way.

Blair tells John that she can see that he is in love with Marty. She tells him that he knows her, and that she will probably never be a fan of Marty Saybrooke’s. If she makes John happy, then it makes her happy. She tells him that she needs to call her lawyer right away to get their marriage ended. At that point, he pulls out a document to prove that he already did. She takes it but notices something unexpected.

After Stacy strips down to her underwear, she asks Rex to say the words that he will make love to her and that he loves her. He then tells her that he loves Shane. He loves Gigi. He would do anything for them. He would throw himself in front of a train if he had to for them. He will do this if that’s what he needs to do, but he asks her if she really wants to go through with this. If she is this needy and desperate and this is the only way, he will have sex with her if he has to. He would never call it making love. He would hate every second of it. He asks her why she would want to have sex with someone whom she knows does not want her and who cannot wait to go back to the woman he does not want. If that’s what she wants, she’s no more than a desperate pathetic person. At that point, she tells him that’s fine, and she gives him the bag of blood. He goes out the door, and she cries.

Blair looks at the papers that John drew up and notices that it’s a divorce decree. She asks him if they should not get an annulment. Wouldn’t that be much easier? He tells her that this was not just some marriage that meant nothing and that should not have been. The marriage mattered to him, and so does she. She always will be important to him.

Téa asks Matthew that if all he wants is the right to choose the surgery for himself, there is something she can do. Destiny asks her what that would be. She admits to them that she is not cheap. Matthew tells Téa that this is really important to him and worth any cost. She tells him that she can see that but asks if he has considered how his parents will react. He tells her that they may be pissed at first, but they will get over it when they see that he can walk again. She clarifies that it’s not that his parents will be angry at him. They will be angry at her. She could get some real controversy in her career having a secret, legal liaison with the police commissioner and DA’s son. Destiny asks Téa why she would care what Matthew’s parents think of her. If she is retained by Matthew and he pays her, he is her client. She then asks Matthew if he really wants to go through with this. He tells her absolutely. She then agrees to get the ball rolling and remarks that Matthew is his mother’s son.

In Bo’s office, Nora cries and asks to play the video of Matthew with his parents in the school auditorium playing basketball. She tells him that she cannot help Matthew get through his fear until she gets through hers. So they play it.

At the hospital, Schuyler goes to help Rachel with the kid who had the accident. He knows that they both know him. He’s a client at the drug treatment facility. He then goes to find Gigi. He tells her that he knows that she has good reason to be furious at Stacy and to not want to hear Schuyler telling her that he could care less about her well being. She tells him that she hopes that this whole disaster is over. She no longer has to lie to the man she loves. She can tell that Schuyler does not appear okay. Before they can finish their conversation, Rex rushes in the door with a cooler that contains a bag of blood that he got from Stacy. Schuyler asks him if he just talked to Stacy recently. Rex replies yes. Schuyler asks where she is. Rex says he does not care. They have the blood they need now. Gigi then tells them she must rush off and make sure the blood is preserved for Shane.

In the other room, Greg tells the attending nurse that he is going to treat this patient even if she thinks she’s going to have him removed from the hospital. He tells her they do not have time to wait. This boy is suffering from cerebral hematoma. The nurse better help him whether she wants to or not. He asks Rachel if she can help. They both need to do what he says or this kid will die. Hearing and observing that, Rachel is in awe to see how serious Greg is about stopping at nothing in order to save a young patient’s life. Greg rushes to get everything ready. Rachel tries to talk the kid out of his drug induced trauma. A security officer comes to remove Greg from the premises. He does not listen to Greg when he tells him he is saving a patient’s life. At that point, Shaun enters and tells the security officer that this man is saving a life, and Shawn physically removes the security officer out the door so that his brother can finish what he started.

Rex admits to Gigi that he doesn’t want to really go through with getting Stacy in serious trouble for her actions. She asks him why. He tells her that maybe Stacy is suffering enough.

Schuyler goes to find Stacy. She is on the floor, in a ball, distraught, and heartbroken that Rex told her he could never love her. She tells him it’s all his fault. He had to tell Gigi that Stacy was not the donor. She lost the love of her life. He tells her that she cannot believe that she “lost” anything with Rex. He was never hers to have or to lose. He comforts her. She tells him that she loves Rex and sobs.

While Blair and John look at the papers, he tells her that they do not need to do this now. She tells him that they do. They both need to move on. He tells her that there is no law against being friends. She cries and admits that sometimes what they think could happen is easier said that done. Just look with what happened in regard to Todd, Téa, and herself. At that point, she signs and asks him to sign. But then we see the memory of the two of them throughout the relationship they’ve had, and all the things they’ve done together.

Greg has Rachel and the nurse help him with the procedure to save the kid in the hospital room. His procedure is successful. Shaun comes in and asks if everything has worked. Greg tells them yes. Shaun warns his brother that he might be in trouble. The cops could haul him to jail for trespassing, as they’ve warned him many times. Greg tells him he is not as concerned about that as he is about the patient. A doctor enters and demands to know what has happened. Rachel declares that this man has saved a kid’s life. Shaun concludes that is right. That’s his brother. The hero.

Téa returns to Matthew and Destiny after she’s made some calls and taken some legal action for them. They ask her what now. She tells them everything is “in motion” starting right about now.

While Bo and Nora are in his office watching a video of Matthew playing basketball, a “summons server” comes to Bo’s office and hands Bo and Nora legal documents. They are both dumbfounded. She asks who would sue them. Bo opens up his legal document and replies their son did.

John kisses Blair goodbye. She cries after he’s gone.

Schuyler holds Stacy while she cries in his arms. He tells her he will take her home. She reminds him that she does not have a home. He tells her that she can stay with him. She tells him she will not. She does not want anything from him. She declares to Schuyler that the only thing that makes her feel good about this is that he lost Gigi, too. She knows that he loves her sister, not her. Just like Rex. She yells at him to go to hell. He goes out the door.

Gigi opens the cooler to see the bag of blood. She and Rex declare that this big mess is finally over.

Stacy gets on a fur coat and declares that this is not over. She pulls out a steel pipe and declares that nobody is ever going to hurt Stacy Morasco again. They’re messing with the wrong girl. 

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