OLTL Update Thursday 7/16/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/16/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Brenda

Téa walks into Dorian’s pool house and is shocked to see him in bed with Blair. She knocks him over and he is uncertain how to explain what she just walked in on.

Destiny goes to see her brother Greg in his hotel room. When he answers the door without suspicion, she tells him that maybe he needs to be careful and ask who is there before opening it. He tells his sister he will keep that in mind for next time. He asks her what brings her there. She tells him it’s about Matthew. He tells her that he’s disappointed too. Hearing that, she asks him what he is talking about. She tells him she wanted to talk to him about how to tell if a guy likes a girl. He tells her that he thought she knew that the surgery has been cancelled.

Matthew argues with his parents. Bo tells his son he has the right to be angry but not to be disrespectful to his mother. Hearing that, Matthew asks his father if he intends to send him to military school. He asks them if they think that WestPoint will accept a cripple. Nora firmly tells her son not to use that word. He asks if she would prefer he says disabled or physically challenged and if she thinks that will make it all better. He tells them he is not being disrespectful; He’s being honest. He asks his mother if she would accept being in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. He asks her if, after her if after being told that she could never walk again, a doctor comes along who gives her hope but tells her there might be a risk, she would want him and his father to say no because they’re afraid of the risk. She tells him that when she had her stroke, she was upset but then later realized that there were people far worse off than she was and who could lead wonderfully productive lives. Matthew then tells
his mother that there is nothing wonderful about living like this; it’s unacceptable. Hearing that, Bo asks his son if he is saying that he’d rather die than have the life he has now. Matthew replies yes.

While Shane is in the hospital room with Dr. Michael, Rex, and Gigi, they all play as though he will need another transplant for Stacy who is there with them. Michael tells them that fortunately for them, that won’t be a problem since Stacy is there. Rex then turns to Stacy and tells them that she is “their angel.” She did it once for Shane and she will do it again. He asks her if that is right. Rex then asks Michael what is next. Michael asks Stacy if she wants to get started because they need to extract her stem cells sooner than later. As soon as she hears that, she runs to the bathroom to throw up. Michael remarks that she looks like she’s not feeling good. Gigi smugly tells them that she will feel a lot worse when they are done with her.

Destiny asks Greg if he has given up on Matthew. He asks her if she really likes this boy. She tells him this is not about her; it’s about Matthew. Has Greg changed his mind? Greg tells his sister no; he would like to help Matthew and he believes there’s a good chance he could help him walk. Destiny asks what the problem is. He informs her that Matthew’s parents decided against it even though both he and Matthew wanted to go through with it. She asks how they could do that. He replies that there are risks involved. She then tells him that his parents are morons if they could do that and she is going to go and talk to them. Greg urges his sister to wait but she is ready to bolt out the door.

Matthew asks his parents if they think it’s ok to miss out on an opportunity for him to walk. Nora protests that they are merely afraid of what might happen to him. He asks her what if he does not care about that. Bo tells his son that he is not thinking clearly. He must know that Dr. Evans has gotten their hopes up and it’s not realistic to trust him. Clint enters and Matthew tells his uncle he really appreciates his efforts in getting Dr. Evans all the way out there. He apologizes that Clint had to waste his time and money. He goes out the door. Bo and Nora observe him and are not ok to hear that that is what their son believes.

Téa and Todd go to the pool. He attempts to explain to her what happened between him and Blair but she furiously tells him that she is done with him; there is no excuse for what he did. He tells her that he wants to “fix” this. She tells him she’s done with him, and she gets up to leave. He urges Téa to give him 5 minutes. Blair stands by and smirks. He urges Téa not to listen to Blair and to hear him out.

While Stacy is in the bathroom and out of earshot, Gigi and Rex talk to Shane about how they are going to beat her at her own game. Michael stands by the door. Stacy then comes out. She tells them that the mere thought of all of those needles in her freaks her out and makes her ill. She asks Michael if he’s certain that the only way to save Shane is to have bone marrow extracted from her. Gigi reminds her that she is a stripper and knows nothing about medical science. Rex attempts to sweet talk her and tells her she needs to be the hero to save Shane. Stacy asks them what if she does not want to do it.

As Destiny is ready to go out the door, Greg asks her not to do anything rash. She asks if Matthew’s parents think it is ok for their son never to be able to walk again. And doesn’t Matthew get a say in the matter? Greg tells his sister that they are just concerned about the risk and want what is best for their son. He tells her he agrees that they should consider it and if it were up to him, he’d go through with the surgery. Destiny then asks her brother why he can’t convince them that he is the best and he will help their son to walk. She tells him he cannot give up on Matthew. He tells her that he has to leave town and move on.

Clint asks Bo and Nora why they have said no to Matthew’s surgery. She replies that Dr. Evans said that Matthew’s life could be at stake. Bo adds that Dr. Evans told them that regardless, he was the best. They weren’t going to risk what could happen when the doctor would not explain to them what he planned to do. They don’t want false hopes; they want to be sure. Clint then concludes that he realizes that they are Matthew’s parents and it’s their decision to make. Bo tells his brother he can see that he believes they are making the wrong decision.

In the hospital room, Gigi asks Stacy if she is saying that she will not save Shane. She looks at Rex and tells her of course she will but she has things to do. Michael tells her that she can go and do whatever she needs to do but they need to harvest her stem cells right away. Stacy then asks Rex if he really appreciates what she is doing. He tells her of course. She hugs him. She then tells him that she has another problem besides the needles. He asks her what. She replies it’s him.

After Todd asks Téa to give him time to talk, she tells him he may talk. He does not know what to say. Blair observes them and gloats. She stays nearby and asks them not to mind her. Todd attempts to tell Téa that she did not understand what she saw. She asks him if walking in on him and his ex-wife was something she did not understand. He tells her that Blair invited a cabana boy over and tried to seduce him in front of Todd. Téa asks Todd if he was jealous. He replies no; Blair was jealous of the two of them. Téa tells him she missed the part where he slipped on a banana peel and fell down naked on top of Blair. Todd tells her that she is missing the point. He tells Téa that what happened between him and Blair meant absolutely nothing. Blair sits nearby and hears everything.

Clint tells Bo and Nora that all he is saying is that maybe they should talk through it a little more and listen to what Matthew is saying. Bo tells his brother that all he can think about is taking the risk and having him and Nora waiting outside in the waiting room and then hearing that the doctors are sorry but their son is gone because they made the decision to end his life. Clint tells Bo that every surgery is risky. If they want a guarantee that no harm will come to Matthew, then they should never let him outside the house. They protest that they do not trust Dr. Evans. They think he’s an arrogant jerk who does not care about their son. Clint tells them that if they don’t listen to Matthew, they are going to lose him. He could see in Matthew’s face how angry he is. Clint asks Bo if he wants himself and Matthew to end up like himself and Asa where they never understand each other and have unresolved issues after he is dead. Bo then tells his brother he doesn’t expect him to understand this because Clint has five healthy kids. He tells Clint that he’d better not try to make decisions about Matthew. He is not his father and never will be. Nora listens to the two of them and stares speechless.

After Greg informs Destiny that he is leaving town, she asks him why. He tells her that he is needed elsewhere. There are many people who he can help the way he wishes he could have helped Matthew. She tells him she does not want him to go anywhere.

Blair tells Téa that she must know what it’s like to have hot and dirty sex with Todd. She rubs Téa’s nose in the fact that only people with a long history can have that together. She walks away. Todd goes after Téa and tells her she mustn’t listen to Blair. She’s a hurtful, spiteful bitch. Téa tells Todd that Blair is at least being honest. She tells Blair she really appreciates her candor. She’s given her all the reason for why she should cut her ties with Todd. Todd urges her not to do this but she tells them that she is so stupid. She thought that something has changed between her and Todd. That night before Starr’s wedding, she thought that they had gone to a new place. He made up that stupid lie about looking for his slippers because he wanted to see her and after they made love, he didn’t want to leave. Todd urges her to know that it was special to him. She cries and tells him that she really thought that she mattered to him and it wasn’t just sex. She thought that he wanted to hold her because he had feelings for her. He tells her that she is the one he loves here. She is the only one he wants. She tells him no; He just wants what is convenient and she is no longer convenient to him. They need to admit that there never was anything between them just like there was nothing between him and Blair.

Rex attempts to convince Stacy of his feelings for her. He tells her that he does not want to lose her. She asks if he loves her because she really needs to hear that. He tells her of course he loves her and he hugs her. Right then, Gigi and Shane enter. Rex faces them and makes a motion to let them know he is merely playing along. Gigi then tells Stacy she really appreciates her saving Shane. Stacy tells her sister that she knows that things will work out for the best. Then she is alone in the room and Rex and Gigi are alone in the other room.

Greg tells Destiny she knows that he loves her and it was great spending time with her. He will be back for Christmas. She reminds him it’s July. He asks her what he can do. She replies stay; that’s all she wants. She tells him she knows that he couldn’t care less because he has money. He tells her that now she sounds like Shawn. He tells her that he needs to care about the kid in the wheelchair. She remembers that Shawn warned her never to get her hopes up about him. Shawn was right. All Greg cares about is himself. She goes out the door.

After Bo reminds Clint that he is not Matthew’s father, Clint tells his brother he realizes that. Bo then tells his brother he needs to act like it. The act of getting Dr. Evans down there and preparing him without telling anybody was an indicator that he wants to play the hero. They argue. Nora then tells the two brothers that this has been a horrible day. Clint tells Bo that he knows Bo resents him; Bo would not be so defensive if Clint had not taken Bo’s place in Nora’s life. Bo tells his brother there was nothing to take.

Matthew is in the school auditorium playing the piano but gets frustrated. Destiny finds him. He asks her how she found him. She asks him if he wants to be alone. He tells her sometimes the piano feels like the only thing he has left.

Nora tells Clint that this is about Matthew and not about any of them. He tells her that he understands that bringing in Dr. Evans was a big gesture but other than that, he has bent over backwards to keep his distance and respect their decisions regarding Matthew. He’s put aside the fact that he is Matthew’s uncle and a part of this family. He says if either one of them think this is overstepping, that’s too bad. He addresses Bo and tells him that before too long, he will be Nora’s husband and knows that his brother will think that that his overstepping also. Now, if they will excuse him, he’s going to go and find a new best man.

After Téa concludes to Todd that she knows they are through, he asks her not to do this. She can’t get caught up on this one little mistake. She tells him that she knows that this is going to keep happening and he should not expect her to shrug this off. She knows if the tables were turned and she caught him screwing naked with R.J. or Kevin Buchanan, he would not just let it go. Blair attempts to get involved but Todd demands she shut up. Blair tells Téa that she is right. If Todd caught her with another man, he’d never forgive or forget. He’d want to ruin her life. Téa tells Todd she is done. He grabs her and attempts to get her to reconsider but she pulls away and pushes him in the pool. She then turns to Blair and tells her that Todd is all hers.

Gigi privately talks to Michael. He tells her that he did the real test on Shane and has confirmed that everything is good. Yet he tells her no matter how encouraging things are, they must always consider the possibility that the cancer could come back. She tells him she cannot express how much it meant to her for him to come all the way out from Seattle. He tells her that when he shared with Marcie what had happened, she told him he’d better not come back to Seattle until he kicks that skinny bitch’s butt. Gigi laughs, smiles, and tells him she hopes that Rex will make that very thing happen, while they speak.

Rex is ready to catch Stacy at her own game but a security officer finds him and remembers that he’s arrested Rex before. Rex protests that he has to let him go because his son’s life is at stake. The guard puts Rex’s arms behind his back to handcuff him. Rex asks him to call Commissioner Buchanan and he will back Rex up.

Meanwhile, Stacy is going through racks of coats. She finds one that has the bag of blood in its pocket.

After Clint storms out Bo concludes to Nora that he guesses he won’t be toasting their wedding. She replies that is IF there is a wedding. He tells her that Clint will cool off. They both agree that they must keep Matthew safe and they know what is best for him better than anybody else.

Destiny suggests to Matthew that he protest with picket signs. She tells him she has an idea. How about they contact the local news and get on television to talk about his parents not letting him walk again. He replies that that might make them even madder. She tells him maybe they could get some of her brother’s patients to write testimonials about how he successfully helped them to walk. Matthew tells her he doesn’t think that will work but thanks her for trying. She tells him he needn’t thank her; she didn’t do anything. She tells him she feels as though it is her fault because she got his hopes up. She talked about his brother like he’s some big hero, but how can he be that if she can’t even count on him to stick around? Hearing that, Matthew asks her where Greg is going. She replies she doesn’t know and doesn’t care either. Matthew senses that she is hurt and offers his condolences. She tells him it’s ok; she learned her lesson about counting on somebody who only lets her down.

Right then, Greg looks at the cell phone photo of himself and his little sister.

Todd concludes to Blair that he is not going to let Téa get away and he goes off to find her.

Alone in the hospital room, Shane tells Gigi that he got a new idea for a comic book character “Scabby Stacy.” Gigi laughs and tells him that’s even worse than Evelyn Evil. He tells his mom that Scabby Stacy has sores and infestations all over her body but nobody sees her for who she really is because she has waters from the fountain of youth to make everybody think that she is beautiful. Yet, really, she is ugly as sin. Gigi tells her son that all she wants is for Rex to find out where Stacy keeps that mysterious bag of blood.

Meanwhile, Stacy has the bag of blood in her hand that she has retrieved from the coat on the rack. She concludes that all she needs to do now is “get this to the hospital and be the hero.” Right then, Rex walks in and catches her red-handed.

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