OLTL Update Tuesday 6/30/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/30/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Stacy is alone in Rex’s home preparing a romantic candlelight dinner. A delivery service arrives with chicken parmesan, which she wants Rex to believe she prepared herself.

Meanwhile, Rex goes to Gig and says that he believes her and confesses to Gigi that she is the love of his life.

The woman from the private hospital tells Roxy that she will have her charged with murder if Roxy does not hand over the bag of blood. Roxy tells the woman she will have to kill her first. The woman then takes out a hypodermic needle and tells Roxy that could be arranged.

Kyle takes Natalie and Jared to the private hospital to reveal the real donor. When Jared pulls the curtain open to the see the mysterious anonymous individual, they are shocked.

Matthew and Rachel see Shawn and Destiny at the Palace. They say they are waiting for Greg to join them for dinner, but he is late. Shawn invites Rachel and Matthew to join them.

Rex tells Gigi that they must find the person who saved Shane and that might mean depending upon Stacy and having her believe what she wants to believe about Rex.

Natalie and Jared are shocked to find that the person in the bed behind the curtain is Renee Devine.

Rex and Gigi rejoice being together and admit that they have both been miserable believing that they are through. She tells him that she will make everything up to him and to Shane. He tells her that before they make any plans, he has to “play” Stacy to get her to reveal the identity of the real donor. She tells him that they will be finding out very soon.

Renee tells a surprised Natalie and Jared that she is just there for minor plastic surgery. They apologize for barging into her room. She tells him she just needs to get dressed. Jared then confronts Kyle and tells him that he is playing them. They know that Natalie’s grandfather’s widow is not the donor and Kyle had better tell them who the donor is or they will reinstate the blackmailing charges.

The woman who has visited Roxy tells her she knows that she was too much of a coward to tell her son who the real donor is.

Gigi informs Rex that someone other than Stacy knows who the real stem cell donor was -- Kyle Lewis. He asks her how Kyle Lewis would know. She explains hat Kyle has been keeping the secret with Stacy but Natalie and Jared are trying to get the information from him. Kyle told her that Natalie and Jared must drop the charges against him in order for him to reveal the real donor. Rex tells her that he wishes she could have come to him earlier.

Stacy is alone awaiting Rex to come home. She still believes that she has successfully snagged Rex.

Gigi tells Rex that Stacy had a condition in order to save Shane. She took Stacy’s word that she was the donor so she was forced to keep her mouth shut and not tell Rex what happened while Stacy attempted to seduce Rex and get him to break up with Gigi. She admits to Rex that she was not entirely certain whether he was onto Stacy or not and her heart stopped when she and Schuyler walked in on what appeared to be Rex and Stacy in bed. She feared the worst but believed that Rex would never be unfaithful or stop loving her. Rex then affirms that he never stopped loving Gigi.

At the Palace, Destiny informs Rachel and Matthew that she and Shawn are waiting for her brother, Greg to meet them for dinner. He appears to be running late but she hopes he did not forget.

Meanwhile, Bo, Nora, and Clint are at Capricorn. Bo tells his brother how grateful he is that he has found a doctor to help Matthew walk. They notice Dr. Evans enter with a date.

At the palace, Destiny asks Matthew if he does not believe that her brother is awesome. Rachel and Shawn go and talk privately. Alone with Matthew, Destiny apologizes for Greg assuming that he was her boyfriend. He tells her all is cool. Rachel and Shawn return. Matthew assures them that they are all welcome guests at the Palace since his step-grandmother Renee owns the place.

Natalie and Jared believe that Kyle is pulling a scam on them. Kyle protests that last time he was there, Renee was not in that room; Shane’s real donor was. Jared sees a nurse and asks her what happened to the previous patient in room 302. She tells him that the previous patient that was in Renee’s room is dead.

At Foxy Roxy’s, the strange woman tells Roxy she knows she killed Shane’s donor

The nurse at the private hospital cannot tell Natalie or Jared who the real donor is. They demand to know what Kyle is keeping from them. He reminds them that he held up his end of the bargain; He brought them there. He didn’t know that the patient was no longer there. He reveals that Roxy asked him to draw some extra blood from the patient before he died. Jared concludes to Kyle that he’d better pray that Roxy still has that blood.

Stacy is lighting candles and awaiting Rex’s return. Shane and Moe unexpectedly enter. She snaps at them that they need to knock. Moe asks Stacy what her problem is yelling at the kid. He informs Stacy that he and Shane came to invite Rex to a ball game. Observing the candlelight dinner, he concludes to Stacy that it appears that Rex will be home soon.

Rex is with Gigi. She tells him that Schuyler Joplin is a great guy. He pulled strings and did everything he could do to find the real donor and expose Stacy. They have him to thank for getting back together. She informs Rex that apparently his mother also knows the identity of the mysterious donor.

At Roxy’s salon, the woman injects Roxy with a needle. Roxy falls to the floor unconscious. The woman tells Roxy that she works for the patient that Roxy killed.

At Capricorn, Dr. Evans introduces Clint, Nora and Bo to his date whom he tells them is a colleague on Shane’s case. Clint trusts that Dr. Evans can help Matthew, but Bo appears skeptical. Dr. Evans tells them that he has yet to review all of the test results. Nora and Clint are very hopeful that Matthew can walk again. When Dr. Evans has left them, Bo tells them he hopes he is not blowing smoke. They ask why he would think that. Bo replies that Dr. Evans looks like kind of a showman, and speaking of showmen, Bo asks Clint if Nora told him about Matthew playing piano at the concert.

At the Palace, Destiny tells the waitress that they are awaiting one more person. Shawn and Rachel talk alone while Matthew and Destiny are at the table. Shawn tells Rachel if his brother does not show he will kick his ass. Shawn calls Greg and demands to know where he is. Greg tells Shawn to tell Destiny to order whatever she wants and charge it to Greg’s room. Shawn is furious with his brother for disappointing their little sister, yet again. At Capricorn, Clint suggests that Matthew plays the piano at the wedding. Bo is observing Dr. Greg Evans. Clint tells Bo he wants him to be his best man.

Natalie, Jared, and Kyle return to Roxy’s salon and are shocked to see her passed out on the floor.

At Rex’s home, Moe tells Stacy that he knows that she did not prepare the dinner herself. She had a service deliver it. She is falsifying many things including that she can take Gigi’s place in Rex’s heart.

Rex asks Gigi why she believes that his mother would go in on a conspiracy with Stacy. She admits that she does not know the specific details, but they know that Roxy knows something she is not telling.

Natalie, Jared, and Kyle look to see what happened to Roxy. Kyle confirms that she is not seriously hurt and does not need any medical care.

Rex appears disturbed. Gigi asks him if he is certain that they are getting back together. She remembers that before she poured her heart out to him at the club, he told her that he had something to tell her. She asks what he wanted to say. Rex looks at her with a frown on his face.

Natalie, Jared, and Kyle revive Roxy. Natalie informs her mother that Kyle took them to the clinic and they know that Shane’s real donor is not Stacy Morasco and they know that she knows also. Now the donor is dead. Jared informs her that Kyle informed them that she asked him to give her an extra bag of blood. Natalie furiously tells her that she has gone too far with all of her lies, so she had better come clean now. Roxy admits that she no longer has the bag of blood.

Gigi confesses to Rex that she did not believe he slept with Stacy the night she walked in on them in her home and he was passed out. She tells him that she said the test results were positive because she needed an excuse to break up with him. Rex admits to her that he did make a serious mistake.

At Rex’s home, Moe tells Stacy she can put all the fake home cooked food on the table she wants but Rex will never stop loving Gigi. He tells her that he knows that her plan is not working out. He goes out the door with Shane. Alone in the apartment, Stacy gets on her phone to order a desert.

At Roxy’s salon, she admits to Natalie, Jared and Kyle that a woman came out of nowhere, drugged her, and stole the bag of blood she had in her refrigerator. Jared demands to know who this person is and why she would want the bag of blood. Kyle then asks Natalie if they are “straight.” He doesn’t want to go to prison. He asks if they believe that he did what they needed him to do to lived up to his end of the bargain. Roxy tells Natalie and Jared that they must know that she loves Shane and would do anything for him, but they go out the door not listening to her.

Shawn tells Greg on the phone that he will not deliver any messages for him. He puts Destiny on the phone to talk to her brother. Greg tells her that he is working with a colleague on her boyfriend’s case, and can’t make it. He wants to devote his time to Matthew’s case. The four of them are very disappointed.

At Capricorn, Clint tells Bo there is nobody else he would want as his best man.

At the Palace, Shawn wants the check. Destiny and Matthew want to stay longer. Matthew admits that he knows that Shawn might want to “move forward” with his sister. He asks Destiny if she has seen the aquarium in the dining room. Shawn tells Rachel that even if he were desperate he wouldn’t let his brother buy him anything, but he’d like to buy her dinner.

Meanwhile, Greg is at Capricorn with his date. Bo is staring at Dr. Evans’ suspiciously. He suggests that they call it a night. He tells Clint and Nora they may go ahead; He has the check. Clint goes to thank Greg and asks if he can update them when he gets more information.

Rex admits to Gigi that he “blew it.” She asks what he means; they are back together and as soon as they find Shane’s real donor, they can plan their future together. They will have the back-up cells for Shane and then they can kick Stacy’s ass to the curb. Rex admits to Gigi that for a while, he believed Stacy and thought she was the only person he could trust. She tells him she realizes that and accepts full responsibility for what he felt forced to do. Natalie and Jared enter. Gigi informs them that she and Rex are back together. He tells them how grateful he is for their convincing Gigi to come clean with him. He assumes that they know the identity of Shane’s real donor.

Stacy answers the door at Rex’s, expecting the dessert delivery. The woman holds a paper bag. Stacy asks if this is her order. The woman who visited Roxy smirks and replies that she supposes one could say that.

Destiny and Matthew have their desserts alone at the Palace. She asks him how he feels about being able to walk again. He replies that he is excited but a little scared. He asks what if her brother cannot help him. She tells him she realizes that there could be surgery. He then tells her that he knows Shawn believes that her brother took his case because his uncle is rich, but he thinks that she had something to do with it.

Shawn and Rachel enter Capricorn and see Greg with his “colleague.” Shawn tells his brother he is not the least bit surprised that “this’ is the reason he had to stand their little sister up.

In the hospital room, Renee asks the nurse what she knows about the mysterious person whom Natalie, Jared, and Kyle came to see. The nurse says that according to the records he is dead.

Natalie and Jared explain to Rex and Gigi that they have been trying to find the stem cell donor but they cannot. Rex is worried that there is nobody to save Shane if he relapses.

At Rex’s empty apartment, Stacy is ready pay the delivery service for her order, but the woman tells her that will not be necessary.

Natalie and Jared inform Rex and Gigi that Roxy told them she had a bag of blood from the real donor in her refrigerator but she doesn’t have it anymore. Rex demands to know where it is.

At Rex’s home, the woman gives Stacy the paper bag. Stacy grimaces when she pulls out the bag of blood.

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