OLTL Update Monday 7/13/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 7/13/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

After Markko has “defied” his parents after they’ve told him they forbid him to see Langston again and they’ve gone off alone to her bedroom, they wonder what they are going to do.

At Buenos Dias, Cristian tells Kyle Lewis that if he knows anything about Fish or how he might “affect” Layla if the two of them date, Cristian wants to know about it. Kyle replies that Fish is not the guy that he appears to be.

Layla and Fish return home alone. She kisses him. It appears they might sleep together.

Stacy is alone at Rex’s apartment waiting for him to return but is a bit suspicious that he has not yet returned. At that moment Roxy enters. She tells her that she knows she must be desperate for Rex. But Stacy tells her that she is wrong. She and Rex are lovers now.

Gigi and Rex are talking at her home. She has suspicions that he might have slept with Stacy but realizes that she mustn’t be so paranoid nor give him the third degree. He tells her that they have learned the hard way not to keep things from each other. He reminds her that she asked him a question, and he has told her the truth.

At Dorian’s, while Markko and Langston are upstairs, Mr. Rivera tells Dorian and all of the others that he forbids his son to see Langston. Not only Dorian, but Mrs. Rivera, Shaun, and the others agree that Mr. Rivera should not be so distrusting of his son’s decisions, and it’s not Dorian’s fault. He seems to know that his son and Dorian’s daughter might be upstairs having sex. Yet, his wife, Shaun, Moe, Noelle, Viki, and Charlie are silent and indicate that he is the only one in the room who is disgraced.

Upstairs, Langston and Markko wonder what might be going on downstairs and what they should be doing now. She tells him that she thinks she has an idea.

After Stacy informs Roxy that she slept with Rex, Roxy tells her not to “play” her. She knows that her son would never sleep with Stacy. But Stacy tells her that Rex cannot get enough of her. They went at it on the dance floor of Ultra Violet, and she might become Roxy’s daughter-in-law. She tells Roxy that she knows that she came there to “find” something.

After Rex drops the bombshell on Gigi, he tells her that it might take a lot of time for them to get back to the way things were, but he has never stopped loving her. The truth is, he thought that she stopped loving him. At that moment, Shane comes down the stairs and interrupts them. He asks what his father is doing in the house and assumes that his parents are through. Rex tells Gigi that they will have to tell him the whole truth sooner or later. Gigi then tells her son that she has never stopped loving his father. Rex tells Shane that he knows that his mother did not cheat on him with Brody, and they will never stop loving each other. At that point, Shane indicates that he does not believe them. He knows that they are trying to “pull” something. Gigi explains to her son that when they thought that he might die and they desperately needed the stem cells, she made a “deal with God”. They were at the desperate mercy of Stacy. Shane asks what they are talking about and reminds them that Stacy saved his life. Rex then clarifies to Shane that his Aunt Stacy was going to let him die unless his mom broke up with his dad.

Roxy tells Stacy that he knows that Stacy got that nurse to come over to her salon and threaten her. Stacy tells Roxy that she didn’t even know about the extra bag of blood. Roxy then demands to know that if she did not, then who did?

The nurse is privately with the “mysterious patient.” It appears he is moving his toes underneath the covers. She assures him that she left the stem cells with Stacy Morasco and Roxy will not get away with her little scheme to attempt to kill him.

At Buenos Dias, after Kyle tells Cristian that there are “secrets” about Fish, Cristian asks him if Fish has other jobs and women on the side. Kyle tells him that whatever he knew about Fish was in the past when they were frat brothers.

When it looks like Layla wants to sleep with Fish and they are “going at it,” he tells her he cannot do this. She asks him why.

In Dorian’s living room, she tells Mr. Rivera that he called her daughter a tramp in front of all of these people. What Langston and Markko share is more than just sex. The others silently listen while she tells him that she respects the decisions of young people and different life styles. At that moment, they hear what appears to be a bed bouncing and Langston screaming, "Yes, yes, yes . . ." from upstairs. It’s only a prank to see if they can “rattle” his father. That is enough to convince Mr. Rivera that he will not allow his son to see Langston, and anybody who condones it is a terrible person.

After Fish pulls away from Layla, she asks him what is up. He tries to come up with excuses about not wanting to use her and how she was very recently angry at him for wanting to sleep with Stacy. It appears he is not telling her the “truth.”

At Buenos Dias, Cristian grills Kyle Lewis to tell him what he knows about Fish. Kyle replies that he would warn any woman he knows not to get involved with Oliver Fish. When Kyle is alone, he pulls out a picture of what looks like Fish and his “guy friend.”

Markko concludes to Langston that he cannot afford to be financially independent of his parents especially if he wants to be able to afford college. Yet, she assumes that after his father was silent in response to their “act,” then perhaps his father knows he “means business” and will respect his decision. He concludes that the main thing is he respects himself and his own decisions.

Downstairs, Mr Rivera is determined to rush up the stairs and drag his son out of Dorian’s if he has to. Shaun, Moe, and Charlie stand in his way and tell him he will have to go through them first. Shaun tells him that, maybe, instead of doing what he thinks he should do, he should talk to them man to man. He asks them if they think he should just sit there and make small talk while his teenage son is upstairs “sinning.” Moe tells him that what they think is that, maybe, he needs to calm down. Charlie tells him that, maybe, he needs to stop thinking about Markko and Langston and think about Markko and his father.

In the living room, the women gather. Dorian informs Mrs. Rivera that she urged Langston and Markko to wait, but they decided that they had waited long enough. Noelle tells her that maybe they should trust those two kids. Mrs. Rivera protests that she is disappointed in her son’s behavior. College is Markko’s chance to better himself, and he could lose that chance if he gets Langston in trouble. Viki tells her that she (herself) has four children and has realized that you cannot protect them forever. If you’ve done your job right, then maybe they can protect themselves and make the right decisions. From what she’s seen, it appears that Markko knows how to make the right decision. Mrs. Rivera tells her she’s afraid that her husband will never see it that way.

In the other room, Charlie tells Mr. Rivera that he knows all too well what it’s like to push his son away. He regrets having done that with his son. Mr. Rivera remarks that he is not Charlie. He’s not an alcoholic. Shaun replies that Mr. Rivera is a bully. Charlie tells Mr. Rivera that a kid Markko’s age likes to be treated like a man. Moe asks him to look at all the things Markko has done right and maybe cut him some slack. Charlie tells him that, maybe, he needs to take it from a man who knows, that he cannot be so caught up in disapproving everything his son does and pushing him away. Viki comes out and tells them that Charlie is 100% right. At that moment, Markko and Langston come down the stairs. Viki tells Mr. Rivera that this is his chance to do that.

After Rex and Gigi tell Shane what Stacy has done, Shane admits that he really thought highly of Stacy, and the fact that she seemed to trust and confide in him and not treat him like a little kid. At that point, he remembers listening and believing all that she told him about his mom. He admits that he is terribly sorry for all of the mean things he accused her of.

At Rex’s apartment, Stacy tells Roxy that she knows what happens when Roxy has had too much to drink. If “somebody” knew where the blood was, it might have been because Roxy told them, and she (Stacy) doesn’t have a clue. At that point, Stacy concludes that she can see that Roxy knows that somebody else knows that her stem cells did not save Shane.

Gigi tells her son that she was willing to stop at nothing to give him what he needed. Even if that meant losing his dad and making him hate her guts. She is still hoping that some day she could make things right. Maybe that day can be today. Shane then concludes to her that now he knows the truth and asks if they can be a family again. Rex replies that they sure as hell can. Shane then opens the door and tells his parents that they must go and pick up all of Rex’s stuff and get him moved back in there tonight. Rex tells his son that they cannot move that fast. Shane asks if they must still live in fear of Stacy’s threats. Rex then replies that they need to make Stacy think that Rex is with her and broken up from Gigi. But Shane asks how that would matter if her stem cells didn’t save him in the first place and they no longer need her. Gigi then admits to her son that they are not really certain what to do in order to get the stem cells or where they came from. They need to “trick” Stacy so that she will be able to tell Rex where the stem cells are.

Roxy and Stacy are busy arguing.

The private nurse talks to the comatose patient and tells him that she wants to make Roxanne Balsom suffer and live in fear that she will get charged with murder. She reveals that the “patient” asked her to let Stacy Morasco have the stem cells to hold over Roxy.

Roxy tells Stacy that she may have a place in Rex’s bed, but she will never have a place in his heart. She goes out the door and reveals that she is not okay and is worried about something.

Markko comes down the stairs with Langston and tells his father he apologizes for the way he spoke to him before. He realizes it was disrespectful, but he meant what he said. He is going to be with Langston and would like his father to respect him, too. This is his life, and he will live it his way. He hopes that they can work something out. Mr. Rivera then replies yes, they can work something out. Everybody looks at them and smiles, assuming that he is “coming around.”

When Layla and Fish are on the floor, ready to take off their clothes, and go at it, Cristian enters. They get up and she tells him she did not expect him. Fish explains to Cristian that they did not think he’d be home until later. Cristian tells him he could see that. And he informs Fish that he ran into a buddy of Fish’s named Kyle Lewis. In response to that, Fish explains that Kyle has not been his “buddy’ since college. Cristian then informs Fish that Kyle informed him that Fish might be “using” Layla. Cristian asks Fish if he cares to explain that.

After it “appears” that Mr. Rivera is ready to reconsider his decision regarding his son. Dorian tells him that she knew he could be a reasonable man. But he tells his son that either he comes home with his parents and agrees never to see that girl again or else he needn’t bother coming home ever again. Hearing that, Mrs. Rivera attempts to get her husband to reconsider. Markko tells his father he can see that it’s his father’s way or the highway. He tells him that he is not going to give up Langston. His father may throw him out of he wants. At that point, his father and his mother leave together.

When Cristian and Fish are alone in the apartment, Fish asks what Kyle said about him. Cristian reveals that it seemed they knew a lot about each other. There was something very personal about the way Kyle had said that Fish has not been the person he appeared to be. Fish protests that Kyle is a con artist. He tried to blackmail Natalie Buchanan and Jared Banks. He may be trying to “work” fish. Kyle has seen Layla and how hot she is. Kyle may have been trying to prevent Layla from being interested in him (Fish). Yet, Cristian appears to have his suspicions about Fish.

While Kyle is alone at Buenos Dias, Roxy finds him and tells him that he knows it was he who sent that crazy nurse after her. He, and Stacy, and the nurse led Natalie and Jared to that room. But Kyle does not know what she is talking about and knows nothing about the nurse. She tells him that “that creep” is still torturing her from the grave.

Gigi and Rex tell Shane that they must be very careful. For one thing, Rex has to pretend that he still likes Stacy. Nobody can know that he and Gigi are back together. Shane smirks and tells them at least he knows and is so happy for them. He wants to be part of their plan. Rex tells him he needs to get ready for bed. After he is gone, Rex knows he better call Stacy and make her “believe” what they need her to believe. When she answers her phone, Rex tells Stacy he’s staying at Gigi’s tonight.

At Dorian’s, Markko and Langston are not certain what to do now that his father has “laid down the law." Dorian tells all of her guests, she’s very grateful that they all came and offered their support. Yet, Markko reflects that he is now a “homeless dude.” Langston tells him he can live with her at Dorian’s. But Dorian raises objections to that. They all wonder where he can live. At that point, Viki offers for Markko to stay with her and Charlie at Llanfair.

Alone with Layla, Fish once again “raises objections” to sleeping with her.

At Buenos Dias, Roxy observes Kyle and asks him what is going on and knows that he was just talking to his cop friend, Fish. She is very worried what happened to that nurse who knows her secret.

Meanwhile, the nurse is privately with the mysterious donor. She tells him that very soon he will meet that “mysterious family” of his and won’t they be surprised. She then puts a picture of Rex and of Shane right by his bedside table.

When Rex calls Stacy, he tells her that Gigi needs him to stay with Shane because she has to work. She tells him that she can come over there. But he tells her that that would not be necessary. Gigi won’t like it and he doesn’t want any hassles. He hangs up and admits to Gigi that he could not bear going back to Stacy again. She then asks him to tell her what he was going to say before Shane walked in the room.

Stacy is alone, pouring wine into two glasses.

Rex explains to Gigi that he thought that she did not love him anymore and that he might have a possibility with Stacy, but they never slept together. Shane appears, and they are all happily together and not worried for the time being. 

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