OLTL Update Friday 6/19/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/19/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie


Cristian is in the apartment painting when Layla returns home. She notices that he is in his underwear while creating a masterpiece. He asks her if she has a problem and wonders if she might be turned on.

After Rex and Stacy sneak into a resort and register as Mr. and Mrs. Underhill, he admits that this is a lot better than sitting around being bummed all day. They think about all of the fun things they could do with their day.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler is talking to Gigi and awaiting how she is going to dress in order to “motivate” Kyle Lewis to give her the information about who really saved Shane.

Kyle returns to his place at Angel Square. Roxy comes into his home and tells him that she no longer has to let him live there.

At Todd’s, Blair tells Téa that unknown to her, she and Todd have to live together at Dorian’s.

After Cole informs Starr that he has to go back to prison, she asks him what happened. He explains that when he went down to the docks, Asher found him and put a free bag of pills in his pocket. Before he had a chance to throw them in the river, or do anything, a cop found him and arrested him. What this now means is he has to go to prison. Hearing that, Starr is devastated. He tells her that he has to leave her and their baby and say goodbye.

Téa asks if Todd and Blair have joint custody and asks how the judge could possibly want them to live together. Blair shows her the court order. She admits that she was not there long enough to hear the ruling when Todd subpoenaed her. Todd reminds Blair that the kids will be put in foster care unless they work it out. Téa looks over the papers and is furious.

At the resort, Rex and Stacy order some drinks. An attendant comes and asks for their names. Rex replies that they are Mr. and Mrs. Underhill.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Schuyler that she knows that Stacy must have “motivated” Kyle by making herself sexy for him. So maybe she can do the same thing to get him to tell her who donated the stem cells to save Shane like Stacy had done.

At Kyle’s place, Roxy tells him that she knows of many people who are beating down her door to live there. He tells her that he has no choice except to blackmail many people in order not to have to go to jail. He tells her that he has to shower since he has company coming over. Roxy storms out the door.

While Gigi goes to meet Kyle, she has Schuyler bartending for her while she’s gone. He tells her that he thinks she has outdone Stacy but hopes that she will not have to sleep with Kyle. She tells him she hopes she does not have to make that call.

Cole tells Starr that he wanted more than anything to be with her and the baby. But he has no choice except to have his ass hauled to prison. She asks him if he has not had a trial and if they cannot reconsider. He tells her it’s too late. The courts have determined that he violated the terms of his probation. She asks if they cannot see each other and work things out in the not too distant future. He tells her that it’s not like that. He has to go away for many years.

At Todd’s home, he lets Téa and Blair know that he wants both of them to live with him and the kids.

After Starr finds out that Cole is sentenced to two years in prison, she is horrified. He informs her that it should have been five years, but Nora went to bat for him to get his sentence reduced. She asks him if Asher should not be prosecuted instead. He tells her that there is nothing anybody can do for him. He violated his probation. She tells him that they must find a lawyer, or somebody, who can help him. He can’t be taken away from her or from their baby.

Blair tells Todd that there is no way that he’s going to have Téa living in their home with their kids. The judge told them that the two of them have to live together, but he said nothing about Todd’s slut, ex-lawyer joining them. Todd protests that Téa needs somewhere to stay and cannot be kicked out onto the street. Téa then tells them that she can make things easier by getting out of there. Blair then tells Todd that he and Téa may have private quarters together at his house. She is going to stay with the kids away from them.

Layla tells Cristian that this is an apartment and not an art studio, and he might want to do some more ab crunches. At that moment, Fish enters to reveal that he and Layla are going to have a date later that night.

After Rex orders some food for himself and Stacy at the resort, he tells her that he knows how to wheel and deal. He knows Renee Devine really well. A man overhears their conversation and admits that he also knows Renee Devine. She is well known in the restaurant and hospitality industry. He knows that Rex and Stacy are not the Underhills.

Gigi goes to Kyle Lewis’s home. When he opens the door, she is dressed in a leather jacket and mini skirt. He lets her in. She tells him that she has been thinking about him. He asks her how so. She tells him that she owes him an apology. She knows that Schuyler falsely accused him of doing things he did not do. Kyle reminds her that what Schuyler accused him of could lose Kyle his license to practice medicine. Kyle reaches for his shirt, but she asks him to not put anything on. He reminds her that it’s getting, kind of, cold there. She then takes off her jacket to reveal a low cut dress and tells Kyle not for long.

Roxy goes to Rodi’s and shows Schuyler some of her favorite drink recipes and asks if he needs a drink. She tells him that she didn’t know that John hired him. He replies that he is filling in for Gigi. She asks him if he is not still seeing her sister. He tells her that he and Stacy are done. He reminds her that Stacy is now seeing her son. She does not want to believe that.

When the man at the resort tells Rex and Stacy he does not believe that they are Mr. and Mrs. Underhill, Rex knows how to convince him that they are. Stacy is very impressed.

Schuyler tells Roxy that he and Stacy are done. Rex seems to like her. But she makes it clear that Rex is not Stacy’s type. She wants her son to get back with Gigi. She tells him she knows that Stacy split up her family. He tells her that he heard that Gigi cheated on Rex and ditched him, and she is the one who ditched the family. He asks Roxy if he is correct. When she declines to answer that question, Schuyler seems to know that Roxy has some sort of secret regarding Stacy that she is not telling.

Gigi goes to Kyle’s home and indicates she does not want to talk to him. She wants to seduce him. He does not seem to trust her. She tells him that she wants to “make it up to him.” She knows all too well the way her sister does things. Similarly, she (herself) has something he wants, and he has something that she wants. She kisses him.

Starr tells Cole this is not fair. He did not do anything wrong this time. He reminds her that Father’s Day is coming up soon. He remarks, some dad he is going to be having to go to the joint so soon and, maybe, have to stay there for two years if he does not make parole. He tells her that whenever he’s about to get something good, such as her or their baby or his mom, it blows up in his face. He tells her that he knows that she is not just trying to make him feel better. She really believes that things will be okay. He asks how she can believe in him when he cannot believe in himself.

Blair tells Todd that they will do things her way, so Todd better get his ass in gear and come with her. She tells him that she can inform the judge that he is failing to cooperate. He tells her that he can inform him that she is refusing to listen to reason. Téa tells the two of them that she can tell the judge how neither of them are fit to raise the kids. Blair protests that anybody can see that the kids belong at Dorian’s and that Starr does not want to “uproot that child” after all that she has been through. Hearing that, Todd asks her what child. At that point, she realizes that Todd has not been informed that Hope will be living with Starr. He asks Blair what she is talking about involving Starr and a child. Blair then informs him that “things have changed.” He then asks her to tell him what is going on. She informs Todd that Marcie decided to give Hope back to Starr, and their daughter is going to raise their grandchild.

Cole asks Starr how she can even look at him. He continues to hurt her over and over again, and now, he is hurting their child. He tells her he deserves what is happening to him, but she and Hope do not. He realizes that Hope does not even know the sound of his voice yet. She is going to forget about him, and so will Starr.

Cristian tells Layla that it appears that she and Fish are “dating again.” She replies that they never dated. He tells her that he knows that they were together for a while, and Fish dumped her for Stacy Morasco. He reminds her that it’s not a good idea for her to be hooking up with their new roommate. What if their “little love connection” doesn’t work and he moves out. Fish enters shirtless, and she observes that he has nice pecs. When Cristian and Layla are alone again, he reminds her they need Fish to help them afford their rent. It’s not a good idea to date one’s roommate. She then reminds him of his “roommate” Vanessa Montez and informs him that she and Fish will have only one date. She asks Cristian why he is concerned in the first place. He does not answer that question.

The man at the resort whom Rex and Stacy have believing they are Mr. and Mrs. Underhill, asks him about the real Mr. Underhill’s grandfather whom Rex knows nothing about. He tells Rex that the real grandfather does not have a grandson. He knows that they are lying about who they are and calls for security.

Right when it appears that Gigi is ready to seduce Kyle, she knows she cannot go through with it. He tells her that he does not “play” women. She tells him that she knows that he must have had something going on with Stacy in order for her to persuade him to keep the secret for her as to who the real donor is. She tells him she knows that Stacy is not the real donor and did not save her son. He tells her that’s great. She may tell Shane that and get Rex back if she wants. She tells him that she has to be able to save her son if he gets sick again. She can see that he does not care, so she asks him just how he lives with himself. He replies it’s not easy. She gets up to go out the door. He asks her to wait and tells her that he will tell her anything she wants to know. He tells her that whatever she thinks of him, he does have feelings and can see how desperate she is. She asks if he can help her. He tells her that he initially wanted to help her son. He wanted to become a doctor in the first place in order to save lives. He didn’t want to go along with Stacy’s plan. But there are some complicated reasons why he had to keep the donor’s name a secret. He tells Gigi that he wants to help her. He really does. But this whole thing has really gotten out of hand. He is hoping that he can get a favor from her. He then reminds her that Rex’s sister wants to throw him behind bars for what she knows about another secret of his. He can tell Gigi everything she wants to know if she can get Natalie to drop the charges against him.

At Rodi’s, Roxy tells Schuyler that she does not trust Stacy. She broke up Rex and Gigi. He reminds her that she hated Stacy before Rex and Gigi broke up. He reminds her that Stacy saved Roxy’s grandson’s life. So why would Roxy have anything personally against her? Roxy then reveals to Schuyler that she and Stacy have some sort of secret.

Gigi tells Kyle that if he can tell her the truth, then she is no longer dependent upon Stacy. She can tell Rex the truth and they can get back together. He tells her that he is very worried about what Natalie could do to him if he revealed that information. If Gigi wants him to help her, she has to get Natalie to drop the charges.

Blair explains to Téa that Marcie decided to tear up the adoption papers and give the baby to Starr. She asks Todd if he is not happy with that information. At that point, Téa demands that Blair not go anywhere until they get one thing straight.

Starr admits to Cole that she loves him and has never stopped. Even after many years from now, she will, always, still love him.

Cristian tells Layla that he has no interest in her personal life. She tells him he could have fooled her. She tells him that she wishes he wouldn’t take up so much space with his painting. At that moment, she gets some paint on her clothes. She goes to change. Alone with Fish, Cristian asks him where they are going. He reveals that he has “interest” in the two of them together. He reminds Fish that Layla has been let down by too many guys, so Fish better treat her right. He tells Fish the right types of roses that Layla likes. Layla overhears their conversation and appears surprised to notice how Cristian seems to care about her and remembers so much about her.

Gigi returns to Rodi’s and tells Schuyler that she does not know what to do regarding Kyle. He told her that he has to get Natalie to drop the charges against him in order to reveal the identity of Shane’s donor. So she is screwed. He tells her maybe not. He points to Roxy sitting alone having a drink at the table, indicating that maybe she knows something about it.

Rex and Stacy get thrown out of the resort, and they end up kissing.

Téa demands that Todd tells her what his priorities are regarding her, Blair, and his kids.

Starr cries and tells Cole that she won’t ever let him lose her. At that point, he has an idea. He gets down on his knees and asks her to marry him. At the same moment, Todd walks in to see them. He stares speechlessly. 

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