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One Life to Live Update Monday 7/6/09


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Rex calls Gigi while in the shower and tells her that he knows that Stacy must have the mysterious bag of blood with Shane’s stem cells, and he’s determined to find it. He knows that Roxy must know, also. Why else would somebody come out of nowhere, inject Roxy with a needle, and take the bag from her? She then asks him how he responded to Stacy wanting to have a romantic dinner with him after he knows the truth about her. Rex replies that he told Stacy he had a headache and had to work. He tells Gigi that he hopes it’s a short time from now when they get to “blow Stacy out of the water.” At that moment Stacy enters to overhear and asks Rex what she just heard.

Brody goes to the police station and fills out an application. But it looks hopeless for him when he knows that the major questions are whether he’s ever been convicted of a felony or been hospitalized for psychiatric disorders. Bo appears, greets Brody, and asks him if he can help him.

John is talking to the judge at Cole’s trial about letting Cole go undercover to catch the drug dealers instead of going to prison.

Starr and Cole are upstairs awaiting their wedding, observing baby Hope. Downstairs, their families are waiting for them. Todd, Bair, Dorian, Addie, and Marty are all there. Téa comes to the door to surprise them all. Noticing her, Blair firmly tells her that this wedding is by invitation only. She seems to know that Todd must have invited Téa without forewarning anybody. She tells the two of them that they better be on their best behavior. She will not let them ruin her daughter’s wedding. She tells Todd and Téa that they have a very sick and twisted relationship wanting to ruin each other and then getting sexually turned on to each other.

Outside, Markko comes to find Langston and tells her he wants to be with her at Starr and Cole’s wedding.

Upstairs, Cole admits to Starr that he is nervous. But it does not feel like that. It feels like everything is going to change. He tells her that they can all get through it. She asks him if he is scared. She knows that he must be afraid not only of going to Statesville but about all of their futures.

The judge tells John that, maybe John’s job as a bar owner has made him forget about the law. John protests that he must not let Cole’s life be ruined.

When Bo notices Brody, he asks him if he wanted to talk to him about anything. Brody assumes that he cannot possibly answer that question and crumples up the application. He replies by telling Bo that he just wanted to pay an overdue parking ticket. Bo seems to know what he really wants to do.

Natalie goes to talk to Jessica about Brody. Regarding that, Natalie tells her sister she wishes Jessica would not judge him, assuming that is the only thing Natalie has to say about Brody. But Natalie surprises her sister by telling her she apologizes for judging him harshly. She approves of him and of their relationship.

When Stacy catches Rex on the phone with Gigi, he has to “cover up” the conversation so that she believes that he is calling the plumber about the hot water. She seems to know that there’s nothing wrong with the temperature of the shower, and she wants to “make their own heat." He comes up with excuses not to sleep with her without telling her that he does not want her. He suggests that, maybe, they go on a “date” first. She suggests that they go to the Palace and have a shrimp cocktail. He tells her that he has to run and has a delivery at Ultra Violet.

Meanwhile, Schuyler appears at Gigi’s home and asks her if she might want a late breakfast. She tells him she already ate with Shane. He tells her that he just wanted to make certain she was okay. She tells him, she is okay. He admits to her that he noticed that the last time they spoke, she was not okay after her talk with Rex. Now, it appears that things are better.

At Rex’s home, Stacy finally tells him that she knows the truth, and he may stop pretending.

While Schuyler talks to Gigi, he indicates that he is not okay about Gigi and Rex getting back together. He remembers that Stacy informed him that she and Rex are now sleeping together, but he cannot bring himself to tell her that. He asks her if she is sure that Rex is not playing her.

Rex asks Stacy what she thinks he is hiding. She replies that he would not shower with her and couldn’t wait to get out of there. She tells him she realizes that maybe he is worried that he might be “cheating” on Gigi and worried about Shane. She tells him she does not expect him to turn his feelings off for her sister. He tells her, gritting his teeth, that Gigi is not the person he thought she was. He forces a smile. She then tells him that what they have is worth the wait. She reminds him what he is waiting for by kissing him.

The judge tells John if he were to agree to John’s plan, he needs some assurance. He asks John if he really believes that he and Cole can successfully pull off the plan to bust the drug dealers. Would John be willing to risk Cole getting hurt? That could always happen, and John needs to consider that.

Dorian comes out to see Langston and Markko kissing and she reminds them that they might be taking a risk doing what they are doing.

Starr tells Cole she wants to marry him more than anything, but she’s scared. She asks what if they screw up. She is the daughter of two people who screw many things up in their marriage. He tells her that they are not their parents and they love each other. He tells her that he promises they will make it work, and he kisses her.

Downstairs, Téa tells Todd he should have known that inviting her was a bad idea. Hearing that, Blair tells her of course it is. She rips into Todd, telling him that she did not make any promise to be nice to his friend. Todd does not have to be nice to John, she reminds him. At that moment, the justice of the peace comes to perform the wedding ceremony, sees the three of them together, and assumes that Todd is marrying one of the two women. He asks which of these ladies is the love of his life. He tells them he knows; he can figure it out. But Todd tells him that nobody there is getting married. At that point, Starr and Cole come down the stairs and admit that they are.

Outside, Dorian warns Langston and Markko that they could be getting into trouble when his parents told him they did not want him there. He protests that Cole asked him to be his best man. She tells them that, maybe, they should wait until Markko’s parents calm down. Langston tells her that that may not happen, and in the mean time, they have to make their own decision. Addie then calls Dorian to join the ceremony. Alone with Langston, Markko asks her if she does not agree that it appears that there is something that Dorian is not telling them. They both can see that it appears that way. Dorian then goes in, calls Viki and urges her to attend the ceremony.

Blair brings Jack and Sam down the stairs . It looks like it’s time for the bride and groom’s parents to offer their consent.

At the police station, the judge asks John to never tell him that he cannot be flexible. He’s willing to listen to John and consider his plan. John promises him he will not regret it. The judge tells him he better not. John has one month to pull this plan off.

In the other room, Brody tells Bo that they both know that he is not a likely candidate to become a cop. Bo tells Brody that he knows that Brody has gotten his life together and has been a war hero. He tells Brody that he knows that there isn’t a police officer on the force that doesn’t have some personal problems, and many excellent ones have some things in their files that don’t make them look good. He tells him that, maybe, they could consider this his first interview.

Natalie tells Jessica that she knows what is really going on. She knows that Gigi only pretended to sleep with Brody in order for Rex to think that they were through so that Gigi’s skank of a sister would donate the stem cells so that Shane does not die. So it’s all out in the open. Everybody knows except for Stacy. Hearing that, Jessica asks Natalie why it is that Rex still has to “pretend” to Stacy. Natalie replies that unfortunately, Stacy holds all the cards since only she knows who Shane’s bone marrow donor really is. So they are still at her mercy.

Meanwhile, Rex continues to grit his teeth pretending to be interested in Stacy. It seems he is not able to pretend much longer.

After Schuyler asks Gigi if she trusts Rex, she informs him that Rex told her that he knows what Stacy is doing. Unfortunately, Rex has to still pretend to Stacy that he wants to have a future with her. He asks her if she is not worried that they might be really sleeping together. He asks Gigi if Rex ever absolutely denied ever sleeping with Stacy. In response to that, Gigi does not reply. She seems to know that he did not.

Before starting the wedding, Todd and Blair know that they both must sign the consent form but are reluctant to present it. The judge then looks it over, tells them that everything is in good order, and that they may proceed.

At the station, Bo tells Brody that he knows a lot of things about him. Brody reminds Bo that he almost killed Rex Balsam and that might stand in the way of Bo even remotely considering him for the job. He assumes that Bo must have some personal adversity toward him since he is a friend of Rex’s. Bo must have heard that Gigi cheated on Rex with him. Bo reveals to Brody that he does not judge him for his business nor believe that Brody gives anybody any cause for alarm.

Schuyler is ready to tell Gigi what he “suspects” about Rex and Stacy. At that moment, Rex enters to ask them what about Rex and Stacy.

Meanwhile, Stacy is alone in the shower, fantasizing about Rex coming in with her and telling her that they have waited long enough.

The judge tells John that he and Cole have one month to pull off their plan before Cole gets sent back to prison. In response to that, John appears worried. The judge tells John that he mustn’t be afraid since everybody knows that John McBain never fails to get results.

The judge starts the ceremony and announces that the two people are joined there today. He asks if anybody present can show just cause why they should not be married and to speak or forever hold their peace. At that point, Todd speaks up. Of course, they all assume that he wants to prevent the wedding from going forward, but he surprises them by not doing that. He says he offers his support.

Bo tells Brody that he has one question for him, which is why he wants to be a cop. Brody tells Bo that it’s for the same reason that he wanted to serve his country. He wants to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Hearing that, Bo tells Brody he knows that he already did with what he’s done for Jessica.

Meanwhile, Natalie affirms to Jessica that she supports her relationship with Brody.

Bo asks Brody how Jessica feels about his being a cop. Brody admits that she wanted to pulls strings for him by asking Bo. But he told Jessica he wants to earn the opportunity on his own without depending upon Jessica or her uncle.

Natalie then admits to Jessica that maybe she has ruined many things for her. Jessica tells her sister that she knows that Natalie only wants what is best for her.

Rex joins Gigi and tells Schuyler that he owes him a lot for all that he has done to help Gigi find out the truth about Stacy. He apologizes for making it hard for him and distrusting him. At that point, Schuyler tells them he has to take off and get to work. Alone with Gigi, Rex tells her he has to get that blood. He admits that he is not certain he can take one more minute with Stacy. He’s afraid of what he might do to her if she touches him ever again.

Bo meets with John and knows that he might have successfully convinced the judge to let him go through with his plan.

The judge announces that Starr and Cole are there and everybody who surrounds them are witnesses to the bond and commitment they make. He announces that Starr and Cole need all of their support. He asks if they offer their support for this couple and wish them the best of lives together. They all reply, yes. He then announces it’s time to read their vows and asks if they are ready.

Brody returns to Jessica. She asks him what he found out. He admits that he went to the police station to fill out the application, but he knew that he had to answer whether he has a felony record or has been hospitalized for psychiatric issues. He concluded he didn’t have much of a chance. She then asks if that discouraged him from applying. He tells her that he was about to give up until her Uncle Bo came out and encouraged him. Hearing that, she is really encouraged.

Rex admits to Gigi that when Stacy kissed him, he wanted to knock her down, He does not know how much longer he can go on with this.

Meanwhile, Stacy is writing Stacy plus Rex on the bathroom mirror with her finger and fantasizing about her future with the love of her life.

The judge asks Starr and Cole to exchange rings and recite their vows. Before he can pronounce them husband and wife, John appears unexpectedly.

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