OLTL Update Friday 7/10/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 7/10/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Melanie

Right after Rex and Gigi have made love for the first time in such a long time, Schuyler gets on the phone to talk to Rex. Rex is courteous to Schuyler but wonders what he wants and tells him it’s not a "good time." Schuyler then demands that Rex tells him when it would be a “good time” to tell Gigi that he slept with her sister. Hearing that, Rex asks Schuyler where he heard that. Schuyler tells Rex that Gigi is under the mistaken idea that Rex never touched Stacy. Rex then asks Schuyler how this is any of his business. Schuyler then tells Rex that he needs to meet him in 20 minutes or he will tell Gigi the “big secret.”  At that moment Gigi appears, and asks Rex who he was on the phone with.

Layla and Fish enter The Palace. He wants to make it a very “special date.” Layla gets a call from Cristian asking her to join him for dinner at Buenos Dias. She tells him that she is with Fish but thanks him for the invitation.

Viki and Charlie enter Buenos Dias. Moe and Noelle are there working. Shaun enters. Noelle goes to congratulate Charlie and Viki on their engagement. Viki informs them that Dorian gave her and Charlie an invitation. Moe informs Viki that he and Shaun also got one. They all conclude that Dorian has the mistaken idea that if they are all there, it will help “smooth things over” with Markko’s parents. Noelle, however, has not been informed by anybody that they have all been invited to Dorian’s party and have turned it down. She tells them that even if none of them plan to go, she might go there without them.

Gigi asks Rex what the phone call he got was about. He is still hesitating to tell her that he slept with Stacy or that Schuyler knows.

Markko and his parents enter Dorian’s house and she is ready to be the perfect hostess. She offers them all of the authentic Mexican drinks and offers to make them “virgin.” A new cook appears, and Dorian introduces them to the man who works with Moe. She tells them that Moe is in the other room. They ask about Shaun. She tells them that Mr. Evans is upstairs watching a DVD with those two adorable little boys, Jack and Sam. They are all one big happy family. She asks everybody to sit down. She informs them that she and Langston invited Mrs. Rivera to Téa the other day and that she apologized to her for her very bad behavior at Markko’s graduation party. Now, she would like to apologize to Mr. Rivera. Hearing that, Mrs. Rivera assures her husband that Dr. Lord was not herself when they saw her in that state of mind. Dorian then tells her she must call her Dorian. She tells them she’d like to think that she can learn from her mistakes and knows that her overindulging in alcohol did not help and only caused heartbreak for Langston and Markko. But Mr. Rivera remarks that he doubts that Mr. Stubbs, Mr. Evans, Mrs. Davidson, or Mr. Banks are anywhere near by nor plan on coming. 

At Buenos Dias, Noelle asks Moe why he won’t accept Dorian’s invitation. He tells his wife that it’s not okay with him that Dorian wants them to act like what she did does not matter. He reminds her that she let them have her house in order to falsify some sort of “thing” to David Vickers, and then threw them out. She fired Shaun and poured liquor down Charlie’s throat. Viki concludes to Noelle that all of them have concluded that Dorian must solve her own problems with Langston’s boyfriend's parents, without their help. Moe asks Noelle if she thinks any of them should let bygones be bygones after all Dorian has done. But Noelle asks them what about Markko and Langston. They are two sweet kids who are in love and in no way at fault for any of this. Don’t they deserve to have all of them put aside their issues with Dorian? She tells them she thought they were all “better” than this.

When Mr. Rivera asks Dorian about Viki Davidson, Dorian assures them that Viki will be there. She tells them that Viki is one of her dearest friends. In fact, she was married to Viki’s late father. Mr. Rivera tells her that he knows that she got accused of killing Victor Lord. Markko then asks his parents to stop interrogating Dorian. Langston tells them that her mother is an amazing woman. If they would just give her a chance, they will see. Mr. Rivera tells Dorian he seriously doubts that the people she treated so terribly have any intention of accepting her invitation nor forgive her.

Rex assures Gigi that he only loves her. He is worried what might happen if she finds out that he slept with Stacy. He tells her that they are okay. She tells him that she never stopped loving him and will never keep anything from him again. Even if he thinks that Shane should fake a relapse in order to blow Stacy out of the water, she is okay with that. At that point, they agree that their kid can handle anything. He tells her that he must return home to Stacy and “set things up.” He promises to let her be there when Stacy gets busted, and he goes out the door. Yet, he doesn’t tell her that he’s going to meet Schuyler to discuss "the secret.”

At Buenos Dias, Viki gets another call from Dorian and remarks, that that woman just won’t give up. Noelle then tells all of them that they have good reason to be angry with Dorian, but what she’s doing is a good thing. She loves her daughter. Moe tells her that Dorian wants to fool the Riveras into thinking she’s not a monster. Noelle tells them that she knows that Dorian did a bad thing, but Langston and Markko should not have to suffer because of that. She convinces all of them that Markko is a wonderful young man. He works hard and gets good grades. He loves Langston, and she loves him. It’s the least they owe him, regardless of what they may think of Dorian. She tells them that with or without them, she is going to the party and taking her award winning key lime pie.

Not far away, Cristian calls Layla again. Kyle Lewis comes in and overhears. He asks if Cristian is talking to the same Layla that he met in the park who was with his friend, Officer Fish. Cristian confirms, yes. He informs Kyle that the three of them are roommates. Kyle then “tips” Cristian off by telling him he doubts that Fish and Layla are really “dating.”

At The Palace, Fish orders some expensive Champaign. Layla asks if this is a cause for celebration. Fish replies, yes. It looks like her application got accepted at the police station.

Langston takes Dorian into a private room to remind her that Markko’s parents are going to find out that Moe and Shawn are not in the other room and Viki and Charlie are not coming to the party.

After Rex leaves, Stacy comes by to see Gigi and can tell that her sister slept with somebody. She knows who it is.

Meanwhile, Rex goes to Schuyler’s home and tells him he does not respond to threats or ultimatums. Schuyler tells Rex that he (Rex) has been lying by having Gigi believing that he has never cheated on her. Rex better not deny that he slept with Stacy, because he heard it straight from Stacy. He reminds Rex that he knows Stacy well enough to know when she is blowing smoke. She was not when she informed him that Rex “did” her right on the dance floor. He tells Rex he’s a sleezeball with no respect for Gigi. Rex punches Schuyler.

Alone in the room with Langston, Dorian assures her daughter that she will not give up until she makes everything right. Langston asks her how. They then go to rejoin Markko’s parents, and Dorian invites them to join the fiesta in the other room. Mr. Rivera tells her he knows that Moe and Noelle are not there. Before Dorian can explain, Noelle appears out of nowhere with her award winning pies. She greets them warmly and speaks Spanish. She tells them that she is so happy to meet the parents of a wonderful young man, like Markko. Right before they can ask her where Moe is, he appears to greet them. Shaun then appears behind him and confirms Dorian’s “story” that he was right upstairs with the boys watching a DVD. Viki and Charlie enter unexpectedly, and Dorian welcomes them.

At Buenos Dias, after Kyle reveals to Cristian that he doubts that Fish and Layla will be “serious,” Cristian asks Kyle if Fish is a friend of his. Kyle replies that he knew Fish in college. Sensing that there might be some sort of “secret” that Kyle is hiding, Cristian reminds them that they all have to live with the guy. So he’d like to know whatever Kyle knows about Fish.

At The Palace, after Fish informs Layla that she got the job, she is really happy. She then informs him that he bets that the waiter is gay and interested in him.

After Rex punches Schuyler, he asks him how this is any of his business. Schuyler reminds him that he was the one to find out that Stacy did not donate the stem cells. He also reminds Rex that if he hadn’t encouraged Gigi to go to Ultra Violet to find him the other day and pour her heart out to him, she would have found out that Rex had sex with Stacy. Rex replies that he and Gigi are okay. Schuyler tells him that may be the case until Gigi finds out the truth. He asks Rex if he is unaware that Stacy wants nothing more than to rub that in Gigi’s nose and ruin her relationship with Rex. Rex needs to know that Stacy will stop at nothing and not care what she has to do in order to get what she wants.

When Stacy is in Gigi’s home, she smirks and asks her if she slept with Schuyler. Gigi tells her that she did not have sex with “Stacy’s ex.” Stacy tells her sister what’s “fair is fair.” Gigi asks her what she is talking about. Stacy replies that Gigi slept with her “ex” and she slept with Gigi’s “ex.” Hearing that, Gigi appears alarmed.

Schuyler tells Rex that he must know that Stacy has her “hooks in deep.” Rex replies that Stacy played him. Hearing that, Schuyler then confirms that Rex has admitted that he slept with Stacy. He asks how it is that he allowed himself to believe in Stacy and be interested in her, even if it was just for a short time. He reminds Rex that Stacy has been obsessed about him throughout her life and she believes that she and Rex are meant to be together. Rex then asks Schuyler if he “knows” something about Stacy; maybe, he should tell him just how dangerous Stacy is.

After Stacy drops the bombshell upon Gigi that she slept with Rex, she tells her sister that Rex has done a lot of things for her. He believes in her. He’s supported her and helped her get a job as a dance teacher. They had wild sex right on the dance floor. Yet, Stacy somehow knows that Gigi might have a “secret” regarding Rex. Gigi then reminds Stacy that she just heard her say that she suspected that Gigi just had sex with Schuyler Joplin and not Rex. So Gigi asks her sister, which is it? Stacy then tells her that she must really think she can pull one over on her little sister. Gigi asks her what if she does? Stacy tells Gigi that Rex is hers now. Gigi won’t get him back.

Meanwhile, Dorian bluffs with Viki and Charlie that they must have been late because they were searching all over for the wine to bring to her party. Viki “plays along” that she tried but couldn’t find it. Dorian then, graciously thanks them for their attempt to find the perfect wine. At that point, Mr. Rivera asks why she would ask Mr. Banks of all people to bring alcohol. He reminds Charlie that he remembers hearing that Charlie is an alcoholic. Charlie then “smoothes over” by telling him that he’s in recovery. Mr. Rivera reminds Dorian that he knows that she knocked Charlie unconscious and poured alcohol down his throat. Dorian admits that what she did to Charlie was reprehensible and knows there may be no way to make it up to him. She tells Mr. Rivera that she realizes that there is no excuse for what she did to this man. Yet, he is there with his fiancé. It’s all for Langston and Markko. Mr. Rivera then asks her if she thinks she can invite them to her home so that she can lie to them. She then admits that he is right. She invited him into her home with the mistaken idea that she could charm her way into getting him to forgive her. She wanted him to forgive her for the way she behaved at the graduation. She was in a great deal of personal pain and drank too much, and everybody knows the rest of that story. She admits that she knows she can be a very nasty person, but she is also one of the kindest and most generous people they will ever meet. Maybe they need to get off of their high horse and stop thinking that they are better than she is. She reminds them that their son is not a little child who can’t make his own decisions. He loves her daughter, and no matter how she wears her hair or how she dresses, Markko is damn lucky to have her. She tells Mr. Rivera there is no point in fighting this. If he does, he will lose his son.

At Buenos Dias, Kyle tells Cristian that Fish is a great guy and there is no secret anybody needs to know about him.

At The Palace, Layla assess to Fish that he is a “cute guy.” A lot of women notice him. But there’s no point in being concerned about a gay waiter.

Rex tells Schuyler that he can see that Stacy is out of her mind to fake the stem cells. If Schuyler knows something, he needs to tell him. He needs to know what she is capable of and what he is dealing with here. Yet, it appears Schuyler is not “complete” with the fact that Gigi might not be available to him (Schuyler) and doesn’t want to continue the conversation.

Stacy tells Gigi that once they get things, “straight,” maybe the four of them can go on a double date. She tells Gigi that she and Rex are meant to be. Maybe Gigi and Schuyler are meant to be but just don’t know it yet. Gigi then pushes her sister out the door, gets very upset, and throws things.

After Dorian is done with her “speech” to the Rivera’s, Mr. Rivera tells her he’s heard enough. They are leaving and he never wants his son in this house or around this girl or her family again. But his wife urges him to at least stay and have the dinner that Dorian’s friends have taken the time to prepare. He won’t and demands that Markko come with him. Markko tells his father that he is an adult. He can make his own choices, and he chooses Langston.

Cristian urges Kyle to tell him any secrets he may know about Fish. He asks if Fish is “bad news” for Layla, or what. Kyle seems to know from experience that she could “get hurt.” Cristian asks how. Is he abusive? Kyle tells Cristian not at all. It’s nothing like that. Cristian then asks him what exactly is “the deal.” Kyle then replies that Fish is “using.”

At The Palace, Fish tells Layla that he wants to leave. She asks why when they haven’t even had their main course yet. He tells her that he’d like to go home. Yet, he appears to have “something else” on his mind. It appears to be the waiter.

Rex returns to Gigi’s home. She asks how everything went. He tells her that it went fine. He notices her lying on the floor in the dark and asks her what’s wrong. She replies that his “friend," Stacy, was there. She informed Gigi that she had sex with Rex. She asks Rex if that is true.

Markko tells his parents that if he can’t live under their roof and see Langston, then he won’t live in their house. He’ll sleep in the park if he has to. He loves Langston and they made love because it was right for them. He realizes that they disagree and believe it’s a mortal sin, and he respects his father’s opinions. He has to be his own man, be true to himself, and be true to Langston. He then takes her hand and they go up the stairs. His father demands to know where they are going. Markko replies that he and Langston are going upstairs together and they’re going to close the door. They’re going to do what they want to do, and there is nothing anybody can do to stop them. But his father demands he comes back there. He won’t listen, and nobody else says a word. 

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