OLTL Update Thursday 7/9/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/9/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dr. Greg Evans meets with Bo, Nora and Matthew to discuss what he recommends. He tells them all that he knows that spinal surgery is not something to be taken lightly. But if they all agree to go through with it, he thinks that Matthew’s chances to be able to walk again area pretty good. Hearing that, Matthew smiles and appears very excited.

At the palace, Destiny and Shawn sit at a table. Rachel and Schuyler are at another one. Destiny notices them and remarks to her brother that she sees Rachel with a former teacher of hers. But he says nothing. She then calls to them and invites them to join her and her brother.

Langston asks Dorian if she really believes that she can make things better by hosting this party and that Moe, Shawn, Viki ,Charlie or Markko’s parents will forgive her and accept her invitation, after the things she has done. Dorian tells her daughter that she’d like to try and would like Langston’s support. And at that point, Dorian asks her if Starr and Cole are going to et married.

Right after John comes to surprise everybody, interrupting Starr and Cole’s wedding by announcing that Cole does not have to go to prison, it changes everything. Todd is not ok with the fact that if his daughter marries Cole when he’s free, he won’t be able to keep them apart. Blair and Marty both admit that they have similar concerns. And Starr admits to Cole that with this change, she cannot marry him.

Rex and Gigi discuss what they are going to do in the future and if they plan to get married. He admits that he has “reservations” and it appears he’s afraid of what might happen if he reveals to her that he really did sleep with Stacy and he believed for a while that he had “possibilities” with her. Gigi tells him that he must know that there was nothing wrong with “them” before all of this. But he is a bit worried that things might not be the same. She tells him that this is all her fault and she should have been honest with him from the start. She protests that it was not that she did not think that he could know the truth about what she had to do regarding Stacy and Brody and the stem cells. But he tells her that he realizes that she did what she thought she had to do and he loves her for that. But, in response to remembering that he really believed that she cheated on him with Brody and really did dump him, he expresses that throughout their separation, she had the truth, the whole time, to hang onto. Whereas he had nothing. She tells him that it made her ill to know that he was hurting yet she was “helpless” to do anything about it. He then admits that he was first hit with the horrifying news of Shane being diagnosed with a life threatening illness and needing stem cells in order to save his life. And the next thing he knows, he catches her in bed with Brody. Hearing hat, GIgi tells Rex that she feels just terrible to know what he must have been feeling. Rex then admits to her that he felt all alone and betrayed by her and could not for the life of him understand what happened.

At the palace, after Destiny invites Rachel and Schuyler to join her and Shawn, she announces that she knows “Mr. J” from the high school. He used to be her teacher. She asks how he knows Rachel. They explain that they now work together as drug counselors.. She then asks him if he is dating Rachel (instead of her brother dating her). Hearing hat, Shawn puts his head in his hands to express that he wishes his sister would stay out of such personal matters.

Matthew, Nora and Bo meet with Dr. Gregory Evans. Matthew asks if he really is confident that the surgery will make him able to get out of the wheelchair, play basketball and get his life back. Greg replies that that is “the goal”. Nora and Bo ask him just what the procedure would entail and what they could realistically expect. He replies that it’s kind of hard to explain in laymen’s terms. But he tells them he’s performed similar procedures with people in similar cases as Matthew’s and has a really good success rate. But Bo asks him if he has a 100% success rate. He admits it’s not quite that good. Yet Nora and Bo want him to tell them exactly what must happen. In response to that, Matthew tells them he could care less what needs to be done as long as it will make him walk. Nora then tells her son that he does not think that Dr. Evans just said that he will instantly walk after the surgery. Greg then admits that there never are any guarantees with anything. He admits that with any surgery there are risks involved. Hearing that, Bo asks him just what type of “risk” they are talking about.

While Téa observes Todd appearing depressed and sitting on the steps, she gloats that she can see how he has been “defeated” knowing that once again John has “saved the day”. He has not only made Todd’s life profoundly difficult by preventing Cole from going to prison, he has now given Blair reason to believe she “owes” him.

In he other room, Dorian reminds Blair that as the mother of the bride, she has to make a decision about whether to authorize for Starr to get married. John stands by them not knowing exactly what to do. Outside the house, Starr admits to Cole that many things have changed. The whole reason they made love for the first time and how she got pregnant in the first place was because she was afraid that her father would make her move far away so that she would never see Cole again. And then, they were ready to run away together with their baby and never see anybody again, only because Todd was threatening them. And now the only reason Cole proposed to her is because he’s afraid he will be sent away. She asks if he would not have proposed marriage to her if he was not faced with going to prison. He does not answer. She tells him that she knows that this is not the right thing to do and he must realize that also. She tells him that she only wants to get married for love and not because their backs are against the wall. She tells him she wants to be able to have a real wedding when the time is right. And she wants their daughter to be able to watch that happen and know how much they love each other. And she hopes that he wants that too.

Matthew urges his parents to know that he is going to walk again and he asks them if they do not want that too.. But they tell him that he cannot get his hopes up. Greg then tells Matthew that his parents are right. His spinal chord is severely damaged. But it’s not severed. There’s a good chance that he can regain full use of his legs. But he needs to be realistic and know that the surgical procedure is complicated. It will require physical therapy. Yet he believes that there’s a “good chance” that it will work. At that point, Bo reiterates that none of the other doctors they have talked to are as “glib” or as positive about the prognosis as he appears to be. IN response to that, Greg concludes that it looks as though they have finally found the right doctor. Nora then reminds Greg that he keeps using the vague term of “a good chance”. But she asks him what exactly the chances are that this procedure could kill her son.

Gigi admits to Rex that when they both thought it was over, it never was. She knows that they never stopped loving each other. But he admits to her hat he spent months being forced to see her as he never had before. He was all alone, living in fear and horror of his son dying. He first believed that she slept with Brody. Then he saw her with Schuyler. She indicated to him that they were over and she was a different person again and again. He tells her that “it didn’t work” however. He never stopped loving her even though he wished he could have. She then asks him if it’s too late if they still love each other.

Marty smiles and tells John she’s so happy that her son is not going to that place. John replies that Cole will be ok. Yet he is kind of uneasy with how to tell her the rest. But she tells him that she knows it will break Cole’s heart if Starr backs out on the wedding. At that point, Starr and Cole enter. Everybody asks if they are ok. Cole then announces that the wedding is off. Hearing that, Todd immediately tells them yes. Blair then asks the two of them if they are ok and tells them she realizes that this was going to be a very important day for them. But they tell her that it’s not the right time right now.

After Destiny asks Schuyler and Rachel if they are dating, Shawn asks them to “excuse” his sister. She has a way of getting into people’s business. Destiny appears polite, but then “accidentally” knocks a drink into Schuyler’s lap and get his clothes all wet. She takes him aside so that Shawn and Rachel can talk alone. They both laugh knowing what she is up to. Destiny distracts “Mr. J”. She appears gracious and tells him she hopes he does not hate her. She then reflects that she was ready to take his bio class, this fall. But she knows that he got into trouble. And she hopes that his new job works out for him and that he wouldn’t be going after “another guy’s girl”. Because that wouldn’t be cool, she tells him Meanwhile, Shawn and Rachel are alone at the table talking.

After Nora asks the dreaded question of whether the spinal surgery could kill her son, Greg then tells them that if they want “full disclosure”, sometimes a patient may have an adverse reaction to an anesthesia. He tells them that sometimes there is a risk of infection. And under rare circumstances, spinal surgery can be life threatening. At that point, Nora appears to panic. But Matthew tells his parents that he knows this won’t happen. Greg then tells Matthew that he is confident. Yet, there can always be “anomalies”. Hearing that word, Nora tells him that is an interesting choice of words. Greg then assures her that he would never suggest a procedure that he believes would harm a patient. He asks Matthew if he really wants to play basketball, get on the team and win some games. Matthew smiles and tells him of course he does. Yet at that point, Nora reveals that she absolutely, positively will not authorize the procedure.

Rex asks Gigi what happens now. She tells him she can answer that. And she kisses him.

In response to what Destiny tells Schuyler about “going after another guy’s girl”, he tells her that he can assure her that he and Rachel are not “dating”. They work together and were merely having lunch together as friends and co-workers. She then asks him why, then, did he get this “weird look” on his face when she mentioned his “going after another guy’s girl”? Schuyler replies that, not that it’s any of her business, but he was thinking about “somebody else” other than Rachel. Hearing that, she tells him that’s ok with her. As long as he does not intend to prevent Rachel and Shawn from having a future.

At the table, Rachel and Shawn continue to talk. He tells her that he has noticed her kind of guarded on not only the first time they went out together. But also the second. She then replies that she can tell him a little more about her situation. She works in the drug recovery field because she is, herself, a recovering addict. And she tells him that she got clean a long time ago. But the process was very difficult. And, she has noticed that most men she meets assume that she must be “high maintenance”. He asks her if people judge her before knowing her or if she does not allow anybody to get close to her. She tells him that sometimes people in recovery carry more baggage. And they take things a little more slowly. He then tells her that he is in no rush. He jokes about his “habits”. She laughs. And right then, they are distracted and lose their positive spirit when they hear Destiny run to Greg, call his name and hug him.

When Matthew is alone with his parents, after Nora announces that she is not going to risk the spinal chord procedure that Greg believes could make Matthew, he angrily demands that she tells him why. She tells him he must know that Greg does not care about him. He’s just an egotistical doctor that wants to make money and impress people. But, Matthew asks her if she does not care what he wants. She tells him that he must know that Dr. Evans is so busy tooting his own horn that he makes light of the fact that it could kill Matthew. But Matthew tells his mother that the risk of that is highly unlikely. And he tells her that anybody could die at any moment of anything. Everybody is at risk. Somebody could get killed on the street the moment they walk out their door. BO then tells his son that that is not the same thing. He tells him that this surgery is not essential. But it “could” end his life. He tells him that part of being his parents is to make certain they are looking out for him. But, Matthew asks his father how keeping him in this freaking chair is looking out for him. He asks them why they are concerned about the surgery ending his life. He tells them that his life ended the night he got in the car with Cole. And he wants it back. Now, hearing that, Bo and Nora are not certain what to do.

Cole tells Marty that he and Starr have decided that getting married is not for them now. It has nothing to do with Todd or anybody else They want to wait until the time is right.. She tells them that she supports whatever they decide but admits she is a little relieved. Starr then concludes that she and Cole will be together. They will see each other and raise Hope together. And when the time is right to get married, they will. In response to that, everybody appears to be ok except for Todd. Cole then approaches John and asks him when “community service” will start assuming that that is the “deal” to keep him out of prison. John then tells Cole that they have to talk about “that”. And they can all go and discuss it now. Starr then tells Cole that they have everything they want now. Now she gets to tell their daughter that her daddy will be there to kiss her good night tonight and every m=night. Right then, Langston enters and hugs them both. But they all wonder how John could manage to “pull strings” to keep Cole out of prison when he’s not a cop anymore. John stares at them coldly not certain what to say.

Rex and Gigi undress and get ready to sleep together. But he remembers being with Stacy in the same bed.

After Matthew tells his parents that his life ended the night the accident left him paralyzed, Nora sits by her son and tells him that if she could do, she would wipe away the night the accident occurred. But she can’t. And she knows she could not imagine her life without him in it. He then asks her if she won’t even consider the surgery and thinks it’s ok if he spends the rest of his life in this stupid chair. Bo then tells his son that that is not what his mother meant. Neither of them wants that. Matthew then asks why it’s all about what they want. He lives with this. He is the one who needs an elevator to go up and down thee stairs and cannot get himself in and out of bed or in and out of the bathroom by himself and who gets made fun of at school. That is his life right now. He asks them if that is what they want for him. Hearing that, they are both silent and incapable of answering that question.

Greg goes to the palace to inform Destiny and Rachel that he just talked to Matthew’s parents. Destiny asks if he thinks Matthew can walk again. Greg tells her there’s a good chance. At that point, Rachel stands up and goes over him and asks if he is really confident that this procedure absolutely will enable her brother to walk again. Hearing that, he replies that no procedure is 100% guaranteed. She tells him she does not want her brother to have any false hopes. He tells her he doesn’t want that either. He tells her that Matthew is young and strong and healthy. His spinal chord was not severed. And he is the perfect candidate for the surgery. And he tells her that the decision is there to be made. Destiny then tells her brother that it’s a pretty easy decision to make if it can help Matthew to walk. But Shawn warns his sister that there is no guarantee. Greg then assures Rachel that he would not offer to do the procedure if he was not confident that he could pull this off. Hearing the word: “pull it off”, Rachel asks him to “excuse her” and asks if that is some sort of “stunt in a magic show” that he’s talking about. He then apologizes and tells her that doctors sometimes use “short hand” phrases. She asks what her mom and Bo are saying about this now. He replies that they are “discussing it”. But, he tells her, if it were his son and a renowned doctor gave him hope that his son would walk again, he give “him” a yes. Hearing that, Destiny hugs her brother and tells them they must see that things will be fine. Right then, Shawn gets a call from Téa telling him she needs a ride right now and that the wedding “did not happen”.

At the house, Blair tells Starr she is very proud of the very mature decision she made. Todd tells her that so is he. Starr then tells her father she didn’t really appreciate his “shout out” when she and Cole announced that they would not be getting married. He then admits that he could not help it. Starr tells her parents that whatever the case may be, she is so happy that Cole is not going to prison. But she wonders how John could have arranged for Cole to do community service. Regarding that, Blair admits that she doesn’t have a clue exactly what John found out.

Right then, John, Marty and Cole go to the station. A janitor is cleaning the windows of John’s new office and welcomes him back. At that point, Marty realizes that she had never before heard that John got his job back. Cole asks how it happened. John then tells them that he can explain more in his office.

After Gigi and Rex make love, she is happy and tells him she knows that they “fit”. But he is worried and haunted by the memories of Stacy.

Rachel tells Greg she “gets” that if he was a “betting man”, he’d bet on himself. But this is her brother they are talking about. And betting on Matthew’s health is not an option. She gets ready to leave with Shawn. But Destiny urges Rachel to know that it’s “not like that”. She says her brother is the best doctor ever. Rachel tells her she hopes she is right. Alone with Greg, Destiny tells him he’s a great brother. He then asks his sister if, “speaking of brothers”, is Shawn really “dating” Rachel? Destiny smiles and replies that she hopes so. Greg then reveals that he is not ‘ok” with the possibility that Shawn and Rachel could be dating.

Bo tells his son he knows that this whole situation is emotional. But he does not want Matthew to believe for a moment that his parents do not want what is best for him. Matthew then tells his father that he is talking as if he and Nora are one person. He knows about Nora’s very strong opinion but asks Bo if he does not have his own opinion. Bo replies that he does not know enough about it to make a decision and they will look into this. But, Bo admits that if there is any risk that they could lose Matthew, he agrees with his mom. Matthew then shouts that they must see that what he wants counts too. They just don’t seem to get that he would rather be dead than spend the rest of his life in this chair. Don’t they understand that? At that point, He rushes off in his wheelchair. Alone, Bo and Nora do not know what to do.

When Shawn comes to pick up Téa and take her home, she hugs Starr and tells her that she wants her and Cole to always be happy. Blair goes off with her daughter. In the other room, Langston tells Dorian she needs to know that if Markko’s parents actually show up after the wedding has been cancelled, then they are screwed. The Rivera’s will know that they got them there under a lie. And right at that point, they get the door and see Mr. and Mrs. Rivera with Markko. Dorian greets them with a smile and invites them in.

In John’s office, he sits Marty and Cole down to explain what has happened. He tells them that he’s worked out a plan. But there are risks involved..

Gigi is happily with Rex after making love. Right then, his phone rings. It’s Schuyler calling Rex. He tells him he needs to see him. Rex tells him he’s grateful for his help but now is not a good time. Schuyler then blurts out that he demands to know when it’s a “good time” for Rex to admit to Gigi that he slept with her sister.

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