OLTL Update Monday 6/22/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/22/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

After Cole informs Starr that he has to go to prison and yet they know that they both must be there for their baby, he gets down on his knee and asks her to marry him. Todd appears and tells them this must be a joke.

After Gigi returns to Rodi’s after unsuccessfully attempting to get Kyle Lewis to disclose the secret about who the real donor for Shane is, she tells Schuyler that she is screwed. But he tells her that may not be true. There may be another source who will know, and he points at Roxy. She asks how Roxy would know that. She’s Rex’s mother and Shane’s grandmother. Wouldn’t she tell them who saved Shane if she knew? But he seems to know that she has some “secret” going on for why she hates Stacy.

At that moment, Rex and Stacy are kissing and going at it in a private room they’ve snuck off to, after getting kicked out of the resort.

At Todd’s home, Blair and Téa are arguing about what they are both going to do regarding the custody battle and Téa’s law license.

Marty comes to Viki’s home and brings some flowers for Jessica’s deceased baby. She informs Viki, for the first time, that Marcie and Michael backed out of the adoption. Hope is now home with Starr.

Todd informs Starr and Cole that he just heard from Blair that Hope is back. He wants to know why they would want to get married. He tells Cole if he wants to see his baby daughter, they can work something out so that he can. He does not want to be unreasonable. Starr is not certain of how to tell her father that Cole is going to prison, but Cole blurts it out to Todd. He tells him that he is going to prison and before he goes, he wants to marry Starr. Todd asks Cole what he is going to prison for, if he may ask. Cole replies that it was for drug possession. He admits that he is going for two years. Starr protests to her father that Cole was completely set up. Cole explains to Todd that one of the conditions of his probation is that he goes for drug treatment and never “gets caught” with any drugs in his possession. Todd then concludes that Cole got in trouble for drugs and violated his probation by continuing to use. He asks if that means he is fit to be Starr’s husband or Hope’s father.

Blair and Téa argue about how Blair’s and John’s marriage was invalidated. Téa asks how that could have happened. Blair replies that they are through because of Marty Saybrooke. As soon as she comes back from the dead, her Blair's) life goes to hell.

Marty informs Viki that Starr is elated to have her baby back. And so is Cole. But she is not certain how to tell her about Cole.

Starr protests to Todd that Cole got set up. His dealer found him and put a bag of drugs in his pocket. A cop found him and falsely accused him. Cole tells Todd that he knows the consequences he faces. Todd assesses that Cole is using Starr. First he needed her help with steroids. Now, he is similarly using her regarding the drugs. He tells Cole that he’s not getting off to a great start as a husband and father. Cole then tells Todd that he would really like his support with all of this, but he is not asking for Todd’s permission.

Viki asks Marty if she thinks that Todd will back off and let his daughter raise her baby; that may be a naïve assumption. Viki admits to Marty that she knows that her brother will most likely do everything he can in order to give Starr and Cole a hard time. At that point, Marty reveals to Viki that they have a more complicated problem than that. She then tells her that Cole is going to prison.

At Rodi’s, Gigi asks Schuyler how it is that he assumes that Roxy would know the secret about Stacy and who the real donor could be. He tells her that Roxy has something really major on her mind that she is not telling anybody. She knows about Stacy “playing dirty.” Yet, when he asked her more about that, she walked away and wouldn’t answer the question. Gigi asks him if that means that Roxy might know the real donor. He tells her that may very well be the case.

At that moment, Rex and Stacy are getting naked and going at it.

Gigi reminds Schuyler that Roxy loves Rex and Shane and is pushing her (Gigi) to get back with her son. Yet, she agrees that there may be some secret going on with her. She remembers that Roxy has said some strange things that she recalls. She then remembers, long ago, Roxy telling her that it is not Stacy’s blood that saved Shane, but she covered up what she knew. Gigi remembers that Roxy did say to her that Stacy “was not a match.” But she said that what she meant is that Stacy was not the right one for Rex. Schuyler tells Gigi that he bets anything that Roxy knows about Stacy’s scam and what she really meant was that she knew that Stacy was not Shane’s donor. Gigi tells him that if she does know that to be the case, then why did she go along with it? He asks her why she (Gigi) did. She replies that Stacy threatened and blackmailed her. Schuyler then suggests that that could also be Roxy’s reason for covering it up. Gigi then asks if he believes that Stacy blackmailed both her and Rex’s mother to keep the secret for her.

The manager at the resort calls the cops on Rex and Stacy knowing that they have not paid for their consumption and that they may be committing fraud. They take them down to the station without even letting them get their clothes back on.

Téa and Blair argue about how they are both in love with Todd. Blair tells Téa if she (Téa) wants Todd, then she may have him. She protests that the reason she (herself) is “connected to Todd is solely because of the kids. A long time ago, she had something very intense with Todd, but it went on for too long and is now over. It’s past tense. Yet, Téa still believes there is something about Todd worth loving that is present tense. That is the problem.

Cole tells Todd that he intends to be there for Starr and the baby. That’s why they are getting married. Todd then reminds him that if he has only two days before being sent to prison, that won’t give them any time to order a cake or do anything for their wedding. Cole then faces Starr and tells her that he wants to get married tomorrow.

After Schuyler convinces Gigi that Roxy most likely has the answers to who saved Shane, Gigi goes over to find out. He tells her that if Roxy is keeping a big secret, there is probably something very serious going on. Gigi then tells him that she will go easy on Roxy. She sits beside her and tells her that she wants to talk to her about Rex and about Stacy.

The cops take Rex and Stacy to the station and tell Bo that they want these two people prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They order some extremely expensive food that they did not pay for. Observing Rex in his under shorts and Stacy in a robe, Bo stares and asks Rex what is going on.

Téa asks Blair if she is going to break up Marty and John or get into Téa’s “thing” with Todd. Blair replies, neither.

Viki tells Marty that it seems terribly harsh that Cole has to go away for two years. She’s afraid that Todd may very well use that against him.

Todd then questions Starr and Cole’s intent to get married. He reminds Cole that his daughter is a minor and needs parental consent. Assuming there’s no way they will get it from him, Cole tells him that they will get it from Starr’s mom instead. Todd surprises them by telling them that he will approve it for them. They have his blessing. Starr asks him if he is serious. He replies that if that is what they want, then he won’t stand in the way. She asks why he’d be so cooperative. Todd tells his daughter that he’s tired of being the bad guy. He doesn’t want to sever his ties with his daughter. He realizes that they want to be together, and he knows that trying to control both of them does not work. He appears unemotional and goes out the door. Starr then stares out the door at her father and asks, “Who’s that?”

Blair admits to Téa that were it not for Marty, she (herself) would probably be with John. But Téa asks her if she is really over Todd. Blair then clarifies to Téa that she has told her too many times that she is done with Todd. The only reason she has anything to do with him is because of the kids. Blair then asks Téa if she (Téa) is really over Todd. She tells Téa that if Téa can get into her business, she can do the same. She reminds her that when the two of them were locked in the room believing that they would die, Téa revealed to Blair that she had a secret. Blair remembers all too well what that secret was.

At Rodi’s, Gigi asks Roxy if she is not angry at her for breaking up with her son. Roxy surprisingly reveals that she knows that Gigi’s skanky little sister is responsible for that. Roxy reveals that she is not angry at Gigi nor believes that she intended to hurt Rex. At that point, Gigi tells Roxy that she knows that she has a secret with Stacy. She urges Roxy to tell her if Stacy is threatening her. Roxy reveals to Gigi that she would like nothing more than to nail that worthless little tramp. Gigi tells Roxy that she must tell her what she knows so that Stacy cannot get away with what she did.

The owner of the resort informs Bo and the cops that they found Rex and Stacy doing “illegal actions” and they have evidence that they have consumed what they have not paid for and falsified their identities. Bo tells him that he will not let them get away with it. He appears courteous to the owner and escorts him out the door. When he’s alone with Rex, Stacy, and the uniform cops, he asks the uniforms to uncuff Rex and let him get his pants on. He then pushes Rex into his office. Rex tells Bo that he can explain. Bo tells Rex he did some very stupid things; trespassing, identity fraud, and theft. If the owner presses charges, Rex could get nailed for grand larceny. But it appears that Bo has other more personal concerns, like finding out if Rex really had sex with Stacy. He tells him that this is “old school Rex.” He reminds Rex that he is a father. Rex tells Bo he knows. Bo asks him what he thinks he is doing running around, breaking the law, messing around with his girlfriend’s sister. Rex then admits that he really doesn’t know, but he had a good day with Stacy. He felt good being able to take her to his son’s concert. He wanted to have fun and be irresponsible and not have any more stress in his life. Bo asks Rex if he wants to “be” with Stacy. Rex then firmly replies no. Though, he admits he really does not know and admits to Bo that he will always love Gigi.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Roxy if she knows what Stacy did, she must tell her. She knows that Roxy wants Gigi back with Rex. She tells Roxy that she has to help her and asks Roxy what Stacy has on her. Roxy cannot answer that.

Marty tells Viki that even though Cole is barely 18 and Nora is trying to help him, they are going to charge Cole as an adult. Viki tells Marty that she does not know what to say but will do everything she can in order to help Marty and Cole to get through this. Marty tells Viki she knows all too well that she is going through enough in her own family. Viki then reminds Marty that Chloe or Hope was her granddaughter for a long time. Now, she is her grandniece, so she is still in the family.

After Todd leaves Starr and Cole alone and they haven’t a clue how he could be so cooperative to them, they realize that that is one major obstacle they have gotten over. Starr reminds Cole that even if he’s gotten approval from her father, he has not gotten it from her. She has yet to say yes to marrying him.

While Blair and Téa are arguing back at Todd’s, he returns. Blair asks if he talked to their daughter. He tells the two women he was hoping he’d return to the two of them mud wrestling. They both tell Todd that will only happen in his dreams. Blair tells them that they are all going to live in Dorian’s with her family. And Téa is not going to be in the picture anymore.

Gigi returns to Schuyler and reports that Roxy will not say a word, but she could tell that she was dying to. She knows that he was right about Stacy. She tells him that she hates always getting her hopes up and having nothing. She admits that she is very grateful to him. He reminds her that her shift is almost over and he goes home with her.

Alone in Bo’s office, he reminds Rex that when he (himself) got all messed up after Asa’s funeral, Rex was there for him and helped him. That was a very heroic and emotionally mature person who did that for him. He really respects Rex, and he does not want him to go back to the immature punk that he used to be. He reminds Rex that even if he and Gigi do not get back together, he still has a son to think about. Rex then humbly promises to pay for the damages. Bo tells him of course he will and asks him to get out of there. When Stacy notices him, she asks what happened. He replies that Bo got them off the hook. He tells Stacy that he has some work to do. She wants to go with him. He tells her he needs to be alone. She wants to spend time with him, but he needs to get away from her.

Viki tells Marty that she has a grandchild to focus on when Cole is gone. Marty reminds her that she has the baby, Cole, Starr, Dorian, and the whole family and kind of wonders where she fits in. She smiles and hugs Viki.

Todd tells Blair that she is right. Now that Starr has the baby back, the best place for them all to live is at Dorian’s as much as she hates that place. He tells Téa that he will make certain that she has 24/7 care. He tells them both, by the way, in a very casual tone, that Cole Thornhart is going to prison for two years for drug possession,  and he asked Starr to marry him. He informs Blair and Téa that he gave them his blessing. Todd then goes out the door.

Cole gets down on one knee and asks Starr if she will marry him. She happily replies yes and tells him she wants to more than anything. He tells her he loves her so much. They hold each other.

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