OLTL Update Monday 6/29/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/29/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

At Ultraviolet, Gigi urges Rex to know that she has always loved him and has never stopped. But he frowns at her. She pleads that he believes her and tells her he loves her too. But he says nothing. At that moment, Stacy walks in and asks what is going on. She asks what Gigi is doing there.

At the station, Natalie reminds Kyle that she promised to drop the charges against him if and only if he reveals who the real stem cell donor was who saved Shane. But he informs her that Roxy was willing to do the same for him if he kept his mouth shut about that information. Jared then reminds Kyle he knows that Kyle promised many people many different things as long as they got him out of trouble. He informs Kyle that only one person managed to get the charges dropped against him, and that was Natalie. So she is the only person who he needs to “please.” Jared then pulls out his phone and asks Kyle what it’s going to be. Is he going to tell them who the bone marrow donor is, or does Jared contact Nora to get her to reinstate the charges?

Roxy pulls out the spare bag of blood from her refrigerator at the salon when an unseen hand comes out of nowhere to grab her hand. A large woman appears and tells Roxy she knows what she is doing. But Roxy hasn’t a clue who this stranger is. Nurse Charles tells Roxy she knows that she had the stem cell donor killed.

After Starr has cornered Todd to do the right thing, she hands him the papers to sign for her to marry her baby’s father. He tells her that if he signs for her to marry Cole, it will be a serious mistake, and he will not let her do it.

When Stacy walks in on Gigi attempting to get Rex back at Ultraviolet, she asks what Gigi just said to him. Rex then tells Gigi that he wants her out. They are done, and she better get out of his life for good. Stacy looks at the two of them and smirks. Gigi cries and stares blankly at Rex, unable to accept what he has just told her. Stacy reminds her sister she just heard what Rex said. Rex tells Gigi it’s too late. She ended their relationship. He is now with Stacy. She may go back to Brody or Schuyler or whomever she wants. But she better leave them alone. Hearing that, she cannot leave him. He goes to hold the door open for her and demands that she leaves and does not come back. She then goes out the door devastated.

After Jared gets ready to call Nora to have Kyle put in prison, he asks him to stop. Natalie then asks Kyle who Shane’s stem cell donor is.

Nurse Charles tells Roxy that she is part of the hospital from where Roxy stole the bag of blood. She asks Roxy if she thinks that the hospital does not know that she stole it from a defenseless patient. Roxy protests that that miserable scum did one good deed in his life and it saved the best kid in the world. The woman tells Roxy she knows all about Shane. Roxy then reminds her that “their friend there” is brain dead. She did nothing wrong by using his blood in order to save the life of a wonderful kid. Is the woman going to sue her for that? The woman tells Roxy, no. She’s going to charge her for murder. She knows that Roxy pulled the plug and can prove it.

John goes to the station and tells Bo he wants to get Cole’s sentence reversed. Bo tells him that he and Nora did everything they could do in order to prevent Cole from going to prison, but the judge overruled them and there’s nothing they can do. John then tells Bo that he has new information. Cole was set up.

Todd, Blair, and Téa surround Starr and Cole. Todd tells Cole that the only reason they have a baby is because of an accident where Cole knocked his daughter up. Why do they believe that getting married before Cole serves his prison sentence is going to do any good? Starr then reminds her father that he has admitted that he has screwed things up and would like to make it up to her. Well, here is how he can do that. Here is Todd’s chance to “step up,” she tells him.

Schuyler is alone at Rodi’s after Gigi has gone to “make things right” with Rex. He appears depressed and remembers Stacy remarking to him that it appears he is falling for her sister. Gigi then runs in the door distraught. He asks her what happened. She replies that she blew it. She tells him that she put it all out there. But what she was afraid of . . . happened. Rex did not believe her. He told her it was too late. He is now with Stacy, and they are through. She just played “roulette” with her son’s life. Schuyler asks how this could have hurt Shane. She tells him that Stacy now knows what she was about to do. They still haven’t a clue who the real donor is and depend upon Stacy who knows this information. What if Stacy leaves town and Shane dies? Schuyler holds her.

At Ultraviolet, Stacy tells Rex that Gigi had a lot of gall coming there and attempting to get him back after all that has happened. Rex tells her that is true. But he appears to not be completely confident of the decision he just made.

John tells Bo that he bets that Cole went off to the docks and was just there minding his own business with no intention of using or asking for drugs. Then, out of nowhere, the drug dealer finds him. Then, only minutes after, Officer Keaton appears out of nowhere to arrest Cole for possession. Isn’t it a little too coincidental? Bo admits that Keaton jumped the gun and he wishes he hadn’t done that to Cole. But John informs Bo that he just found out that Keaton is the very same cop who screwed up Asher’s arrest so that Asher gets out of jail earlier than expected. Then he goes after Cole. Bo then tells John he will check out the file. John remarks that Keaton’s timing was a little too perfect. Bo then asks John if he thinks that Keaton and this little punk dealer might have been working together.

Starr asks Todd if he did not promise her that he would do anything to make it up to her after almost kidnapping her baby and having her believe she died. He tells his daughter that he remembers that promise, but she and Cole are not getting married. That’s all there is. Blair and Téa surround them and listen silently. He then looks to them and tells his daughter that he knows that they agree. He tells her that regardless of anything, he is her father, and she is going to do what he says. She tells him like hell she will.

Bo and John research the background of Officer Keaton and Bo concludes that Keaton is, kind of, an underachiever, smart but not motivated. He’s chosen to stay a beat cop and has never taken the detective exam even though he could have. Bo asks why Keaton would want to risk his career by asking a punk like Asher to set Cole up. John replies that there must be something bigger than both of them. John concludes that Cole might be a threat to Keaton since he lived with the D.A. before he got arrested. Bo tells John he’d like to investigate the situation. But John reminds Bo that he might have some problem with that, regarding the mayor not wanting to give John any freedom. John tells Bo that maybe Keaton, along with Cole and Asher, could lead them to more information about the drug trafficking industry. But Bo tells John he’s not going to let him investigate if it could get Cole killed.

Starr tells Todd that they have not been a “family” in many years. So she asks, what does he think he is holding onto by preventing her from marrying Cole? He tells her he knows she is upset from not getting what she wants and hates him. She tells him that she does not want to hate him, but if he wants to fight her on this, then she and Cole and Hope will leave. At that point, Blair is ready to tell her daughter she cannot do that. Todd then reminds her that there is no way she and Cole can go anywhere with their baby. Cole is going to Statesville. She cannot abandon her baby. Starr then tells her father that if he does not sign for them to get married, then as soon as Cole is out of prison, when she turns 18, they will run away together and he will never see her or the baby again.

Roxy protests to Nurse Charles that she is not a murderer. But the woman knows that she killed the stem cell donor (the comatose patient who is Rex’s biological father). She tells Roxy she knows that Roxy was the last visitor after the patient coded. They have it in their records. The woman holds the bag of blood. Roxy tells her that she has no proof. Maybe somebody else pulled his plug. What would it matter if somebody killed that creep? He was a vegetable anyway. But the woman tells Roxy that does not give her any right to play God. Roxy then protests that if she takes away the bag of blood and sends her to prison, then Shane could die. The woman tells Roxy that’s right. It will be an eye for an eye.

At the station, Kyle informs Natalie and Jared that he does not have the name of the donor. But he knows where to find them. It’s a patient at the day clinic, some private facility. Natalie then asks how they find this person, and they go to the place together.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler asks Gigi how much of the truth she revealed to Rex. She replies that she told him everything including that Stacy set them up, that she and Brody staged sleeping together, and that Stacy falsified that she was the stem cell donor and refused to save Shane’s life unless Gigi broke up with Rex. Yet, he told her it was over, and he’s with Stacy. Stacy was right there, looking so smug and satisfied. But Schuyler still wonders how it is that Stacy would be confident now that the truth has come out.

Stacy asks Rex what he and Gigi discussed. He tells her that Gigi has to get it through her head that they are through. He is with Stacy. She tells him that if he does not lay down the law to Gigi, then she will keep coming back and bugging him. He tells her that he knows what his decision is. He faces her and tells her he “cares” about her. Yet, she does not accept that word. She asks Rex if he could ever love her.

After Bo tells John that they cannot let civilian teenagers go undercover to do their investigation, John reminds him they have done it before. He asks him if anybody they know besides Cole can be trusted. Bo asks John if Marty knows anything about this. John admits that he has not discussed it with her yet. But she will stop at nothing in order to save her son. Cole is due for transport tomorrow, and Bo asks John if this is the only thing to motivate John to return to the department. John asks Bo if he really cares why he has come back, as long as he does the job. Bo then answers no. He doesn’t. He then pulls out John’s gun and badge and welcomes him back.

Blair tells Todd that maybe he is risking losing Starr if he refuses to do what she asks. Cole then tells Todd that he realizes he’s made some really stupid mistakes, but he’s learned, and he really loves Todd’s daughter. Todd then reminds Cole that he won’t be much of a husband or a father if he cannot provide for his wife and child. He will be 20 years old when he gets out of prison with a felony on his record and no way to get a job. Cole tells Todd that he will go to college and get a job. Todd tells them that he just wants to be practical and realistic as somebody in this family has to be. Todd then goes to sign the consent form knowing that they will not take no for an answer but tells them this is a big mistake. Starr thanks her father and tells him she has to go and check on Hope. Cole promises Todd he won’t regret it. He goes out with Starr. Todd then faces a silent Blair and Téa and asks them how they could let this happen.

Schuyler asks Gigi if Rex actually kicked her out in front of Stacy. She tells him that is what happened. She poured her heart out to Rex telling him everything she feels. Yet, she might have been talking to a wall. He is gone. She waited too long. Did she think she could just break his heart and leave him waiting with Stacy on the prowl? She is an idiot. But he tells her no. She did what she had to do in order to save her son.

Stacy tells Rex that she really appreciates all that he has done for her. She knows that they are good. They just had the most incredible mind blowing experience. She knows she should not have asked him if he could love her. She tells him that she is happier than she has been in a long time. She then asks him if he is ready to go. He tells her he still has to wait for the manager to come back. She tells him she will go home, prepare dinner, and wait for him to return. He smiles at her. But when he is alone, his expression reveals that he is not completely confident of his decision.

Blair tells Todd that he knows that he lied by telling Starr he’d approve of her getting married only so that she (Blair) could be the bad guy. He tells her that she has been Starr’s hero for too long and he knows that she would not have had the guts to lay down the law to their daughter and make her angry unless he did that. Téa then tells the two of them that they are both the sorriest parents she’s ever seen. She cannot believe what she is hearing coming out of both of their mouths. The three of them yell. Starr tells them they must keep it down while the baby is resting and informs them that she and her husband to be are going out with their baby.

Bo and John call Officer Keaton into the station. Bo remarks that he knows that Keaton has been a uniform cop for a long time without asking for any promotion. That is why he and John are reaching out to him. He knows about the drug trafficking the way it’s been for the last year. Everybody knows about all of the untraceable buying and selling of substances. He tells Keaton that he would like him to look into it. He has a new assignment for him. He has an opportunity that could lead to advancement, a raise, and maybe a gold shield. Hearing that, Keaton appears very grateful, shakes Bo’s hand, and thanks him for this prestigious opportunity. He leaves, and Bo and John wonder what has just happened there.

Starr and Cole go to Rodi’s, She promises to take pictures and recordings of the baby so that he can see her and be aware of her growth and development every day. But he is not okay knowing that he cannot see his infant daughter in person for a long time. Schuyler appears and comes up to talk to them and meet Hope.

After Nurse Charles tells Roxy “an eye for an eye," Roxy stands by the door to prevent her from leaving. She tells her she has to take her first. What does she want? Obviously, money or something. But Nurse Charles tells Roxy that she is going to enforce the law. She reminds Roxy that by pulling the plug, Roxy has prevented her grandson from getting the bone marrow he deserves. If she’d let the bone marrow donor live, then Roxy would not need to be keeping a bag of blood in her refrigerator. Plus, she wouldn’t be charged with murder.

Kyle takes Natalie and Jared to the private facility where the mysterious donor is.

John and Bo look for cops to help them in their investigation. They select Fish and some others. John tells Bo that they must convince the cops to do things their way for the greater good.

When Schuyler observes Starr and Cole with the baby, they are both courteous to him. Starr informs him that they are getting married tomorrow. Hearing that, Schuyler is surprised but congratulates them and shakes Cole’s hand.

Todd and Blair talk about what they are going to do regarding Starr. Téa tells them that she spent some time with Cole and he is a good kid. Blair and Téa tell Todd that they are okay with the decision of Starr marrying Cole even though he’s going to prison.

Natalie, Jared, and Kyle go to the facility and notice the curtain where the patient is supposedly behind. She calls and asks if the person is awake. Kyle then pulls the curtain and they are all shocked by what they see.

Nurse Charles tells Roxy that she is willing to stop at nothing to get the blood back from her, including killing Roxy.

Gigi sits on the steps of her home alone and distraught. She hears a knock on the door. She looks through the window and notices Rex. Assuming he is firm on his decision, she greets him coldly and tells him Shane is not there. He tells her he is there to see her. She then tells Rex she knows how he feels about her. He made it very clear, and she walks away. But he tells her no. He did not. At that point, he pulls her toward him and kisses her.

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