OLTL Update Wednesday 6/24/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/24/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

The Buchanans meet with Dr. Greg, who feels he can help Matthew. Rachel is afraid that Greg will do more harm than good. Destiny is happy to see Greg, but the tension between Shaun, Destiny and Greg is palpable. Destiny thinks he is there because she asked him to come, but Shaun makes sure to point out that the Buchanans hired him and that's why he is there. Greg assures her he came because she asked him. Matthew thanks Destiny for bringing Greg to town to help him.

Rex runs into Brody and asks him how he feels having been dumped by Gigi. Rex continues to goad him until Brody tells him there is something he didn't know; that maybe, just maybe, there is another explanation for what happened between Rex and Gigi. Rex wants to know what he means and Brody says he should just trust Gigi. Rex tells him to shove his advice and that the only person he can trust is Stacy. Brody tells him his choice is wrong, but that he isn't going to betray Gigi.

Stacy holds her first ballet class at the club and Jessica brings Bree, only to discover that Stacy is the teacher. They snark at each other a bit and Stacy tells her that Jessica seems to have hurt more people than she has. Jessica retorts with "I was mentally ill; what's your excuse?" Jessica takes Bree out of the class and storms out. Stacy then turns her attention to the little girls there to learn ballet and tells them that they won't be dancing at Lincoln Center, that they will become strippers in Vegas. One of the little girls says she wants to go home and Stacy tells them they can have anything they want if they just work hard for it. Rex drops by and listens to Stacy. Later on, he tells her he wants her and she is happy.

Schuyler tries to tell Natalie that Gigi isn't the enemy, but she won't listen. He tells Gigi to tell her and Jared the truth, and Gigi finally relented, filling them in on everything that Stacy had done and that she didn't have a choice in dropping the charges against Kyle, that it was life or death for Shane. She told them that she had to pretend to be cheating with Brody because she had to break Rex's heart so he would let her go. Natalie was upset with everything that Gigi told them. They explained that Kyle was their only way to go, that if Stacy lost Rex, then she would destroy him. Jared couldn't believe that Stacy would be that mean. Gigi tells them that she has got to find out who really donated to Shane. Natalie says she can drop the charges against Kyle, but only if Gigi will finally tell Rex the truth.

Dorian and Langston meet with Markko's father, who isn't impressed with Dorian and feels like Langston corrupted his son by having sex with him. Markko tells him that Langston is not Dorian and he should give her a chance. Later, Markko takes a delivery to Langston and Dorian apologizes for telling his dad that he and Langston had sex. Markko said it was okay, now that his dad knows all the bad stuff that Dorian did in the past, maybe they can move past it. Dorian decides she's going to invite all the people she had done dirty in the past for dinner and make things right. Langston and Markko decide the dinner will never happen. Dorian begins making calls.

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