OLTL Update Thursday 6/25/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/25/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Todd’s home, he brings in a nurse, a lawyer, as well as Moe as Shawn to surprise Téa. She asks what this is. He introduces the two strangers as well as the “cook”(Moe) to prepare her meals and the “large human being”(Shawn) “ to help her get around, lift her up and down the stairs and keep away anybody bothering her”. She asks even if that includes removing Todd when he is bothering her. Todd does not respond. She observes Moe and Shawn and asks if they do not work at Dorian’s. Moe replies that Dorian fired them. Téa then tells them she does not mean to offend any of them. But Todd may take his “staff” and shove it.

Right then, Starr and Blair are together wondering what to do when Cole goes off to prison. Starr knows she has a secret to reveal to her mother.

Cole is right then, in the park with his mom while he pushes baby Hope in her stroller. Marty remarks that she feels too young to be a grandma. He tells his mom it’s ok. He will get through this. He and Starr made a decision. She asks what decision that is.

Blair informs Starr hat her dad informed her that she and Cole want to get married and he approved it. Starr confirms that they did make that decision. Hearing that, Blair appears stunned.

At Rodi’s, after Gigi informs Natalie and Jared what Stacy has done, Natalie urges her to trust Rex and tell him. She tells him that Rex needs to know that he has trusted a back stabbing blackmailing malicious person. Gigi admits that she is hesitant. But Natalie encourages her to get her life back with Rex.

Meanwhile, Rex is at Ultraviolet alone with Stacy. They are both bewildered about nothing great working out in either of their lives. She then asks him what he wants. At that point, he responds and tells her that he wants her. And he draws her toward him and kisses her.

While Marty is with Cole and baby Hope in the park, he surprises his mom by informing her that he and Starr agreed to get married before he goes to prison.

After Blair finds out that Starr and Cole got married, Blair tells her daughter that she needs to know that Cole has some problems. But Starr urges her mother to know that she and Cole are old enough to know what they are doing.

Marty tells Cole he must realize that marriage is a big step. There’s a lot of complications not the least of which are his going to prison for two years and Todd Manning. And Starr is a minor and needs parental consent. He tells her that Todd gave that to them, believe it or not. And nobody is going to get in the way of what they plan to do.

Starr informs Blair that her father walked in and saw Cole propose to her. Blair tells her daughter she does not believe that Todd really gave her his blessing like he said he did. But Starr tells her mother that she saw it with her own eyes.

Todd does not listen to Téa telling him that she does not want his hired help. He tells her he’d like more than anything to take care of her himself. But he has to live with Blair. She tells him that he is no longer obligated to worry about her. She is no longer his lawyer and has nothing that he wants or needs. But he asks her if it ever occurred to her that he likes having her around.

Right then, Kyle Lewis goes to see Roxy at her hair salon. She asks him what he wants and tells him he’s already getting free rent and she has nothing to offer him. But he has something else he needs from her, knowing that she might be very ready to let Rex and Gigi know who the real stem cell donor is. And that could get Kyle in some trouble.

At Rodi’s, after Natalie encourages Gigi to trust Rex and get back with him, Gigi raises objections by telling Natalie that she is worried that if that were to happen, Stacy could leave town when she hasn’t a clue who the real donor is. She asks what if something happens to Shane again. If he gets sick again, he could die. But Natalie and Jared assure her that Rex will do anything in his power to save his son. Gigi then concludes that maybe it’s time for Rex to find out who Stacy really is.

Right then, Rex and GIgi are kissing and falling to the floor at Ultra Violet.

Téa asks Todd if he really “wants her around”. She reminds him that he won’t be able to be around her. He then asks her if she really thinks he wants to live under the same roof as Blair and Dorian. He needs to be there for Starr’s baby. At that point, she tells him that she does not buy that he is ok with Starr and Cole getting married. He tells her that he just wants his daughter to be happy. But she tells Todd that she knows he’s concerned that Cole is a drug addict and going to prison. At that point, Todd angrily admits that there is no way that drug addict loser is coming near his daughter again. If he comes within ten feet of her, Todd will put his hands around his neck and kill him.

In the park, Marty tells her son that he won’t be able to be with Starr and the baby when he’s sent to prison. He tells her that even if all of this is happening, if he can just look down and see that ring on his finger. But she reminds him that he won’t be able to keep any of his personal stuff while in prison. He tells her he will at least always know that it will be there. And when he’s stuck in the cell and having to follow their orders, he will know that Starr is waiting for him and he has one good thing in his life.

Blair tells Starr she does not buy that Todd is ok with her marrying Cole given the situation. Starr replies that she believes that he is sincere. Todd has finally come to realize that he cannot run her life. Blair asks her daughter how many time she thinks she’s heard that. Starr protests that Todd has seen her get her baby back and the miracle of it all. She tells her that Todd knows how much she and Cole love each other. But Blair reminds Starr that she also needs her mother’s consent. Starr naturally assumes she has that. But Blair looks at her indicating that it may not happen.

Kyle tells Roxy that he can keep his mouth shut about who the real donor is, but only if she tries to convince Natalie to drop the charges. She replies that she cannot promise to do that as she knows her daughter has a mind of her own. But she definitely has “incentive” to try.

At Rodi’s, Natalie concludes to Gigi that Kyle blackmailed them and was ready to tell Jessica her baby died. Yet, he may be the only person who knows who Shane’s real stem cell donor is. And if that jerk goes to prison, it won’t help Jessica. And she knows that Gigi and Rex need to save their son and get back together. Gigi then concludes that she will tell Rex the truth. She’s going to get back the man she loves.

But right while they speak, Rex and Stacy are taking off their clothes and going at it on the dance floor of ultraviolet.

Todd tells Téa that he meant what he said that he wont’ let Cole marry his daughter. But since he an Blair have joint custody, he will let Blair do his dirty work for him.

Starr tells her mother that she knows that marriage is a huge decision. But, she reminds her, she(Blair) did encourage them to get back together. Blair tells her she knows that’s true. But she knows that marriage when one is that young is not meant to be. Starr then reminds her mother that age does not always make a marriage better than when people are young, and the perfect example of that is Blair and Todd. Blair admits to her daughter that she knows that she and Todd are no role models of marriage. But she asks Starr what she will do if, when Hope turns 17, she announces to her mom that she wants to get married to a boy who’s on his way to the slammer. She asks Starr if she would give her daughter her blessing

Marty and Cole talk about how they both realize that the next few years in Starr’s life will be very important. And it’s not just her becoming of legal age. She might be going to college, pursuing a career and finding a new circle of friends. And she’ll be doing all of that while raising a baby. Hearing that, Cole asks his mom if she is suggesting that it might be unfair to give Starr the added burden of a husband in prison.

Right when Natalie has successfully convinced GIgi to trust Rex and Gigi has gotten through to Natalie that she is not the bad guy there, Natalie gets a call from Roxy who tells her daughter she needs to talk to her right away. Natalie tells her mother she’s in the middle of something. But Roxy demands she gets over there. At that point, Jared, Schuyler and GIgi find it odd that Roxy would call and demand to talk to her right when they all suspect that Roxy knows all about Stacy’s scam and the real stem cell donor. Right then, Natalie and Jared leave. Alone with Schuyler, Gigi asks him what he thinks might happen when she explains the whole thing to Rex. What if he doesn’t believe a word she says? Schuyler tells her if Rex cannot appreciate and trust her, then he does not deserve her. She asks what if it makes no difference and Rex is done with her regardless of knowing the truth?

Right then, Rex and Stacy are going at it at Ultra Violet

Gigi tells Schuyler that she is going to call Rex. But she’s afraid of what might happen. And she asks him if he might “reconsider” Stacy if Rex ditches her. He tells her no way. If he ever considers Stacy again, he needs her to shoot him.

Right then, Natalie and Jared go to see Roxy after she’s demanded that they come. She tells them they must drop the charges against Kyle Lewis. Natalie demands to know why. Roxy tells her that she needs him as a tenant in the uncertain economy. But Natalie does not buy that for a minute They know that Kyle must have something on her. And Stacy must know something about it. And she must have somehow “fixed it” in order to force GIgi to break up with Rex.

Right then, Rex and Stacy are celebrating with Champaign at Ultra Violet. She reflects to him that she remembers that he “knew” her since she was 13 years old. Yet he completely forgot about her. Right then, he then has a flashback the night when she seduced him(and drugged him) and she told him that she was a geek with braces and glasses and nobody would have noticed her then. She then tells him she hopes that he remembers her now. But he keeps having the ‘déjà vu” of the night when they were together having a similar conversation. And he asks her just how long she was “awaiting” sleeping with him and having him break up with Gigi.

Todd tells Téa that he knows there’s no way that Blair will approve of Starr and Cole getting married. She then concludes that he knows how to manipulate it so that he appears as super dad and Blair gets to be the bad guy.

In the park, Marty tells Cole that she knows that he wants to step up and be responsible now that he has a baby. He does not want Starr to give up her life while he’s in prison. But she said she wanted to marry him and for the three of them to be together. She promises she will visit him. He tells her that he can see her and Starr and his friends. But he knows that one problem is, they don’t let babies into a prison. He then goes over to see baby Hope, reflecting that he’s just gotten her back and doesn’t know how to say good bye to her.

After Blair has revealed to Starr that she may not approve of the marriage, she tells her daughter that she must know that marriage is not something for anybody to rush into. What somebody may believe they want at one time could change over the years. Starr tells her mother she knows what she wants. But Blair reminds her daughter that she didn’t know what she wanted when she was ready to give her baby up for adoption not long ago.. Starr then asks her mother if she regrets encouraging her to take the baby back. Blair tells her daughter of course not. Having that baby there is an immeasurable blessing. But she wants Starr to wait before going through with marrying Cole. He will be in prison for a while. If, after he’s out, she still feels the same way, then of course she has proven that it’s what she wants. But love needs to stand the test of time.

Marty and Cole talk in the park while with the baby. She tells him that she remembers taking him on a plane or helicopter when he was Hope’s age. He tells Hope that maybe he can read her books. They can record his voice. But he just wishes he could call her or see her.

Téa concludes to Todd that she is unemployed and uninsured. So she is in no position to refuse his offer of a place to live and medical care when she’s alone. And of course, he takes that as an admission that he is the love of her life.

At Roxy’s salon, after she has demanded that Natalie and Jared drop the charges against Kyle, they haven’t a clue as to why she wants them to do that. She finds she cannot tell them. And they refuse to do what she wants.. And Natalie concludes that it might very well be relevant to Roxy having the secret that she does not want anybody to know regarding who the real donor is.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Schuyler that she is so grateful to him for being such an amazing friend. She hugs him and asks him to wish her luck. And she goes out the door.

After Rex asks Stacy how long she has anticipated “making love”, she admits to him that she has wanted it for many years ever since they first met. But at that point, Rex seems to have some reservations. She goes off. Alone in the club, Rex kicks the mattresses that he’s let Stacy use for her dance class. Right then, he notices a missed call from Gigi on his phone. And he’s not certain what to do.

In the park, while Cole is alone with the baby and Marty knows that her son has a detrimental situation on his hands, she calls John and tells him she needs his help.

Todd enters Blair’s home and notices her talking to Starr. He asks them if they’ve had “the conversation”. Blair replies yes. Starr informs her that he has offered his blessing and permission for Starr and Cole to get married. And she tells Todd that she(Blair) finds that very hard to believe.

Right then, when Téa is alone in the house aafter Todd has left to talk to Blair and Starr, she plays the tape recording she secretly made where Todd admits to her that ther is no way he will let that drug addict loser marry his daughter. And if he ever comes near her, Todd will murder him.

After Roxy admits by not denying, that she has a secret that Kyle is keeping for her about who Shane’s real donor is, Natalie demands that she tells her why she won’t let Rex and Gigi know who it is.

Stacy goes to Rodi’s and runs into Schuyler after Gigi has left to find Rex. She informs Schuyler that she(Stacy) and Rex are now roommates with benefits. They are moving to the next level. They just made love. And it was incredible. Hearing that, he is dumbfounded.

Right then, Gigi enters Ultraviolet to see Rex alone. He tells her he’s glad she is there. She is surprise d to hear that. He informs her that he has something to tell her. Hearing that, she appears puzzled.

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