OLTL Update Tuesday 7/14/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 7/14/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
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At the station, John is ready to brief Cole to go under cover with the wire. Rachel enters and demands to know what John thinks he’s doing by having uniformed police officers come to the rehab clinic. He tells her that he attempted to call her the previous night and she didn’t answer. She protests to John that she was busy with a patient in crises. She asks why John and Cole want her to come there. John replies that Cole is “going back on drugs.”

Schuyler is alone in his bed having a fantasy that Gigi appears beside his bed and tells him he’s right, Rex admitted to sleeping with Stacy; she is done with him and she loves only Schuyler. He awakens to know that he is just having a dream.

Gigi calls Rex and they talk about their plan to make Stacy believe that Shane is sick again. She asks if her sister is waiting for him. He tells her that he is ready to go through with the plan. She knows she needs to find a doctor to help “corroborate” their story that Shane is sick.

Brody awakens with Jessica in his bed. She tells him that she had a dream that Chloe was crying but she could not find her baby.

Starr has her two little brothers observing baby Hope and trying to figure out what she is saying. Todd tells Blair that he spent the night alone at Dorian’s. Todd asks the kids to eat up. She asks him if this is all for show or if he expects a social worker this morning. Outside the door, Téa overhears the family all together. She frowns and hesitates to go inside.

Rachel asks John why he needs Cole in order to nail Asher. Shouldn’t Asher have stayed in prison? He explains that he believes that a cop helped Asher frame Cole. She knows that they want her help to confirm the story.

After Téa enters the house, Blair tells her she may talk to Todd alone. She has a document for him from the billing department at the hospital. They have some testing to do for her that they won’t do without his authorization. When Blair finds out that Todd has offered to pay for Téa’s medical expenses, she tells Todd that maybe others need to know about that.

While Brody is in bed with Jessica, he gets a knock on the door from Gigi. He gets his clothes on and Jessica goes into the bathroom. Gigi tells him that she needs his help in a plan where they have Stacy believing that Shane is sick.

At Gigi’s, Shane comes down the stairs. Rex and Shane play football inside while Gigi is not there to stop them. Stacy enters to see them happily together. She remembers that Rex told her the previous night he had to stay with his son because Shane “came down with something.” When she sees Shane, she remarks that it appears he’s not sick after all.

Rachel asks Cole if he knows the danger involved in going under cover to set Asher up. He tells her that he has to do something. She must know that the school is full of drugs. Matthew had easy access to pot. Wouldn’t she like to help do something about that? The only other alternative for Cole besides going through with this plan is going to prison. Is prison less dangerous? He also wants to be there for Starr and his child. She tells him she understands but is not ok with what he and John are planning.

Téa, Todd and Blair have a dilemma as to what to do in their respective relationships.

At Brody’s, Gigi informs him that the cat is now out of the bag about Stacy. Rex knows that she and Brody had to pretend they slept together, and Shane now knows all about it.

At Gigi’s house, Rex and Shane know they’d better pretend that he has a serious fever and needs to rest. Stacy wants to find out just how bad that fever is and she pulls out a thermometer.

Gigi informs Brody and Jessica that they have found out that the stem cells that saved Shane were not even Stacy’s. They haven’t a clue who the donor is but believe Stacy knows. They have to convince her that Shane desperately needs another bone marrow transplant so that Stacy will believe she must impress Rex by pretending to donate her bone marrow. Hopefully they can catch her but they must move fast.

Stacy tries to impress Rex with the fancy new digital thermometer she bought. She must prove whether Shane is really sick by taking his temperature.

Blair tells Téa she will set her straight by letting her know that this is Blair’s family and Téa cannot just barge in whenever she feels like it.

Rachel tells Cole and John that she is afraid that if Cole has easy access to drugs, then it will tempt him to use again. He promises her that that won’t happen. She tells him that he might have a better shot of staying clean and sober in prison. He protests that he put her little brother in a wheelchair. Going to prison won’t prevent things like that from happening again but getting the drug dealer off the streets can. She again asks Cole and John if they are aware of the risk and tells them that she hopes that not only Cole but also Starr and the baby don’t regret it.

Blair tells Téa that she couldn’t care less who Todd shacks up with but her children could go into foster care if she and Todd don’t at least attempt to present a stable family unit to the courts. Jack has already seen Téa in her underwear. She tells Téa if she wants to seduce Todd again, she must do it on her own time away from Blair’s house and kids. Téa then tells Blair that she can pretend all she likes that this is all about her kids but she knows that Blair is green with envy that Téa has Todd in her bed. Todd then enters to hear the two women yelling and asks if everything is ok. He holds Téa’s hand. Blair glares coldly at them.

Meanwhile, Gigi tells Brody and Jessica about her plan and tells them how they can help.

Stacy pulls the thermometer out of Shane’s mouth and announces that it’s the perfect 98.6. Rex bluffs that he’s ok for the time being but this could come back at any moment. Stacy tells Shane that she remembers not long ago that he told her that he wishes that his dad would find somebody like her. She announces that she and Rex are together now. Shane tells her he must excuse himself because he needs to throw up. Rex tells her that Shane tries hard to hide it but he’s deathly sick.

Gigi goes to Schuyler’s home and tells him about her plan. He is not ok with the fact that she appears to be back with Rex. She tells him she needs his help in telling Stacy the same story that she, Rex, and Shane want her to believe. He thanks her for the heads up but indicates that he is uncomfortable with the fact that Gigi is back with Rex and may have forgiven him for sleeping with Stacy. She indicates that Stacy had the gall to make up a story that she slept with Rex when Gigi knows it did not happen.

Before Téa leaves the house, she informs Blair that she was just checking some cases while in the courthouse. Blair asks her if she was checking to see if she was disbarred. Téa tells Blair that she just noticed that Blair’s annulment from John was on the docket so if Blair needs a good lawyer… Blair tells Téa she may get out of her home.

Brody notices that he got a letter from the police academy and tells Jessica that they got back to him quickly to deny his application. She tells him he does not know that.

Gigi tells Schuyler that Rex is Stacy’s fantasy. She has the mistaken idea that he would sleep with her and wants everybody to believe that. It might be sad if she were not so dangerous. They must beat Stacy at her own game.

Rex wants Stacy to believe that he talked to the doctor about Shane’s fatal condition. She asks him if he really talked to the doctor. She tells Rex she cannot wait to be with him again.

Schuyler tells Gigi if she needs any help, she must let him know. She hugs him, tells him he’s a good friend, and thanks him. When she’s out the door, he appears incomplete.

Brody opens his letter and is surprised to see that he was accepted into the academy. He asks Jessica if she pulled strings with her uncle Bo. She tells him she did not. They are both happy to see that he will have a life but she tells him she has to get going and take care of her business today.

Rachel asks Cole and John if their decision is already made. John tells her he would like her help. That is why he called her, but they will go through with this plan without her. She agrees to help and asks what they need from her. She tells them she will help them and will not let anything that was said between the three of them outside this door Alone with John, Cole tells him that he has lost a year of his life with Starr because he kept secrets from her, and maybe John needs to get back with his life.

Todd is by the pool with the kids. Blair appears in a bikini with a lifeguard from the country club. He asks her what she’s doing with this “porn star.” She tells him that she would feel a lot safer if Sam had a professional lifeguard. She smirks at Todd and tells him she feels “safer” already.

Jessica informs Brody that the baby she thought was hers is now with Starr. He tells her he thought that Marcy and Michael adopted her and took her to Seattle. She tells him that Marcie reconsidered and they all decided that she belonged with Starr. Jessica is unsettled with the fact that the baby she thought was hers is right in town. She knows that Starr and Cole have had problems and Cole is going off to prison so she has her concerns.

Cole enters to talk to Starr. He asks her how things are with the baby. He’d like so much to pick her up and hold her. She asks him what John told him about his community service. He tells her that he’s worried that it’s complicated. She asks if the judge told him he couldn’t do it. He tells her no, it’s not that. He has another worry and he must discus it with her.

John goes to talk to Marty. He tells her that he just talked to Cole. He is ready to go through with his plan and Cole motivated John to get back with Marty.

Blair and the lifeguard interact by the pool with the kids. She tells Todd that not only is Chad good looking; he has a way with the kids

Schuyler goes to talk to Rachel. She notices that somebody punched him. He informs her that he had a brawl with Rex. He went to confront Rex telling him that he needed to let the “good sister” know that he slept with her sleazy sister. Schuyler admits that he is not ok with the fact that this awesome young woman named Gigi is smitten with the guy who slept with her sister and did not tell her. Rachel asks him what he intends to do about it.

When Rex and Stacy are alone in Gigi’s house, she can see that he did not sleep on the couch the previous night as he told her. He tells her that he slept in Shane’s room because he was very worried about him; he was throwing up all night. She tells him that is the case, then he needs a doctor right away; they cannot wait. He must get Shane and she will drive to the ER. He comes up with every objection not to do that.

Schuyler informs Rachel that he saw Gigi this morning and almost told her that he knows that Rex slept with Stacy. He knows the reason he did not dare is that he has ulterior motives. Rachel tells him that maybe admitting his real feelings might save him a world of hurt. She tells him that her door is always open to him and she knows that he will always make the right decision. He concludes that he will keep his mouth shut and mind his own business about the situation, and if Gigi needs a friend, he will be there.

At Gigi’s Stacy gathers up all of Shane’s stuff and demands that Rex comes with them to the hospital. Before they are out the door, Gigi walks in the door with Michael McBain.

Right when Starr and Cole are ready to go out the door and happily interact with baby Hope, they see Jessica at the door.

After the lifeguard helps Sam learn to swim, Jack is very impressed. Blair flirts with him and Todd stares at them. The lifeguard asks her if she is married to the guy staring at them. She tells him a long, long time ago, and the only reason Todd is even still on the property is that the court has ordered him to spend time with his children. She asks him if Todd is bothering him. He tells her no. She tells him that Todd is bugging the hell out of her.

John tells Marty that he does not want to miss his chance with her. He moves toward her to kiss her.

Blair flirts with the lifeguard and tells him they can go somewhere private. Todd stares coldly at them. She tells Todd that he may run along and do something he’d really like to do.

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