OLTL Update Tuesday 6/23/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/23/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Buenos Dias, Viki tells Charlie that they have to decide where to go on their honeymoon. Right then, Moe enters and congratulates them. Viki hugs him and remarks that she’s surprised to see him there. She asks if Dorian gave him the morning off. Moe then replies that Dorian gave him all mornings off. Viki asks if Dorian fired him.

In Dorian’s kitchen. Langston reveals that Markko’s parents have forbidden them to see each other because of Dorian opening her mouth and revealing that they had sex. She informs her foster mother that Markko’s father keeps him under close watch, spies on him at his work and he called Langston a tramp right to her face at Markko’s place of employment. Hearing that, Dorian demands to get his phone number. Langston asks her why she wants to intervene. Dorian firmly tells her that nobody calls her daughter a tramp and gets away with it.

At Buenos Dias, Markko’s father is watching over him and tells his son he must keep him away from “That girl”. But Markko tells his father that he mustn’t call her “that girl”. Her name is Langston and he will not tolerate his father disrespecting her. Not far away, Shawn is on his lap top looking for another job while Rachel encourages him. She tells him that she has to go and meet Nora and Clint later. But she’ll see if she can help him look

Bo invites Bo and Matthew to celebrate his engagement to Nora.

Rex takes Shane to a doctor’s appointment before he gets ready to go to baseball camp. Shane looks like he’s getting better and tells the doctor everything is good except for one thing that he is not ok with; he has to live with his mom

At Rodi’s, Gigi finds Natalie and Jared in a desperate attempt to be able to find out Kyle’s Lewis’s secret about who the real donor is. She tells Natalie that she needs a favor from her. She needs her to drop the charges against Kyle. But in response to that, Natalie only assumes that it’s because Gigi must be hooking up with Kyle. She concludes that first Gigi cheats on Rex with Brody Then she hooks up with this high school teacher who’s mother almost kidnapped a baby for Todd Manning. Now she is allegedly “with” Kyle. She tells Gigi she’s so glad that her brother is rid of her. Jared then asks Gigi why she wants to get Kyle off the hook. She cannot answer that question. Natalie reminds her that Kyle was going to blackmail them for $100,000 in order not to tell Jessica that her baby died. He could have gotten several people killed in order to help his sister and Powell Lord. Gigi tells them she realizes that he’s done some horrible things, but. Natalie reminds GIgi that she broke Rex’s heart. When their son was fighting for his life, she shacked up with Brody. Then she’s with Schuyler. Now, she bets that Gigi is sleeping with Kyle. Jared then tells Gigi if she could tell them the reason why she wants to help Kyle, then they might listen. But if she cannot, they are out of there. They then go out the door. But Gigi tasks them to wait and tells them the reason is not for her. It’s for Shane. She reminds Natalie it’s for Rex’s son.

Right then, Schuyler goes to find Kyle at the gym and tells him that he better give him the information about who the real donor to Shane is or he will be sorry. Kyle then tells Schuyler that he will be glad to tell him that under one condition. That same as he told GIgi. They need to get Natalie Buchanan to drop all the charges against him.

When Rex takes Shane for his checkup, he asks his son not to talk that way about his mom. But Shane tells the doctor that his mother dumped his father for another guy and he will never forgive her. And where is she now? Obviously with that Schuyler guy.

When Layla and Fish return from their date, Cristian asks them how it went. They are not certain how to answer or respond to his inquisition.

Dorian tells Langston that she’s certain that Mr. Rivera would not appreciate her telling him that Markko is a tramp, or whatever the male equivalent of that is. She tells Langston that she respects Markko and realizes he is working for a living and of age. And his father needs to respect his son’s choices and stop watching over him and insulting the girl he loves.

At Buenos Dias, Markko argues with his father. Right then, the father overhears Moe telling Viki and Charlie all about what a sick person Dorian is for firing him and Noelle and Shawn ad getting drunk and messing around with Ray and for her inappropriate behavior that ruined everything.

Right then, when Matthew is with Nora, Bo and Clint, he notices that Destiny is working as a waitress at the resort for the summer. He goes to talk to her alone. Clint tells Nora and Bo that he has found a doctor for Matthew. They are perplexed and remind him that Matthew already has a doctor. But Clint informs them that this is a neurosurgeon who believes that Matthew can walk again.

Layla informs Cristain and Fish that the concert was great. She’d like to do it again. But for now, she must get dressed. When Cristina and Fish are alone, he asks him if he will ask Layla out again. He asks him if it’s serious and if Fish is not just yanking Layla’s chain. Fish then asks Cristin what his vested interest is and if he’s “into” Layla.

After Clint informs Bo and Nora that he has found a neurosurgeon that could help Matthew to walk, they inquire just how Clint found this mysterious and doctor and what it would all involve. Clint admits that he has made all the travel arrangements and handled the expenses. He is not going to let anything prevent it from happening. There is nothing he will not do for his nephew and for his mother. Bo and Nora argue that no other doctor ahs ever told them there’s any chance Matthew will walk. They throughout checked them all out. And Matthew is now at peace with his situation. But Clint admits that he took the initiative to find out a lot of things and believes that this will work.

Matthew goes and talks to Destiny. But he notices she is not really comfortable. She admits that she does not like the way some customers in this place behave. She clarifies it’s not his family. They are cool. But not everybody is. Right then, we see Justin sitting by the pool with Becca, snapping his fingers and asking Destiny to wait on him.

At Buenos Dias, Markko’s father inquires to Moe what he just overheard about Dorian first giving him her house and then throwing them out and firing them. He appears to be concerned. Moe then asks Viki and Charlie to share what Dorian did to Charlie. Charlie does not want to get into that. But Markko’s father encourages Charlie to tell him the whole story. Charlie then informs Mr. Rivera that he(himself) is an alcoholic. Dorian knew about this, drugged him and almost got him killed because she was afraid of information Charlie might give to Viki. Viki corroborates that Dorian got away with it and they’ve forgotten about it although they should not have. Hearing that, Mr. Rivera tells that that is an outrage. She is a monster and she should be in prison for doing that.

After Langston tells Dorian that she cannot accept not being able to see Markko, Dorian concludes that they can maybe convince Mrs. Rivera to reconsider. She knows that Markko’s mother loves her son and wants him to be happy. She also knows that his parents loved Langston until they saw Dorian’s behavior. And Dorian has a plan to invite Mrs. Rivera over for Téa. Dorian knows how they both need to dress so that they look proper, conservative and old fashioned while entertaining Markko’s mother at their home.

Natalie asks GIgi how in the world dropping the charges against Kyle Lewis could have anything to do with saving Shane. In response to that, Gigi cannot answer that question and urges Natalie just to trust her. Natalie asks her if she is supposed to trust Gigi like Rex was supposed to. And she replies not a chance.

Rex talks to Shane’s doctor about his son’s remission from leukemia. The doctor tells him most likely Shane is out of the woods. But they don’t’ want to assume that he won’t need another transplant. Rex reflects that they miss their old doctor and friend, Michael McBain. The new doctor asks if they are in contact with “the bone marrow donor”. And before Rex can answer that question, Shane enters and replies yes. They live with her. It’s his aunt Stacy.

At the gym, Schuyler tells Kyle that he knows that he went to prison for aiding abetting the serial killer. He’s willing to do anything to pay for med school. He knows that Kyle is lying for his sister and he is willing to let Gigi’s son die. He asks Kyle just how low he can stoop. Kyle then tells Schuyler he’s sorry. He cannot help him by revealing the name of the donor. Schuyler then walks away.

Cristian and Fish both assess the status of their relationships with Layla. They both know that she needs a job. Cristian offers to help her get her job back at Capricorn. But she tells him she wants something with a future. Fish then tells her that there is an opening at the police department. She seems interested in that.

At Buenos Dias, Mr. Rivera greets Shawn and Rachel. Shawn informs him he’s out of a job. Mr. Rivera tells him anything is better than working for Dorian Lord.

Dorian invites Mrs. Rivera to her home and acts all friendly and hospitable. She tells her she must apologize for the way she behaved at Markko’s party. Mrs. Rivera assesses that she knew that Dorian had been drinking. Dorian admits that she was and it was because she was a bit upset. Mrs. Riverra informs Dorain that her son informed her that Dorian had been disappointed by a man. Dorian makes certain that Langston is dressed like a conservatively like the girls from little house on the prairie. And they both serve Mrs. Riverra some Téa..

While Destiny is talking to Matthew at the resort, her manager tells her she has work to do. And that means she has to “wait on her customers”. She goes and asks Justin and Becca what she can get them. They reply they want some margaritas. But she tells them they are underage and she is not going to get fired because of them.

Matthew returns to his parents and Uncle Clint. Clint informs Matthew that his spinal chord was severed. But it does not mean that there’s no hope for him to walk again. Yet Matthew appears skeptical just like his parents and afraid to get his hopes up yet again with another doctor.

Cristian tells Layla that he didn’t mean to upset her or get into her business. But he’s wondering about why she’d want to work at the police station. Fish inform them that John MacBain is looking for an administrative assistant. He tells her it’s a job with full benefits. She then asks Fish for an application. He goes in the other room. Layla privately tells Cristain that she thinks that maybe she could pursue a career in law enforcement whether he approves or not.

Dorian and Langston play the perfect conversation and proper dress and demeanor to Mrs. Riverra. She admits to them that they raised their son to observe old fashioned family values. Yet, that does not mean she does not remember what it’s like to be young and in love. She married her husband very young and was tempted to sleep with him before their wedding night. But they did not. And they want to teach the same thing to their son. Dorian then tells Mrs. Riverra that one thing she ahs learned from being a mother is that you must respect your children’s choices and give them some freedom. Mrs. Riverra then asks Dorian if she is asking her condone immortal sin, she cannot.

At Buenos Dias, Mr. Rivera tells his son he is now convinced that Dorian Lord sick and he does not want his son to have anything to do with anybody connected to her. And it’s not just his opinion. He’s heard from Charlie, Viki, Moe and Shawn that she is a monster.

At the other table, Shawn talks to Rachel that the last thing he remembered about his brother Greg was when he dropping out of med school. And he abandoned them. Destiny still has this idea that he will come back to town and save the day. She even thought that maybe Greg could help Matthew to walk again. But he bets that he will only let Destiny down again. Rachel then tells Shawn that she has to go and meet Nora, Clint and Matthew at the resort.

Nora tells Matthew that they are not going to give up hope that he will walk again. Matthew asks his mom not to give him another pep talk. Bo tells Nora that their son is right. Clint tells Matthew that they are very proud of how he’s gotten his life back on track since the accident. Matthew then asks them why they expect him to see another doctor.

When Destiny serves Justin and Becca, they insult her. But she tells her she has a successful brother who is a doctor. Hearing that, they talk about what a loser she is. And when she’s had enough, she throws the water from the pitcher’s she’s serving, on them.

Clint tells Matthew that he looked up a specialist named Dr. Evans and he wouldn’t’ be coming there if he did not think that he had a really good chance helping Matthew. Hearing that, Matthew demands to know why Clint is flying this doctor in from far away, yet he was never told. He tells the three of them that he cannot get his hopes up again.

Dorian tells Mrs. Rivera that she respects her beliefs. But Mrs. Rivera tells her that it’s not just herself. Her husband is very upset that Markko lied to him. Langston then protests that Markko loves his parents. But he loves her too. Dorian then assesses to Mrs. Rivera that if they all believe that pre-marital sex is a mortal sin, then maybe they can do the don’t as-don’t tell policy. Mrs. Rivera tells them that she might consider that but her husband may not budge. At that point, Langston manages to successfully convince Mrs. Rivera that she loves Markko, needs to see him and that she wishes that his mother would talk to his father to get him to reconsider his decision. Mrs. Rivera smiles and tells Langston that she definitely wants to listen to reason. Langston and Dorian are elated to hear her say that.

After Gigi unsuccessfully attempts to get Natalie and Jared to drop the charges against Kyle, Schuyler comes out of hiding and asks her why she failed. She admits that she does not know. He then tells her that she must now tell them “the truth”. They overhear that and ask what he is talking about .

When Rex is alone in the hospital room with Shane, he asks his son about his mother’s relationship with Schuyler. Shane then replies that Stacy believes that they are sleeping together. Yet, he questions that..

At the resort, after Destiny throws water on Justin and Becca, they call the manager. They tell him that this girl needs to get fired for what she did. She protests that these kids disrespected her. The manager tells “Miss Evans”(Destiny) he’s sorry. But he has to let her go. Right then, she runs out the door upset. Nobody can do anything. But right then, Rachel notices a distinguished looking man enter.

Rex firmly tells Shane that he does not want him to disrespect his mom regardless of what has happened. Shane reveals to his father that Stacy may want him to believe these things about his mother.

At Rodi’s, Natalie tells Gigi that she thinks it’s outrageous that Gigi can tell “her boyfriend”(Schuyler) the reason why she needs to drop the charges against Kyle. But she can’t tell Natalie. IN response to that, Gigi does not know what to say. But Schuyler steps in and tells Natalie and Jared that he is not Gigi’s boyfriend. Hearing that, Natalie concludes that Gigi must have dumped him already and is now sleeping with Kyle. But Schuyler firmly tells Natalie she does not know what she is talking about. He tells her that Gigi is not sleeping with him, nor with Kyle. And she never cheated on Rex with Brody. At that point, nobody knows what to say.

After Dorian and Langston successfully convince Mrs. Rivera to reconsider her decision, she goes to find her husband and Buenos Dias. She tells him that she just had Téa with Dr. Lord and Langston. She tells him she may have misjudged them and acted in haste. But after all he has heard, he tells his wife that there is no way they will let their son near that girl or her family.

Destiny returns home to Shawn after getting fired form the resort.

Right then, the strange man enters the resort and asks Rachel if she knows where he would find Clint Buchanan. Rachel replies yes. Clint is her mom’s fiancé. The man then introduces himself as Dr. Gregory Evans, brother of Destiny and Shawn, and the neurosurgeon whom Clint flew in to help Matthew to walk.

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