OLTL Update Friday 7/17/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/17/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

Dorian enters the pool cabana and notices Blair is there attempting to make up a bed that has already been used. She asks what could have happened the previous night. Blair admits to her aunt that she and Todd slept together. Hearing that, Dorian is shocked.

Todd goes to his house calling for Téa. She is not there, but Shaun is. He tells Todd that he doesn’t need to know where Téa is. She just informed him that Todd really pushed things too far and she’s done with Todd. It’s none of Todd’s damn business where she is, but he’ll give Todd the message that Téa asked him to give him. She wants Todd to drop dead.

At the same moment, Téa goes to the shooting range at the police station and fires a gun at a picture of Todd. John enters, notices her, and asks if he can help her.

At the school auditorium, Matthew notices Destiny crying and tells her he’s really sorry about her brother taking off. She tells him that Greg has places to go and things to do. Matthew asks her if Greg might decide to stay if his parents said yes to the surgery. She tells him that even if he did do the surgery, he’d just take their money and bolt as soon as it was over. Shaun was right. All Greg cares about is himself. He has no regard for his family.

Rachel goes to Buenos Dias. Noelle asks her if she wants something to drink. Greg appears and finds her.

When Rex finds Stacy in the secret room with the bag of blood in her hand, he tells her he knows what she is doing. He tells her she is a lying, evil bitch. He tells her that he now knows that she is a monster. She then tells him that he needs to know that this is just a misunderstanding. She tells him that the bag of blood she is holding is hers. The truth is, she is a big "wousse." So she made sure that when the doctors drew the blood from her, she made certain that they drew a second one because she didn’t want any more needles. She assures Rex that this bag can save Shane’s life. But at that point, Rex admits to her that they all lied to her. Shane is in remission. He doesn’t need stem cells. The lie they had her believing worked. It got her to lead him right to this. He tells her that the game is now over. She then asks him how he could have set her up. Hearing that, he asks her if she has no conception of what she did. She played with his son’s life. When Shane was dying, she blackmailed her sister in order not to let him die. He tells her she is a horrible person. Then, he tells her no. She is not human. In order to be a horrible person, she’d have to be human. He tells her he knows that there cannot be an answer to this question, but he will ask it anyway. He asks her why she did this. She then replies that she did it out of “love” for him.

Matthew tells Destiny that he met her brother, and it looked like he loves her. She tells him that Greg wouldn’t’ have even come to town were it not for Matthew’s uncle paying him. She tells Matthew she does not want to burden him with her problems. Hearing that, he reminds her that she has been there for him. She’s the only person in school who has been supportive to him. She came to visit him in the hospital. She encouraged him to play the piano, and she urged her brother to come to town and see if he could help Matthew walk. He’s sure that people gave her crap for it. She then asks him to look at her face and tell her whether it looks like the face of somebody who cares what people think. In response to that, Matthew tells her that is what makes her so cool. He declares that she is the best friend he ever had, and he’s truly sorry that she is upset.

At Buenos Dias, when Greg notices Rachel, she informs him that she is waiting for Shaun. Hearing that, he concludes that his brother is a lucky man but he won’t be able to spend any more time with his family. He has a plane to catch. Her family concluded that her brother’s surgery is “too risky.” She tells him yes. She heard. He then concludes there is no point in his sticking around. But he thinks it’s a big mistake that they won’t let him do the procedure on Matthew. She asks how keeping her brother alive is a big mistake. He tells her that he would never ask to perform a surgery if he did not feel confident that Matthew could come through it. She tells him that confidence is not a guarantee, and this is Matthew’s life at stake. He asks her if she is willing to see her brother confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. She replies, if that is how she can see him alive, then yes.

After Dorian finds out that Blair and Todd slept together, she hysterically demands that her niece burns and destroys the bed sheets. She asks her why she keeps doing this. What is it that causes her to keep having this desire for Todd?

When John notices Téa at the shooting range doing target practice with a photo of Todd, he tells her that he understands all too well what people do in order to vent their frustration.

At Todd’s, Todd gives Shaun some cash to tell him where Téa is. Shaun tells him no. Téa asked him not to. Todd reminds Shaun that he works for him, and not for Téa. Shaun reminds Todd that his job is to protect Téa from anybody who bothers her, including Todd. He informs Todd that Téa informed him that getting mixed up with Todd Manning is the biggest mistake she could ever make. Marty enters and tells them that for once she wholeheartedly agrees with Téa about something.

At Buenos Dias, Greg tells Rachel he’d like her to hear his side of this. She tells him she thinks she already has. He wants to be the super doctor and make money but doesn’t care about the life of his patient or about his own family. He tells her that he wishes that her family would reconsider and let him help Matthew to walk. She asks him if he would risk his brother’s life in a similar manner. She concludes she bets that he would, because he could care less about his family. She, however, does care about hers.

When Marty enters Todd’s home, Shaun tells them he’s late to meet someone. Todd asks Marty if he can “get her something.” She replies how about the freedom from him.

At the shooting range, Téa asks John if he ever comes there and does this in order to let off some steam. He tells her that since he’s been back on the force, he has to do things differently. She asks him if he is still seeing Marty and how that is working out for him. She tells him that after what Todd did to Marty in college, there are some serious issues. But now they have a grandchild together and are connected forever. What he “did” to her today is nothing. She informs John that she walked in on Todd sleeping with another woman. And that woman was Blair.

Dorian asks Blair what on earth would make her want to sleep with Todd. Blair replies that it pissed Téa off so much. She laughs. Dorian asks her how degrading herself in that manner would be worth it. She asks her how this whole thing started. Blair admits that it happened, this morning. Todd was happily with the kids preparing a family breakfast. Everything was good until Téa decided to barge in. She and Todd made their little thing public. They all got into an argument. One thing led to another, and she and Todd wound up in bed together. Dorian concludes that Blair is still in love with Todd.

After Stacy hears that Rex is onto her and believes that she is not human, she protests that she loves him. She appears emotional when she tells him that she had to save him from that bitch who is her sister. He then grabs a hold of her and tells her that she must never use that word when speaking of Gigi. He tells her he could strangle her right there and then. How could she talk about love? She knows nothing about love.

After Rachel tells Greg she can see that he does not care about his family, he tells her that is a low blow. She knows nothing about his family. He loves his sister. He knows that Destiny and Shaun accuse him of only wanting to buy them and pump up his ego. But, he admits to Rachel, that he believes Destiny was right when she told him how selfish he is.

Destiny tells Matthew that she remembers that when she was a little child, Greg was there for her and loved her. He protected her and they were very close. Then, Greg just suddenly up and left. Shaun tried to tell her what a jerk Greg was, but she didn’t believe it. She kept defending Greg like a fool. Matthew tells her she is not a fool to want her brother to be there for her. She tells him that he was for a while. Then, when he graduated from med school, he was too busy to have any time for her. She admits to Matthew that Greg bought her a cell phone yesterday so she’d be able to call him after he leaves this time. But she gave it back to him because she has no need for it. Matthew asks her why she doesn’t want to call her brother. Matthew then invites her to go and have some burgers at Buenos Dias with him.

At the shooting range, after Téa informs John that Todd slept with Blair and has pushed her too far, John then asks her to step back. He fires several shots at the “target” that is Todd’s heart.

Blair admits to Dorian that she invited a swim instructor over and ended up making out with him. Then, she and Todd had “revenge sex” for her anger toward him for being with Téa and his anger toward her interest in the swim instructor. Dorian tells Blair that she knows that revenge sex or not, Blair is not happy with what happened.

Marty tells Todd that she wishes she could get over the feelings she had for him last year. She thought she loved him and didn’t realize what a sick son of a bitch he is. She cannot forget it. Hearing that, Todd asks her if she is still in love with him.

After Stacy protests to Rex that she loves him and knows he must love her, he tells her there is something seriously wrong with her to believe that and not know what she put his whole family through. She tells him that he is her whole world. This is fate, and she kisses him. He pushes her away and asks if she did not hear that she makes him want to puke. She tells him she knows that they had something real together. He tells her that it was all lies. She made him break up with Gigi and would have let his son die. She emotionally tells him that she remembers being a child and having kids picking on her. He was her hero, the most popular guy in school. He rescued her that one time, and she knew that he would be the love of her life one day. He tells her he doesn’t even remember that day many years ago with the other kids. She tells him that he does not love Gigi. He loves her. He stares at her in awe at what he is hearing.

Greg tells Rachel if she wants to judge him, she may go for it. But she has no idea how much he loves his family. He tells her he would do anything for Destiny or for Shaun. She tells him as long as it doesn’t interfere with his ego and his career. He tells her that he helps people and saves lives. She asks him if he is torn between what he is trying to achieve and his family. She asks if they really matter to him. She tells him that maybe he should try to communicate with his family. At that moment, Shaun enters and asks what is going on.

Dorian asks Blair why she has this issue with Téa and Todd. Blair tells her aunt that Téa showed up at Starr’s wedding, and then interrupted their family breakfast. She reveals to Dorian her frustration over the fact that Todd runs off every chance he gets to be with her. If that is immature on her part, then so be it. Dorian tells Blair that what she’s concluded is that Blair may not want Todd, but she doesn’t want anybody else to have him.

After Téa has seen John fire shots at a target, she holds the gun and he shows her how to aim the gun and fire. She shoots. He asks her if she feels better now. We see a picture of Todd with a bullet hole shot through it.

After Todd asks Marty if she is still in love with him, she tells him he mustn’t flatter himself. He then asks her what she is doing there. She tells him that she cannot trust herself. He has ruined her. Once with violence, and once with love.

Rex tells Stacy that she is out of her mind to think that he could ever love her. He tells her he’s seen some people do some pretty horrible things in his life. What she did is beyond what he could ever imagine. She put her sister through agony and threatened Shane’s life. She made them both suffer and falsely accuse each other of betrayal when they were both living in fear of Shane dying. She had to drag his mother into this. She tells him that she knows that he loves her, and he said he wanted to be with her. He tells her that he thought his son was dying. Does she have any idea how crazy that could make a person? Probably not. She has no conscience. He has zero love for her. All of the time he was with her, there was only one woman he loved and that was Gigi. She tells him she does not believe it.

When Shaun arrives at Buenos Dias to see Greg talking to Rachel, he asks him why he has not left yet. Doesn’t he want to leave like he always does? Greg then surprises his brother and informs him that he is not leaving. He’s going to stay in town a while longer. Destiny and Matthew enter and she asks him to repeat what he just said and why he said it. Matthew asks if his parents changed their minds about the surgery. Greg replies no. She asks what about his career and business ventures. He tells her that those things can wait. What caused him to change his mind was two very wise females who talked some sense into him. Right now he’d like to spend time with his little sister.

Marty tells Todd that he wishes she would die, but John had to save his life. John did that for her. Now she can’t be with John because of Todd. She walks out the door. Todd tells her if he could fix things with her, he would. He admits to her that he and Téa are having problems because he slept with Blair. Hearing that, she tells him she cannot believe him. He cannot stop himself. Can he? Any psychiatrist could have a field day with him. He asks her what about her. What does she think?

Rex tells Stacy she is out of her mind. Her ideas about the two of them are not real. She tells him he is not thinking clearly. Whatever is going on they can work through. He then tells her that she is certifiable. She demands to know what he wants from her. He tells her he wants nothing from her. She then grabs the bag of blood out of his hand and tells him good. He doesn’t need this. He then demands that she gives him back the bag of blood. She asks him why. He tells her that it’s over. She tells him that what they had is destroyed. He tells her there is nothing to destroy. She holds the bag of blood and tells him maybe she should return the favor.

While Destiny and Shaun talk to Greg about how they might be able to have a family barbecue just like old times, Matthew goes out the door. Destiny goes after him and asks him to wait. He tells her that he’s happy for her and her family, but there is still something that is not okay for him. He reflects that if he were 18, he wouldn’t need his parents’ permission to have the surgery. Téa enters and greets them. Destiny introduces herself and tells her she knows she is a lawyer. She then concludes to Téa that maybe she can help them.

Dorian tells Blair if she ever considers sleeping with Todd again, she must take a cold shower, eat some chocolate, or put a rubber band on her wrist and snap it. Anything. She must do something else. She then puts her arm around her niece and tells her she is sorry and believes it’s a shame that things did not work out between her and John. Blair concludes that John was not the man for her. He is in love with Marty Saybrooke, but not her. Dorian tells Blair that she will never understand. She leaves. Blair says she doesn’t understand it either. She then gets up and notices the clothes that she and Todd threw off on the floor. At that point, John enters.

Marty asks Todd if he heard anything she said to him. She tells him that he is a narcissist. He asks her to explain that theory. She tells him that a narcissist is a person who has no concept of the feelings of others. She is horrified that their granddaughter will have to know him and live with that. She gets up to walk away.

Shaun, Destiny, Rachel, and Greg sit together at Buenos Dias. Greg tells his brother he knows he has a lot to make up for. Shaun tells Greg that it can’t all be done in one night. Greg tells Shaun he still wants to treat him and Destiny to dinner. Shaun asks him if that means the green chili burgers at Buenos Dias. Greg tells him he thought they’d go back to The Palace unless Shaun and Rachel would like to be alone. Shaun reminds Greg that he and Rachel have a date. She tells them they can do it some other time. He and his family can spend time together. Greg tells her he was hoping that she could join them.

Rex tells Stacy that this is about her nephew’s life. She tells him that that is another person Rex loves more than her. He urges her to know that Shane still needs the bag of blood. She reminds him that he lied to her about Shane being sick. Rex needs to know what it’s like to want and need something that you can’t have. Rex needs to know how it hurts to finally have something that you’ve always wanted and then have it taken from you again. Rex then asks her what she wants him to do. She replies that what she wants is for him to make love to her. 

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