OLTL Update Thursday 7/2/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 7/2/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Jessica and Brody wake up together and they want to continue to make love.

Viki and Charlie are in her kitchen talking about their plans. Dorian enters and tells them that she has an invitation. They greet her coldly and ask what invitation. She replies the one she is about to deliver in person and she will not take no for an answer.

Starr tells Langston that she and Cole are really getting married. Langston tells her she is surprised that both of Starr’s parents signed off on it. Blair enters and appears happy. She asks Starr if she has seen her father. Starr replies no, he must still be in bed.  Blair says that is exactly what she was thinking.

Todd and Téa wake up in bed together. They talk about all the fun they had the previous night. She asks him if maybe he isn’t just avoiding Starr’s wedding. She knows that he must have some very threatening thoughts about Cole. He tells her that hopefully by the time Cole is out of prison Starr will have moved on.

At the station, John and Bo area ready to talk to Judge Runyon about their plans to find out if Officer Kenton set Cole up. Bo reminds John that this is his first day back on the job. John tells Bo doesn't plan to "go renegade" but this time, it’s not his future on the line; it’s Cole’s.

Cole and Marty are having breakfast together at Buenos Dias. She reflects that this is his wedding day breakfast. He tells her that she could hardly make a meal for him in her hotel room. She asks if she can at least drive him to the wedding. Meanwhile, Markko enters and asks Cole if he’s really getting married. Cole replies yes. When Markko asks where they are going for their honeymoon, Cole reveals that they will be transferring him to Statesville tonight.

Blair gets the door expecting Todd but it is Addie. Blair greets her mother and asks her what she has brought. Addie tells her daughter that she got eco friendly compost. Blair remarks that they haven’t heard from her in a while and a lot has happened. Addie reveals that she knows all about Starr’s wedding plans. She has bought many things for many people. Blair asks how she heard. Addie replies that Jack is a major source of information. She asks her daughter if she has heard from Todd. Blair replies no.

Téa asks Todd if he is really going to be civil at his daughter’s wedding. He tells her he knows that Cole will be in Statesville very soon and he won’t have to be the bad guy. She asks him if this is how it’s going to be, spending his days with Blair and his nights with her.

Bo and John meet with the judge that sentenced Cole to Statesville convince let Cole work undercover for them instead of sending him to.

Markko and Cole talk about how he will accept being at Statesville for 2 years. Markko reminds him that dangerous criminals are there. Cole tells his friend that he will sleep with one eye open. At least he has a wife and baby to come home to. Markko then admits to Cole that he is starting to understand what he is living with. His parents do not want him near Langston. He always thought that the girl’s parents were overly protective instead of the guy’s parents. Yet Dorian is ok with them sleeping together. His parents hate Dorian too. Cole tells Markko that he wants him to stand up for him in an hour at Dorian's house.  Right then, they appear and his father tells him he is not going to Dorian Lord’s home. His mother adds that they are not going either as she hands Markko an invitation to Dorian's dinner.

Dorian hands Viki and Charlie an invitation to dinner at her home. Charlie asks her if she really expects them to sit down and eat with her after what she has done to them. She replies that that is even more reason to extend her hospitality. Viki tells Dorian no thank you. Dorian tells them that they owe her. Marko Rivera’s parents will not let him see her daughter and blame her for everything, and it is Viki and Charlie’s fault. Charlie asks her what she means. She tells him she knows that he and Viki have been slinging a lot of mud about her. Viki then coyly tells her she knows and they will do it again.

Jessica tells Brody that she has to get going and be there for Starr at her wedding. She tells him she wishes that she could be there for him. He tells her he has everything he has ever wanted and more than he’s ever expected. She then notices a flyer for the Llanview Police Academy. She says he would be a great cop. He tells her that he has the skills and experience in the navy. He would like to do more than bartending but he’s worried that with the trouble he got into with the law and his stay in a mental institution, he’s worried that nobody would let him operate a firearm. She tells him she might be able to help him.

Dorian sits at the table with Viki and Charlie and tells them that Starr is getting married. She knows that her niece will be a great wife in time. She asks that they just do it for Langston. They ask what Langston has to do with this. She then informs them that Markko’s parents won’t allow their son to see Langston because Viki and Charlie opened up their big mouths to him in public. Now she would like them to convince him that she is not a monster. Charlie reminds Dorian that they don’t owe her anything. She tells them that they should not miss the dinner that Moe is preparing for them. Viki remarks that it’s surprising to hear that Moe will be there after she kicked him out of her home. Dorian smugly tells them she knows that Moe will not hold a grudge.

At Todd’s, Shawn finds Moe and they find out that they have both gotten invitations from Dorian. He asks Moe if he is going. Moe tells him no way.

In the bedroom, Téa tells Todd that what she wants doesn’t seem to matter. Todd then tells her he is out of there. He tells her that the last thing he wants is to watch his daughter marry a drug-sucking felon. He says that maybe if she’s there with him, he could handle it. He asks her if she wants to go.

At the house, Blair admits to Addie that she has reservations about Starr getting married. Blair likes Cole but he’s going to prison and they are too young. Addie tells her daughter that Starr has made a decision and wants to raise a family. She tells Blair that Starr is more mature than either her mother or grandmother. Hearing that, Blair tells her mom that does not make her feel any better. Addie then tells her daughter that when two people love each other, nothing can keep them apart.

In the other room, Langston tells Starr that things will be different after she is married. Starr won’t have any time for her. Starr reminds tells her friend that her husband will be in prison, and while she is alone, she will want Langston to be there for her. Starr is worried about what could happen to Cole when he goes to Statesville.

At the station, Bo and John talk to the judge who sentenced Cole. John tells him he has evidence that someone set up Cole. The judge reminds them that Mr. Thornhart violated the terms of his probation. He says he reduced Cole’s sentence at the request of the D.A. but can’t do much more. Bo confirms to the judge that he’s been more than fair with Cole’s case. John then confirms that they need to get somebody whom Asher would trust to can lead them to higher-level drug dealers. He tells the judge that he knows he wants to find out what is happening with the drug trafficking in the high school. The judge tells him he does but there is no way he can reverse his decision regarding Cole’s case and the fact that he violated his probation. John asks him if he’d rather put away Cole than punish the suppliers. Bo then asks the judge of he would consider having Cole going undercover and busting the dealers. That is, John tells him, unless he does not care about drugs in the school. The judge tells him he does but he knows that is not what this is about to John. He knows that it’s personal for John.

At Buenos Dias, Marty overhears Markko’s conversation with his parents and asks Cole what that is all about. Cole informs his mother that they don’t want him to see Langston. She tells him that being a parent is not easy for anybody. Markko’s father asks him if Dr. Lord thinks she can charm him by inviting him to an expensive dinner. His mother reminds him that she considered giving Dorian another chance but then she found out that Dorian fired Mr. Stubbs and Mr. Evans just because Dorian she was angry. She drugged and almost killed Mr. Banks. She informs him that Charlie and his fiancé, Viki Davidson told them all about it. Markko tells his parents that all of those people will be at the dinner. They have put aside their differences with Dorian. Dorian may have her problems but she is a good person. She loves Langston and she gave her a home. He knows that if they get to know her, they will see that she is a good person.

At Viki’s, Dorian gets a call from Moe. She assumes that he is calling to accept her invitation but he tears it up into the phone and tells her that neither he nor Shawn are coming to her party. Knowing that Viki and Charlie are overhearing, she tells Moe that it would be lovely to see him and she can’t wait. She tells them that Moe and Shawn will be there. Viki and Charlie tell her they will not come to her dinner after everything she has done. She tells them that they are too judgmental and cannot remember all of the good things she’s done. All they want to do is “keep score”

Starr and Langston happily greet Addie. She tells Starr that she planted a tree in the rainforest for Starr and Cole. It’s just like her; in time, it will grow, blossom, and bear fruit. The four of them have a group hug.

Jessica reminds Brody that since her uncle Bo is the police commissioner, she can ask him to get him a job on the force. He tells her he doesn’t want such a favor from her just because of her uncle. She tells him that he has helped her yet he doesn’t want to let her help him. Besides, she knows that her uncle would not hire anybody who is not qualified. He will see it. She wishes that he would at least give it some thought.

After Todd leaves, Moe and Shawn talk to Téa warning her about Todd. She tells them she appreciates their concern but regardless of what they may think, Todd is not all bad. She tells them he is one of those men who is afraid to show the world who he really is. Right then, Dorian enters unexpectedly. She has flowers for Téa and reveals she’s there to talk to Shawn and Moe. She tells them she is there to apologize to the two men and admits she treated them both very badly. It was because of Ray Montez’s daughter having a breakdown being institutionalized. she knows she behaved extremely badly, is very sorry, and hopes they will forgive her and not hold it against Langston and come to her home for a dinner tonight.

At Buenos Dias, Markko tells his parents that if all of these other people can put aside their issues with Dorian, then maybe they could too. He would like them to get to know Langston and see what a wonderful person she is.

At the other table, Marty tells her son that his father would be so proud of him. He asks if she means for going to prison. She tells him no, for being strong and fighting adversity and for committing to Starr and their baby. He wishes his father were there. She tells him she knows that his father is there. She gives him her wedding ring and says she thinks his father would want him to have it. She tells him that she would be proud for Starr to wear it.

Todd appears at Dorian’s house. Blair tells him that she thought that he would miss his daughter’s wedding. He tells her no such luck. She asks where he was last night. He replies that he was working late and fell asleep at the desk. She then tells him whatever the reason, he’s there now, and they have a lot to do before the ceremony. He then asks Blair if she is as freaked out by this as he is. She replies that she thought the next big event in their daughter’s life would be going off to college instead of this. She has her misgivings but Starr is happy. After she thought her baby was dead and she was not seeing Cole anymore, she was miserable but now she has them and is with the people she loves.

Marty tells Cole she could not ask for a better daughter in law than Starr; she is terrific. She reminds her son that they have to get going. They don’t want to be late.

At the other table, Mrs. Rivera tells her husband that they cannot prevent Markko from going to his best friend’s wedding. Mr. Rivera reminds his wife that Cole does drugs but she tells him that they cannot keep sheltering their son. They have to trust that they have taught him well. Markko then asks them if, in that case, they will come to the party. Mr. Rivera tells them that he will go, but if the others are not there (Moe, Shawn, Charlie and Viki), then he is leaving.

After Dorian urges Moe and Shawn to reconsider, Moe tells her that he really thinks Langston is a great kid and would do it for her but he wouldn’t accept an invitation from Dorian if it were his last dinner. Shawn tells Dorian he’s sorry but he can’t let her disrespect him. She tells him that maybe she deserves that but Langston does not. She urges them to think about that and if they change their minds, dinner is at seven. They stare coldly at her. She makes a final plea admitting that she knows she really lost it over Ray Montez but Langston has been through so much in her young life. She urges them not to let Langston lose her boyfriend or her faith in Dorian. After Dorian leaves and she is alone with the men, Téa tells them that they were pretty rough. Moe then asks her what they are supposed to do. Are they just supposed to run over there because Dorian needs them?

Alone with Charlie, Viki tells him that she feels sorry for Langston but she’s had it with Dorian and she couldn’t do that to Clint. He then concludes to her that they will not be inviting her to their wedding. She says that even if she wanted to, she wouldn’t do that to Clint. It occurs to Charlie that Nora and Clint will have a guest list too, since they will be married together. He tells her if she will be happy standing up with her ex-husband and her best friend, its fine with him. She kisses him. Right then, Jessica enters. Charlie then tells her that this is his cue to go. Viki tells her daughter that she noticed she didn’t come home last night. Jessica admits that she was with Brody after dropping Bree off at a slumber party. She admits to her mother that Brody makes her happy. She had almost forgotten what that is like.

Brody goes to the station to fill out an application.

The judge reminds John that he disregarded the law to save Marty Saybrook and now he wants to save her son.

Viki tells Jessica she can see that her daughter really likes Brody. She says she will add one more guest on the guest list because she presumes Jessica will want Brody to escort her to her wedding.

At the station, Brody fills out the application. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Have you been hospitalized for a mental health issue? At that point, he’s about to give up. Bo comes out of his office, greets him, shakes his hand, and asks if he can help him with something.

At Todd’s, Téa is dressed and ready to go. She tells Shawn she needs a ride.

Markko talks to Langston on the phone and tells her he has finally convinced his parents to attend Cole and Star’s wedding. He asks her if Dorian convinced Moe and Shawn to come. Langston then replies that she will find that out. She hangs up and asks Dorian the question. Dorian says of course, everything will be perfect. Dorian sees Starr in her white dress and tells her she looks beautiful, a Cramer woman with courage and strength. She tells her that her family will always be proud of her.

Marty goes to Dorian’s and Todd gets the door. There’s tension but she tells him that they must get used to the fact that their kids share a baby and will be part of each other’s lives.

At the station, John tells the judge that they should go after the dealers and suppliers, not the victims. They must have a route to the inside. He promises the judge that he will shut it down. He tells him he’s right; it is personal.

Cole enters Dorian’s house. He tells Starr she looks beautiful. Starr tells him he looks very handsome in his suit. Starr says, “Lets get married.” Everybody surrounds them and smiles. Except Todd.

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