OLTL Update Friday 6/26/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/26/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

Marty goes to talk to John at Rodi’s. She tells him she knows that he is working. He asks her what is up. She asks if can make Cole and her disappear.

Todd goes to talk to Blair, Starr, and Cole. He confirms that he has given these kids his blessing to get married. He is totally okay with them all becoming one big happy family. Blair tells him she does not believe that for a minute. Starr and Cole listen silently not knowing what to say regarding what they have just heard.

At the same moment, Téa is alone in her room at Todd’s playing the tape recording of his telling her there is no way that drug addict loser is marrying his daughter, and if Cole comes near Starr, he will break Cole’s neck with his bare hands. Shaun enters with some chicken soup for Téa that Moe has just prepared. At that point, she turns off the tape recording. He admits that he overheard what she was listening to. He asks her if she is sure he wants to “cross" Todd Manning like that.

At Roxy’s salon, Natalie and Jared tell Roxy that they demand that she tells them what she knows about who Shane’s real donor is. Roxy replies that as far as she knows the only donor is Stacy Morasco. But Natalie knows, for a fact that Stacy is not. Plus, if it were true that Stacy “saved the day,” then why does Roxy hate Stacy’s guts? Stacy is obviously holding something over Roxy and blackmailing her.

After Schuyler finds out that Stacy and Rex slept together, he tells her that she must know that Rex and Gigi are going to get back together. Knowing what he knows, Schuyler urges Stacy not to “do this” and reminds her that Gigi has been through enough already. Hearing that, she asks him not to tell her that he’s “falling” for her sister.

When Gigi goes to see Rex at Ultra Violet, he is ready to “tell her” about Stacy. Hearing that, she assumes and hopes that he’s finally found out what kind of a human being Stacy is. In response to her saying that, Rex tells her that he’s tired of her bashing Stacy. Why does she have this hostility about her sister? She tells him that he needs to know some facts about Stacy, and she is not leaving until he hears it.

At the station, Bo asks Nora how Matthew is. She replies that their son was really excited after meeting Dr. Evans and finding out that news. He could not stop talking about the “possibilities.” Bo reveals that it seems like an unrealistic miracle and he’d feel better if he knew more about this "hotshot" doctor who is giving them hope about Matthew that nobody else has before.

Téa asks Shaun why it is that he is working for Todd. He reminds her that he didn’t have much of a choice. Dorian fired him and he needs a paycheck. He reveals that he’s a bit cautious about her crossing Todd. She assures him that she can handle Todd better than anybody including his ex-wife.

After Todd has announced to Starr and Cole that he will approve of their marriage and they are witnessing Blair raising objections, Todd reminds Blair that they are supposed to make decisions together as a family per the court order. Hearing that, Starr asks her mother if she will “save the day” and give them the go-ahead that they need.

At Rodi’s, Marty tells John that she cannot accept her son being sent to prison. The thought horrifies her. He’s just a kid. There’s got to be a way that John can arrange for Cole to go on the run somewhere.

Natalie and Jared tell Roxy they know that Stacy is blackmailing her. Why else would she speak ill of her? Natalie tells Roxy that she cannot keep protecting Stacy after all she has done. Stacy is not worth it.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler tells Stacy that he knows she got what she wanted. He knows what she did in order to “get” Rex. He urges her to leave it and realize that it’s just a matter of time before Rex tells Gigi the truth about her.

At Ultraviolet, Rex asks Gigi why everybody wants him to dislike Stacy. She reminds him that Bo has warned him. But he reminds her that she cheated on him with Brody and is denying it because she doesn’t want her new “boyfriend” Schuyler to believe that. She protests that Schuyler is not her boyfriend. He tells her that he was willing to get over it, but now she has the nerve to tell him terrible things about Stacy. She protests that Stacy is not what she seems. She is evil. She used their son to break them up.

John asks Marty if when she talked to Cole, did she say anything to him about going on the run? She replies she did not and she concludes that John must think she is crazy. He tells her he thinks she is desperate. He reminds her that maybe taking Cole away from everybody and everything he’s known, including Starr and his baby is not the future that she should want for her son.

Blair tells Starr and Cole that this is not the future that she would want for her child, but she knows that it is that Starr wants. So she faces Starr, Cole, and Todd and tells them she can sign anything they want. Todd looks at her disappointed while Starr and Cole are elated.

Shaun talks to Téa about how he is not crazy about Todd. He just needs money. He reflects to her that he also worked for Blair. She is nice and she’s really hot. He tells her that, maybe, regardless of circumstances, Todd and Blair are meant for each other. At that point, she asks Shaun to bring the car around so that she can show Todd the “hottie” that he sees Blair to be.

At Roxy’s, Natalie tells her mother that she has completely sold Rex down the river. She warns her that right now, as they speak, Gigi is about to tell Rex the truth. He will know that his own mother kept it from him. Roxy tries to explain, but Natalie angrily storms out the door. Jared stays there. Roxy tells Jared that she hates to ask for this but does he think he could “sweet talk” Natalie into dropping the charges against Kyle. In response to that, Jared coldly tells her she’s unbelievable and walks out the door.

Nora asks Bo why he does not trust Dr. Gregory Evans. He tells her that the guy shows up out of nowhere, clear out of the blue, and surprises everybody, so conveniently, right after Clint has given him a ton of money. Nora asks Bo if, maybe, his suspicions are related to the fact that her new fiancé came up with the idea and he did not.

While Stacy talks to Schuyler at Rodi’s, he asks her if she is so sure she has a future with Rex, then where is “lover boy” now? He tells her that she knows damn well that Rex is still in love with her sister.

Rex asks Gigi why she keeps calling her sister evil. Can’t she realize that whatever differences she’s had with Stacy, she owes her? She saved Shane’s life. But Gigi tells Rex he’s wrong. She did not. Rex asks her what she is talking about. Gigi replies that Stacy did not save their son’s life. Hearing that, Rex demands to know what she is talking about.

After Blair tells Starr and Cole that she will approve their marriage, Starr asks her if she really will go through with it. She tells them that she thinks they are far too young but she is willing to grant them what they want. Todd then reminds his ex-wife that he just heard her, only minutes ago, telling them she would not approve the marriage. She tells him that she realizes he’s correct in telling her that they must live together and make decisions together as a family. So she will do what they all want and sign for Starr and Cole to get married. She signs the papers. At that point, Starr can tell that her father is not okay and asks him what is wrong. Hearing that and knowing what her ex-husband is up to, Blair asks Todd the same: "What is wrong?" Didn’t she hear him say that he wanted Starr and Cole to be married? At that moment, Téa walks in the door and tells them she thinks she can answer that question.

Bo tells Nora that he does not want to get Matthew’s hopes up believing that that hotshot doctor can make him walk. He wishes that his brother would have told them before pulling this little surprise. She asks Bo if he does not want to try to do whatever they need to do in order to help Matthew walk. She asks what he would have done if Clint had asked. Would Bo have said no? Natalie and Jared walk in and interrupt their conversation. They ask Natalie and Jared what is up. Natalie replies that she would like them to drop the charges against Kyle Lewis.

Schuyler tells Stacy he knows that she used her nephew’s fatal illness to get a guy who she knows is in love with her sister. She tells him that Rex may have been “going through the motions” with her in bed, but she is misguided to believe that Rex is over Gigi and sees any future with Stacy. He tells her that very soon Rex and Gigi will be back together. Hearing that, Stacy asks him what he’s talking about.

After Gigi tells Rex that Stacy pretended to save Shane’s life, he tells her that is absurd and asks why she’d accuse Stacy of that. Why would she do that? Gigi replies that Stacy did it in order to get him. She has been in love with Rex since she was a child. She is determined to get Gigi to dump Rex and get him to dump her. If that is not accomplished, then she would not donate for Shane. He asks her what she just said. She replies that Stacy did not care if Shane was sick. She was going to let him die if she could not have Rex.

After Téa walks in to see Todd and Blair talking to Starr and Cole about their up and coming wedding, Todd approaches her and asks her if she should not be back at his home in bed. Starr asks Téa just what she meant when she said she knew what Blair and Todd are both up to by “approving” their marriage. Before Téa can answer that, Todd urges his daughter to know that Téa is not well and does not know what she’s saying. But she tells Todd she need not say anything. He can do all the talking. At that point, she plays the tape recording where Todd announces that if that drug addict loser thinks he’s going to marry Todd’s daughter, he’s got another thing coming. If he thinks he’s coming near her again, Todd will kill him. They all listen to it . . . shocked. Téa smugly concludes that enough is said.

At Rodi’s, Marty tells John that she knows how Cole feels about Starr. He will do anything in order to hold onto her when he’s locked up in prison, and she blames herself. If she had been there for her son, he might have never gotten into drugs. She asks John how it is that this kid, Asher, the criminal drug dealer gets to cut a deal with the cops and get away with his crime. He gets off scot-free, but her son goes to prison for two years. John tells her that all too often that is what happens. She tells him it makes no sense to her, and she sees no alternative except to do what she plans to do. He tells her that he thinks he knows what to do, but he does not tell her exactly what it is.

After Natalie and Jared tell Nora and Bo they want to drop the charges against Kyle, Nora asks them why. They reply that it’s for Jessica. She needs to get past the situation. Nora then tells them that she can have the papers drawn up and will call Kyle’s lawyer and make it official. Both Bo and Nora are gone. Alone with Natalie, Jared tells her that hopefully they will get Kyle to cooperate after this.

Kyle goes to Roxy’s salon to ask her if she’s gotten her daughter to drop the charges. She tells him she hasn’t a clue. At that moment, he gets a call from his lawyer informing him that the charges are dropped. It’s as simple as that. Hearing that, Roxy pretends that she knows why. She asks him if he will “come through” on his end of the bargain. He asks her if that means that he will keep his mouth shut about her grandson’s donor? He tells her of course he will come through for her. She saved his behind so he is a man of his word. But at that point, Roxy is spooked knowing that Natalie and Jared need him to do the opposite and tell them who the donor is.

Gigi informs Rex that she prayed to God and told him that she would do anything and sacrifice anything if "He" could give her the miracle of a donor to save Shane’s life. Just then, in perfect timing, Stacy walked in. She got the idea that Stacy was their “miracle.” She informed Gigi that she was the bone marrow donor and she could save Shane. But then suddenly, Stacy told Gigi that she would only do it if Gigi finds a way to break up with Rex so that Stacy can have him. She then reminds Rex that shortly thereafter, Michael found a donor from Australia. So, at that point, she told Stacy to take her “deal” and shove it. Michael later found out that Australian woman could not donate because she was pregnant. So at that point, she was at Stacy’s desperate mercy in order to save Shane. She didn’t know how to break up with Rex because she knew he wouldn’t let her go. Rex affirms that’s true. He would not have. She informs Rex that she was so upset and without a clue what to do. So she ran into Brody. He was determined to do whatever he had to do in order to save Shane, so he agreed to “play along” so that Rex would believe he had good reason to break up with her. Rex asks her if that was “playing along." He walked in and saw her and Brody in bed together. She tells him that they purposely left the door open because they wanted Rex to find them. They didn’t do anything. It was all lies. They had to find a way for Stacy to believe that Gigi and Rex were done. He asks her if she slept with Brody. She tells him of course not. Brody is in love with Jessica Brennan. She has never stopped loving Rex. Not for one second. It was always him. She never cheated on him ever. But he does not believe that.

After Téa has played the tape-recording of what Todd told her , and he, Blair, Starr, and Cole all hear it, he demands to know why the hell she did that. Starr faces her father and tells him he lied to her. He said she could marry Cole and it was okay. Why did he say that? Blair answers that question by telling her daughter that Todd got tired of being the bad guy. Blair then turns to Téa to thank her for her “assistance.” She then tells Cole she is sincerely sorry that he had to hear that. Starr then tells her father that right when she thought he couldn’t hurt her anymore, he’s done that. He apologizes. But Starr concludes that he does not care about her or anybody except himself, and he will do anything and everything in order to get his way. She goes out the door. Todd then asks Téa how she could do that to him after all he’s given to her. He gave her a place to live with medical care, legal help, and a bodyguard. Shaun enters and asks if everything is okay. Blair and Starr are really surprised to see him accompanying Téa.

Kyle goes to the station and signs papers with Nora. He faces Natalie and Jared and tells them he has them to thank for that. He asks what he owes them. Is it money? Natalie tells him not money. She wants blood. She knows that he knows a lot about blood and lab tests.

At Rodi’s, after Schuyler has confirmed to Stacy that he is onto her, she tells him that she knows he wants Gigi, but she knows he prefers underage girls. She’s the closest thing he ever had to that. But he won’t have her anymore. She goes out the door.

After Gigi informs Rex that she was willing to stop at nothing in order to get the stem cells for Shane, she asks him if he would not resort to drastic measures if he thought he could save Shane. She explains to him, regarding her “relationship” with Schuyler, she is not having a thing with him. She has merely been spending time with him so that he could help her get proof that Stacy is not Shane’s stem cell donor. He even grabbed a handful of Stacy’s hair when all else failed. Schuyler tested the hair samples at the hospital lab and found out there was no way that Stacy could have been the donor. He tells her that that is the kind of person Stacy is. She would put a young boy’s life on the line just to get what she wants. She affirms to Rex that she loves him. She did what she had to do in order to save Shane’s life. Rex then asks her if this is really true and what they have done.

Todd asks Starr how he can make it up to her. She faces him with Cole, Blair, Téa, and Shaun standing beside her. She replies that he can sign the papers to authorize her to marry the father of her child.

After Natalie and Jared tell Kyle that what they want from him in return for their dropping the charges against him, he asks what Natalie means by “blood.” Jared asks if he thinks that they dropped the charges out of the kindness of their heart or because Roxy asked them. Natalie clarifies to Kyle that they do not want his blood. They want him to find out for them who Shane Morasco’s real donor is. He reminds them that he cannot find that out for them since, as they know, he got fired from his job at the hospital. But Natalie tells him she knows that he has another way. He better find a way or else they can call Nora and get her to reinstate the charges.

John goes to see Bo. He tells him he has a question. Does the “offer” still stand where he can get his old job back? Bo tells John of course he can have it back. Bo tells him, he has one condition.

Meanwhile, Marty is alone at the bar waiting for John and observing a cell phone photo of her son and his baby.

Alone in her salon, Roxy is not worried as she pulls out a spare bag of blood from her refrigerator. At that moment, a hand grabs her.

Schuyler sits alone at a table at Rodi’s. He remembers Stacy observing that he might be falling for Gigi. He appears depressed knowing what might be happening now.

Gigi tells Rex she would give anything in order to turn back the clock and get back what they had. But she had no choice except to save Shane at any cost. She affirms to Rex that she loves him; always has and always will. She asks him to please say that he forgives her, believes her, and loves her, too. Stacy appears and asks the two of them what is going on. 

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